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🚄 | Learn business trends on the Shinkansen train!A part of the flat-rate video learning service "Glovis All-you-can-learn" in the car ...

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Learn business trends on the Shinkansen!A part of the flat-rate video learning service "Glovis All-you-can-learn" in the car ...

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Business school

Business school(British: Business School) Means internationallyBusiness AdministrationAnd undergraduate to graduate level teaching related subjectsHigher educationRefers to. In Japan, confer a master's degree in business administration or a master's degree in business management (professional)graduate SchoolIn many cases, it refers to a master's degree program or a professional degree program, but what is a business school in Western societies?Undergraduate education, Graduate school education, non-degree education.

However, in Japan, the name "business school" has been used by educational institutions that are not stipulated by the School Education Law.For exampleSocial Entrepreneurship UniversityThere are various practical seminars for business people such as, those that are not bachelor's degrees or national qualifications but aim to acquire the work results of the students themselves, schools for qualification acquisition, skill improvement and career advancement, etc. ..Some of them are presided over as various lectures and seminars.

How far is a business school like this? Since the answer to the question depends on the difference in the standards of educational institutions in each country, there are international certifications and international rankings that examine whether the standards of education and research as a so-called business school are met.

"Financial Times","eduniversal","economist"," ","Business week","US News & World Report","Fortune","Wall Street Journal,” and other well-known business magazines publish their own world rankings of business school MBA programs on a regular basis.


The oldest business school in the world was founded in 1819ESCP EUROPEAnd was placed in the city of Paris, FranceGrande Ecoleone of[1][2][3].. Currently,Berlin,UK,Madrid,Paris,Toronto,WarsawThere is a campus in[4].

Established in the United States in 1881University of PennsylvaniaWharton SchoolIs the first business school in the United States[5].

As the first business school in Japan,Meiji EraIn 1875Yuri Mori,Eiichi Shibusawa,Takashi MasudaFounded byCommercial Law School(CurrentHitotsubashi University), in 1978Hyogo,Fukuzawa YukichiWas founded byKobe Commercial School(CurrentHyogo Prefectural Kobe Commercial High School)[6][7],Morishita Iwakusu,Yataro IwasakiWas established in 1878 byMitsubishi Commercial School(Meiji Gijuku)[Source required], In 1880Tomoatsu GodaiFounded byOsaka Commercial School(CurrentOsaka City University), Yokohama Business School founded in 1882 (currentlyYokohama City University)[6]and so on.

Degrees awarded

The following degrees are common.

Business School Certification Body

Business schoolAccreditationInstitutions (assessment/certification institutions) in the United States Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business(AACSB), in EuropeAssociation of MBAsPublished by (AMBA) and EFMD ()European quality improvement systemThere is (EQUIS).

Schools certified in JapanNational universityThen.Hitotsubashi University(Tokyo) (AACSB),private universityThen.Keio University(Tokyo) (AACSB),Nagoya University of Commerce(Tokyo / Aichi / Osaka) (AACSB and AMBA), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (AACSB and AMBA), International University (AACSB), Meiji University (EPAS),Waseda University(Tokyo) (AACSB and EQUIS).

List of countries



ChugokuThe MBA has been attracting attention to the extent that it is excessive, and it is said that there are currently 200 million MBA holders.[8]


JapanIn Japan,Keio UniversityAs a Master of Business Administration course in 1978societyFor 2 yearsMaster's CourseIs the oldest. Today, master's degree programs for business people include on-site type and completely remote type. There are also various contents, and they are classified into Executive MBA (12 years of practical experience), MBA (more than 3 years of practical experience), and MSc (no practical experience required). In addition to the conventional full-time type, many graduate schools offer part-time type curriculums that use Saturdays, Sundays, or weekday nights for the convenience of attending school. Many students are admitted to society regardless of their literacy,Advance Your CareerIn the center of the citySatellite classroomThere are also many graduate schools that set up.

(Alphabetical order)

Hong Kong




  • Australian Graduate School of Management
  • Bond University
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • The University of Queensland
  • The university of sydney
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • James Cook University, Brisbane

South America


North America

The United States of America

Over 500 universities and educational institutions currently have MBA programs in the United States.Ivy leagueOut of 8 schoolsBrown universityとPrinceton UniversityHas no MBA course. MBA has distinctive characteristics depending on the school, and it is difficult to determine which school is the top, but several media have released rankings every year. It varies depending on the evaluation from.

Major US MBA programs



HEC School of Management(France),London Business School(England),IMD(Switzerland),IESE There are leading business schools in each country, such as the business school (Spain). Also, in recent yearsOxford University,Cambridge University,Durham Universityな どEnglandA business school is attached to the classical university of[16].

The United Kingdom


  • (SDA Bocconi School of Management):Milan







(reference[24][25], Campus location in parentheses)


  • University of Brussels "Solvay Business School"



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