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🚗 | Honda and Google collaborate to improve the usability of navigation, audio, and apps

Photo Honda and Google collaborate on in-vehicle connected service

Collaboration with Honda and Google to improve the usability of navigation, audio, and apps

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You can listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks directly from inside the car.

Honda will collaborate with Google on September 9th for in-vehicle connected services and will launch in North America in the second half of 24 ... → Continue reading


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Audio book

Audio book(English: Audiobook, audiobook) mainly booksRecitationA general term for audio content that is a recording of what you have done. Depending on the medium in Japanカ セ ッ トbook,Cassette library,CDbookIt is also sometimes called.インターネットWith the spread of audio filesDownloadThere are several services to sell, and those offered on these sites are also commonly referred to as audiobooks. Some CD books (cassette books) come with a CD as an accessory to the book (or vice versa), but this section mainly describes audiobooks without books and audiobooks distributed on the Internet. ..

History / Market


In the United States, passenger cars are often used for transportation, and CDs and cassettes are easy to carry, so a large market was established from an early stage. Audiobook sales in 2009 are estimated to reach approximately $ 9 million[1].Grammy AwardHas an audiobook section (Field19: Best Spoken Word Album)[2]Audiobooks are widely recognized and used on a daily basis in the United States, as evidenced by the fact that popular and newly released works are sold as audiobooks. In the past, most audiobook sales were on CD, but with the spread of the Internet and improved literacy of the general public, download sales are gradually expanding. According to a survey, download sales accounted for about 2009% of audiobook sales in FY20.[3].


The Japanese audiobook market is smaller than the Western market. in Japan1980 eraEspecially in the second halfShinchosha Co., Ltd.The cassette book became popular mainly in. By a famous actorNovelReadings and lectures by celebrities,Rakugo,Comic talk,Ghost storyIn addition to many live recordings such as being made into cassette books,Light novel,ComicNewly recorded work as an audio drama (currentlyDrama CD) Has also begun to appear. In addition to some bookstores and CD shops, mail-order package sales were also carried out, but the market size is large in Japan, where there are many movements by public transportation such as trains, compared to the United States where CDs and cassettes are appreciated in the car society. It didn't expand easily.

But in recent yearsiPod,WALKMANSuch asDigital audio playerAndiPhoneSuch asSmartphoneHas become widespread, and with the establishment of an environment where people can easily enjoy audio content without having to carry a CD or cassette, download sales for purchase on the Internet are expanding rapidly.

As an example of download sales, iTunes has added a category called "audiobooks" in addition to "music", making it possible to download audiobooks from the iTunes Store, and the largest Japanese audiobook. "FeBeDownloads and distributes about 20,000 titles of audiobooks.[4].

In addition, as a sales method by physical media, "The story of animation and games is mainly made into a drama.Drama CDWas produced and distributed at bookstores, etc., and is still proud of a certain degree of popularity.


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Less Stupid

Less Stupid(British: ) IsインターネットIt is one of the ways to publish audio and video data files above,audio,videoAtWeblogIt is positioned as (blog).Internet radio-Internet tvIs a kind of.


What is a podcast?Web serverUpload multimedia data files (audio data, video data, etc.) on top,RSSThroughWWWPublish above.The content may be similar to a personal blog, or it may be theme-based.ConversationThere are also a wide variety.

The podcast isAppleIs a portable multimedia playeriPod(Ipod) and "broadcastIt is a coined word that combines broadcast, which means ".[1].. Originally, it was named as "a broadcast (distributor) program that allows you to save and listen to audio data files on a portable player such as the iPod series." The origin was unrelated to Apple, but later the ability to semi-automatically download podcast shows and transfer them to the iPod seriesiTunesWas incorporated into.

Most of the audio data files used for distribution are standardMP3Since it is an audio file in the format, not only the iPod series, but all MP3 audio files that can be saved and played.Digital audio playerIt was said that you can listen to it at, but nowMPEG-4,H.264Including format video distribution Call.

Generally, the term podcast refers to this mechanism itself,Podcasting(Podcasting) is often used to refer to the act of actually delivering using this mechanism. AlsoPodcasters(Podcaster) generally refers to a person who broadcasts (distributes) a podcast.

