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🚗 | J SPORTS, 24 Hours of Le Mans will be broadcast live from August 8st to 21nd.Super GT Suzuka match, DTM also delivered on the same day


J SPORTS, 24 Hours of Le Mans will be broadcast live from August 8st to 21nd.Super GT Suzuka match, DTM also delivered on the same day

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On the same weekend when the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held, Super GT Round 3 Suzuka and DTM German Touring Car Championship Round 4 Nürburgring will also be held.

On August 8nd, J SPORTS, a sports channel, will be held from Saturday, August 2st to Sunday, August 8nd. → Continue reading


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Nürburgring(alone-British·etc: Nurburgring) IsGermany OfNurburgHas two different personalities incircuitIs the general term for.

JapaneseThen "Nur"WhenAbbreviationIt may be done.


The original name was Nürburg-Ring Was,1933ToNaziIs in GermanyMotor sportsIt was renovated with financial support throughout, at this timehyphenWithout Nurburgring Was changed to.

The German word "Nürburgring"Proper nounThe word structure of de: Nürburg (place name) + Ring(= give us a call or send an e-mail,ring,ring, Ring road)], which means "Nürburg ring", so as a circuit nameCoined wordHas been done.


GermanyNorthwest,Rhineland-PalatinateEifelRuralNurburgAn old castle in a rich forest(English editionIt is arranged so as to surround.近隣の大都市としてはAs a neighboring big cityNorth Rhine-Westphalia OfCologneIs about 60 south of ColognekmIs at.

The Nürburgring is a general term for two circuits,1927Made inTotal length 20.832km OfNorth courseA circuit called (Nordschleife) and1984Was newly established inTotal length 5.1km OfGP course It can be divided into circuits called (GP-Strecke).When we simply say "Nürburgring", we usually mean the north course.

If it is used only on the north course or only on the GP course, it may be used by connecting the north course and the GP course.


The history of this course goes back to the 1920s.In Germany, car racing was held on public roads until the middle of 1920, and accidents involving spectators tended to occur, which was dangerous, so the appearance of a racing circuit (closed circuit) that does not use public roads was desired.A member of the Eifel region proposed a dedicated circuit construction plan that incorporates purposes such as race venues, measures against unemployment, utilization as a test course for automobile manufacturers, and attracting tourists, and this is the part that corresponds to the current "north course". It was.Based on the course design by the Eichler Architects, led by architect Gustav Eichler1925Construction started in1927ToCompletionIt has started to be used. →#history

North course

The north course is the longest circuit in the world, and in addition to the varied course layout that utilizes the height difference in the mountains, the elements of weather changes such as showers and heavy fog are added, so it is "the world's most difficult course" Known as "the world's leading driver's circuit".

(Although it was incorporated as one of the purposes for automobile manufacturers to use it as a test course from the beginning of construction)Severe course conditions described belowSometimes it is a "sports car"development ofCalled the "Sacred Place"[1], Automakers around the world are rushing to bring in sports cars (or passenger cars depending on the manufacturer) and develop them.また北コースのラップタイムはAlso, the lap time of the north course issports car,Racing carIt is an index to measure the performance of[2].

The north course has been around for a long timeF1German Grand PrixWas held, but it was changed to the new Nürburgring GP course because it is too dangerous to run F1 because the course is bumpy.1995から1997Two wheelsRoad Race World Championship(WGP) was also held.Endurance race Of24 Hours of NürburgringIs still being held by connecting the GP course and the north course.またAlsoWorld Touring Car Championship(WTCC) also held a sprint race of 2015 heat and 2017 laps from 1 to 3.

Besides motor sports,marathonCompetition,Bicycle race, Rock eventRock am ringEtc. are being done.コース脇には0.3平方kmの敷地に設備の整ったWell-equipped on a XNUMX sq km site beside the coursecamp siteThere are many at the time of the eventキャンプIt is crowded with customers. → #North Course (Nord Schleife)

GP course

The Nürburgring GP course is a 1984km modern circuit built in 5.1, equipped with the latest safety equipment.F1,German Touring Car ChampionshipIt is used for etc. → #GP course

North course (Nordschleife)

The nickname of the north course is "Green Hell(Green hell, or just Hell) ”in the late 1960sJackie StewartNamed by.as a feature,

