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🚗 | Mitsubishi New Outlander PHEV, Nissan X-Trail e-POWER, and electrified models are available ...

Photo Mitsubishi New Outlander (North American specification, 2022 model) [Announced on March 2021, 3] [Photo: Mitsubishi Motors]

Mitsubishi's new Outlander PHEV, Nissan's new X-Trail e-POWER, and electrified models are available ...

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The Outlander PHEV is also expected to undergo the long-awaited full model change.

Mitsubishi's mid-size SUV "Outlander" will undergo a full model change in 2021.In the basic skeleton ... → Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Outlander

Outlander(OUTLANDER) IsMitsubishi MotorsOf the middle size manufactured and sold bya SUV.

Air trekIt is a successor model, but the size is about one size larger and the shape isFirst ChallengerIs closer.The name Outlander was originally an export name for Airtrek, and the name was unified to Outlander in line with the appearance of the first generation (in Japan).It will be sold as Outlander EX outside Japan, where the previous Outlander (= Airtrek) was continuously sold.

In addition,PeugeotandCitroenWe also supply OEM toPeugeot 4007","Citroen C CrosserIt was sold under the name.


DaimlerChrysler,Modern carOf joint development withWorld engineNewly developed based onInline 4 cylinder2.4L, 125kW (170PS)4B12とV6 cylinder 3.0L, 162kW (220PS)6B31 MIVEC(Mybeck) engine was installed. The drive system was initially4WDAlthough it was only set, 2WD was newly added. After 2010, the European version will also be equipped with a 2.2L 130kw (174PS) 4N14 direct injection diesel (DI-D) MIVEC engine.

Mission includes INVECS-III 2.4-speed manual mode for both 2.0L and 6L vehiclesCVT.. The 3.0L car was combined with a 6-speed AT with INVECS-II manual mode.

platformAlso in collaboration with DaimlerChryslerGS platformTo adopt. Common with Delica D:5, Galant Fortis, which will be released after the next yearC segmentFor newplatform.

The seats are available in 5-seater and 7-seater specifications. The tailgate is a type that opens and closes, which is unusual for a car of this class. In addition, audio is an American audio manufacturerRockford Fosgate"Premium Sound System", which was co-developed with ", was prepared as standard and optional.

Also frequently used in cross-country rallies, 2008Paris Dakar RallyParticipated in the Mitsubishi team as a support car. In addition, from 2013 to 2015Asia Cross Country RallyParticipated in Works with PHEV and completed three consecutive years and won the class[1].

Fukushima Prefectural PoliceToPatrol carHas been adopted as.

First CW5W/6W type (2005-2012)

Chassis body

Uses a lightweight and highly rigid body. Each part of the body is equipped with a closed-section roof bow that combines with the side body to increase the rigidity of the entire body, stiffeners that strengthen the front circumference, and side braces. In addition, lightweight aluminum is used for the roof panel except for vehicles equipped with a sunroof to stabilize the center of gravity and improve exercise performance.


エンジンは、4B11 2.0L 直列4気筒DOHC16バルブと4B12 2.4L 直列4気筒DOHC16バルブがある。また、6B31 3.0L V型6気筒SOHC24バルブは2007年10月から2009年9月まで搭載されていた。


Adopted MacPherson strut suspension on the front. Wide tread design improves driving stability. In addition, rigidity is increased in the left-right direction of the cross member.

Four-wheel drive system

Uses electronically controlled 4WD. You can select from three modes: fuel-efficient "2WD", "4WD auto" that adapts to any driving environment, and "4WD lock" that provides stronger traction. The drive mode selector (dial) on the floor console allows you to switch modes even while driving.

Also, as an outlander (advanced grade) with specifications outside JapanS-AWC(Super All Wheel Control) is installed. The S-AWC is a vehicle motion integrated control system for Mitsubishi Motors that realizes "manual controllability" and "excellent stability" at a high level, centering on the control of the driving force and braking force of the four wheels. Is. You can select three types of "snow", "tarmac", and "lock" according to the situation. The front/rear drive distribution for "Snow" is 4:3, the front/rear drive distribution for "Termac" is 70:30, and the front/rear drive distribution for "Lock" is 90:10.

