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🚗 | Let's talk about Land Cruiser love ... Rallyist, GR consultant, and user boss August 8st

Photo Land Cruiser who won the class at the Dakar Rally 2015 (Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body, Driver: Jun Mitsuhashi)

Let's talk about Land Cruiser love ... Larry strike, GR consultant, and user boss August 8st

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It is indispensable for the Land Cruiser event of Kyoto Toyota.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the birth of Toyota "Land Cruiser", Kyoto Toyota will hold a talk session "Kyoto To ..." on August 8st. → Continue reading


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Kyoto Toyota Motor

Kyoto Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.(Toyota Jidosha)KyotoIs the main sales area,Toyota OfSales channel(Toyota store).Commonly known asKyoto Toyota.194412Established.Yasaka GroupThere are two companies.


・ Toyota's new car sales

・ U-Car (sales of used cars)

・ Sales of new Lexus cars

・ New Volkswagen car sales

・ Car maintenance, inspection and repair

・ Sales of automobile-related parts and supplies

・ Insurance agency business

・ Communication business (au mobile phones, etc.)

・ JAF enrollment reception, TSCUBIC CARD enrollment reception

Store Infomation

[Toyota Business]

[Lexus business]

[Volkswagen Business]

Vehicle types handled

Vehicle inspection guide "SQ CUBIC 45 vehicle inspection"

In the "high quality," "quick," and "surprise," XNUMX-minute vehicle inspections, Toyota has achieved speedy vehicle inspections with its unique ingenuity.

Inspect your car not only quickly but also with solid technology.

[POINT of SQ CUBIC 45 vehicle inspection]

(2) Professional technical ability who knows all about Toyota cars: XNUMX% of national qualification holders (XNUMXst and XNUMXnd grade)

(XNUMX) Realize lean work with a car inspection tool full of wisdom: Realized with the ultimate car inspection tool that inherits the world-recognized "improvement of Toyota"

③ Time saving with outstanding teamwork of inspectors and engineers: Inspectors and engineers demonstrate outstanding teamwork by Kyoto Toyota's unique work training method

Introductory video of "SQ CUBIC 45 Vehicle Inspection"Can also be viewed on YouTube "Kyoto Toyota Channel"

Restoration of the first Crown (DISCOVER CROWN SPIRIT PROJECT)

Toyota stores nationwide challenged the restoration of successive crowns, saying, "Let's run successive crowns again." To meet the "spirit" of the Crown, which goes through Made for JAPAN. .. ..

Kyoto Toyota Motor took on the challenge of restoring the XNUMX RSXNUMX.An important issue in restoring an old car is finding replacement parts.There are many alternatives to the second-generation Crown for functional parts, engine and mission parts, and I used the ones that I could find and use based on them.What I learned the most is that the engraving on the parts is the standard for oil seals and bearings.Based on the stamp, reverse lookup was performed and parts were ordered from the manufacturer.For rubbers that are not available, we asked a processor to make one-off.

The restoration period is about one year, and the person in charge of restoration says, "There are no parts that have not been modified in this restoration.Even if you look around the world, there is no first crown with higher quality than this crown. "

The confidence of the restorer is because he ran 2016km very easily at "CROWN JAPAN FESTA" held in August 8.

The contents of "CROWN JAPAN FESTA" are as follows. On August 2016, 8, 25 successive restore crowns from all over Japan gathered at the Motomachi Plant in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, the birthplace of the Crown.After the parade on the premises, 54 of them took on the challenge of a long drive that ran a total mileage of 24km in 4 nights and 5 days, aiming for Daikanyama, Tokyo.And the finale is "CROWN JAPAN FESTA in Daikanyama".

You can see the restoration work of the first Crown on the website of Kyoto Toyota"Crown Restoration Blog"There is.

Created by Toyota Motor CorporationDISCOVER CROWN SPIRIT PROJECT Restored documentary filmHas also appeared in many.

Nao Ota (representative of Kyoto Prefecture) of AKBXNUMX Team XNUMX has also been on the restored first Crown of Kyoto Toyota.

"AKB48 Team XNUMX Nao Ota Crown Test Drive" Video

Offer program

XNUMXst broadcast "Challenge to take a photo of a superb view of Kyoto"[1]

XNUMXnd broadcast "Challenge to Eco Car Cup XNUMX"[2]

XNUMXrd broadcast "Challenge to travel report in northern Kyoto"[3]

XNUMXth broadcast "Challenge to find future engineers"[4]

The XNUMXth broadcast "Challenge to the latest automobile technology"[5]

XNUMXth broadcast "Challenge to kart race"[6]

XNUMXth broadcast "Challenge how far you can go with MIRAI"[7]

XNUMXth broadcast "Challenge off-road driving with XNUMXWD"[8]

XNUMXth broadcast "Challenge to drive on snowy roads"[9]

Corporate CM

  • Produced a commercial for Kyoto Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (June 2017, 6-)

[CM story]

The main character is a new employee who works for Toyota Kyoto.A little girl who is always a little sloppy.However, the attitude toward work is very serious.By communicating with and training the employees around you without fear of failure, you will gradually learn your work.It is Nao Ota, the representative of AKB48 Team XNUMX Kyoto Prefecture, who plays such a hero.Her serious acting to become an actress will impress the viewer

[CM title]

"First Business Talk" [10]

"First delivery" [11]

"First maintenance site" [12]


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