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✈ | Crew Dragon returns from space travel The world's first civilian orbit

Photo Crew Dragon landing off Florida

Crew Dragon returns from space travel World's first civilian orbit

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After the launch, the Crew Dragon was put into orbit about 575 kilometers (km) above the sky and lapped for three days.

The mission "Inspiration 4" by the SpaceX spacecraft "Crew Dragon" will be held in September 2021 local time ... → Continue reading


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Dragon 2

Dragon 2 (Dragon 2) IsAmerica OfPrivate Space Enterprise SpaceXDeveloped byManned spacecraft.DragonUnmanned spacecraftDeveloped as a successor to the machine2020 He achieved his first manned space flight in May.Dragon 5 is the company'sFalcon 9 block 5It is designed to be mounted on a rocket, launched, landed on water, and returned.

As an American spacecraft,2011 Ofspace shuttleIt is the first manned spacecraft to fly after retirement, and it is the first new spacecraft in 40 years when calculated from the first flight of the Space Shuttle.Earth orbitIt is a manned spacecraft that has reached.


Dragon 2 is compared to older dragonsFlight computer,AvionicsIn addition to being new, the shape of the aircraft has also been changed, it has large windows, andSolar cellThe array has been redesigned.In dragon 2Crew dragonA version that supports manned flight calledCargo dragonTwo unmanned versions will be produced to replace the older dragon called.Unique to Crew DragonLaunch escape systemTwo units were installed in each of the four corners.スーパー・ドラコン

A system that uses the reverse injection of the engine is adopted.Both Crew Dragon and Cargo DragonCommercial Resupply Services (CRS2) and Commercial Crew Transport Development (CCDev) Under the planInternational Space Station It will be used for transportation to the (ISS).Also, the crew dragonLow orbitBeyond,MonthToSpace travelIt is also supposed to be used for.

The development of Crew Dragon2010 ToDragon riderWas started as.this isNASAWas in response to the policy of outsourcing the transportation of personnel to the ISS to the private sector as a CCDev plan.The crew dragon design was released2014 In May, in October 5Boeing OfCST-100At the same time, it was selected as the aircraft for the same plan. NASA sees the Crew Dragon as a low-cost option, with the high-cost but solid valued CST-100 raising $ 42 billion, while the Crew Dragon raised $ 26 billion.2019 Performed an unmanned test flight to the ISS in March2020 In May, the first manned flight test of the CCDev project was completed.[5]..Cargo dragons too2016 NASA's CRS1 plan in JanuaryNorthrop Grumman OfCygnus,Sierra Nevada Corporation OfDream ChaserHas been selected with.The SpaceX CRS2 mission began in December 2020, after the old Dragon CRS mission was over.


There are two versions of Dragon 2: Crew Dragon and Cargo Dragon.[3].

Crew Dragon was originally called Dragon Rider[6][7], 7 crew members or intended to accommodate the transportation of cargo with crew members[8][9]..With fully automated rendezvous and docking capabilities (manual)NASA docking mechanism Designed to connect to the ISS using (NDS)[10][11]..In a typical mission, the dragon rider would dock to the ISS for 180 days, but the spacecraft itself would be Russian.SoyuzHas the ability to stay for 210 days as well[12][13][14]..The earliest design was announced in 2010, and SpaceX has been around since then.Launch escape systemWas planned to be integrated into the Dragon Spacecraft.This method has several advantages over the towed abort tower method used on most existing major manned spacecraft.[15][16][17] For example, the escape system can operate in the entire orbit, the escape system can be reused, safety is increased by eliminating the need for separation, and the engine of the escape system can be used for landing. Being sexual[18].

SpaceX was initially traditional in Dragon 2parachuteIn addition to the method of landing on the sea and returningRocket engineIt is planned to reverse-inject and land, and it has indicated a development schedule that it will realize occupant transportation by 2017 by this method.SpaceX has proposed to NASA that the first few flights of the Crew Dragon will be landing on the sea using a parachute, but landing will be the basis after that.[19]..In this way, the parachute return was treated as a backup to the last, but since the landing due to the reverse injection was later canceled, the parachute was used for all return.[18].

In 2011, of Dragon 2Life support equipmentFor developmentParagon Space DevelopmentWas announced to be involved[20]..Also used in 2012 for launch and re-entrySpacesuitIt became clear that we are developing[21].