Chronological Table

  • 2005May 10
    • Launched in Japan. It has been announced that the monthly sales target is 2,000 units. Initially, it had only a 2.4-liter engine, and the grade system had two grades, "M" and "G", with a 2-seater specification and a 5-seater specification, respectively.
    • North American specifications20064 OfNew York International Auto ShowPresented at. Newly developed 3.0L V6MIVECA model that combines a 6-speed AT with the engine (here you can choose between two drive systems, FF and 4WD).
    • European specification is 20069 OfParis SalonExhibited a concept model. For EuropeColt,L200Similarly to the Japanese spec and North American spec, the Mt. Fuji type front grille (so-called Boley face) is adopted. In the concept modelVolkswagenMade 2.0Ldiesel engineIt was equipped with a 6-speed MT, but 2.4L and 3.0L V6 gasoline is also available in the commercial model.
  • 2006May 5
    • Based on the "G" 7-seater specification, gold is distributed throughout the exterior such as 18-inch aluminum wheels, side pinstripes, the outer periphery of the front grille, and the front bumper under cover, side door garnish, door outer handle are the same color as the body. Change. Furthermore, genuine leather seats, front seat heaters, and driver's seat 4-way power seats, which are normally set as manufacturer options, are standard equipment.Special carAnnounced "G-Limited Edition" (on sale June 6). Two body colors are available: black mica and optional white pearl.
  • 2006May 10
    • Minor change. In addition to improving the characteristics of the power steering, improving the engine oil pump, and adding a pre-muffler, the interior has a beige tone in addition to the existing black tone (the same applies to genuine leather seats with manufacturer options). The design of the steering wheel has been refined, and "G" has added night lighting to the steering wheel audio remote control switch. In addition, 16-inch aluminum wheels have been added as a manufacturer option.
  • 2006May 12
    • Based on the "M" 7-seater black interior specification, the paddle shift, genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel (with audio remote control switch), genuine leather-wrapped shift knob and water-repellent finish used in the high-grade "G" Knit & mesh fabric fabric (front second seat), MD & 6 series CD changer & AM / FM radio (MP3 playback compatible) + 6 speakers, 16-inch aluminum wheels, which are originally set as manufacturer's options Released the car "M-Style Edition".Three body colors are available: cool silver metallic, black mica, and white pearl (optional color).
  • 2007May 4
    • Based on the "M" 7-seater black interior specification, the large tailgate spoiler and the 18-inch aluminum wheels, front fog lights, side door garnish (same color as the body), and muffler cutter used in the advanced grade "G" In addition to the equipment, we also released the special-purpose model "Sport Style Edition," which is equipped with a paddle shift, a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel, a genuine leather-wrapped shift knob, and a special scuff plate with a logo.
  • 2007May 10
    • Minor change. 3.0L V6 (6B31) MIVEC SOHC24 valve aluminum block engine and 6-speed AT with sport mode AT equipped with new grade "30G" and "30MS". In these grades, the front grill, side sill garnish, and 18-inch aluminum wheels have been newly designed, and a dual muffler cutter has been adopted. Furthermore, the "30G" uses plated outer door handles, synthetic leather and mesh fabric seat fabric, and is equipped with cruise control as standard equipment (also available as a manufacturer option on the "30MS"). The 2.4L model will be "24M (only for 5-seater model)" and "24G", and the intermediate grade "24MS" will be newly added. All vehicles are equipped with side turn lamp built-in door mirrors as standard equipment, and the door trim design has been changed. For the "24MS" and "24G," some of the "30G" equipment can be added as a manufacturer option.
  • 2008May 5
    • Addition of aero specification car "ROADEST" dressed up with aero parts. It will be available in two grades, "24G" and "30G" (2-seater models only).
  • 2008May 8
    • Minor change. 24WD vehicles have been added to the "24MS," "24G," and "ROADEST 2G," and the "24MS" and "30MS" are limited to 7-seater models. In addition, the 2.4-liter model has a larger side sill garnish, and the 3.0-liter model has plated side window moldings and tailgate garnish (both "ROADEST" is not applicable).
  • 200810
    • A total import and sales agent of Seoul, KoreaMMSK Corporation[2]Started selling in Korea through (V6 3.0L model only).
  • 2009May 2
    • Based on the "24MS", a low-priced 2WD grade "24E" that includes a CD player as standard equipment while carefully selecting the equipment has been added.
  • 2009May 4
    • Improves fuel economy of "24E", "24MS" and "24G" 2WD vehicles. This achieved the "22 fuel efficiency standard +15%".
  • 20094
    • Released the prototype of "Outlander GT" at the New York International Auto Show. In the front sectionLancer Evolution X,Galant FortisThe same "jet fighter grill" is used. After that, the "Jet Fighter Grill" was officially adopted from the 2010 model for North America that was released in the autumn of the same year.
  • 2009May 9
    • Minor change.By reviewing CVT control and reducing running resistance by improving fuel efficiency, the 2.4/10 mode fuel consumption rate (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism examination value) for vehicles equipped with a 15L engine can be increased from 4km / L to 11.6km / L for 12.2WD vehicles. In addition, the 2WD model has been improved from 12.2km / L to 12.6km / L.In reviewing the grade, we set the highest grade "24G Premium" with a high-quality interior and exterior, such as the interior of the soft pad with synthetic leather with stitching and the exterior that uses a lot of plating.Instead, the "3.0G" and "30MS" grades equipped with a 30L engine were abolished.The exterior features a newly designed plated front grille (excluding the "24G Premium". The "24G Premium" uses the plated front grille that was previously used on 3.0L cars) and a rear bumper that emphasizes a wide feel.In addition, a plated side sill garnish is used for the "24G Premium" grade. Newly designed 24-inch aluminum wheels have been adopted for the "24MS", "24G" and "18G Premium" grades.A newly designed electrically retractable remote control door mirror with blinkers has been adopted.Two body colors, Quartz Brown Metallic and Cosmic Blue Mica, have been added for a total of seven colors (Euro Green Metallic, Platinum Beige Metallic, and Deep Blue Mica have been abolished).For the interior, "2G" and "7G Premium" grade door trims, a soft pad with stitched synthetic leather on the upper part of the meter and the upper part of the glove box are used to create a high-quality interior.The seat fabric has been changed to a suede-like velor and mesh fabric with a high texture.A newly designed high-contrast meter and color LCD multi-information display are used (excluding "24E" and "24M"). A newly designed meter has been adopted for the "24E" and "24M" grades.Lighting was added to the vanity mirrors in the driver's seat and passenger's seat.In terms of functions and equipment, Hill Start Assist has been adopted for 24WD vehicles, which enables smooth vehicle start on slopes.The ESS (Emergency Braking Signal System) is used to notify the following vehicle of emergency braking by blinking the hazard lamp at 24/4 the normal cycle during sudden deceleration or ABS operation.A comfort washer has been adopted that allows the washer spray and wiper to operate for a certain period of time simply by operating the washer lever with a single touch. The "1MS", "2G" and "24G Premium" grades have been added with welcome lights and coming home light functions that turn on the position lamps and headlights for 24 seconds when getting on and off, giving a sense of security when getting on and off at night.
  • 2009May 12
    • Minor change. Based on the conventional "24E" and "24MS", the new grade "4E" and "11MS" with the engine changed to 2.0B20 type 20L MIVEC DOHC engine is added. These grades achieved "2 fuel efficiency standard +22%" for 25WD vehicles and "4 fuel efficiency standard +22%" for 20WD vehicles. With the addition of the new grade, the 24WD vehicles of "24E", "24M", "24MS" and "2G" have been abolished, and 2.4L vehicles are set to 4WD only and are organized into "24G" and "24G Premium". It was The "ROADEST" also replaces the conventional "24G (2WD vehicle)" with "20MS (2WD/4WD)" and also has a headlight (projector type bi-xenon,Lancer Evolution X,Galant Fortis(It's very similar to the above but it is not a common part), the front part of the front such as the bumper and grill (commonly called Evo face, based on the European specification) and the design of the rear bumper were also changed. The outer handle and the tailgate garnish are plated ("ROADEST" will be available for sale on January 2010, 1). The halogen headlight has a multi-reflector specification.
  • 2010May 4
    • Minor changes to Korean specifications. Uses the same jet fighter grill as the North American version. 2.4L was also added.
  • 2010May 7
    • Announced "ROADEST Limited Edition", a special specification vehicle with carefully selected equipment contents based on "ROADEST 20MS" and priced at a reasonable price (sales start on July 7).
  • 2010May 9
    • Minor change (sales start on September 9).The deceleration energy regeneration system is controlled and optimized to reduce sliding resistance inside the engine.In addition, the CVT control of the 16L model has been changed to improve fuel efficiency in all grades.For this reason, 2.0L / 2.0WD vehicles have achieved the "4 fuel efficiency standard + 22%".We reviewed the grade development and added suede-like velor & mesh fabric seat fabric, genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel / shift knob, plated parking brake lever knob, etc. based on "25E", and emphasized the texture of the interior "20M" "20G" and "ROADEST 20G" are newly installed based on "20MS" and "ROADEST 20MS" with additional equipment such as discharge headlights, synthetic leather-covered interior, keyless operation system, and Rockford Fosgate premium sound system."20E", "20MS", "ROADEST 20MS" are abolished by replacement.In addition, the 20-seater version of the "24G" has also been abolished, so all grades have 5-seater specifications.The equipment has also been strengthened, and the brake assist mechanism has been changed to a pedal force / step speed sensitive type to improve safety, and the sound insulation around the front door has also been improved to improve quietness.The design of the shift knob has also been changed.In addition, the welcome light, coming home light function and ECO lamp that are already installed in some grades are also installed in the "7M" and "ROADEST Limited Edition". As an optional package, the "20G" has a "premium exterior package" with equipment to make it look the same as the "20G Premium".In addition, from the partially improved model this time, after the fifth year車 検It is applied on the condition that an extended warranty inspection (equivalent to a 24-month regular inspection) is received at the time of storage.Up to 10 km special warranty extension for up to 10 yearsIt became a target car model of.
  • 2010May 12
    • Based on the "20G," "ROADEST 20G," "24G," and "ROADEST 24G," the special-purpose car "Navi Collection" equipped with a 7-inch wide display HDD navigation system (MMCS) with rear view camera and cruise control was announced (2011 January 1, sales start).
  • 2011May 10
    • Minor change. Brake override control is newly equipped as standard to give priority to the brake when the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal are pressed simultaneously while driving. In addition, it has an automatic anti-glare function that detects the light of the headlight of the following vehicle and adjusts the reflection of the light, and when the shift position is set to "R", the built-in 3.3 inch color LCD monitor shows the rear view, Rear mirror with rear view monitor (with automatic anti-glare function) that supports safe backward movement and parking is set as a manufacturer option. "20M" has also changed the design of the wheel cover. The grade system was reviewed and "20M" 4WD vehicles and the highest grade "24G Premium" were abolished. Along with this, the "24G" has been newly set as a manufacturer option with the premium interior that was standard equipment on the "24G Premium".
  • 20129[4]
    • end of production. It will be sold only for inventory.
  • 201210
    • Sold out as a replacement for the second generation.

