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🚄 | Tobu introduces two 12-series "observation cars" Debuts in November in vine color and blue as passenger cars of "SL Taiju"

Photo "Observation car" introduction position (top) and image illustration (bottom)

Tobu introduces two 12-series "observation cars" Debuts in November in vine color and blue as passenger cars of "SL Taiju"

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In addition, Tobu Toptours will sell a travel product "DL Taiju Observatory Car Unveiling Tour" that can be boarded in advance.

Tobu Railway was once active in JR Shikoku on September 2021, 9 as a passenger car for "SL Taiju" and "SL Taiju Futara" ... → Continue reading

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Tobu Top Tours

Tobu Toptours Co., Ltd.(Tobu Top Tours)TokyoSumida-kuHeadquartered in JapanTravel agency.Tobu RailwayIs a consolidated subsidiary of.


A comprehensive travel agency famous for its domestic travel brand "Top Tours", but since its inceptionGroup travelAs one of his specialty fields, he is involved in education as a travel consultant.Company·Corporation,Government officeThere are strengths such as.It is also expanding its overseas network in partnership with foreign travel agencies.The old company name was Tokyu Tourism Co., Ltd.Tokyu GroupAlthough he was a member of the group, he left the group and changed his company name.パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ーChanged to the top tour, which was the brand name of.

In recent years, we have been focusing on conference business, online sales, SIT tours (themed trips), etc., and are strengthening "streamline business" and "meeting planner service".[2][3]..Here, the "streamline business" mainly deals with incentive tour proposals, acceptance of events and conferences including foreign tourists visiting Japan, and BTM (travel business agency related to business trips), and "meeting planner service" deals with conferences and meetings. It supports the planning and operation of.

August 2013, 8,Tobu RailwayAcquired all shares of the company's holding company, Tiramisu Holdings, and joined the Tobu Group. April 2015, 4, of the same Tobu GroupTobu TravelMerged with and became the current company name[4].



The establishment of the company1956 (Showa 31).As a Tokyu Group travel agencyTokyu Electric Railway OfsubsidiaryIt was established as "Tokyu Tourism Co., Ltd."At the time of establishment, in addition to handling domestic travel,Tokyo TowerAlso operated a large dining room[5].1972 Merged with Tokyu Corporation, expanding its travel business to handle overseas travel and inbound travel, and became an air freight forwarding agency.in particularEast JapanSince we have been conducting sales activities to schools and companies in local cities in the region,School excursionAnd employee trips have been dealt with a lot[2]. And1987 (Showa 62)Kinki Nippon TouristNext to the secondTokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the first section[6].

In terms of sales, it was the fourth largest in the industry for many years.[7]But,1990 It became a deficit from (2)[6]No distributionContinues,1990 eraIn the second halfHankyu Kotsu companyOvertaken by and fall from 4th place[2].2000 FromBubble burstNew pneumonia in addition to the prolonged recessionSARS,Iraq warThe business condition will be severe due to the decrease in sales due to the influence of.2003 Separated three companies: individual travel in the Greater Tokyo area, international travel (including BTM), and corporate sales.[8], Also increased capital in June[9]..Furthermore, with Tokyu CorporationStock exchangeBecame a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, and later delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.[10]..However, the entire Tokyu Group has been forced to restructure, and Tokyu Tourism is no exception.2004 In March, Tokyu Corporation sold most of Tokyu Tourism's shares to an independent investment company, Active Investment Partners, and was removed from the Tokyu Group.[11].

After leaving the Tokyu Group, we proceeded to rebuild our business under an investment company.2004 In July, three companies, individual travel, international travel (including BTM), and corporate sales, which were once spun off, were absorbed and merged.[12],2006 In January, the company name was changed to Top Tours Co., Ltd.[13].. afterwards2007 In 9 monthMizuho SecuritiesPolaris Principal Finance, an affiliated fund company, acquires all shares[14], Aiming for re-listing under the company.

after that,2013 July 7st, Polaris shares heldTobu RailwayAnnounced to buy everything on August 8th[15]..Tobu is the 23rd largest travel agency in Japan in terms of travel transaction volume within its own group.Tobu TravelAs a result of the acquisition, the group as a whole has risen to the 10th place in Japan in terms of travel transaction volume (8th place excluding wholesaler specialized companies).[16].