Regarding the price of Dragon 2, the 2015 NASA document says "RKK Energia OfSoyuzSpace ship7600 millionUS dollar(Approximately 84 billion yen) / Compared to the launch cost of people,Space xDragon 2 spacecraft launch cost 5800 millionUS dollar(Approximately 64 billion yen) / person and economical at a low price. "[22].

Dragon 2 was designed on May 2014, 5CaliforniaHawthorneIt is inSpace xPublished at a press event at the headquarters of[23][24][25].. In October 2014, NASA carries an American astronaut to the ISS with a dragonCommercial Crew Transport Development (CCDev) Selected as one of the candidates for the plan.SpaceX is the company's launch of Dragon 1Falcon 9 block 5Planned to use[26][27][28].

Technical specifications

Dragon 2 has the following features[23][24][29].

  • Reusability: Can be reused multiple times.This will significantly reduce the cost of accessing space.In spaceXRefurbishIt is expected that it can be reused about 10 times without it.
  • Load capacity: Cargo Dragon: 3,307 kg (7,291 lb), Crew Dragon: 7 people.
  • Return: Landing at sea with four main parachutes.
  • Engine (Crew Dragon only[30]): 8 on the sideSuper Draco.. Two units are clustered with a total of four pods, and each unit has a propulsion force of 2 kilonewtons (4 lbf).[23]..Also, each pod has 4 units eachDracoIs also installed[19].
  • 3D printerUtilization: SuperDraco's combustion chamberInconelThe(English editionIt is manufactured by outputting at.
  • docking: Space stationToAutomatic docking abilityhave.Older dragons do not have automatic docking capabilities, and when docked on the ISSCanada arm 2Needed to be gripped by.However, manual operation is also possible if necessary.
  • Fuel tank: for engine pressureheliumAnd fuel for SuperDracoOxidanttank.Carbon systemComposite materialTitaniumConsists of.
  • Heat resistant: SPAM backshell developed by SpaceX.Update the 3rd generation PICA-X heat shield.
  • Operation: Instead of traditional physical switchTablet-like computerTo be equipped.A new model of SpaceX design to match thisSpacesuit"Starman" has a touch panel compatible fingertip[31].
  • Decompression measures: Crew members wear "Starman" in case of emergency exposure to sudden decompression.Also, if the opening is up to 6.35 mm in diameter, the spacecraft can safely return.[19].

Initially, the following three methods were considered as landing systems.

However, in spaceXElon MuskAnnounced in July 2017 that it would discontinue the development of power landings and parachute all landings.SuperDraco continuesLaunch escape systemIt is left for use, but the landing gear is removed.Due to safety difficulties, SpaceX says the technology will be used again in future spacecraft.[33].

Dragon 2's parachute system is olderDragonIt has been completely redesigned compared to the one.This is because it became necessary to deal with various scenarios such as emergency evacuation during launch.[32].

Launch record

Launch date and time (UTC)Mission nameCapsule No[34]Length of stay on the ISSResultRemarks
2015 May 5Emergency escape rocket testDragon fly testerN/AsuccessFloridaCape Canaveral Air Force Base (SLC-40) Test of emergency escape rocket[35].
2019 May 3[36](English editionC2014 dayssuccessUnmanned test flight.After the launch, it docked on the ISS on the 3rd and left on the 8th.
October 2020th, 1Escape test in flightC205N/AsuccessInitially, the aircraft recovered in the unmanned test flight was planned to be used, but due to an explosion accident during the ground test, the aircraft manufactured for the manned test flight was used.[37].
October 2020th, 5Crew Dragon Demo-2C20662 dayssuccessManned test flight with two crew members.Doug Hurley(English editionIs boarding. After four extravehicular activities, he returned to the coast of Florida Peninsula, USA on August 4, 2020.
October 2020th, 11SpaceX Crew-1C207successA manned mission with four crew members.4th / 64th long-term stay(English edition,(English edition,Soichi NoguchiAre on board.[38]
October 2020th, 12(English editionC208successFirst by Cargo DragonCRS2Mission.
October 2021th, 4SpaceX Crew-2C206successManned mission with 4 crew members[39].Akihiko HoshideAre on board. The C2 capsule used in Demo 206 was reused.
October 2021th, 6(English editionC209success
October 2021th, 8(English editionC208success
After 2020CCtCapMission 2–6Hold until the achievement of SpX-DM2. NASA has contracted six ISS crew transport missions[40].
2021–2024[41]CRS2Mission 2–6NASA has also signed six more ISS unmanned supply missions[41].


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