2nd generation GF7W/8W type (2012 -)

Chassis body
  • The body is a collision safety strengthened bodyRISE(Rise) is adopted. RISE has a high energy absorption structure and a high capacity cabin structure that ensures high collision safety in all directions. It is also reinforced to prevent deformation inside the vehicle, increasing the amount of energy absorbed in the engine room during a collision.
  • The gasoline model engine will be equipped with 4J11 2.0L in-line 4-cylinder SOHC16 valves (MIVEC) and 4J12 2.4L in-line 4-cylinder SOHC16 valves (MIVEC). SOHC with a simple mechanism that mechanically links variable lift and variable phase. As a result, the SOHC achieved the same performance as the conventional DOHC engine. furtherAuto stop & goBy combining with (AS & G), low fuel consumption has been achieved. The "27 fuel efficiency standard" has been achieved.
  • PHEVには、当初、4B11 2.0L 直列4気筒DOHC16バルブが搭載されていたが、2018å¹´8月のマイナーモデルチェンジで、既に海外仕様車に採用されていた4B12 2.4L 直列4気筒DOHC16バルブ(MIVEC)に換装された。
  • For the suspension, the MacPherson strut system for the front and the multi-link system for the rear have been adopted since the previous generation. As a result, high running stability is achieved.
Four-wheel drive system
  • It has been equipped with an electronically controlled 4WD since its predecessor. Equipped with three modes: fuel-efficient "4WD ECO", "4WD AUTO" that can be used in all driving environments, and "4WD LOCK" for stronger traction, and can be selected by the push-type drive mode selector even while driving. it can.
  • As an option, S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) can be installed. The S-AWC is a vehicle motion integrated control system for Mitsubishi Motors that realizes "manual controllability" and "excellent stability" at a high level, centering on the control of the driving force and braking force of the four wheels. Is. The PHEV is based on the "twin motor 4WD" and the gasoline vehicle is based on the "electronically controlled 4WD".AYC,ASC,ABSIt has integrated running control and high running performance and stability.