  • There is a height difference of about 300m throughout the course.
  • A wide variety from ultra-high speed to ultra-low speedcornerThere is.
  • There are 172 corners.
  • Many of the corners are blind corners.
  • There is a mortar-shaped hairpin with a bank.
  • If the vehicle does not have downforce due to the wings, there are places to jump.
  • The average speed of the entire course is high.
  • The road surface is rippling and slips like dust.
  • The course width is narrow.
  • Narrow escape zone (not enough deceleration with yellow flag so narrow that Marshall outside the guardrail can hit a stick to warn the roof of a vehicle)

It is known as the longest in the world and one of the most difficult courses in the world, and the overall performance of the vehicle is easily reflected in the time.sports carIt is used as a test course for developing high-performance passenger cars such as.日本の自動車メーカーでもEven Japanese car makersToyota,Nissan,Honda,マ ツ ダ,Subaru,Mitsubishi,Japanese sea bass(Kizashi only) Is used, and most of the well-known automobile manufacturers are conducting test runs here.

It is said that the only thing that cannot be tested here is "only hard braking from 250km / h to 300km / h".

The driver also has a great burden on both physical and mental aspects.Since the course is long and has various variations of corners, it is difficult to remember the course itself, and you have to drive a car at high speed for a long time on a rough road surface with a narrow width.Not only skill but also experience, concentration, courage and physical strength are required, and the driver is exposed to extreme conditions.

In addition to having such harsh characteristics, it is difficult to secure the necessary personnel around the course such as Marshall because the course is long, so as the performance of the car improves, it is no longer used in events such as F1 races. It was.[Note 1][Note 2]

Even now24 Hours of NürburgringThe north course is also used. In the 24-hour race, it is used by connecting the north and GP courses, and the start goal,pitGP course is used.However, the infield section (Mercedes Arena), which was newly established in 2002, was used for the first few years, but now it is used as a shortcut for paddock etc.Another Camion (Track) Races are also being held.

In the wake of the catastrophe that killed spectators during the 2015 race, speed limits were to be enforced in dangerous sections, but in 2016 the course was significantly refurbished and the speed limits were lifted.

Famous corner

Caracciola Karussell (Caracciola Karussell)

Often referred to simply as carousel or carousel.It is one of the slowest corners on the north course, and the inside is a slope (bank) paved with concrete.Originally it was a drain,Rudolf CaracciolaWas used for cornering for the first time, and many drivers began to imitate it, and when it was subsequently repaved, it officially became a sloped corner.The entrance to the corner has poor visibility (so-called blinds),Juan Manuel FangioThe advice of "Aim for the tallest tree" is famous.Since this corner has a slope, it can turn at a certain speed even if it passes through the inside side, but on the other hand, the ground is not horizontal compared to other corners and it becomes tight unevenness (so-called bumpy). The car rubs everywhere, so caution is required.
However, because it is a hairpin curve, the vehicle speed is slow and it is one of the popular locations because you can take pictures from various angles.
Since 2006, the name of Caracciola has been officially added.

Bergwerk (Mine)

The most notorious corner with many serious accidents.The accident at the right corner after a long straight line, and the accident at Niki Lauda at the previous left highway corner.

Fluke Platts (Airfield)

Once nearbyAirfieldThe corner that came to be called by that name because there was.One of the most famous jump spots on the Nürburgring.OrManfred WinkelhockAccident happened.If you make a mistake in operating the steering wheel here, if you do not do it well, you will jump out of the course and be sucked into the depths of the forest, so discovery is often delayed (the same phenomenon occurs in Fuchsrohre).

Vipperman (Wippermann) - Brünchen (Brunnchenn) - Pfrantzgarten (Pflantzgarten)

Ultra-high-speed S-shaped section with continuous blind corners.Test drivers running in Nürburgring say, "This is the most interesting place."However, since it is attacked by G from all directions, front, back, left, right, up and down, it is "fun" only with a strong body and undercarriage.

Course record

Here, I will explain the course record in the north course.The main records are listed.

Commercial car course record

"en: List of Nürburgring Nordschleife lap times #AutomobilesSee also "Production / street-legal" in.

The "commercial vehicle" here isCircuit-only vehicleincluding.

The record with a total length of 20.832 km after the repair is described.However, except for some records, the time is 13 excluding the short straight in front of the T20.600 grandstand (the section from the "merging point from the north course to the GP course" to the "merging point from the GP course to the north course"). Measured at km[3][4].

