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✈ | Talisman Saber, B-52H formation flight Australian KC-30A and F-35B are the first aerial refueling

写真 F-35A(A35-031)、EA-18G(A46-302)、F/A-18F(A44-206)、B-52H(60-0060)

Talisman Saber, B-52H formation flight Australian KC-30A and F-35B first aerial refueling

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The Royal Australian Air Force has also included two E-2A wedge tails in this exercise.

In the joint exercise "Talisman Saber 21" by the United States and Australia, the B-52H stra of the US Air Force ... → Continue reading


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Australian Air Force

Royal Australian Air Force(English: Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF) IsAustralian Defense Force Ofair forceOrganization.It is one of the three Australian Defense Forces.


19143ToAustralian ArmyThe aviation division has been established as the Australian Flying Corps (AFC).World War IInBritish EmpireAs a member ofAlliesParticipate on the side,German New GuineaWas sent to.laterMiddle Eastern FrontandWestern FrontIt has also been put into.At the end of World War II, it had eight squadrons andSergeantIt had a scale of 460 and 2,234 troops.

When the war was over, the AFC was also disbanded.Only the flight school was left, but in 1920 it was reorganized as the Australian Air Corps.Australian Air Corps1921May 3IndependentServiceIt was reorganized as the Royal Australian Air Force.On June 6, the same yearGeorge VWas given the title of'Royal'and was renamed the Royal Australian Air Force on August 8st.

Second World WarEven inAlliesParticipating asFighter,BomberTheEuropean theater OfBattle against GermanyWhen,Pacific Theater of World War OfWar against JapanIt is put into both sides.Early in the Pacific Theater of World WarMalay Peninsula,IndonesiaAir defense combat inNew Guinea,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAre fighting in.

Even after World War II, he has been active outside the mainland.1948 OfBerlin blockadeOn the occasionTransport aircraftSend troops,Korean WarIn the 1950s, fighter planes, etc.Malaya crisisBut I sent a bomber to the Malay Peninsula. From 1964 to 1972,Vietnam WarAlso participates in.in recent yearsIraq warAlso dispatched fighters,アフガニスタンInInternational Security Support UnitParticipating in (ISAF).

In the Middle East, where the war continuesF / A-18 HornetFighter bomber,Aerial refueling machineIn addition to developing main machines such asSouth China Sea OfAtoll reclamation problem by the People's Republic of ChinaForUnited States NavyTo the vicinity of the artificial island created in cooperation withPatrol aircraftIn the Asia Pacific regionWestern countriesAs a member ofInternational lawIt clearly shows the position to protect.

In 2019,JapanFirst time in JapanJapan Air Self-Defense ForceJoint training with "BushidoGuardian 19 "was carried out[1].


There are 17,375 members of the Air Force.Also 2,800 peopleReserve roleBelongs to.

Northern Territory


New South Wales

  • Williamtown Air Force Base (RAAF Base Williamtown)
  • RAAF Base Glenbrook
  • RAAF Base Richmond
  • RAAF Base Wagga

Australian Capital Territory

  • Russell Office-Air Force Headquarters


  • RAAF Base East Sale
  • RAAF Base Williams

South Australia

  • RAAF Base Edinburgh

Western Australia

  • RAAF Base Pearce
  • RAAF Base Curtin
  • RAAF Base Learmonth

Penang, Malaysia

  • RMAF Base Butterworth-Some troops stationed


In addition to the main fighter F / A-18,Early warning and control aircraft, Equipped with aerial refueling aircraft, etc.Anti-submarine patrol aircraftIsAP-3CIs also operated by the Air Force.


1981In October, a multirole fighterDassault Mirage IIIAdopted as a successor. Equipped with 55 A-type aircraft and 16 B-type aircraft.Navigation / communication / identification system repair.AN / APG-73 radarCapacity improvements such as changes to are being implemented.JDAM-ER(Integrated direct attack bullet-extended range type) drop test is being conducted using F / A-18A.
2007F-111F / A-18F Block II as an updated model of Super hornetDecided to adopt 24 aircraft. From March 2010QueenslandDeployed sequentially at Amberley base. FOCs (Full Operational Capabilities) for all 24 aircraft are expected to be achieved by the end of 2012.RAAFHalf of the F / A-18 will be in the futureF-35When is deployedEA-18GIt is designed with consideration for internal wiring so that it can be repaired to a growler, but it will be decided in 2012 whether to actually carry out the repair.
Introduced 2017 new E / A-18F aircraft from 11, in the 6th SquadronElectronic warplaneIt is operated as. Three aircraft have been in operation since 2019.
SDDプログラムにレベル3(出資割合1-2%程度)で参加している。2014年9月29日にオーストラリア空軍向けF-35A初号機(AU-1)、10月1日に2号機(AU-2)が初飛行した。2014年後半にオーストラリア空軍に引き渡され、The United States of AmericaCrew training is being carried out within[2]..Eventually, it plans to introduce 72 F-35A aircraft.

Training machine

Introduced in 2017, basicTraining machineIt is used for pilot training.also,Acrobat teamIt is also the machine used for "Roulettes". XNUMX aircraft are in operation.
PC-9 was discontinued in 2019.
Equipped with 127 Mk33 types.Aermacchi MB-326A conversion training aircraft adopted as a successor. The driver's seat is to facilitate the transition to F / A-18Glass cockpitThere are 3 colors for each of the front and rear seats.CRTIs attached, and in the front seatHead up displayThere is.SecondaryClose air supportIt also has a mission.

Electronic Warfare Aircraft / Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft

Six aircraft are in operation in the 6nd Squadron, Williamtownbase(New South Wales) Deployed.

Patrol aircraft

An aircraft with a unique upgrade to the P-3C. It has been in operation since 2002. Retired sequentially with the introduction of P-8A.
The aircraft introduced in place of AP-2016C from 3.
In February 3, it was decided to introduce eight aircraft as successors to the AP-2014C. Initial operating capability (IOC) was acquired in 2, and the introduction of all aircraft is scheduled to be completed by 8.[3].

Transport aircraft / aerial refueling aircraft

Richmond 1999 aircraft since 12base(New South Wales) Deployed. C-130H ended operation on November 2012, 11[4].
For overseas expansionA400MAfter a comparative study with, it was decided to introduce four aircraft in 2006, and it was received by 4. In 2008, we placed an additional order for two aircraft and received them by November 2011.
Eight are deployed in the 8th Squadron.[5]
DHC-4 CaribouTen aircraft are in operation as successors.
Delivery and crew training began in the United States after 2014, and operations began in 201 with the XNUMXth Squadron.
Used as an aerial refueling aircraftBoeing 707As a successor, we ordered five aircraft in 2004. Deployment began in 5, and as of 2011, seven aircraft have been deployed to the 2021rd Squadron.
Important personAs a successor to the CL-604 Challenger used for transportation, three aircraft have been in operation in the 2019th Squadron since 3.
Two aircraft have been in operation in the 2002th Squadron since 2 for the transportation of VIPs.
In addition to being used as a trainer and light transport aircraft, it is also used for general purposes such as patrol missions.

Future equipment plan

  • Heron
Israel Aerospace IndustriesMade ofUAV.. Operate 4 aircraft.
A UAV that complements the P-8A's monitoring capabilities. It will be introduced for operation in combination with the P-8A.


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