Chronological Table

  • 2012May 2
    • At the 3nd Geneva International Auto Show, which will be held on March 6th of the same year, the second-generation "Outlander" for Europe was announced as a reference exhibit for the first time in the world.[5].
  • 2012May 9
    • Radio waveDeveloped "e-Assist," a preventive safety technology that includes a radar cruise control system, a collision damage reduction brake system, and a lane departure warning system, which consists of a radar and camera unit, and is the second generation "Outlander" in Japan. Announced to be adopted in. At that time, it became clear that it will undergo a full model change in Japan in October of the same year.[6].
  • 2012May 10
    • Announced a full model change and started selling from the same day[7].
    • The above-mentioned preventive safety technology "e-Assist" is standard equipment in "24G Safety Package" and "24G Navi Package". The distance to the preceding vehicleRelative speedTo quickly detect any reduction in vehicle-to-vehicle distance due to deceleration or stop of the preceding vehicle. Alarm and automatic braking (depending on the situationBrake assist・"Collision damage mitigation brake system" that contributes to avoiding collisions with the preceding vehicle and mitigating collision damage by the three stages of primary braking and secondary braking).DeviationWhen it is about to occur, the "lane departure warning system (LDW)" that warns the user with a display and an alarm, and the same monitoring method as the collision damage reduction braking system will keep the vehicle distance set by the driver, and the preceding vehicle will automatically follow up to a stopped state. Equipped with three functions of "radar cruise control system". Nevertheless, it also realized a low price that keeps the price difference between the "3G Safety Package" and the "24G (without e-Assist)" to 24 yen.
    • There are two types of engines, 2.0L and 2.4L, as before.MIVECRedesigned to 4J11 type (2.0L) and 4J12 type (2.4L) equipped with a mechanism,Idling stopThe function "Auto Stop & Go (AS & G)" is standard equipment on all models.In addition, we have succeeded in reducing the weight while ensuring collision safety by expanding the use of high-strength steel plates for the body, and by designing the surface with a curved surface with a three-dimensional effect, while maintaining rigidity.By reducing the weight of the seats and suspension, the weight has been reduced by 100 to 110 kg compared to the previous model.As a result, fuel efficiency has improved significantly, and all vehicles have achieved the "27 fuel efficiency standards."
    • For the exterior, the front and rear are designed with "one-letter graphic", the character line is arranged on the side, and the washer nozzle is installed on the back of the engine hood. However, the cost reduction in detail is remarkable and the evaluation is low. Six body colors are set, including the new color copper metallic. The interior is based on a black tone, the instrument panel minimizes the dividing line, and a soft pad is used in a wide range from the top to the front door trim. The meter adopts a high-contrast meter, the multi-information display is arranged in the center, and the frequently used switches are integrated in the center panel, but in reality the storage space has decreased compared to the previous generation, making it difficult to use.
    • There are 20 grades: "24G", "24G", "24G Safety Package", and "4G Navi Package", and the drive system is 20WD for "2G", "24G", "24G Safety Package", and "24G Navi Package". Will be 4WD. "ROADEST" has been abolished.
    • The monthly sales target is set at 1,000 units. Actually, the exterior design is unpopular and the cost reduction is noticeable compared to the previous generation, and it has been sluggish around 200 units.
  • 2012May 11
    • Plug-in hybrid modelOutlander PHEV]'S teaser site[8]Was published. World's first 4WD plug-in hybrid SUV[9].. Debut and notice in early 2013. At the same time, store reservations started.
  • 2012May 12
    • Continuing from the first generation, in November of the same year, the shipment of specifications for Russia, which was locally produced by "PCMA Rus", started[10].
  • 2012May 12
    • Officially announced "Outlander PHEV" equipped with a plug-in hybrid EV system (sales started on January 2013, 1)[11].. Release of plug-in hybrid vehiclesToyota Prius PHVThis is the second mass-produced model in Japan next to Japan. It was the first plug-in hybrid vehicle to support V2H. In order to achieve both low fuel consumption and comfortable driving, "EV driving mode", in which the vehicle is driven only by a motor, "Series driving mode", in which the engine operates as a generator and the generated power is used to drive the motor, engine driving is the main , JC2 mode plug-in hybrid fuel consumption rate (combined fuel consumption rate) ) 3km/L, hybrid fuel consumption rate of 08km/L, and a running distance of 67.0km when using charging power even when running on an EV alone. It was At the same time, by combining the "S-AWC" vehicle motion integrated control system with the "twin motor 18.6WD", in which the front wheels are driven independently by the engine and the motor and the rear wheels are driven by the motor, the running stability of the vehicle is improved.
    • The exterior and interior are differentiated from gasoline-powered vehicles, the front grille (upper / mid) design has been changed, the rear combination lamp brake lamps have been changed to LED and clear lenses, and the body color is three common colors with gasoline-powered vehicles. Four colors are available, including (Black Mica, Titanium Gray Metallic, White Pearl (optional color)) and Technical Silver Metallic, which is a PHEV exclusive color (however, "E" is only two colors, Technical Silver Metallic and White Pearl).The seat fabric has been upgraded to a combination of synthetic leather and fabric, and the highest grade is equipped with genuine leather seats, which are optional for gasoline-powered vehicles (excluding "3G").The select lever will be a joystick type, an electric parking switch to lock the selector will be added, and the ornament panel used for all grades except "E" will be crystal fiber style.In addition, body reinforcement, vibration control, sound insulation, and sound absorption measures have been taken, and suspension tuning has been carried out to increase weight and reduce road noise by installing a PHEV system.Due to the lower center of gravity associated with mounting the drive battery under the floor, steering stability and ride comfort are further improved compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.
    • The grade system includes the "G", "G Safety Package" and "G Navi Package" with the same specifications as the gasoline vehicle, as well as the top grade "G Premium Package" equipped with the Rockford Fosgate Premium Sound System as standard equipment. It will be available in 2013 grades with the addition of the carefully selected lowest-priced grade "E (made-to-order, production starts at the end of February 2)".
    • Due to the large number of orders placed since its release, it will take a long time to deliver the vehicle, and the application deadline for the 2012 application for the clean energy vehicle introduction promotion measure subsidy (by March 2013, 3) will be met. It was announced on January 15, 2013 that the production was finished[12].
  • 2013May 8 -December 8
    • Asia Cross Country RallyPHEV participated in the race and finished 20th out of 17 cars. The driver is Koji Aoki, the co-driver is Kenji Ishida[16].
  • 2013May 8
    • Resumption of PHEV production.
  • 2013May 11
    • PHEV is ``2013-2014Japan Car of the Year"In the "Innovation category award" given to cars with innovative technologies such as environment, safety, etc.[17].
  • 2014May 1
    • Partially improved gasoline car[18].
    • Due to sluggish sales, an unusual minor change was implemented, one year after the full model change.In addition to changing the unpopular resin grille to a plated design, the front fog lamp plated bezel, skid plate (silver, front and rear), wheel arch molding have been added, and the manufacturer option setting of the roof rail (silver) has also been added.The rear combination lamp has been converted to LED and clear lens, and a new color red metallic has been added to the body color.
    • In the interior, the stitching of the seat material has been changed to silver double stitching.
    • Sound absorbing and damping materials and damping materials have been added to the main parts of the body and chassis, and dampers with built-in rebound springs have been adopted in the front and rear suspensions to reinforce the mounting part. By the way, the 43rd year last year Tokyo Motor ShowIt is a commercial version of the model exhibited at.
  • 2014May 4
