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Hiroshima Airport

Hiroshima Airport(Hiroshima Airport,British: Hiroshima Airport) IsHiroshimaMiharaLocated in Hongo Town空港.Airport lawThen.Country controlled airportIt is divided into.Operation from April 2021Concession methodWas outsourced to the private sector[5].


1993 (Heisei5 years) Opened in October[2][3].Hiroshima city50 east from the center, Mihara CityHongo TownZennyuji TemplewordLocated at Hiraiwa 64-31 (North Latitude 34 Degrees 26 Minutes 23.5 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 55 min 8.4 sec /34.439861 degrees north latitude 132.919000 degrees east longitude / 34.439861; 132.919000 (Hiroshima Airport)).The annual number of passengers in 2014 was 2,437,574 in Japan and 283,630 internationally.[4].ChugokuLargest and second mostOkayama AirportIt is about twice as much as (→Chugoku region # airport). In 2006TerminalAs part of a project to increase passenger processing capacity to about 500 million peopleBoarding bridgeWas newly added.

At the airport, which was created by carving mountains and embanking valleyselevationBecause it is as high as 330m, the weather conditions are likely to change suddenly, which is common in mountainous areas.(I.e.Etc. tend to occur suddenly and flow in.AlsoWindIs also likely to change suddenly.Previously, as many as 75 flights were canceled annually because flights are susceptible to weather conditions such as fog.[6].

RunwayIs 10m in the direction of 28/3,000, and will be on "Runway 10", which will be approached from the west side of the runway.Instrument landing gear(ILS) is installed[Note 1]..In order to eliminate canceled flights and destination-changed flights, ILS started operation of Category IIIa on June 2008, 6, and the number of canceled flights decreased to 5 flights a year.[6]..In addition, one year later, on June 1, 2009, the operation of Category IIIb, which has the highest accuracy, started.[6]..However, if you enter from the east side where ILS is not installed, ILS cannot be used, and eventually the pilot will land by visual inspection of the runway and landing manually.[7]..In other words, when approaching from the east side, there is a high possibility that landing will not be possible if visibility becomes poor due to fog or the like.[Note 2].

As a facility in the airportJapan Coast GuardXNUMXth Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Hiroshima Air Base[8], Hiroshima Disaster Prevention Aviation Center[9]Is located.Also, in the form of going around the airport facilitiesCyclingCourses are in place and bicycle rentals and competitions are held.On the north side of the airportHiroshima Prefectural Central Forest ParkYou can look down on the plane taking off and landing from the hill.


Number of users

Original wikidata queryPlease refer to.

South Japan Airlines headquartered in Hiroshima City (Toa Airlines) Is1956 Regular flights from (Showa 31)Kagoshima - TanegashimaLine) started operation, and the route was further expanded based on Yoshishima Airfield.[10].

High economic growthPeriod1961 When the (former) Hiroshima Airport opened in (Showa 36), the company moved its base from Yoshijima and became the airport.Shikoku region,KyusyuStarted short-distance flights and Tokyo flights connecting with[10]. Also,All Nippon AirwaysAlso opened short-distance flights, etc.[11]..For this reason, it developed as an airport with more than 20 passengers annually, which has a large proportion of short-distance flights.1966 (Showa 41)Ishizaki Kisen Hiroshima Port - Matsuyama Port間 にHydrofoilIn service,1968 (Showa 43)National railwayIs the timetable revision (Yongsantoo), Short-distance flights were sluggish.[10].

However, from the end of the 1960sOsakaStoolTokyoThe number of passengers on flights has increased, and the annual number of passengers has exceeded 50.[10].1975 (Showa 50)Sanyo Shinkansen Okayama station - Hakata StationWhen the extension is opened between Osaka flights andFukuokaThe number of passengers per year is about before the opening due to the abolition of flights.13Decreased to[10]..Since then, most of the passengers at this airport have been Tokyo flights, and the number of passengers has gradually increased.[10].

1984 (Showa 59)All Nippon Airways OfBoeing 767The annual number of passengers exceeded 50 again when jetting began in earnest from the start of the aircraft.1990 (2)Japan AirlinesSince the entry of the truck has started and it has become a triple truck,Bubble economyRapid increase over the period[10].1992 Every time(Heisei(FY4) reached about 200 million people[12].