  • 1956 (Showa31) December- Tokyu Tourism Co., Ltd.Established as.
  • 1959 (34) December --Registered as a general travel agency.
  • 1972 (47)
    • April --Merged with Tokyu Corporation.
    • December-Started selling the package tour "Top Tour".
  • 1982 (57) July --Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1987 (62) June-Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (redesignated from the second section).
  • 1993 (Heisei 5 years) March-Headquarters locationTokyoShibuya WardFrom TokyoMegurochange to.
  • 2003 (15)
    • January --Individual travel, international travel (including BTM), corporate sales business in the metropolitan area was spun off, Tokyu Travel Entertainment Co., Ltd. (individual travel), Tokyu Streamline Co., Ltd. (international travel / BTM), Tokyu Navision Opened a joint-stock company (corporate business).
    • December --Delisting from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2004 (16)
    • January-Becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyu Corporation through a share exchange.
    • March-Sold 3% of Tokyu Corporation's shares to Active Investment Partners and separated from Tokyu Group.At this point, Tokyu Corporation will continue to hold a 85% stake, and the name of Tokyu Tourism will continue.
    • July --Merged with Tokyu Travel Entertainment Co., Ltd., Tokyu Streamline Co., Ltd., and Tokyu Navision Co., Ltd.
  • 2006 (18)
    • October-Name your companyTop Tours Co., Ltd.change to.
    • February-Made Japan-China Travel Agency Co., Ltd. a subsidiary[17].
    • May-BCD Travel, the world's third largest business travel company (Headquarters: Netherlands) And business alliance[18].
  • 2007 (19) September --Sold all Toptour shares held by Active Investment Partners and Tokyu Corporation to Tiramisu Holdings, owned by Polaris Principal Finance.[19].
  • 2008 (20) February --Dissolve Japan-China Travel Agency Co., Ltd.[20].
  • 2013 (25) June- Tobu RailwayAcquired all shares of Tiramisu Holdings held by Polaris.
  • 2015 (27) June- Tobu TravelAbsorption merger,Tobu Toptours Co., Ltd.Company name changed to.At the same time, the head officeTokyo Sky Tree East TowerMoved to.


The store is basically under the jurisdiction of the Corporate Sales HeadquartersAerial storeThe jurisdiction of the Individual Sales Headquarters is limited to 16 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area centered on the Tobu line.However, there are some cases where the former Tobu Travel stores are under the jurisdiction of the Corporate Sales Headquarters, but there are also some cases where the counter business is open for individuals such as the Tatebayashi Station branch and Kofu branch, especially the Fukuyama branch (Fukuyama Tobu Hotel) until March 2017. 3st and 1rd floor)[21]The counter on the 1st floor of the store was a normal store facing the road, but the branch became an aerial store after the store was relocated.

Some stores under the jurisdiction of the Corporate Sales Headquarters also accept limited express tickets booked by phone or email at the Tobu Railway Customer Center (Tobu Toptours Reserved Limited Express Ticket Exchange Branch).

Related Companies

  • Top Staff Co., Ltd.


  • In 2004 (Tokyu Tourism era) when the investment company became a major shareholder, the Tokyu Tourism Labor Union (Daiichi) over the change of the collective agreement with the investment company.Union) And formed an employee union (second labor union), only for members of the employee associationBonusDue to discriminatory acts of paying a lump sum and withdrawal work of Tokyu Tourism Workers' UnionLabor disputeHappened,Tokyo Labor CommissionIt also developed into a proceeding because it refused the settlement recommendation from[22]Finally, in November 2005, the Metropolitan Labor Commission settled with the Tokyu Tourism Workers' Union and the proceedings were withdrawn and settled.[23].
  • August 2009, 3,Okayama CityMunicipal junior high schoolSchool excursionIllegal in orderingcartelOkayama branchJTB China Shikoku,Kinki Nippon Tourist,Japan Travel,Tobu TravelWith the Okayama branch of each companyFair Trade CommissionReceived an on-site investigation[24], 3 companies including Toptour received cease and desist order[25].


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