    • The PHEV, which was relatively well-selling, was partially improved following the gasoline vehicle (sales started on May 5)[19].
    • Changed the design of the fog lamp plated bezel and added a silver skid plate to the bottom of the front bumper. In addition, a silver roof rail was added to the manufacturer's option settings.
    • A lock mechanism is added to the charging lid. MMCS, which is newly equipped as standard with driver/passenger seat heaters and is standard equipment in the "G Premium Package" and "G Navi Package"SmartphoneA Mitsubishi remote control that can operate timer charging, pre-conditioning, etc. is equipped as standard.
    • The "G Premium Package" has a new off-white leather seat interior.
  • 2014May 8 -December 8
    • Outlander PHEV participates in Asia Cross Country Rally 2014. The total mileage was 1986km, 19 hours 17 minutes 12 seconds, and finished 14th overall. The driver is Koji Aoki and the co-driver is Bird Uchai.
  • 20149
    • Changed specifications of PHEV.
    • In terms of body color, "Cosmic Blue Mica" and "Red Metallic", which were previously set only for gasoline vehicles, can now be set for PHEVs in all grades except "E".
  • 2014May 9 -December 9
    • Outlander PHEV of "Mitsubishi Rally Art Australia" participated in Australasian Safari 2014 held in Western Australia. Completed 19th overall and tops the A1-6 class. The driver is.
  • 2014May 10
    • Launched special-purpose model "SPORTS STYLE EDITION" for PHEV[20].
    • Based on the "G Navi Package", the center bumper that divides the radiator grill into upper and lower parts is changed to black (sold-on), the skid plate under the bumper is changed to the same body color, and the aluminum wheels are also changed to dark gray.
    • Three body colors are available: white pearl (optional color), black mica, and titanium gray mica metallic. In addition, the dealer option "styling package" was set to a special price limited to this model, and when the "styling package" was purchased, the shark fin antenna, tailgate spoiler, and engine hood emblem were also set to a special price.
  • 2015May 6
    • Minor change (sales of gasoline vehicles started on the same day, sales of PHEVs started on July 7)[21].
    • The front design has been completely revamped based on the new front design concept "Dynamic Shield", and it has become a bumper side molding that wraps the black part of the center from the left and right, and all headlights, position lamps, rear combination lamps are lampsLEDThe 18-inch aluminum wheels (only the PHEV "M" has been set as a manufacturer option) have been changed to a 2-tone cutting gloss type with different designs for PHEVs and gasoline vehicles. At the same time, the PHEV has the same body color for the bumper extension, side garnish, and other parts. Gasoline cars have two tones with black front and rear bumpers, wheel arch molding, and side garnish. For the body color, a new color, Quartz Brown Metallic, which can be set for both gasoline cars and PHEVs, has been added, and instead of abolishing Cosmic Blue Mica (moving to the gasoline car color only), PHEV has a new color for ruby ​​black pearls. Added (optional color). Gasoline cars have abolished the special color Copper Metallic.
    • As for the interior, PHEV has changed the seat skin design and material, added brown genuine leather interior in addition to the existing black genuine leather interior, set as standard in "G Premium Package", "G Navi Package", "G Safety Package" The manufacturer option was set to.The seat uses a trim line on the seat pad.In addition, accent stitching has been placed on the seat and door trim, and pads have been added to the door trim insert.The steering wheel is made of smooth leather, and the silver switch is chrome-plated to create a newly designed 4-spoke type.In addition to adding stitches to the meter hood, the large center console has been redesigned, and the instrument panel and door trim ornaments have been decorated with a black stream pattern and brilliant accents.For gasoline-powered vehicles, the skin design of the fabric seats has been changed, and stitches have been added to the sides of the driver's and passenger's seats.Furthermore, the hardness of the seat cushion portion has been optimized.The steering wheel is plated with leather and grip shape.Three diamondsThe ornament is placed in the center.The lower part is decorated with piano black and plating.Black stitching has been added to the upper surface of the meter hood, and the instrument panel and door trim ornament panel has a black plywood tone for genuine leather cars.
    • Suspension is reinforced at the parts that receive input from the suspension, and the rigidity of the suspension mounting part is also improved. Rearshock absorber OfcylinderHas been enlarged.
    • In terms of quietness, sound absorbing materials, sound insulating materials, damping materials, dynamic dampers, etc. have been improved by more than 30 points, and the structure of the door seal has also been improved.
    • In terms of environmental performance, the PHEV improves the hybrid fuel consumption rate by optimizing the plug-in hybrid EV control and reducing engine friction, while improving the motor efficiency and the mileage when using charging power. At the same time, controls for plug-in hybrids and motors were also reviewed. The JC08 mode fuel economy has been improved by installing a new-generation CVT on gasoline vehicles and optimizing the coordinated control of the engine and CVT.
    • In addition, the PHEV has some grades of the false start suppression function (when moving forward and backward) that suppresses the start and reduces collision damage if there is a vehicle or obstacle in the direction of travel when the vehicle starts incorrectly due to a mistake in pedaling. A multi-around monitor (with bird's eye view function) that supports driving when parking and steering in cold weather by setting the manufacturer's options for all vehicles except the above, and grasping the surrounding situation by the image of looking at the car from directly above All vehicles except some grades are equipped with a steering heater that warms the vehicle as standard equipment, and all vehicles are equipped with a driver's seat heater as standard equipment. A 1500V AC power supply (100W) that can be used for home appliances in an emergency is standard equipment (1500V AC power supply (100W) can be installed in other grades as a manufacturer's option).
    • The grade system was also partially revised, and the PHEV was set to 4 grades by setting a new low-priced grade "M" that integrated the conventional "E" and "G". The gasoline car has become 2.0 grades by adding the "20G Safety Package" to the 5L car.
  • 2015May 8 -December 8
    • Outlander PHEV participated in Asia Cross Country Rally 2015. Completed in 40 hours, 1 minute and 51 seconds. 20th overall, winning the T1-3 class (electric vehicle class). Demonstrated high reliability, durability, and running performance. The driver is Koji Aoki and the co-driver is Uttichai Tritara.
  • 2015May 10 -December 10
    • The Outlander PHEV participates in the Baja Portalegre 500. Total mileage is about 670km, 47th overall, 11 hours 45 minutes 47 seconds 00. The driverHiroshi Masuoka, The co-driver is Pascal Memmon.
  • 2016May 8
    • Announced that the PHEV had camouflaged fuel consumption and reported a better value than it actually was. As a result, the production of PHEVs will be suspended for the time being and sales will be suspended. At the same time, the homepage is temporarily closed.
  • 2016May 9
    • The hybrid fuel economy has been revised for the current PHEV model (July 2015 minor change model).
  • 2017/2/9
    • Partially improved PHEV[22].
    • The plug-in hybrid EV system has been improved so that it can maintain the EV running by continuing the power supply from the drive battery and delaying the engine start for power generation during acceleration such as when merging on an expressway. The improved performance also makes it possible to supply electric power to the motor faster than conventional models, improving acceleration response in situations where strong acceleration is required, such as overtaking highways. In addition to the conventional "battery save mode" and "battery charge mode", the EV mode has been newly added to give priority to EV running and suppress engine start as much as possible. The charging control has also been improved, and the quick charging time to about 80% capacity has been shortened by about 5 minutes (about 30 minutes → about 25 minutes).
    • shock absorberRevised the valve structure and optimized the damping force, and changed the bush of the rear toe control arm. The vehicle motion integrated control system "S-AWC" has improved the turning performance and controllability for steering wheel operation by reviewing the active yaw control control by the brake in the LOCK mode.