6 minutes 38 seconds 835Porsche 911 GT2 RS Mantai Performance Kit[5][6] 

(Record of mass-produced commercial vehicles that can run on public roads)

Lars Khan2021/6/14
6 minutes 40 seconds 33Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR[7][8]

(Can drive on public roadsModified car

Lars Khan2018/10/25
6 minutes 43 seconds 22McLaren P1 LM[9]

(Can drive on public roadsSpecial limited car

Kenny black2017/4/27
6 minutes 43 seconds 616Mercedes AMG GT Black Series[10]Maro Engel2020/11/4
6 minutes 44 seconds 97Lamborghini Aventador SVJ[11]Marco Mapelli2018/7/26
6 minutes 45 seconds 90NIO EP9[12](EVCommercial car record, tires not disclosed)Peter Dumbreck2017/5/12
6 minutes 47 seconds 25Porsche 911 GT2 RS Weissach Package[13]Lars Khan2017/9/20
6 minutes 47 seconds 50Pagani Zonda R[14](Circuit-only vehicleMark Basseng2010/6/29
6 minutes 48 seconds 28Radical SR8LM[15]Michael Vergers2009/8/19
6 minutes 52 seconds 01Lamborghini Huracán Performante[16]Marco Mapelli2016/10/5
6 minutes 55 secondsRadical SR8Michael Vergers2005/9/28
6 minutes 55 seconds 34Porsche 911 GT3 (992 type)[17][18][19][20]Lars Khan2020/9/20
6 minutes 56 seconds 4Porsche 911 GT3 RS Weissach Package[21]Kevin Estre2018/4/16
6 minutes 57 secondsPorsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package[22]Marc Reeve2013/9/4
6 minutes 57 seconds 5Subaru WRX STI"Type RA NBR Special"[23][24]

(Car for circuit driving only)

Ritchie Stannaway2017/7/24
6 minutes 58 seconds 16Ferrari 599XX[25](Car for circuit driving only)Rafaele de Simone2010/4/21
6 minutes 59 seconds 73Lamborghini Aventador SV[26]Marco Mapelli2015/5/16
Less than 7 minutes (official time not disclosed)McLaren P1[27]2013
7 minutes 1 seconds 3Dodge Viper ACR[28]Lance David Arnold2017/9/1
7 minutes 4 seconds 632Mercedes AMG GT R PRO[29]Maro EngelAugust, 2018
7 minutes 8 seconds 6792014 Nissan GT-R NISMO N Attack Package [30][31]Michael Krum2013/9/30
7 minutes 10 seconds 92Mercedes AMG GT R[32][33]Christian GebhardAugust, 2016
7 minutes 11 seconds 572009 Gumpert Apollo Sport[34]Florian Gruber2009/8/13
7 minutes 12 seconds 132010 Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR-X[35]Dominique Fernbacher2011/9/14
7 minutes 14 seconds 64Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package[36]Akira Iida2011/8/31
7 minutes 19 seconds 632012 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1[37]August, 2011
7 minutes 24 seconds 03Maserati MC12Mark BassengAugust, 2008
7 minutes 25 seconds 03Ferrari Enzo FerrariMark BassengAugust, 2008
7 minutes 25 seconds 67Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series[38]August, 2013
7 minutes 28 secondsBMW M4 GTSJorg WeidingerAutumn 2015
7 minutes 28 secondsPorsche Carrera GTWalter Röhrl2004/7/2
7 minutes 32 secondsAlfa Romeo Giulia QuadrifolioAugust, 2017
7 minutes 33 seconds 06Koenigsegg CCXMark BassengAugust, 2008
7 minutes 35 seconds 57Tesla Model S Plaid[39]August, 2021
7 minutes 37 seconds 47Chevrolet camaro Z / 28[40]August, 2013
7 minutes 38 secondsPorsche-Panamera turboAugust, 2016
7 minutes 40 secondsMercedes-Benz SLR McLarenKlaus Ludwig
7 minutes 40 secondsLamborghini Murcielago LP640Giorgio sanna
7 minutes 40 seconds 06Ford GTMarkus Draper
7 minutes 43 seconds 80Honda Civic Type R[41][42]August, 2017
7 minutes 50 secondsBMW M3 CSLHolst von Zaulma
7 minutes 51 seconds 07Alfa Romeo Stelvio QuadrifolioAugust, 2017
7 minutes 54 secondsNISMO Skyline R34 GT-R Z-TuneTetsuya Tanaka
7 minutes 54 seconds 36Renault Megane RS.275 Trophy R[43]Loran Urgon2014/6/16
7 minutes 55 secondsSubaru Impreza WRX STI 4Door (GVB) prototype with reinforced parts[44]Tommi Makinen2010/4/16
7 minutes 56 secondsHonda NSX-R (NA2)Motoharu Kurosawa

Racing car course record

Electric car course record

  • 6 min 5 sec 336 --at Volkswagen ID.R on June 2019, 6Roman DumasIs the record (North course after renovation L = 20.832km).In the lap that recorded this time, the average speed per lap was 1 km / h (206.96 mph).[45][46][47].

