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🚄 | [Wooden Station Catalog] Kure Line 005/55 Nigata Station


[Wooden station building catalog] Kure Line 005/55 Nigata Station

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The overpass on the premises of Nigata Station was dismantled and removed around the end of 2018 due to deterioration.

* Taken in August 2020 The top image is Nigata Station on the Kure Line.The station building is not a tiled roof, but the first thread on the Kure line ... → Continue reading

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Dismantling and removal

Nigata Station

Nigata Station(Nigataeki) isHiroshimaKureLocated in Nigatahonmachi XNUMX-chome,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)Kure Line OfstationIs. The station number isJR-Y18.


Mihara StationAdministrativeMujin-eki.National railwayThe times are nearNikata PortからSeto Inland SeaAcross the bankHorie Station(Horie Pier)Nibori routeIt was a connecting station.Since the abolition of the ferry, the function of contacting Matsuyama (Horie) has been the closest station to Aga Port.Aki Aga Station(Wu / Matsuyama FerryHowever, the Wu-Matsuyama ferry was abolished only in June 2009.


Station structure

Relative homeHave two lines on one sideGround station..Each other's homeoverpassHowever, due to aging, the removal work was carried out from 2018 to 2019.Currently, it is in the form of contacting across the humanitarian bridge outside the ticket gate, which was already installed by Kure City before the removal of the overpass.There is no automatic ticket gate,ICOCAIs available (mutually available)Prepaid CardSee the ICOCA section). IC cards are supported by a dedicated card reader.There are separate flush toilets for men and women in the toilet.

The station bookstore is on the platform side for Mihara, but there is also an entrance on the platform side for Kure.Automatic ticket vending machines are installed inside the station and on the platform for Kure.

Bus stop

Bus stoproutedirectiondestination
1Y Kure LineGoing upTakehara-Miharaaspect
2Y Kure LineGoing downKure-Hiroshimaaspect

In this section, the entire route map of the JR West official website[13]The line symbol and line color are shown according to, but this station isHiroshima City NetworkBecause it is outside the area, line color symbols without alphabets are used in the station bulletin board timetable at the time of the timetable revision in March 2016.

Usage situation

According to the "Kure City Statistics", the average number of passengers per day is as follows.

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
1999 (11)1,166
2000 (12)1,007
2001 (13)928
2002 (14)909
2003 (15)866
2004 (16)817
2005 (17)776
2006 (18)763
2007 (19)819
2008 (20)821
2009 (21)789
2010 (22)771
2011 (23)776
2012 (24)739
2013 (25)689
2014 (26)641
2015 (27)644
2016 (28)629
2017 (29)609
2018 (30)486
2019 (First year of Reiwa)511

Around the station

Next station

West Japan Railway Company
Y Kure Line
Aki Kawajiri Station (JR-Y19)- Nigata Station (JR-Y18) - Hiro Station (JR-Y17)


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