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🚗 | Stellantis returns to profitability, sales increase by 46% First half of 2021

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Stellantis returns to profitability, sales increase 46% First half of 2021

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Stellantis is a new company created by the merger of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and PSA Group.

On August 8, Stellantis announced its financial results for the first half of 3 (January to June).During… → Continue reading


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Group PSA

Group PSA(Groupe PSA, Old company namePSA/Peugeot Citroen,PSA Peugeot Citroën) Once existedPeugeot,Citroen,DS,Opel,BoxholeManufactures and sells cars under the brandFrance OfMulti national company.. Company namePSAIs an acronym for "Peugeot Société Anonyme". In January 2021Fiat Chrysler AutomobilesBusiness integration withStellantis It became NV.


Born in 1976 when Peugeot acquired Citroën, which had been in business difficulties. By coexisting under one group, it has succeeded in producing synergistic effects in industrial, financial, technology, etc., and currently occupies the second place in the EU automobile manufacturer group.Europe,Asia,Oceania,Africa,Latin America(Includingメキシコ) Is exported or locally produced,The United States of Americaas well as the カナダThe market is Citroen1985To Peugeot1991Retired to.

In motor sportsWorld Rally Championship Both companies also participated in (WRC), but Peugeot2005To the extent that it announced its withdrawal from WRC. Citroen2006Temporarily suspended, but the next2007I've returned more. The sales volume in 2008 was 295 units with a 2,000% share in the global market. In the Western European market, 5 units, 207% shareVWIt was the second largest, with 108 units for Peugeot and 4,000 units for Citroen.[1].

From 2005ToyotaJoint venture withToyota Peugeot Citroen AutomobileEstablished. Co-developed and produced a small car brother car. In 2012, we started a partnership in the field of light commercial vehicles.

March 2010, 3, has been in progress since 3Japan OfMitsubishi MotorsAnnounced a statement to postpone the capital alliance with "Capital tie-ups are not appropriate under the current circumstances," he said. However, it announced that "business partnership will be expanded more than ever"[2].

On March 2012, 3, Peugeot Citroen increased its capital by 1 billion eurosGMHave agreed to take on about 7% of the capital. The capital tie-up is expected to generate about $5 billion in synergy each year within five years. Around 20, we are planning to develop a new model car that uses the same body.

November 2013, until August of the same yearRenault OfCOOCarlos Tavares, who served asCEOAnnounced to take office[3].

August 2014, 3,Chugoku OfDongfeng Motor GroupEntered into a capital tie-up with Peugeot founder's shareholding ratio of 13.68%, which is the same as Dongfeng and the French government.[4][5].

In 2015, the DS line, which was a sub-brand of Citroen, was promoted to the standalone brand "DS". PSA has been renamed DS since last yearFormula EHave participated in the first season.

On April 2016, 4, the company name was changed from PSA Peugeot Citroen to Group PSA.[6].

2017 year 8 month,General Motors Germany from (GM)OpelAnd its UK subsidiaryBoxholeCompleted the acquisition of PSA, which increased PSA's share in Europe to 16%Volkswagen groupSecond place after[7].

2019 year 10 month,Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA) announced a business integration, and the founders of both sides, Dongfeng and the French government have agreed to invest for seven years.[8].

On July 2020, 7, it was announced that the name of the new corporate group would be "STELLANTIS".[9].

Business in Japan

Business/Group companies

1996Organization as of May 5

Mechanic Business/Service Division

Automobile Peugeot

Automobile Citroen

  • Citroen Hispania

Automotive business

  • Science and Technology Research Division
  • Information & Computer System Technology Department
  • Automotive Engineering Division
  • Production Technology/Production Equipment Division
  • Foreign Operation
  • Motor sports business
  • Purchasing company SOGEDAC: Located in Poissy near Paris. The PSA factory that produces the Peugeot 1007 etc. is also adjacent.

