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✈ | ANA's "FLYING HONU" from Chitose to Narita with tour passengers


ANA's "FLYING HONU" from Chitose to Narita with tour passengers

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Similar tours will be held for Okinawa / Naha and Shimojishima.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Airbus A380 "FLYING HONU" No. 1 (aircraft description ... → Continue reading


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Shimojishima(Shimojishima[1], Shimojima[2]) IsMiyako Islands Of(I.e.It is one of.The whole islandOkinawaMiyakojima CityBelong to.


On the east side across a narrow waterwayIrabu IslandIt is adjacent to and is connected by 6 bridges.Also in 2015Irabu OhashiThrough Irabu Island due to openingMiyakojimaIt was also connected by land.2005 Before becoming part of Miyakojima City due to the merger with Irabu IslandMiyako-gunIrabu TownWas forming.

Public land (national / prefectural / municipal land) occupies about 98% of the area.[3], Only in JapanpilotBuilt as a training airportShimojishima AirportThere is.


Area 9.68km2[4], Around 17.5km[1], Population 95 (Basic Resident Registeraccording to. As of January 2019, 1)[5].

Uplifted coral reef islands, the entire islandQuaternaryPleistocenePorousRyukyu limestoneCovered with[6]..The shape is very flat, the altitude is up to 21.6 meters,

RiverThere is no.A narrow waterway with a width of 40-100m continues for about 3.5km to Irabu Island.Due to the narrow waterway, it looks like Irabu Island and one island in aerial photographs, but both islands are not connected to each other.There are 6 canals in this waterwaybridgeIs hung[7].

The south side of the island is a monotonous coast, and the west side is followed by steep sea cliffs.The north side is Shimojishima AirportRunwayProtrudes into the sea and is small to the east of the runway入 り 江It has become.Almost the entire area except Shimojishima Airport is designated as Irabu Prefectural Natural Park.[8].


"Korean dynasty memoirs』(Lee Dynasty record)Sejo8 years(1463 ) In the February article,MiyakojimaDrifted toKoreaThere is a record of the crew of the ship, and there is a description of "Toki Asako Island" that is compared to Shimoji Island, and it is said that the islanders of the five neighboring islands such as Miyako Island and Shimoji Island were coming and going with each other.[9].

In addition,Old RyukyuIt is said that there was Kidomari Village (Kimari Village) in Sawada on Irabu Island at that time, and the remains of the village remain.This village is between the old Ryukyus(I.e.It is said that it was destroyed in[Source required], "Mr. Iyasu Orthodox Genealogy"16st century OfJiajingThere is a description about the Kiya-nighter who is presumed to be a person around the year, and if this Kiya-night is a wooden night, it is thought that the village existed until that time.[9].

The early modern periodAt the beginning, it is said that the Irabu village's Iyasu surname Kuninaka bought two bulls and cows in Yaeyama and grazed them.[10],Later,(I.e. Ofpasturewas there.1767 In order for horses to survive the wind, rain and cold,AdanAnd trees are instructed to plant[11].1769 Sawada 矼 was built between Irabu Island and[12]But,1771 OfYaeyama earthquakePart of it was destroyed by the accompanying Meiwa tsunami.Because it is flat in this tsunami, it is a grazing landfieldIs submerged, horses and cows,sheepEtc. are drowning[13]..13 on ShimojishimalengthA large wave (about 40m) high hits the west bankObi rockEtc. are said to have been launched.However, recent research has shown thatSakishima Islands(Miyako Islands ・Yaeyama Islands) Has revealed that tsunamis occurred periodically, and there is a theory that the obi-iwa was moved by the earlier tsunami.


Air route


  • There are no ports on the island that have regular shipping routes.
  • Southeast entrance on the Irabu Island side of the waterway between Irabu Island (Wataguchi beach) In the vicinityNagayama PortThere is a Wataguchi area, which is mainly used by local small boats.[20][21].