Unlimited vehicle course record

  • 5 minutes 19 seconds 546 --on June 2018, 6Porsche 919 Hybrid EvoTimo BernhardIs the record (North course after renovation L = 20.832km).This is the fastest lap record on the north course for all models.この車両は前年までポルシェがThis vehicle was Porsche until the previous yearWecWas used in"Le Mans" prototypeIt is a modified version of the vehicle without being bound by regulations.[48]..In the lap that recorded this time, the maximum speed was 369.4 km / h (229.5 mph), and the average speed per lap was 1 km / h (233.8 mph).[49].

Open to the public

Although the North Course is closed during testing, training and racing events, it has been open to the public for nearly 80 years as a one-way toll road. Since its opening in 1927, it has been called the Touristen fahrten (sightseeing tour) and can be driven by any car or motorcycle, motorhome or trailer, or even a tour bus, as long as it is not an illegal car.There is also a riding experience by a driving school and a professional driver.

It was open to the public mainly on Sundays, but it was often open on Saturdays and weekday afternoons.Winter months may be closed due to repairs and weather.

German road law applies when open to the public.Speed ​​limits are only present in some places due to noise reduction, etc., passing is prohibited, police are monitoring with helicopters, and vehicles that are driving dangerously are being cracked down.Due to the location of the circuit, there are many accidents caused by drivers who overconfidence in the performance of their own car, and there are many galleries like tourist spots where accidents and course outs occur frequently.Therefore, when an accident occurs, applause and cheers occur.

As of 2011, 1 cars and motorcycles in one lap of the north courseHowever, the 4-lap ticket costs 89 €, the 15-lap ticket costs 310 €, and the 25-lap ticket costs 470 €.The annual pass costs 1350 €. A 20-minute ticket for the GP course costs 38 €.Electronic money "ring ° card" is issued and can be used at the entrance of the course instead of a ticket, and can also be used at various facilities such as restaurants and shops in the Nürburgring.

Since the slow-moving pit lane area where the entrance gate of about 200m is installed bypasses the GP course, general users cannot completely go around 20.8km.A gate will also be provided on the main straight during times of congestion.Car insurance does not cover accidents that occur on the north course.

Also known as the "Queen of the Nürburgring" with a track record of 2008rd place in the 24 Nürburgring 3-hour race and more than 20,000 laps.Sabine SchmitzIs a paid service "Ring Taxi" that runs on the north course with passengers on the BMW M5 at its own company.また彼女はディーゼル仕様のAlso she is a diesel specJaguar S type9 minutes 12 seconds, unmodifiedFord transitI have recorded 10 minutes and 8 seconds (with slipstream).

Also of the courseasphaltAbove, the manufacturers and drivers who testedChalkWritten in, of the automobile companyemblemSuch asgraffitiCan be found everywhere.



Automobile development was flourishing in Germany in the 1900s, but there were no permanent courses for R & D or racing.1904Is an international raceGordon Bennett CupThe popularity of motorsports increased, with the success of the race in Bad Homburg, but the safety issues of drivers and spectators due to racing on public roads became apparent, calling for the need for an independent circuit. It was.人口が少なく、起伏に富む山岳地帯であるアイフェル地方にサーキットを建設する案が浮上するものの、モータースポーツ人気は急速に低下し、その後Although plans to build a circuit in the Eifel region, a rugged and rugged mountainous region, have emerged, motorsport's popularity has declined rapidly since then.World War IWas to break out, and the plan was blank.

Early 1920sADACEifelrennen (Eifel Race) was held on public roads in the Eifel region, but it was not a dangerous and appropriate place to race.Dr Otto Creutz, a member of the Eifel local council, proposes the construction of a dedicated circuit with the support of ADAC, measures against unemployment in the Eifel region, provides it as a test course to automobile companies, attracts tourists Was also included.当時ケルンCologne at that timeMayorMetKonrad AdenauerWith the support of the government1925Construction started in.The circuit design was led by Gustav Eichler.当時の重要なレースの一つであったIt was one of the important races at that timeTarga FlorioI refer to the course of.