Financial business

  • PSA Finance Holding Bank
  • Overseas subsidiary
  • PSA International

Production base

As of 2012 year 3 month



  • Mangualde Established in 1962 (Berlango First, Partnere Origin)


Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

  • Trnava Established 2006 (208, C3, Picasso) (former production vehicle 207)

People's Republic of China

  • Hubei ProvinceWuhan/Yangyang (Dongfeng Shenlong Motor Co., Ltd., production model ZX [local name: Fu Kang "Fu Kang"], Kusara Picasso, 307 Saloon)


Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile
Czech Republic

Former production base


  • Jabel-Factory that originated in Citroen


  • Villa Belde (205, 306)

The United Kingdom

  • Ryton on Dunsmore (309, 306, 206)-OldChryslerUK (laterTalbot) Inherited from


外部 リンク


Stellantis NV(British: Stellantis NV"Become bright with stars"[2][3][4] Latinverbfrom stello[5]) IsFranceCar manufacturersGroup PSAAnd Italian car makersFiat Chrysler AutomobilesA multinational automobile manufacturing company created by a XNUMX-XNUMX merger of FCA[6].

Stellantis NV NetherlandsIt is registered inAbarth,Alfa romeo,Chrysler,Citroen,Dodge,DS,Fiat,ジ ー プ,Lancia,Maserati,Opel,Peugeot,Ram Tracks,BoxholeIt is composed of 14 brands.NVIs an abbreviation for "Co., Ltd. (Naamloze Vennootschap)" in Dutch.The name of Stellantis isCorporateUsed only as a brand, there are no changes to the brand names or logos of the 14 brands.

StellantisMilan,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,ParisListed on each stock exchange of.


In early 2019, FCA is a French group companyRenaultSeeking a merger with, and reached a tentative agreement[7]..However, the French government did not support the agreement and the merger was withdrawn.

The FCA then approached the PSA. The acquisition, officially signed in December 2019, is expected to create the world's fourth-largest car maker and save around € 12 billion annually.[6].. After the $ 2019 billion acquisition was announced in October 10, work began on deciding on a new name for the merged company.

August 2020, 12,European CommissionAnnounced approval of the merger while imposing minimal remedies to ensure competition in this area[8].

The merger is overwhelming by the shareholders of both companiesVoting rightsAs a result of the exercise, it was confirmed on January 2021, 1 and completed on January 4, 2021.After the acquisition is completed, on January 1, 16Italian Stock ExchangeandEuronext ParisCommon stock was bought and sold in January 2021, 1New York Stock ExchangeListed under the ticker symbol "STLA"[9][10][11][12].

September 2021, 9, a major shareholderDongfeng Motor GroupApproximately 1.15 million Stellantis shares 3610% (6 million shares)Euro(7.1 millionDollar) Announced that it was sold.This was implemented as part of the PSA-FCA merger agreement, and Dongfeng Motor Group will continue to hold a 4.5% stake.[13].


As of 2021, the Stellantis brand portfolio is as follows:

brandEstablishmentCurrent director
Italian flagAbarth1949Luca Napolitano
Italian flagAlfa romeo1910Timothy Kniskiss
United States flagChrysler1925Timothy Kniskiss
French flagCitroen1919Vincent Kobe
United States flagDodge1914Timothy Kniskiss
French flag DS Automobiles2014
(Spin-off from Citroen brand)
Beatrice Fushe
Italian flagFiat/1899Olivier Francois
United States flagジ ー プ1941Christian Meunier
Italian flagLancia1906Antonella Bruno
Italian flagMaserati1914Davide Grasso
German flagOpel1862Michael Rocherer
French flagPeugeot1882Jean-Philippe Impalato
United States flagLamb2009
(Spin-off from Dodge brand)
Michael Coval
British flagBoxhole1903Stephen Norman


After the merger of 50% FCA and 50% PSA, the owners will be:


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