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🚗 | Garage house maker & resident, surprising facts ... Saitamaura Wamien's "Misono BASE"

Photo Urawa Misono's garage house "Misono BASE"

Garage house builders & residents, surprising facts ... Saitama Urawa Misono's "Misono BASE"

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ポラス グランテックの公式概要によれば、木造2階建て戸建賃貸3LDK5棟が建築費8250万円で年間収入810万円、軽量鉄骨造2階建てガレージつき1LDK4戸が建築費8100万円で年間収入681万円の見込み。

A garage where two cars can be parked on the first floor, and a simple modern 1LDK living space on the second floor.Now that kind of apartment ... → Continue reading


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Detached rental 3LDK 5 buildings


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