    • We have also improved the preventive safety technology "e-Assist", which is standard equipment on the "G" grade, to use a collision damage reduction brake from a millimeter wave radar to a camera.laserBy changing to a system that also uses radar, a pedestrian detection function has been added to improve collision avoidance performance (millimeter wave radar continues to function as a radar cruise control sensor). The lane departure warning system has improved warning accuracy and optimized warning timing. In addition, a rear side vehicle detection warning system (with lane change assist function, BSW/LCA) and a reverse vehicle detection warning system (RCTA) have been newly adopted, and a false start suppression function (forward and backward)/parking sensor Set as a set option with (before and after). BSW/LCA detects vehicles running side by side when traveling on a multi-lane road such as an expressway or vehicles that are expected to approach from the rear of the adjacent lane, and RCTA moves backward from the parking lot and leaves the car. It detects a vehicle approaching from the rear side or a vehicle crossing the rear of the vehicle, and in both cases, it warns the user with a door mirror indicator and a warning sound. In addition, a headlight system "Automatic High Beam" that automatically switches from high beam to low beam and automatically returns to high beam is also adopted when driving at night depending on surrounding conditions and the presence of preceding vehicles and oncoming vehicles.
    • Existing display audioSmartphoneLinkage function with (Apple C-Android AutoCorresponding) is added to the smartphone linked display audio as an option for the "G" grade.Parking brakeHas changed from the side lever type to the electric type,Traffic jamSometimesbreak pedal"Brake auto hold" has been added to keep the vehicle stopped even if you take your foot off.
    • LED (reflector type) front fog lamps are used to unify the color tone of headlights during low beam lighting.
    • The body color was replaced with technical silver metallic, and cool silver metallic was added.
    • At the same time, the highest grade "S Edition" has been added.BilsteinIn addition to adopting a high-performance shock absorber manufactured by the company, the structural rigidity is applied to the important points of the body to improve the body rigidity. In terms of appearance, the front radiator grille and aluminum wheels are unified in dark chrome, the B and C pillars are glossy black, and the skid plates under the front and rear bumpers have the same body color. For the body color, the roof panel is black, and the two-tone color (optional setting) exclusively for the "S Edition" is set. In addition, a black painted roof rail can be set as a manufacturer option. The interior has a steering wheel, meter hood, center console armrests, door armrests, leather seats with red stitching, and the silver of the various panels is unified in a geometric style. Black headlining and trim are used, and pedals (accelerator/brake) are made of aluminum. The aforementioned smartphone-linked display audio is standard equipment. The pedals of the "S Edition" are the same as those used in the Lancer Evolution Final Edition, and the dark chrome paint used on the Lancer Evolution X twin clutch SST car and aluminum wheels.[23].
  • 2017/2/16
    • Following PHEV, some improvements were made on gasoline vehicles (sales started on March 3)[24].
    • New grade "2.0G Navi Package" is added to 20L model.
    • A system that uses a combination of a camera and a laser radar from a millimeter wave radar as a collision damage reduction brake sensor, similar to PHEV, by improving the preventive safety technology "e-Assist" that is standard equipment for all grades except "20G" and "24G". In addition, the lane departure warning system has improved warning accuracy and optimized warning timing, and has also adopted automatic high beam. In addition, BSW/LCA and RCTA are newly adopted, and set as a set option with a false start restraint function (when moving forward and backward) and a parking sensor (front and rear). In addition, a multi-around monitor (with a bird's eye view function) is newly equipped as standard in the "Navi Package" grade.
    • As with PHEVs, smartphone-linked display audio that adds a smartphone linkage function (compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) has been set as an option for all grades.In addition, for 2.4L vehicles, the parking brake has been changed from the side lever type to the electric type (2.0 For L cars, side lever type as before) and brake auto hold are added. A steering heater is also added to all grades except "20G" and "24G".
    • As for the exterior, the front fog lamps are LED (reflector type) like the PHEV, and the color tone of the headlights during low beam lighting is unified. The roof antenna was changed to the shark fin type. The interior uses a large center console with a lacquer box motif.
  • 2017/7/20
    • Launched the special specification vehicle "ACTIVE GEAR"[25].
    • Minivan'sDelica D:5It will be set after, and will be based on the "20G Safety Package" and "24G Safety Package" for gasoline vehicles.
    • The exterior is fog lamp bezel, side door garnish, electric retractable remote control door mirror with turn signal is orange, 18-inch aluminum wheels are black, and the base car is equipped with optional roof rails as standard, changing from silver to gloss black. The tailgate is exclusively for the orange "ACTIVE GEAR"DecalI put on. Three body colors are available: "Titanium gray metallic", "White pearl (optional color)", and "Black mica".
    • The interior is made of suede-like artificial leather for the seat and back of the seat fabric, the border quilting is three-dimensional, and the upper part of the back and the support part are made of artificial leather that has the function of suppressing temperature rise and fall. Also, orange stitches are applied everywhere, and special decals are attached to the instrument panel tournaments as well as the tailgate. The instrument panel and door trim ornament panels use a black plywood-like panel that is set as a set option with a genuine leather seat on the base car, and a piano black panel on the power window switch, and artificial leather on the center console and door trim. It was adopted.
    • In terms of equipment, standard equipment includes smartphone-linked display audio and multi-around monitor (with bird's eye view function), which are set as manufacturer options in the base model.
    • In addition, the "ACTIVE GEAR Complete Package" consisting of a tailgate spoiler, aluminum wheel decals with the "ACTIVE GEAR" logo, and a special floor mat (black & orange) is available as a dealer option.
  • 2017/10/31
    • Replaced body color. "Sterling silver metallic" was set instead of "cool silver metallic".
  • 2017/11/16
    • The PHEV special specification vehicle "G Limited Edition" was announced, and sales started on the same day.[26].
    • Based on the "M", the preventive safety technology "e-Assist", which is used in the "G" grade, consists of four points: collision damage mitigation braking system, lane departure warning system, radar cruise control system, and automatic high beam. Is standard equipment, and a set option for false start suppression function (when moving forward and backward) and parking sensor (front / rear) is also set.
    • In terms of functionality, the 100V AC power supply (1500W), which is a factory option in the base grade, is standard equipment, as well as a steering heater, an automatic anti-glare room mirror, and a raindrop-sensitive auto wiper.
    • The exterior is equipped with 18-inch round rim type aluminum wheels, 225 / 55R18 tires (mat & snow), and LED fog lights.Three body colors are available: "White Pearl (optional color)", "Black Mica", and "Sterling Silver Metallic".
  • 2018/8/23
    • Partially improved gasoline car[28], PHEV minor change[29].
    • The grade system has changed, and the "Safety Package" that was previously lined up[30]And Navi Package[31]Has been abolished, and replaced with "Plus Package[32]Was added. In addition, the low-priced grade "M" that was set for PHEV was moved to the setting of gasoline cars and added as "20M" and "24M", and PHEV was "G" which was abolished in a minor change in June 2015. It was reset after an interval of about 6 years and 3 months.
    • As for the exterior, the design of the inside of the headlight has been changed for both gasoline cars and PHEVs, the high beam has been changed to LED, the radiator grille, LED fog lamp bezel (PHEV only), skid plate (both front and rear), aluminum wheel design change. In addition, a rear spoiler has been added to all PHEV grades and gasoline vehicle "Plus Package" grades.