1927Open to.The total length of the course was 28.265km, the number of corners was 174, and the average width of the course was 8m to 9m.In addition to this Gesamtstrecke (all courses), the 22.8km north course (Germany:Nordschleife, Nordschleife), South course with a total length of 7.7km (Germany:Südschleife, Zutschleife), Zielschleife (also known as Betonschleife) with a total length of 2.281 km, used in three layouts. The Start und Ziel (start / finish area) is common, and the Zielschleife was mainly used for warm-up driving.

Eifelrennen and sooner than the openingGerman Grand Prix,World Championship Cycling TournamentHeld.It was opened to the public as a one-way toll road in the evening and weekends.

Since the 1931 German Grand Prix, it has been held using only the north course.全長28kmのフルコースを使用した大きなレースは1939年が最後となっており、フルコースの最速タイムはXNUMX was the last big race using a full course with a total length of XNUMX km, and the fastest time of the full course isLouis ShillonIt was due to Bugatti.The shorter and safer south course was used in minor events and motorcycle races.当初の名称はThe original name wasNürburg-RingIt was, but in 1933NaziIs in GermanyMotor sportsIt was renovated with financial support throughout, and at this time from the namehyphenIs takenNurburgringIt became.


After World War II, the bombing damage was repaired and the race resumed in the 1950s. The 1951 German Grand Prix was incorporated into the F1 World Championship, and the North Course was once again the venue.1954At the European Grand Prix, the number of spectators is estimated to have exceeded 40.

1953, ADAC 1000km endurance race is held for the first time.1960The German Grand Prix was held in F2 class using the South Course and was not counted in the championship.1961At the German Grand Prix in August, in practicePhil Hill Ferrari 156F1Recorded 9 minutes 8 seconds 55 to break the 2-minute wall for the first time on the north course.南コースではロードレースRoad race on the south courseGerman Grand PrixWas sometimes held, but the main venue wasSolitude,Hockenheim LinkMet.

1964,F1German GPHondaWas the first Japanese car to run in F1.

In the late 1960s, the risk of racing on F1 cars, which are as fast as other circuits, increased, and criticisms of safety increased. In 1967, the Hohen Line Chicane was added in front of the start / finish line straight to reduce the speed of entry into the pit lane, extending the total length by 25m.

1970To24 Hours of NürburgringHas begun.

1970Zandvoort CircuitAtPierce CollegeIn response to the fatal accidentGPDADecided to boycott the German Grand Prix if it wasn't refurbished to improve safety, as it did for the spa the previous year.The refurbishment was not possible in a short period of time, so the German Grand Prix moved to Hockenheim, which had already been refurbished.


The course was renovated, and the north course was equipped with safety equipment such as arm cobarriers, and bumps and jump sections were removed by repaving the road surface.The course layout has also been adjusted to make the race line more straight and the number of official corners has decreased.Thanks to these renovations, F1971 was held again in 1.

1972, Change the bridge between Hatzenbach and Breitscheid, which have a narrow course width.1973, A left corner was added after the Metsgesfeld corner in the foreground to slow down the Karenhardt corner, where the entrance was dangerous and bumpy.The safety area was expanded and safety was improved by removing jump spots on the main straight and cutting down trees and bushes.

After the revival of F1971 in 1, safety demands from F1 drivers and the International Automobile Sports Federation have increased year by year.However, the north course is a long course of 22 km, and it is difficult to create a space to set up a safety area due to the foot of the mountain, so the repair cost will be enormous, and we will respond to further requests. Became impossible.Due to the long course, the number of marshalls and staff required was five times that of a normal F1 race, and there was a problem that it took time for the ambulance to arrive.Another problem was that television broadcasting, which was extremely popular, could not cover all corners.

1976, F1 driver boycott happened again, and the race was to be held by voting,Niki LaudaCrashed during the race and a major accident occurred in which the machine burned.The accident was decisive and it was recognized that 1976 was the last F1 event to be held at the Nürburgring. Since 1977 F1 has moved to Hockenheim.

The Road Racing World Championship changed to Solitude in the 1960s and will be held again at the Nürburgring.Initially, the South Course was used, but due to poor maintenance, it has been held on the North Course since 1970.

From 1981, new construction of the GP course was started around the old pit area.As a result, the north course was bypassed and shortened to 20.832km, and a small pit lane was added.This layout was used only in 1983 for 1000km endurance races.

The north course was also renovated between 1982 and 1983, expanding the run-off areas of the Aremberg and Brünchen corners and repaving the scattered pumps and jump spots.Racing line markers were painted throughout the course.