1993 The annual number of passengers in the degree (5) is 206 million at (former) Hiroshima Airport.[12], (New) Hiroshima Airport, which opened in October, has 10 people[1]The number of people increased by nearly 100 million at once.The new airportEstimated populationIs No. 1 in the prefectureHiroshima city(Map,Aki region,Prefectural office location,Government-designated city) And second placeFukuyama City(Map,Bingo region,Core city) Is located in the middle[Note 3]..However, from Fukuyama CityOkayama Airport(North Latitude 34 Degrees 45 Minutes 36.3 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 51 min 11.1 sec /34.760083 degrees north latitude 133.853083 degrees east longitude / 34.760083; 133.853083 (Okayama Airport)) Is also within range[Note 4]And thatBubble burstWith the addition of, the annual number of passengers at the new airport has decreased,1995 The number reached 7 million in 265.[1]..After that, it started to increase2002 It reached its peak with 14 million people in the degree (344).[1].

During this time, the Sanyo Shinkansen "Hope"500 series-700 series-N700 seriesWas introduced, Hiroshima Station- Tokyo StationBetween the aircraft andShinkansenIs almost the same in time distance[13]It has become.Also, in October 2003Shinagawa StationUse due to the opening of (Tokyo)shareの航空機対新幹線は62%対38%(2002年度)を航空機ピークとして、55%対45%(2005年)、51%対49%(2007年)、と近年急速に新幹線に回帰され、2008年には新幹線が50%シェアにまで回復した。この後、2009年8月29日にエクスプレス予約のEX-IC serviceIncluding the Sanyo ShinkansenTokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenSince the service has started on all lines[14], The share of the Shinkansen has expanded further, with 2016% vs. 37.3% in FY62.7, with the Shinkansen accounting for more than 6%.[15].

In addition, one of the reasons for the increase in Shinkansen selection is the vulnerability of access to the airport.Airport connecting trainBecause there is no[16],Limousine busIs the mainstream and becomes the routeSanyo Expressway OfTraffic jam/ACCIDENTDelays and suspensions due to this are not uncommon.in particularETCIn 2010, when special holiday discounts were offered, 799 flights were suspended, exceeding 1% of the total number.[17].

After 2002 (Heisei 14), it had been flat, but2008 Degree (20)Lehman shockWhen it occurs, the decreasing tendency becomes stronger,Great East Japan EarthquakeAffected2011 It bottomed out at 23 million people in 256.2012 (24) Opened to the private sector in DecemberIwakuni Kintai Bridge Airport(North Latitude 34 Degrees 9 Minutes 31.4 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 14 min 5.8 sec /34.158722 degrees north latitude 132.234944 degrees east longitude / 34.158722; 132.234944 (Iwakuni Kintai Bridge Airport)[Note 5]It is,Hiroshima City HallThe distance from (new) Hiroshima Airport is 42km, and that of (new) Hiroshima Airport is 52km. While parking is charged at this airport, it is free if the conditions are met in Okayama and Iwakuni. Competing in terms.

The number of passengers is shown below[18][19][20].Mouse pointerWhen is matched with each element of the bar graph, the numerical value of the relevant year pops up.

  •   Domestic flights
  •   International flights


Chronological Table

  • 1972 (ShowaJuly 47-Hiroshima Prefecture and Hiroshima City conduct a basic survey of Hiroshima Airport to clarify the aviation demand and facility capacity of Hiroshima Airport.
  • 1982 (57) March --Announced the results of the Hiroshima Airport Basic Survey. "Existing airport (laterHiroshima West Airfield) Offshore plan ”“ Doyama plan (Higashi-Hiroshima City,Takehara,Toyota-gunAkitsu Town) ”“ Plan for the storehouse (Toyota-gun)Hongo Town) ”Is written together.
  • 1983 (58) July --- At the Hiroshima Airport Problem Liaison Conference, the Yokura area was selected as a new airport candidate site.
  • 1986 (61) April --New Hiroshima Airport Basic Plan Decided[2].
  • 1988 (63) November --Groundbreaking ceremony for the main body of New Hiroshima Airport[2].
  • 1993 (Heisei5 years)May 10 --In Hongo TownNew Hiroshima AirportStarted operation as[2]..At the same time, Hiroshima CityNishi-wardThe former Hiroshima Airport was renamed to "Hiroshima West Airfield".

Seoul on the day of openingJapan Airlinesas well as the Asiana Airlines,B747),Shanghai(China Eastern Airlines,A300), Hangzhou (Japan Air System,MD81), Sydney (All Nippon Airways, B747), charter flights to Honolulu (Japan Airlines, B747) were operated.[21]

To commemorate the completionLas VegasCharter flights toJapan Airlinesas well as the All Nippon Airways,B747) Is operated.Also,Japan Air System TheTokyoWith a lineB777(Rainbow Seven) was introduced for one day only.

