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Available flights are from Tokyo / Haneda to / from Sapporo / Chitose / Kushiro / Yamagata / Komatsu / Nanki Shirahama / Kochi / Nagasaki / Miyazaki / Okinawa / Naha / Miyako.

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Haneda departure and arrival Sapporo


Shirahama(Shiramachi) isWakayamaNishimuro-gunA resort town in.ChibaIn order to distinguish it from the place name Shirahama, which also exists inKii PeninsulaOr oldKii countryWith "Nanki" meaning the south of (Wakayama Prefecture)Nanki ShirahamaSometimes called.In the old daysNara periodFromHot spring townIs famous as


Southwestern Wakayama PrefectureThe Pacific OceanLocated on the shore.The north side is divided into two placesTanabe CityNishimuro-gun so that it is sandwiched betweenKamitomita TownThere is.The south side is Nishimuro-gunSusami TownThere is.The eastern part of the town is slightlyHigashimuro-gunFuruzagawa TownAdjacent to.

tourismAgriculture and fisheries support the economy.Small in the summer seatropical fishYou can swim with it, or offshoreKuroshioIt is known for its warm climate throughout the year, partly due to the fact that it is flowing.Nanki Shirahama Onsen(Shirahama Onsen)Tsubaki Onsen(It has long been known as the back room of Shirahama Onsen) etc.Spa(Old)Hikigawa Town(Also inside), tourists visit mainly in Kinki throughout the year.Nanki Shirahama AirportIs located, and in recent yearsTaiwanCharter flights from such as are direct.Shirarahama etc.Sea bathingA lot of villas and recreational facilities such as resort facilities, companies and various groups are gathered around the place.

In addition,world HeritageAlso registeredKumano Kodo OfOhechiThere are two routes (Tomita-zaka and Buddhist slope), which are also targets for sightseeing.

In addition, Shirahama Town is rare in Japan,Large printThere is no address.It is located in the center of Shirahama Town, in the former Seto Lead Mountain Village area such as the government office and hot spring town.The address in this case is "Shirahama Town ****". (Refer to the address section of Shirahama Town Hall)


Shirahama district (1958~2006Former Shirahama Town Area)
  • Shirahama district (formerly Seto lead mountain village) --No large letters
  • Nishi Tomita district (formerlyNishitonda Village) --Katata, Saino
  • Kitatomida district (formerlyKitatonda Village) --Hira, Horonai, Uchinogawa, Shogawa
  • Minami Shirahama district (formerlyMinamitonda Village) --Sakae, Medium
  • Tomita district (formerlyHigashitonda Village) --Tsuzurafuchi, Tomita, Tsubaki
Hikigawa district (formerlyHikigawa TownArea)
  • Hioki district (formerlyHeki Town) --Hioki, Shiono, Daiko, Ataka, Yada
  • Sanmai district (formerlyMimai Village) --Tanoi, Kuchigaya, Yasui, Terayama, Nakajima, Jinguji, Mukaihira, Hisagi
  • Kawazoe district (formerlyKawazoe Village) --Utsugi, Ogawa, Castle, Dai, Tamden, Kobo, Ichikano, Satoya, Kamiro, Ose, Chatan, Takegakiuchi



2010Mayor election of (22) is on March 3Re-electionWas held and the incumbent mayor (at that time) was re-elected, but due to the provisions of Article 259-2 of the Public Offices Election Act, the election for the expiration of the term was held again on March 2, the same year, which was only about two weeks after the previous mayoral election. An unusual situation occurred in which a newcomer was elected mayor and two mayoral elections were held in half a month.There were criticisms from the townspeople that taxes would be used for elections in a difficult financial situation.

It will be described later.The United States of AmericaHawaiiSince there is a tie-up with, there is also the purpose of creating a tropical mood in the summer, and the staff of major transportation, local governments, tourism, etc.uniformMany ofAloha shirt(* Generally, from the beginning of June to the end of September).

2011(23) On December 12, Mayor Yuzo Mizumoto and Deputy Mayor Kumasaki Kunji said that they had suffered mental distress, and the section chief, deputy section chief, and ward at the time of the negotiations to extend the period of use of the garbage incinerator. It turned out that the Wakayama District Court Tanabe Branch had filed a lawsuit against six people, including the town council chief, the ward mayor, and the deputy ward chief, who witnessed the discussion with the Wakayama District Court.[2].