The South Course was not maintained in 1970-1971, and safety measures were far behind the North Course, so it was decided to abandon it a few years later.Currently, the south course has left a part of the forest section in the latter half of the course, and most of it has been destroyed due to the construction of a new GP course.

1984 GP course

In 1984, a circuit with the highest level of safety at the time called the GP course (GP-Strecke) was built to replace the finish course (Zielschleife) in order to regain the right to host the German GP.

An exhibition race was held at the opening event on May 5, and many prominent drivers participated.レース車両はRace vehiclesMercedes 190E 2.3-16Jack Brabham, Phil Hill,Dennis Harum,James Hunt,Jack Lafitte,Niki Lauda,Carlos Reutemann,Keke Rosberg,Jody Schecter,Alan Prost,Ayrton Senna,John WatsonParticipated, and Senna won the championship over Lauda and Reutemann.

This GP course hosted the 1984 European Grand Prix and the 1985 and German Grand Prix, but was only used for two years.

The beadle chicane was refurbished from 1985 to 1987, significantly reducing speed.Separately, a route for two wheels is also set up. The main races on the GP course after leaving F2 are 1km endurance, DTM, motorcycles, camion (track) races and vintage car races. ADAC Truck Grand Prix in 1000,Rock am ringIs held for the first time.

F1 resurrection

1995 - 2006

Debuted in 1991 and won the first title in 1994Michael SchumacherFrom 1995 to 2006, the European Grand Prix (1997 and 1998Luxembourg GP), The F1 Grand Prix will be held again. With the revival of F1 holding, circuit facilities have been renovated frequently.Castrol S's 5000-seat Mercedes Grandstand with VIP area and Medical Center are newly established.

In 1998, the Bilstein Grandstand was also rebuilt and the first large screen was installed.A new access road to the Nürburgring has also been developed.1999から2001The pit building, control tower, and race control facilities were rebuilt, and the latest media center was also set up.

2002, GP course has been significantly renovated.オーバーテイクチャンスを増やすため、スタート/フィニッシュストレート後のカストロールSを廃し、タイトな右コーナー(非公式愛称In order to increase the chance of overtaking, Castrol S after the start / finish straight is abolished and the tight right corner (unofficial nickname)Howg hook)change to.Following that, an infield section (Mercedes Arena) was added, and the cart course next to the paddock was abolished accordingly. The total length of the GP course has increased from 4.556km to 5.148km. In 2003, the asphalt was repaved on the north course, and the design of the GP course, such as NGK chicane, was slightly changed.

2007 - 2013

In Germany since 2007F1 Grand PrixTheHockenheim LinkThe F2008 Grand Prix was not held in 1 because it was held alternately every other year.[Note 3].. Audi S (or Shell S) in the 2007th and 8th corners was renamed Michael Schumacher S ahead of the 9 European Grand Prix.

2009A development project called "Nürburgring 2009" has started to coincide with the German Grand Prix.Hotels, event halls, amusement facilities, shopping malls, etc. are constructed.The grandstand was also rebuilt to a 600-seat one with a VIP lounge that can accommodate 5000 people. Some parts were not completed in time for the 2009 German Grand Prix,Roller coaster ring The racer was postponed to open in 2011 due to a malfunction in the launcher.However, due to the large-scale renovation including this project, it borrowed 3 million euros (about 300 billion yen), which deteriorated the management.This contributes to later bankruptcy.


In 2011, the event was held without delay despite management problems, but after the event ended, management difficulties became more serious, and the EU (European Union) was requested for urgent financial assistance, but it was rejected in 2012. It went bankrupt in July.The owner of the Nürburgring circuit is Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, which holds a 7% stake.Therefore, it seemed that the originally planned 90 event was canceled, but we were able to secure enough funds to hold it in 2013.However, in terms of alternating holdings, the 2013 holding was virtually canceled, and eventually it was held.20143ToGermany-DusseldorfThe auto parts manufacturer "Capricorn Group" based in Japan has acquired management rights with an acquisition price of more than 1 million euros (about 142 billion yen).Therefore, the complete closure of the course was avoided.

