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🚗 | Lotus develops lightweight chassis for next-generation electric sports car

Photo Lotus lightweight chassis for next-generation EV sports cars

Lotus develops lightweight chassis for next-generation electric sports car

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We are proud that it can be adapted as an EV platform with various layouts, wheelbases, battery capacity, etc.

Lotus Cars will be the base of the next-generation EV sports car on September 9st. → Continue reading


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Wheelbase(British: wheelbase) represents the distance between the front wheel axle and the rear wheel axle in a vehicle, and is written in Japanese as "farthest axle distance" or simply "wheelbase".Wheelbaseunit The mm,inch Is often displayed as (buses, etc.)mIt may be displayed as).


In the cartreadIf they are equal, increasing the wheelbase value will cause the vehicle body to sway in the front-rear direction (pitching) And meandering (Yawing) Is suppressed and the living space can be expanded, but on the other handsuspensionBody for input fromrigidityThere is a tendency that it becomes difficult to secure a small turn and the small turn does not work.If this value is made smaller, it is better to turn around, but pitching and yawing tend to be larger.It's misleading,WheelbaseLong = I'm not bad at cornering.

The distance from the outside of the wheelbase, that is, from the wheel axle to the end of the vehicleOverhangThe distance from the front wheel axle to the front endFront overhang, The distance from the rear wheel axle to the rear endRear overhangThat is.These three dimensions are also factors that affect the steering stability and handling of the vehicle (in addition to this, the outside from the center of the left and right wheels.Side overhangAnd tread width are also relevant. ).Recently, in passenger cars, the mainstream design is to ensure steering stability and comfort by setting the wheelbase as large as possible.However, emphasis is placed on motility (turning ability)sports carIs not the case (the wheelbase is shorter than the tread).Also, the width of the front doorDrivetrain OfLayoutDetermines the dimensions of the overhanglargebusNow, the wheelbase affects the body length and capacity.


busThe wheelbase of is also called "shaku". Common names such as "L scale", "N scale", and "Q scale" are derived from the fact that the end of the model is assigned to each wheelbase in each model.[1].


Railway carButWheelsetThe interval between is called the wheelbase.HoweverWheelbaseOrFixed wheelbaseIs more often used.Two-axle carThen, the distance between the axles is the wheelbase, as in the case of automobiles.on the other handBogie trolleyIn a vehicle equipped with (bogie car), oneTrolleyThe distance between the axles equipped on the vehicle is called the wheelbase, and the distance between the bogies is called the distance between the bogie centers or the distance between the bogie centers.

In both twin-axle and bogie bogies, the axles of the same vehicle (same bogie) are usually fixed in direction, and unlike automobiles, the inside of the curve cannot be turned, so the pressure applied to the track when the wheelbase becomes long ( ) Increases, causing distortion of the trackTrack maintenanceThere will be adverse effects such as time-consuming work.If the lateral pressure becomes too large, derailment may occur, so the wheelbase cannot be taken too large.On the other hand, if the wheelbase is made too smallHuntingIt becomes a factor that causes.Wheelbase and axle box support to prevent derailment and hunting and achieve high-speed drivingrigidityIt is necessary to find a proper relationship between the shape of the wheel, etc.

In a bogie, the body can be lengthened without increasing the wheelbase by increasing the distance between the bogies.However, if you expand it unnecessarily, the curved part will be in the center of the car bodyOverhang Building limitsThere is a risk of conflicting with.Also, of the curved stationplatformIn particular, the distance between the vehicle door and the platform is too wide, which hinders getting on and off.[2].. furtherTurnoutThe length of the distance between bogie centers (distance between bogie centers) is regulated because there is a risk of derailment if the distance between bogies is too long when passing through.[3].


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  1. ^ As an exampleIsuzu ErgaIn one of the models of, QPG-LV234L3 (wheelbase 4.8m), QPG-LV234N3 (5.3m), QPG-LV234Q3 (5.8m) are given the format.
  2. ^ If the platform is outside the curve, the center of the vehicle will be separated, and if the platform is inside the curve, both ends of the vehicle will be separated.
  3. ^ For reasons other than the textKiha 50 typeDue to the long distance between the bogies, the inner wheels of both bogies have a rutted rod (Detector Bar: a safety device with a mechanical stopper to prevent erroneous conversion while passing through the turnout). There is a problem of straddling.See the article for details.

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