2012On March 24, 3, Mayor Yuzo Mizumoto, who had announced his resignation, submitted his resignation to Chairman Tomoaki Nishio of the town council.It was reported at a regular meeting of the town council that was held after that, and was unanimously agreed.


The constant of the town council is 14.


AdjacentTanabe CityEconomic zone.


The main industry of the town is tourism.Many hot springs spring out in the town, and many hotels stand in a forest.Shirarahama, which is characterized by its smooth white sandBeachFrom the whole Kinki in the summerSea bathingIt is also known to be visited by customers.AdjacentKamitomita TownStraddlingゴ ル フ 場There are several.In KinkiPandaComplex entertainment facility known for breedingAdventure worldIt is also well known as a tourist destination because it is broadcasting a TV commercial of.OldHikigawa TownIn the area, in the summerHioki RiverIn the basinSweetfishfishing(Friend fishing)ButTraditional poetry.

Other than the tourism industry, in the former Shirahama town area温室byflowersCultivation, of which the Tomita district in the southern part of the towncornCultivation is thriving.In the old Hikigawa town areaPlum,tea(Kawazoe tea) is a specialty.There are also fishing ports in coastal areas such as the Katada area, where you can catch shrimp and Thailand.

IT and work

Shirahama Town is the government (Cabinet Office), Wakayama Prefecture, and major companies in Tokyo (Mitsubishi EstateWith the cooperation of (etc.), work (work) while enjoying the resort environment suitable for vacations (vacation)Work applicationCorresponding toSatellite officeAnd attracting business people[3][4].Information technologyWith the spread of (IT), you can work without going to the head office.TeleworkIn addition to expanding the range ofNanki Shirahama AirportからCapital AreaI made use of the location where I can easily go back and forth.By connecting the networks in the town to each other and limiting the entrances and exits that connect to the outside, disasters and disastersCyber ​​attackHas a strong structure[5].

These teleworking efforts are being carried out in Tanabe City, which is close to Shirahama Town.Wakayama Prefectural Information Exchange Center Big You"(Big U) is supporting.

Main businesses that run businesses in the town

Financial institution

Japan Post Group

Collection and delivery post office

  • Shirahama Post Office (no large letters)
  • Tomita Post Office (Tsuzurafuchi)
  • Ichikano Post Office (Ichikano)
  • Hikigawa Post Office (Hioki)

Non-delivery post office

  • Shirahama Onsen Post Office (no large letters)
  • Shirahama Station Post Office (Katada)
  • Tsubaki Post Office (Tsubaki)
  • Yasui Post Office (Yasui)

Japan Post Bank

  • Osaka Branch Toretore Market Nanki Shirahamauchi Branch Office (Katata) (ATM only / Holiday service provided)
In addition, ATMs are installed at each post office, and holiday services are provided at each post office in Shirahama and Hikigawa (2012(As of 24).

* The postal code in Shirahama Town is as follows.

  • "646-03xx= Northern part of the former Hikigawa town area (Ichikano district, etc.).Jurisdiction of Ichikano Post Office.
  • "649-22xx= Shirahama town area from before the merger (Katata and areas without large letters).Jurisdiction of Shirahama Post Office.
  • "649-23xx= Shirahama town area before the merger (areas other than the above).Jurisdiction of Tomita Post Office.
  • "649-25xx= Southern part of the former Hikigawa town area (Hikigawa, Yasui district, etc.).Under the jurisdiction of the Hikigawa Post Office.

Sister cities/partner cities

2000(12), Hawaii, USAHonolulu city OfWaikiki BeachAnd "Goodwill Beach City Relationship" tie-up.

Friendship city

South Korea-Gwacheon



2010(22)CensusLooking at the population increase / decrease from the previous survey from (preliminary figures), the population decreased by 4.00% to 22,697, and the rate of increase / decrease was 30th out of 8 municipalities in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Shirahama, Wakayama, Japan.svg
Shirahama Town and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Shirahama Town Age / Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Purple-Shirahama Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Shirahama Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

school education

primary school

Former Shirahama Town
  • Shirahama Daiichi Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Shirahama Daini Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Nishitomita Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Tomita Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Kita Tomita Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Minami Shirahama Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Tsubaki Elementary School (Tsubaki Shogakko) Closed on March 2019, 3
Former Hikigawa Town
  • Shirahama Municipal Hiki Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Atagi Elementary School (Atagi Shogakko)
  • Shirahama Municipal Yasui Elementary School
  • Shirahama Municipal Ichikano Elementary School closed on March 2017, 3

Junior high school

Former Shirahama Town
Former Hikigawa Town
  • Shirahama Municipal Hioki Junior High School (Hikichu Gakko)
  • Shirahama Municipal Sanmai Junior High School

high school

Wakayama Prefectural Nanki High SchoolShirahama branch school (closed in 1983) and Tomita branch school (closed in 1982) used to be in the town.high schoolThere is no.