2015 - 2019

In March 2015, at the German National Championship Nürburgring Endurance Series (VLN) Round 3 Final RaceNissan GT-R NISMO GT3Soared into the air near Fluke Platts on the north course, crashed into the guardrail and jumped into the spectators' seats, resulting in the death of one spectator.[50]..この事故を受けてFIA-GT3クラスのマシンのレース出場が一時的に禁止にされることとなりIn response to this accident, FIA-GTXNUMX class machines will be temporarily banned from racing.[51]Although it is not complete, a speed limit section was set up on the north course and it was decided to wait for a time attack battle using a commercial car etc. that had reached the level of less than 1 minutes per lap.[51].. For this reason24 Hours of NürburgringAlthough it was feared that the event would be held, a restrictor would be installed on vehicles of SP7 class or higher, and the speed would be 200km / h near Flugplatz where the accident occurred, and 2km / h in two other places considered dangerous. We set up and held a race[52].

Speaking of course management, although it was acquired, the situation did not improve.[53]Far from soliciting F1, the situation where there was no room for course management continued.However, in 2016, some profits will come out.[54]Occasionally, I started to show the movement of returning to the F1 calendar[55].


Although it was only occasionally nominated as a course for the German Grand Prix,2020When you enterExpansion of new coronavirus infectionThere were many races that could not be held due to, and in the process it was held in 2019Hockenheim LinkRace in[56]Was considered and emerged as a potential candidate as an alternative or as a slot to increase the number of races in the event of failure to race in other areas, including the Nürburgring and Hockenheim.最終的にホッケンハイム側が開催を断念Eventually the Hockenheim side abandoned the event[57]However, the Eifel GP as the 2020th round of the 11 season[Note 4]Will be held at the Nürburgring under the name of[58]..As a result, F7 will be held at the Nürburgring for the first time in seven years.

GP course

The home straight goes down a lot and accelerates considerably, so turn right in the braking area and take the first corner.CastrolWelcome to S. 1コーナーは右→左と切り返すS字カーブであったが、2002年の大改修により鋭角なヘアピンに変更され、低速インフィールドエリアであるThe first corner was an S-shaped curve that turned from right to left, but it was changed to a sharp hairpin due to a major renovation in XNUMX, and it is a low-speed infield area.メ ル セ デ スAn arena has been added.Turn left at the 2nd and 3rd corners of the arena, turn right at the 4th corner and accelerate to a straight line.

5 cornersFordFrom the curve, at the western end, which is also an overtaking pointダ ン ロ ッ プIt goes down endlessly while curving to the left to the hairpin.ダンロップヘアピン通過後は一転して急激な上り勾配となり、スピードに乗せて左・右のAfter passing through the Dunlop hairpin, it turns around and becomes a steep uphill slope, and on the speed, left and rightSchumacherPass through S.

From the 90 degree turn, go through the bit corner to back stretch.There is a super high speed right corner Bogen corner in the middle of the back stretch where the height difference is large.ボーゲンを抜けるとフルブレーキでFull brake when exiting Bogen NGK To chicane.Invasion of chicane is a good overtaking point.最終コーナーのIn the final cornerCoca ColaIf you make a big turn on the curve, it will return to the home straight and it will be one lap.A glimpse of the connecting passage to the north course can be seen around the chicane and the final corner.

Year when F1GP was held

Years without special mentionGerman GPHeld as.

  • 1950s 1951-1954, 1956-1958
  • 1960s 1961-1969
  • 1970s 1971-1976 (held on the North Course until 1976)
  • 1980s 1984 (held at GP course from this yearEuropean GPHeld as) ・ 1985
  • 1990s 1995-1999 (1995, 1996, 1999 held as European GP ・ 1997, 1998Luxembourg GPHeld as)
  • 2000s 2000-2007/2009 (2000-2007 held as European Grand Prix)
  • 2010s 2011/2013
  • 2020s 2020 (held as Eifel GP)

South course

The former South Course passes through the same start finish line as the North Course, and after the first corner, it goes down a steep descent through a road bridge and descends from a hill through the forest. After crossing the 1 degree right corner named after the local village of mullenbach, you will pass through the forest and up the hill to the back straight shared by the north course, and finally through the tight right corner for the south course. Return straight.There is almost no escape zone on the course.

Onboard video at the time of 1968 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BndqNQ3GGI

South course lap record in 1970Canadian-American Challenge CupIt is 2: 38.6 by Helmut Kelleners in.It is now a general road, and since 2005 a vintage car event has been held on the site of the South Course.