  • 2005 (17) April 3- MiharaAnd Hongo Town, etc. on an equal footing (Great Heisei merger), It became the same city.
  • 2006 (18)May 4 ――Starting operation of the 8th spot boarding bridge (6th in total for domestic and international flight spots).
  • 2008 (20) --Started operation of ILS category IIIa in RW10[3].
  • 2009 (21)
    • Started operation of ILS category IIIb in RW10[3].
    • May 12 --The total number of users has exceeded 5,000 million[23].
  • 2015 (27)May 4 - Asiana Airlines Flight 162 landing failure accidentHappens.
    • The accident closed the airport until the 16th, and the damage to the ILS localizer had long-term consequences.[24].
      • May 4 - May 5Daytime-Departure and arrival limited to visual flight[25][24].
      • From the evening of May 5th-Started operation at the temporary "CATI"[26].
      • May 9"CAT-IIIa" continuesMay 9The operation of "CAT-IIIb" was resumed from, and returned to the state before the accident.[27][28].
  • 2017 (29)May 10 ――The operation time from 7:21 to 1:22 will be extended by XNUMX hour and will be operated until XNUMX:XNUMX.[29].
  • 2020 (Reiwa2 years)May 1 - Setouchi SEAPLANES OfSeaplaneRegular sightseeing flight "Hiroshima Airport Flight" (Shimanami & water landing experience course) started[30].
  • 2021 (Reiwa 3nd year) October 4st- Japan AirlinesIntroduced a non-contact automatic check-in machine at Hiroshima Airport for the first time at a regional airport and the third among airports nationwide[31][32].
  • 2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)May 7, Fully privatized[33][34]..Hiroshima Airport is the sixth airport privatization nationwide, making it the first airport in the Chugoku region to be privatized.[35]..Special purpose company "Hiroshima International Airport" (Mitsui Fudosan,Hiroshima Bank,China Electric Power,マ ツ ダ16 companies inside and outside Hiroshima prefecture have invested and established) to acquire the operating right for 30 years and operate the airport business from the terminal to the runway in an integrated manner.[33][35].

Former Hiroshima Airport

Second World WarinsideJapanese ArmyHiroshima Airfield (Yoshijima Airfield) was put into service,Post-war occupationWas requisitionedSan Francisco Peace TreatyIt was later returned.After the returnグ ラ イ ダ ーAfter being used for arrivals and departures, the port was abandoned.The site of the runway (L = 1,300m)Hiroshima City Road Nakajima Yoshijima LineIt was diverted to (Yoshishima-dori).

High economic growthPeriod1961 Hiroshima Airport, which opened with a 1,200m runway, is now Hiroshima City.Nishi-wardIn[36]After relocating to its current location, it was in service as Hiroshima West Airfield until 2012.The reason for moving from the former Hiroshima Airport to the current location was that it was topographically difficult to expand the old airport, and there was a noise problem near the residential area.[36]. Also,Hiroshima PlainIt is located in a basin surrounded by islands and mountains, and it is difficult to approach the airport because it is necessary to turn over the city when landing. Approaching the airport for landing in 1994Cessna machineIs a maneuvering mistakeEtajimaCrash in the mountainsAviation accidentIs also occurring[37].

The runway length of the old airport (= current Hiroshima Heliport) was extended to 1972 m in 1,800,Boeing 747Large aircraft such as molds could not take off and land[Note 6]..In addition, the terminalapronIs narrow and parallelTaxiwaySince it was difficult to increase the number of flights even during the busy season, supply could not keep up with demand.Seto Inland SeaFacing theTenman RiverOta River FloodwayBecause it was located between the two, it was difficult to secure land for expansion such as extension of the runway and construction of a new taxiway, and it would be too expensive to reclaim the Seto Inland Sea and secure land. There was a problem.


Airport terminal building

The design isMatsuda / Hirata, Create, Austin Joint Venture Construction by Takenaka, Sumitomo, Shar, Kyoritsu Joint Venture

The selection of a design contractor was a problem at the time of construction.US-Japan trade frictionAs an airport terminal as a countermeasure toHaneda Airport Terminal 1 TerminalIt took the form of a second case of indiscriminate designated bidding both inside and outside the country, following the construction of the building.It was built with the theme of "creating a space of comfort and comfort" with a three-story steel frame, a total floor area of ​​2 m3 (the sixth largest regional airport at the time of construction), and a height of 31000 m, assuming an annual use of 6 million people. .. [38] [39]Airport terminal buildingThere is a stairwell in the center, which is used for events. In 2013Airport loungeHas been refurbished to improve the area and interior. In the departure lobby on the 2nd floorHirayama Ikuo OfCeramic plate mural"Itsukushima shrine(2.8m long x 12m wide) is on display[36]..The Hiroshima Airport Post Office, which was set up in the building, was abolished on April 2014, 4 (handling operations were taken over by the Hongo Post Office.Japan Post BankATM moved to another location inside the airport and changed to an outside ATM. )[40].