In a broad sense, podcasts use podcast download-only software (aggregator) regardless of the type of multimedia file to be published.RSSRefers to the mechanism itself that allows you to obtain a specified file from. But in general, when you say a podcast, it's an audio data file (MP3Etc.) is usually meant to be published. Now it's not just audio data filesMovieData files are also widely distributed, andE-book(EPUBIt also supports delivery of formats). For videosVideo podcastAnd video casting, orVlogAnd so on.

The audio data file to be deliveredAACIn the case of, chapter markers (images and URL links can be embedded for each chapter) can be added to the file. thisExtended podcastIt's called (Enhanced Podcast), but the playback environment that supports this is limited to iPod + iTunes. Software that can edit extended podcastsGarageBand,Sound it!and so on.


Podcast is in the United Statessoftware-Engineers OfKevin Marks(Kevin Marks) and the United StatesMTVSource ofVJでITSoftware development by known entrepreneur (Adam Curry) and US scientistScript languageBy (Dave Winer), who has a lot of experience in developmentマ ル チ メ デ ィ アIt started with the development of an enclosure element that allows files to be associated within RSS. Adamcurry was one of the first to introduce its enclosure elementsBloggerIs one of.

Winner is a US radio broadcastNPR OfDJHis interview broadcast on Christopher Lydon's blog (2004)US presidential electionWe cooperated on the technology to attach an audio file that recorded (such as the news), and in the form inspired by it, the necessary technology was incorporated into Curry's iPod der.

Blog from February 2005Portal site OfSeesaa BLOG,KerologBegan to provide podcast distribution services to general users one after another. Furthermore, at the end of June 2005Apple ComputerIs a popular music playeriTunesProvided the function as a podcast aggregator. continueNiftyHas begun offering a "Podfeed" service that allows you to add podcast RSS to any weblog. With the provision of these services, the population of both Japanese podcast listeners and podcasters has increased rapidly.


How to listen

It is roughly classified into two types.

One is the website that distributes the audio fileWeb browserVisit by etc. and link to the podcast fileURLFind out and directlyWeb browserFile using etc.DownloadHowever, it is a method of reading and listening to a multimedia player or the like. It is suitable for when you want to easily listen to podcasts on the spot.

The other was made to download podcast filesApplication softwareIs the method to use. This is generallyAggregatorIt is called (Aggregator). By registering and holding the address that links to the RSS for podcasts, the aggregator can obtain the latest information on the registered RSS and download the podcast files associated with the RSS in bulk or selectively. To. If the podcaster that publishes RSS updates the data, you can instantly get the latest audio file without visiting the podcaster's site yourself, so you can download and listen to multiple podcast programs on a regular basis. Are suitable. This methodPodcastingIt is a listening method that makes the most of the greatest features of the above, and is the most common method.

RSS that can be registered with the aggregator is as described above.RSS 2.0The URL address to the audio file must be described by the enclosure element in the format of.

The main purpose of podcast aggregators is to download podcast files associated with RSS, but many have music playback capabilities and can play downloaded files directly. Also on the website managed by PodcasterMacromedia FlashThere are already many podcasts and websites that you can listen to directly using. Of portable game consolesPlayStation PortableSupports streaming playback of podcasts and timer saving, which sets the time and saves via wireless LAN.

配 信

  1. Record audio on a PC, etc. and convert it to an MP3 file.
  2. Web serverUpload the MP3 data to.
  3. To that MP3 fileURLIs associated by the enclosure elementRSSCreate and publish.
  • RSS is described based on the version 2.0 specifications
  • The enclosure element is in the item element hierarchy
  • The length attribute describes the capacity of the MP3 file in bytes.

RSS is usually installed by a weblog update systemCGI,PHPAutomatically generated by applications on web servers such astext fileTherefore, in order to perform podcasting on an existing weblog, the weblog update system itself should be improved so that enclosure elements can be embedded in RSS, or RSS for that podcast can be created and published as desired. There is a need to. However, in Japan, there are podcasting-compatible weblog services that can add enclosure elements from the beginning, so RSS editing is not always necessary for all podcasters.


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