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🚗 | Launch of new "Golf Variant" with more spacious interior and more dynamic and efficient driving


Launched the new "Golf Variant" with a more spacious interior and more dynamic and efficient driving

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The exterior design has evolved into a sporty style featuring optimized aerodynamics, an impressive front end and a strong shoulder line.

Volkswagen Group Japan has recently undergone a full model change for the first time in about eight years and has evolved into a new "G ..." → Continue reading

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Aerodynamics(Kukiri Kigaku,English: aerodynamics) IsFluid mechanicsIs a kind of空 気(Or any othergas)ofmotioneffectAnd deal with the effects on objects moving in the air.AerodynamicsAlso abbreviated as (Kuriki).In the aviation fieldAerodynamicsIs related to.

Impact on objects

object 空 気InsidemotionWhen you doAir resistanceIt affects the movement of the object.

Impact on automobiles

  • Resistance reduction
    In the history of automobiles, aerodynamics has developed by introducing knowledge from the aviation field, but recently it has been extremely active research with huge capital investment. Aerodynamic design is indispensable for cars capable of high-speed driving.
    Cars running at high speedspeedThe higher the temperature, the stronger the resistance of the air, so care is taken to allow the air to flow backwards efficiently.
    In recent years, aiming to improve fuel efficiencyAir resistanceTo reduceAerodynamicsIt is designed with a strong awareness of.
    Suppresses airflow separationVortex generator, For rectificationSpoilerEtc. are also used. These are used to control the generation of vortices and can assist aerodynamic performance.
    The opening of air introduction and exhaust also has a great influence on the overall aerodynamics.
  • Down force
    Downforce is used to increase the frictional force of the tire. It has the function of canceling the lift generated by the shape of the vehicle body during high-speed driving and improving turning performance.
    Motor sportsIn order to improve the running performance, it is an important design issue to obtain a large downforce with a smaller air resistance.

Ground effect

For carsGround effect= Ground effect generally generates lift, but it is small by shaping the bottom of the car body to increase the air flow velocity and generate negative pressure.Air resistanceYou can get a strong downforce.

The maximum speed record challenge car that emphasizes reduction of air resistance rather than downforce amount has both a shape to avoid the ground effect and a shape to be used, and the safety regulations of the organizer and the design intention of the starting car appear.

Impact on airplanes

Fly in the airairplaneFor the planeWingsStrongly affected by air. Using the air that hits the wings,LiftAir is also used as one of the methods of changing direction and decelerating. As an example,AtmosphereBefore going insidefuelThrow awayspace shuttleIn, the main deceleration method of the space shuttle that entered the atmosphere isAir resistance.

Impact on railcars

Consideration is given to keeping smoke from the passenger car by the updraft of the smoke removing plates on both sides of the chimney.Since railroad vehicles are heavy, the effect of aerodynamics on running is unlikely to appear.

1930Streamlined fashion is popular all over the world, even in JapanJNR 52 series,JNR C55 steam locomotive,JNR EF55 electric locomotive,JNR C53 steam locomotive,JNR Kiha 43000 Type Diesel CarThe streamlined type was adopted. However, at the time when the maximum speed was limited to 95 Km / h, there was almost no effect in practical use, and because it was covered with a cover, it was disliked by maintenance sites because it was difficult to maintain and inspect, and vehicles with a cover. Will be removed from the cover. The one that had a full-scale aerodynamic effect wasShinkansen 0 seriesLaterShinkansenElectric trainOnly.


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