There is no university in the town,Kyoto UniversityTraining facility and aquarium "Kyoto University Field Science Education and Research Center Seto Seaside Laboratory AquariumThere is.

またKinki UniversityIs the headquarters of the Fisheries Research Institute and the Shirahama Experiment Station[6] From universityVentureCompany "Amarine Near UniversityThe head office is located.Near-sized tunaIn the research and commercialization of farmed fish including, we have left the top level achievement in the world.

Social education


  • Municipal General Gymnasium (Sakata Kaikan)




The central station where the limited express stopsWest Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)Kisei Main LineShirahama StationIs the gateway to the town, but it is located in the Tonda district, about 5 km away from the center of the hot spring town.For this reason, as a means of transportation to hot spring areas and hotels in the western part of the Shirahama Peninsula, it departs and arrives from the station front.Transit Bus(Meiko Bus) ・ It is common to use a taxi or a shuttle car from an inn or hotel.

JR logo (west) .svg West Japan Railway (JR West)
(Susami Town)- Kii-Hiki Station - Tsubaki Station - Kii Tomita Station - Shirahama Station -(Kamitomita Town

In the past, road conditions were not very good and railroads were relatively convenient.Direct to Osakahighway OfHanwa Expressway-Nankitanabe ICStretch fromKisei ExpresswayBut firstNanki Shirahama ICThe section up to2015Opened on July 7th.Furthermore, in Shirahama TownHikigawa IC, And further southSusami South ICDue to the extension to, automobiles are more convenient to Osaka and Wakayama than railways.JR West Japan OfLimited express trainIs set in large numbers, including the first and last trains at Shirahama Station.

Transit Bus

Air route

Tokyo International AirportUntil (Haneda)Japan Airlines(JAL)[Annotation 1]Operates 1 round trips a day.Tanabe CityShingu CityBuses are also operated.

Intercity bus

Express Bus TheOsaka(Umeda-NambaThere are many flights from the district)京都There are also flights.Yokohama-TokyoNight buses to the direction are also operated.

Especially for Osaka flights (Shirahama Express Osaka) Is as cheap as 5,580 yen for a round trip (as of July 2020), and the Hanwa Expressway has been extended to Minabe IC, making it more convenient and gaining popularity.Meiko BusWest Japan JR BusIt is a joint operation of.2015(27)May 7In addition, Kisei ExpresswayNankitanabe ICからNanki Shirahama ICAlthough it was extended to, the area south of the Hanwa Expressway Minabe IC runs on general roads.



National road

Prefectural road

Road Station

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

* For famous places in the former Hikigawa town area,Hikigawa Town #Sightseeing SpotsSee.

Scenic spots, nature, parks


  • Nanki Shirahama Onsen(Visit the outdoor hot spring)
    • Muro no Yu
    • Shirarayu
    • Shirasuna Shirasuna
    • Matsunoyu
    • Nature hot water
    • Tsuna no Yu
    • Shirahama Onsen Park Meadow Hot Spring (Onsen)
    • Shirahama Ginza Footbath Yokocho
    • Senjo no Yu
    • Chosei no Yu
    • Tore Tore no Yu
    • Nagisa no Yu
  • Tsubaki Onsen

Shrines and temples

Museums, museums, etc.

Sports Facilities

  • Shirahama Baseball Field
  • Shirahama Municipal Budokan
  • Shirahama Townspeople Pool
  • Shimamae Tennis Court
  • Tennis Shirahama
  • Sakata tennis court
  • Shirahama Golf Club
  • Shirahama Beach Golf Club (closed)
  • Rabimushirahama Golf Club (closed)
  • Asahi Golf Club Shirahama Course

Theme park / entertainment


Famous people



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  1. ^ According to demandJay AirThere are also flights operated by.
  2. ^ Some people read "Sandanbeki", but it is wrong.


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