  • 1 floor
  • 2 floor
    • Domestic departure lobby
    • International departure lobby
    • Baggage storage
    • Immigration control
    • Souvenir shop / cafe
    • JAL Lounge(Domestic flight),ANA Lounge(Domestic flights), Business lounge "Maple" (Domestic flights), LOUNGE "Maple" (International flights)
  • 3 floor
    • Tour / pick-up deck (charged)
    • Restaurants

Royal(Japanese and Western food) Kanawa (oyster dishes), Nanosato (soba), foo chocolaters (chocolate),Micchan(Okonomiyaki), Teppei (Okonomiyaki), Goemon (Okonomiyaki), Onomichi / Hiroshima Ramen Menya Yu (Ramen), Ondoya (Set meal, Fried chicken)

Stores that once existed

Airport-based institutions

Japan Coast GuardSixth District Coast Guard HeadquartersHiroshima Air Base
Affiliation machine:AW139"Setowashi No. 1", etc.
Hiroshima Prefectural Disaster Prevention Aviation Center
Affiliation machine:Disaster prevention helicopter"Maple"

Surrounding facilities

Service route

If there are two or more airlines, operate with the aircraft / crew of the first airlineCodeshare flights.

Domestic flights

Japan Airlines(JAL)[Note 7] Sapporo/New Chitose,Tokyo/Haneda
All Nippon Airways(ANA) Sapporo / New Chitose, Tokyo / Haneda,Okinawa/Naha
Ibex airlines(IBX) Sendai[41][42]
Ibex Airlines (IBX)
・ All Nippon Airways
Spring Airlines Japan(SJO) Tokyo/Narita
Former regular service route (airline name is at the time of suspension abolition)
Japan Airlines' Hiroshima-Narita route was operated with the Narita-Seoul route calling at Hiroshima Airport, and could be used as an international connecting flight.[45]
Hiroshima-Memanbetsu LineFukuoka AirportThe departure and arrival flights were calling at Hiroshima Airport, but they could not be used between Fukuoka and Hiroshima.
(Hiroshima Airport) Annual number of passengers / ranking by service route in 2019[46]
destinationNumber of passengersDomestic rank
Tokyo International AirportAbout 186 million peopleTop 6

International flights

China Airline(THERE)
・ Japan Airlines (JL)
Republic of China flag Taiwan-Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(Taipei)
Hong Kong Express Airlines(UO)Hong Kong flag Hong Kong・ Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong)
Air China(CA)
・ All Nippon Airways (NH)
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku-Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport(Dalian),Beijing Capital International Airport(Beijing) (via Dalian)
China Eastern Airlines(MU)
・ Japan Airlines (JL)
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku-Pudong International Airport(Shanghai)
Nok air(DD)Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand-Don Muang Airport(Bangkok)

Destination city

Domestic flights

International flights

It was scheduled to enter service twice a week from the spring of 1994.

Directions and Parking

About 55 km (about 60 minutes) to Hiroshima city.CloseJRSanyo Main LineShiraichi StationThere is, but to the airportAirport connecting trainSince there is no such thing, all access is via road.

Transit Bus

From Hiroshima Airport, including the nearest station, Shiraichi StationMihara Station,Onomichi Station,Takehara Station,Saijo Station,Hiroshima StationAnd Hiroshima city,Kure StationTie etc.Transit BusIs operating. Also,Fukuyama station-At the Takasaka bus stop on the Hiroshima Airport lineKonu Station,Onomichi Station,Omishima,Fuchu-shi,Fukuyama Heisei UniversityYou can transfer to the direction. July 2016, 7-Scheduled for March 14, 2020[52]so,Miyoshi CityA social experiment is also being conducted on the operation of the airport shuttle bus that connects Hiroshima Airport and Hiroshima Airport.

Prepaid CardPASPYOn the bus availableSuica,PASMOEtc. can also be used.

