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🚄 | U.S. Army Yokota Air Base Line Spot View [Station Bura 04] Haijima Line 16


U.S. Army Yokota Air Base Line Spot View [Station Bura 04] Haijima Line 16

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At that time, I crossed this US military Yokota Air Base line many times on Itsukaichi-kaido.

* Taken in April 2021 The top image is a small station name mark of Haijima Station, the end point of the Haijima Line.Once again, at Haijima station, there is a picture of a railroad car ... → Continue reading

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Itsukakaido(Someday Ichikaido)Tokyo OfTama areaAnd so onstreet.. PresentTokyo Metropolitan Route 7 Suginami Akiruno LineIt almost matches the main line of.


Tokugawa Ieyasu OfEdoAfter entering the prefectureGokaichi(CurrentAkiruno) AndHinoharaA highway constructed to carry wood, charcoal, etc.In the early days, it was called "Inado", and a mason who handled stone materials from Ina (a village slightly east of Gokaichi)Edo CastleIt developed as a road to and from Edo for renovation, but as the renovation was completed and charcoal transportation became mainstream, the importance of Ina and Gokaichi was reversed.

Musashino Plateau OfNitta developmentAs it progresses,Tama areaIt developed as one of the highways connecting Edo and Edo.

Old road

The highway is almost the same as the prefectural road No. 7, but there is a section of the prefectural road that has been changed to a new road.The main old roads are listed below.

Near the starting point

CurrentlyShinkoenji StationStarting from the nearby "Itsukaichikaido Entrance" intersectionOme HighwayThis is a new road that opened in 1999 (Heisei 11), and until then, the starting point was the intersection about 100m west.Daihoji TempleThe old and new roads meet in front.

Seven bends

SuginamiNarita HigashiFrom XNUMX-chomeTakaidohigashiTo XNUMX-chomeZenpukuji RiverThe section that passes through the vicinity is a difficult place that was once called "Seven Curves", and the current road that draws a gentle curve runs through the middle of the meandering old road.The shredded old road is left as a part of the sidewalk of the current road and the Suginami Ward road.At the confluence of the old and new roads at 17-2003 Takaidohigashi, there is a stone monument set up by the Suginami Ward Board of Education in 15 (Heisei XNUMX).

Senkawa Aqueduct / Tamagawa Aqueduct

MusashinoからKodairaOverSenkawa Aqueduct-Tamagawa waterAlong the way, there are roads on both banks of the waterway.Which of them was the main road depends on the times.

The current road turns left at the Kodaira 300th Kokita intersection and leaves Tamagawajosui, but the old road goes straight for about XNUMXm and then joins in a crank.

Yokota base

1956 (Showa 31)Yokota baseWith expansionTachikawaとFussaThe land straddling the area was requisitioned by the US military.The Itsukaichi-kaido, which passed through the requisition area, was divided and bypassed the south side of the base from the vicinity of Miyazawa, Nishisuna-cho.Haijima StationAt the nearby Musashinobashi north intersectionNational Route 16It was changed to a route that joins.There is a bifurcated intersection near the Tachikawa Nishisunacho Post Office when viewed from the direction of Koganei Bridge, but the road that extends straight ahead is the old road, and the road that turns left is the current road.Join the old highway from the intersection in front of Gate 16 of National Highway No. XNUMX.


The current road is Tama BridgeTamagawaHowever, in the past, there was a ship delivery called "Ushihama no Watashi".Even beyond the Tama Bridge, the current road bypasses the south side, but the old road goes straight up the river terrace.


Near Takao in Akiruno City, the current road crosses Akigawa at Shinakigawa Bridge and Itsukaichi Bridge and goes straight, but the old road bypasses the north side along Akigawa.

Main facilities along the line











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