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✈ | 2022 ANA Calendar, 70th Anniversary of Reservation Start, Enjoy Famous Machines and Active Machines at the Same Time

Photo ANA 70TH ANNIVERSARY Calendar Desktop

2022 ANA calendar, 70th anniversary of reservation start, you can enjoy famous machines and active machines at the same time

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After being used by All Nippon Airways (ANA), you can enjoy Douglas DC-3 type "JA5077" which was also active in Nagasaki Airlines, Vickers Viscount "JA8203" which was active in ANA, etc. with the current Airbus A380 type on the wall or on the table. ..

All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd. has started pre-order sales of the "2021 ANA Calendar" from Monday, August 8, 2. A ... → Continue reading


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