Detailed information on the destinations and platforms of highway buses and fixed-route buses from Hiroshima Airport is available regardless of the operating company."Directions'It is described in.

routeOperating companyRequired TimeRemarks
Hiroshima Station Shinkansen ExitDeparture/arrival (Hiroshima Expressway Line 1via)Joint operation by 5 companies
Hiroshima Electric Railway-Hiroshima bus-Hiroshima Transportation-China JR Bus-Geiyo Bus
About 45 minutes
Hiroshima Bus CenterDeparture/arrival (Nakasuji Station-Hiroshima ICvia)Joint operation by 5 companies
Hiroshima Electric Railway, Hiroshima Bus, Hiroshima Kotsu, Chugoku JR Bus, Geiyo Bus
51 --53 minutesThere are flights to and from Peace Boulevard
Fukuyama stationDeparture/arrival (Takasaka BSvia)Chugoku BusTomo RailwayAbout 57 minutes
Flight to / from Mukaishima Garage (Onomichi Station-Shinomichi Stationvia)Ohira TransportationAbout 51 minutes (Onomichi Station)9-seater jumbo taxi
* Start of operation on August 2019, 8
Mihara StationDeparture / arrival flights (via Hongo)Chinese busAbout 38 minutes
Departure and arrival at Takehara ferry terminal (Takehara Stationvia)Safety taxiAbout 30 minutes9-seater jumbo taxi
Shiraichi StationDeparture/arrivalGeiyo Bus13 --15 minutesThere are flights to / from Neopolis / Takaya Higashi Industrial Park / Core Industrial Park
Saijo Station North ExitDeparture/arrivalChugoku JR Bus / Geiyo BusAbout 25 minutes* Start of operation on August 2017, 10
Kure StationDeparture/arrival (Aki Aga Stationvia)Hiroshima Electric RailwayAbout 70 minutesClayton Bay Hotel has flights to and from
Flights to and from Miyoshi Kogyo Danchi (Miyoshi Station・ Via Kisa)Bihoku KotsuAbout 82 minutes (Miyoshi Station)

Private car

When accessing by private carhighwayBy use, it is about 50km from Hiroshima Station,Hiroshima Expressway Line 1(6.5km.Hiroshima East ICDirectly connected with) andSanyo Expressway(Hiroshima East IC- Kochi IC: 32.5km).If you take the general road, from Hiroshima StationNational Route 2It takes about 53km via the route and takes more than an hour and a half.

All areas of the airport parking lot are charged, and most parking lot areas can be used free of charge.Okayama AirportIn contrast to.There is only one private parking lot and the price is cheap, but it is necessary to use the free shuttle bus because it is far from the airport.

Access movement


As of 2019, plans are underway to connect the entire section from the Shinkansen exit of Hiroshima Station to Hiroshima Airport by expressway, and in the futureHiroshima Expressway Line 5Only the opening of is left.With the start of service of this section, the required time is expected to be shortened to 38 minutes.

Also, from the Sanyo Expressway Kochi Interchange via the airportChugoku Expressway Onomichi Matsue LinePlan to connect toRegional high standard road"Hiroshima Central Flight Load"Has been partially put into service. In 2011, a section of about 10km from the airport IC in Hongo-cho, Mihara City to the Yamatominami IC in Taiwa-cho, Mihara City was opened with two lanes provisionally, and the remaining section is designated as a survey section.


Nearest station is JRSanyo Main Line-Shiraichi StationThen, it takes about 15 minutes by bus from the station to the airport.

Once, connecting the airport and Hiroshima cityAirport connecting trainThere were several ideas[53].. at firstHSSTThe method also came up in the concept[54]Abandoned and laid a new line branching from Shiraichi Station on the JR Sanyo Main LineConventional lineIt became the concept of the method[55].Hiroshima Prefectural Office TheJR West JapanIn the first place, JR West is blatantly competing with the passenger plane Haneda.Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenFrom the JR sideDiamondIs intricate[56]For some reason, it didn't happen.

After that, it was planned that Hiroshima Prefecture would own the construction of a single line that does not connect to JR West and the operating vehicle and lease it to JR.[57][Source invalid]However, it was announced in September 2006 that the plan would be frozen, saying that "a large deficit is expected".[58].

After that, on January 2013, 1, Hiroshima Prefecture revealed a plan to build a "Hiroshima Air Terminal (HAT, tentative name)" at Shiraichi Station and install some functions of the airport such as boarding procedures and baggage inspection. Ta[59].

In addition, in additionSanyo ShinkansenNew station installationRopewayThere was also a concept such as construction (→Airport rail link #Planned (planned abandoned) airport accessreference).

Accident / Incident


  • From Incheon to Hiroshima on April 2015, 4Asiana Airlines162 flights[60](equipment:A320.[61], Registration number code: HL7762[62]) Touches the localizer antenna when landing on RWY28 and deviates from the runway[60], 27 injured[62].


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注 釈

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