    • For the interior, the design of part of the panel (ornament/hazard switch) has been changed for both gasoline and PHEV, the side shape of the front seat and the structure of the support part have been changed, and the gasoline car has silver stitches throughout the interior The S-AWC (SUPER ALL WHEEL CONTROL) operating status has been changed. In addition to changing the power meter display on the PHEV, the seats and door trims on the "G Premium Package" and "S Edition" were changed to diamond quilted leather, and the ornament panel was laser-edged. In addition, by changing the 2.0L parking brake from the side lever type to the electric type, all vehicles became electric type parking brakes.
    • In terms of equipment, the air conditioner outlet for the rear seats is also placed at the rear of the floor console for both gasoline cars and PHEVs, and the power window has the function of automatically opening and closing the windows for all seats from the driver's seat with one touch operation, and it is sandwiched. A preventive function was also installed in the windows for all seats. In addition, a collision damage reduction brake system "FCM" and a false start control function (when moving forward and backward) were standard equipment on all models. The PHEV can now use the air conditioner function while it is being charged (regardless of whether it is in normal charging or quick charging).
    • In terms of driving performance, structural adhesives are applied to the doors (front and rear seats), luggage room openings, and rear wheel house body panel joints (PHEV "S Edition" has a wider application range). All models except "S-Edition" have shock absorbers increased in size, gasoline vehicles have improved damping characteristics, and PHEVs (except "S Edition") have new valves. The steering gear ratio has been made quicker, and electric power steering control has been optimized accordingly.
    • In addition to the aforementioned engine replacement, the PHEV has increased EV travel distance by increasing the drive battery capacity, improving the maximum output, and increasing the rear motor output and generator output. At the same time, reduction of engine speed during engine power generation, optimization of power generation,air cleanerAnd mainScarfDue to the improvement of, the noise generated by the engine was significantly reduced. In the vehicle motion integrated control system "S-AWC", the "SNOW" mode is used to improve stability and control on slippery roads such as ice and snow,pavementA "SPORT" mode has been added to improve accelerator response and turning performance on roads, etc., and "LOCK" mode has been changed to control specialized for rougher road surfaces. With the replacement of the engine, the vehicle model was changed to GG3W type andFuel consumption rateHas acquired the "30 emission standard 50% reduction level" certification by supporting WLTC mode driving.
    • The PHEV special specification vehicle "G Limited Edition" will continue to be sold with the aforementioned improvements. With the abolition of "M", this grade has become a low-priced grade.
  • 2018/12/13
    • Special edition "BLACK Edition" was released for gasoline vehicles[33].
    • Based on the "G Plus Package", the exterior is an electric retractable remote control door mirror, black mica on the front and rear skid plates, black plating on the front grille, gloss black on the roof rail, body color on the door outer handle, side window malls and 18-inch aluminum wheels Black paint was adopted for each, and the side door garnish was decorated with black mica. The interior is equipped with a combination seat of suede-like artificial leather as standard equipment, and a driver's/passenger seat heater and a power seat are added. In addition, the panels (ornament doors) are piano black with pinstripes, and the ceiling color is black.
    • Three body colors are available: "white pearl (paid color)", "titanium gray metallic", and "black mica".
  • 2019/9/12
    • Partially improved at the same time for gasoline vehicles and PHEVs[34][35].
    • Common to gasoline vehicles and PHEVs, it is composed of a 510 W power amplifier and eight speaker systems, and is equipped with a "Mitsubishi Power Sound System" that has been specially tuned for the interior shape and speaker shape.AndroidSmartphone,iPhoneEquipped with a USB port for connection withAndroid Auto,Apple CarPlayThe "smartphone link navigation system" has been newly set up, which is compatible with the above and has an enlarged display screen of 8 inches.
    • "Red diamond (paid color)" is set by replacing "red metallic", which is a common color for gasoline cars and PHEVs, with the body color (also "red metallic/black mica (paid color)" set in PHEV "S Edition") Similarly, replace with "Red Diamond Mica/Black Mica (paid color)".
    • In the interior, both the gasoline car and PHEV have adopted the power rambo support function in the driver's seat, the shape and cushioning of the second seat have been reviewed, and the PHEV has passenger seat power in all grades except "G Limited Edition". The seat is newly equipped as standard.
    • In addition, gasoline vehicles are equipped with the vehicle motion integrated control system "S-AWC" used in PHEVs as standard equipment in 4WD vehicles. AYC brake control is set for gasoline vehicles, and the driving modes are "AWC ECO", "NORMAL", and "SNOW", and "GRAVEL (unpaved road)" is newly provided for gasoline vehicles for rough road driving. It has 4 modes.
    • The "Black Edition" set for gasoline-powered vehicles has also been improved, with dark chrome used for the front funnel garnish and rear gate garnish on the exterior, while the body color has been narrowed down to "Black Mica", with a new roof color. Black mica is added in 2 colors of 3 tones (red diamond (paid color), white pearl (paid color), titanium gray metallic), and 4 colors are available. In the interior, a water repellent function has been added to the seat material, and the pillars are unified in black to match the interior ceiling. Red stitching is applied to the steering wheel, shift knob and seat as accents, and a black carbon ornament panel is used for the instrument panel and door trim.
  • 2019/10/17
    • To PHEVRugby New Zealand National TeamTeam "ALL BLACKS" officially certified special specification vehicle "ALL BLACKS Edition" was announced (released on October 10)[36].
    • Based on the "G Plus Package" (body color: ruby ​​black pearl), the exterior has black plating on the front grille, high brightness dark silver on the wheels, gloss black on the roof rails, and skid plates (front/rear) and doors. The outer handle has the same ruby ​​black pearl as the body color, and the side window molding is also black. The interior uses black interior and black genuine leather seats, and the instrument panel, door trim ornament, and center console are piano black (the instrument panel and door trim ornament have pinstripes).
    • As an optional package dealer option for this specification model, the team name logo, silver fern decal, air dam (front/side/rear corners, white carbon tone), and engine hood emblem (black) model name are included. BLACKS Complete Package” will also be set.
    • Limited to 100 units, "ALL BLACKS Complete Package" will be limited to 100 sets.
  • 2020/6/4
    • A special edition "Black Edition", which is set as a gasoline car, is also set for PHEV and released.[37].
    • The PHEV is based on the "G" and the special equipment conforms to the "Black Edition" of the gasoline vehicle, but a piano black front fog lamp bezel and a selector lever (joystick type) are added, and the accelerator pedal and brake pedal are aluminum pedals. Adopted. In addition, in the catalog grade, a high-performance Bilstein shock absorber, which is only available in the "S Edition", was specially equipped.
    • The body color conforms to the "Black Edition" of gasoline vehicles.
  • 2020/10/29
    • PHEV has been partially improved[38].
    • The grade development was reviewed, "G Limited Edition" was abolished, and it was organized into 4 grades, "G", "G Plus Package", "G Premium Package", and "S Edition".The special edition "Black Edition" will continue to be sold.
    • In addition, BSW / LCA and RCTA have been expanded to "G", "G Plus Package" and "Black Edition", and are now standard equipment on all models.
  • 2020/11/30
    • Discontinued gasoline engine model in the Japanese market.After that, only distribution stock will be sold, and sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.
  • 2020/12/1
    • PHEV at "37th Thailand International Motor Expo 2020"ThailandIt was first unveiled at, and pre-order acceptance has started.[39].
  • 2020/12/21
    • A PHEV line-off ceremony was held at the Laem Chabang plant in Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which is a production and sales base in Thailand, and the first local production of PHEVs outside Japan was started.Release is scheduled for January 2021[40].