  • Okinawa Prefectural Road No. 90 Shimojishima Airport Sarahama Line
    • Starting from Shimojishima Airport on Shimojishima, cross Kuninaka Bridge and enter Irabu Island[22]..After that, cross Irabu Island to reach Sarahama, the end point located on the east coast.[23].
  • Okinawa Prefectural Road 252 Taira Shimojishima Airport Line
    • The end point is Shimojishima Airport on Shimojishima.Looking from the end point toward the start point, cross the east coast of Shimojishima from north to south, cross the Norise Bridge and enter Irabu Island.[22]..After that, proceed east along the south coast of Irabu Island, and continue to the center of Miyakojima, the starting point, via the Irabu Bridge.[23].
  • The waterway between Irabu Island is from the south (the beach side of Wataguchi) to the north (Sawada beachThe following bridges are built in the order of (side).Kuninaka Bridge and Norise Bridge are prefectural roads, and the others are part of city roads.[22].
    • Norisebashi(Nushihashi)- 1976 Bridged as part of the construction road in March with the construction of Shimojishima Airport.The name is named after the nearby Norise Utaki.Due to aging2009 Closed to traffic2013 Demolished in January[24]..After that, the replacement was done,2019 May 3The new bridge was put into service in[22][25][26][27].
    • Irabu Bridge ――Because of aging2005 It was closed from the road, but the current bridge2010 Completed in[28],2011 Opened to[29].
    • Nakaji Bridge - 1919 Crosslink[30]..The current bridge1981 Completed around[28].
    • Kuninaka Bridge - 1912 Crosslink[30]..The current bridge1983 Completion[31]..Prefectural road 90 bridge[22].
    • Taiko Bridge ――The current bridge is1997 Completion[28].
    • Nakayone Bridge ――The current bridge is1994 Completion[28].


  • Airport shuttle bus- Miyako Kyoei BusAnd Chuo Kotsu operates an airport shuttle bus between Shimojishima Airport and Miyakojima.However, only Shimojishima Airport will stop on Shimojishima.
  • Regular route bus- Kyowa BusHowever, Irabu Island and Miyako IslandHirara PortThere is a regular bus service to and from the bus stop near each bridge on Irabu Island, and it takes about 10 minutes on foot to Shimojishima.
  • Taxi / Rental Car-At Shimojishima AirportCar rentalIs open[32]..You can also use taxis and rental cars that are open on Irabu Island and Miyako Island, which are connected by a bridge.

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Toriike Pond
Thermo KleinA fantastic pond that looks different in color depending on the age and has been handed down from ancient times.A natural stone bridge is built in the center, and although it seems to be divided into two, it is connected underwater and also leads to the sea.For this reason, it ’s perfect.divingKnown as a spot.country'sScenic spotas well as the Natural treasure..In the surrounding areaKarstThe topographical Karen felt is well developed.
Obi rock
1771 (MeiwaWoke up in 8 years)Yaeyama earthquakeOr a huge rock that is said to have been launched during the tsunami before that.The peoplebandIt is said that this name was given because it looks like it is tightening.Currently the center of worship on the island[33].
Shimojishima Airport
Known for the beauty of the surrounding sea[34].. Long time agoJet OfTouch and go(Takeoff and landing training) was being conducted, but since April 2014Ryukyu Air Commuter(RAC) andJapan Coast GuardOnly training for small aircraft such as[35]..Due to the opening of the new terminal, the surrounding roads will be closed to all vehicles from March 2019, 3 (traffic on foot is possible)[36].
Nakajima beach
SnorkelingSuitable beach[37][38]..Locally called Kayafa[39].

Works set in Shimojishima

  • Stratos Four --Set in a fictitious Shimojishima base modeled after Shimojishima AirportAnime.


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  • Japanese historical place name system (online version) Shogakukan ("Japanese historical place name system" Heibonsha, database based on 1979-2002)

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