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✈ | Approaching the 4,000-meter runway at Narita Airport with strong winds, 747 cockpit

Photo National Airlines image of Narita International Airport (photo by HADA)

Approaching the 4,000-meter runway at Narita Airport with strong winds, 747 cockpit

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It seems that you are approaching Narita, and you can see that Marroad International Hotel Narita is also in the picture.

Final approach to the 4,000-meter 16R runway at Narita International Airport in strong winds, cockpit when landing ... → Continue reading


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Marroad International Hotel Narita

Marroad International Hotel Narita(It became Marroad International Hotel,British: Marroad International Hotel Narita) IsChibaNarita CityCity Hotel in Komaino[1]..Brand used by Toto Motor Group "Hotel Marroad Chain".


Mallowed International Hotel Narita, which opened in May 1995 right next to Runway A at Narita Airport, is a large hotel with a total of 5 guest rooms and a huge parking lot that can park 801 cars.[2].

You can see the passenger planes taking off and landing from many rooms and restaurants in the hall.[3]In addition to being popular with tourists, it is equipped with various facilities such as a restaurant, pool and banquet hall.[4].

Main jurisdiction facilities


  • Lumiere
  • Sky Restaurant Maa Luo Cave
  • Coffee Lounge Symphony
  • Bar Lounge Galaxy


Directions and Parking



  • Higashi Kanto Expressway / Narita Interchange (approx. 5 minutes)


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