Amusement facility

A major renovation in 2009 created a wealth of amusement facilities.

ring ° werk
An indoor amusement facility built in 2009.roller coasterYou can enjoy various attractions related to motor sports such as "ring ° racer" and 4D cinema "ring ° kino".
ring ° boulevard
There are booths and shops of automobile manufacturers and suppliers. There is also a TV studio. There is also an athletic facility called kletter ° challenge.
ring ° arena
An event hall boasting 4500 seats.It is used for various purposes such as concerts and musicals.
ring ° kartbahn
An indoor cart with a total length of 400m.
A complex facility with restaurants, bars and hotels.Night events such as discos are held more than 300 times a year.
Casino built in Lindner Hotel, opened in 2009

Nürburgring in video games

In the past, it was extremely difficult to record the north course in games due to the length of more than 20 km, but in recent years it has been recorded more and more with the increase in the storage capacity of home video game machines. ..その先駆となったのは2003年に発売されたThe pioneer was released in XNUMXMicrosoft OfXboxSoftware "Project Gotham Racing 2], And the north course was recorded for the first time in a video game.続く2004年にはIn XNUMXSony Computer EntertainmentからPlayStation 2Software "Gran Turismo 4Was released.

Since then"Forza MotorsportSeries (Microsoft, Xbox andXbox 360for),"Enthusia Professional Racing』(Konami, For PS2), "3" and later "Project Gotham RacingSeries (for Microsoft, Xbox 360), "Need for Speed ​​Shift] (Electronic Arts, for PS3, Xbox 360, PC) and other games that record the North Course are appearing one after another, competing for their reality.Also,2009ToPSPSoftware "Gran Turismo],handheld game consoleThen the first recording was done.

Regarding the GP course where F1 is currently being held, since it was held in 1995PlayStationSoftware "Formula1(Sony Computer Entertainment, released in 1996, recorded data is from 1995), and is recorded in most F1 games.

2010 PS3 software "Gran Turismo 5], A total of 2 types of layouts are recorded, including the north course, GP (2 types), and connected endurance races (5 types), and some layouts correspond to weather / time changes. 2013 PS3 software "Gran Turismo 6], All layouts correspond to weather / time changes.

Released in May 2015 (released on June 5, 2016 in Japan)Project CARSIn (pc ps4 xbox), the north course and GP course (2 types) are recorded, and it corresponds to the weather / time change.

Released in October 2017, "Gran Turismo Sport(Ps4) contains four types of layouts: north course, 24h course, GP course, and tourist layout (reproduced the north course when it was released to the general public), and there is no change in weather or time, so select it. It is a specification (no wet condition).

201912ToupdateWas done,mobileRacingsimulationgame,Assoluto racingThe north course was additionally recorded in V.2.3.0.
Infinity Vector, the developer of Assoluto Racing, has announced that it is the world's first officially licensed recording of a mobile racing game.[59]


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注 釈

  1. ^ There are still many drivers who yearn for this course,Sebastian Vettel"The north course of the Nürburgring is exceptional, because I can't run anymore (in F1)," he said in an interview.
  2. ^ The modern F1 car hasn't been running for a long time on the north course, but at the demonstration of the event held on April 2007, 4.Nick HeidfeldDrivingBMW Sauber"F1.06" ran the north course for the first time in 31 years.Driving on harsh north course roads with modern F1 cars is extremely dangerous, so adjust the machine by maximizing the height of the car and using very hard tires to avoid bursts. , I went around the course 3 times.It was a safety-oriented run for demonstration, and the gear ratio was set to a short ratio, so the fastest lap was 8 minutes and 34 seconds, and the top speed was only 275 km / h.
  3. ^ As of 2007, the exclusive right to use the name "German Grand Prix" in F1 is owned by Hockenheimring Promoting Race (AvD), so it is controlled by ADAC, which is a rival to AvD. The Nürburgring below does not have the right to use the name "German GP" in F1.Therefore, 2007 was held as the European Grand Prix.However, from 2008, it is a 7-year contractスペイン-Valencia City CourseSince the European Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to be held in, attention was paid to what the name will be after 2009, but at the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) on October 2008, 10, the German Grand Prix Was listed in the 7 F2009 World Championship calendar.After that, the German F1 Committee was established under the German Motor Sport Federation (DMSB), which is a motor racing management organization, and AvD and DMSB were put under its control, and 1 was held as the German Grand Prix.
  4. ^ It seems that the name "German GP" was not used due to the right to use the name "German GP" as in 2007.Eifel is the name of the region where the Nürburgring is located.


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    • FLASH --Muffler product name "Nurburgring"
    • Hyundai N - Modern carHigh performance brand.同社のOf the companyNamyangR & D Center (Hwaseong City) And Nürburgring, and the official website also uses a copy of "Born in Namyang, Honed at Nürburgring (born in Namyang, raised in Nürburgring)".
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