3nd generation (2021-)

  • 2020/12/11
    • It was announced that a full model change would be carried out in February 2021, and a part of the design was released.
  • February 2021, 2 (Japan time)
    • Officially fully remodeled at an online presentation through Amazon Live in the United States, from April of the same year in the United States,カナダ,プ エ ル ト リ コIt was announced that it will be released in (This model will be the 4th generation because the Airtrek sold in Japan was released as an Outlander in these countries)[41].
  • 2021/7/29
    • Announcing that a plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) model will be added and will be released in Japan this winter.[42].. The PHEV model, which was additionally set in the 2nd generation, will be fully remodeled to the 2nd generation.

Origin of car name

"Outland" + "er". The meaning of "adventurer who goes to a far unknown place". The aero version "ROADEST" that was set in the first generation is a combination of "Road" which means "road" and "-est" which means "superior" to make you feel good on-road driving It is an image of a high-end model with stylish aero specifications.

Production plant



2016 (Heisei 28), electric vehicles in ChinaVentureHowever, it was discovered that the second generation Outlander late model publicity photo was processed and announced as its own concept car [44].

PHEV motor inverter generatorMeidenshaMade is adopted[45].


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Model change

Model changeIt is,Industrial productsUsed in generalthe termAnd of the productdesignAs a product that is different from the previous product toward the outside by making some major changes and improvementsSaleRefers to the case where it is done. However, the meaning differs slightly depending on the product category. Also, make major design changesFull model change(FMC), minor design changes and improvementsMinor model changeSometimes called (MMC, minor change).

  1. AutomobileInModel change: To move to the new model while keeping the model name. When the model name is changed, it is not called a model change. → "Model change (car)See.
  2. Household appliancesInModel change: Details in this section (see below).
  3. In other productsModel change: Has the same meaning as in the case of home appliances. However, there are many cases where the expression model change is not used.
  4. In cases that are not industrial productsModel change: There is an example of using the word model change as a metaphorical expression to express a major change or renewal. For minor changesMinor changesThere are also examples of using the expression.

Model change in home appliances

To improve performance by changing the design of the internal circuit,Planned obsolescenceThere are two meanings to promote sales. The definition is basically the same as the model change in automobiles, but the model change in automobiles is called a model change even if the product name is changed when shifting from the current model (old model) to the next model (new model). Is the biggest difference. On the other hand, the expression "minor model change" is rare. This is thought to be due to the short transition cycle to the new model (so-called model cycle), such as some products that undergo model changes in about one year, unlike automobiles.

To give a concrete example of model change of home appliances,Canon 2001On October 10, the lineup of home-use inkjet printers was renewed to a new model, and at the same time, the product name was changed from "Wonder BJ" to "Wonder BJ".PIXUSThis is an example of changing to. Although the product name has changed, it is a good example of a clear "model change" in the sense that Canon's home-use inkjet printers have moved to a new model.

Minor model change

designThis refers to cases where the product has been improved or improved on a small scale, such as by changing or adding functions. However,Minor changesIt is more often called. In the case of a minor model change, of course, there are cases where the product name is not changed, but even if the product name is changed, it is often the case that a subname is attached.

The minor model change in automobiles is "Minor model change (minor change)"checking.

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