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🚗 | Mitsubishi Minicab van, electronic stability control standard on all models ... Town Box also improved

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Mitsubishi minicab van, electronic stability control standard on all models ... Town box also improved

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The Minicab Van / Town Box is an OEM-supplied vehicle from Suzuki, and is based on the "Every" and "Every Wagon."

Mitsubishi Motors has partially improved the light commercial vehicle "Minicab Van" and the light passenger car "Town Box" and will sell them from September 9th ... → Continue reading


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Suzuki Every

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: 6th generation van and 3rd generation wagonImage providedplease.(2015/2)

Every(EVERY) IsJapanese sea bassManufactured and sold by (Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. before September 1990)One boxType ofLight car.


1964 AppearanceCarryOriginating from a van1982 The name "Every" appeared as a sub-brand name in 1993, the following year.light truckThe brands have been organized into "Carry" and "Every", which is a light one-box. 5 number registrationPassenger carAnd 4 number registrationCommercial vehicleIs lined up, commercialEvery, RidingEvery Wagon(EVERY WAGON,1999 Appearance). As of 2020, it has a history of 7 years in the 51th generation (but 6 years in the 33th generation excluding the carry van), and is the fourth longest-lived name among mini vehicles.

For multiple manufacturers in JapanOEMIt is also the base model ofマ ツ ダForScrum(From the first release in 1989),Nissan MotorForNV100 Clipper/NV100 Clipper Rio(2013nd generation and later released in 2),Mitsubishi MotorsForMinicab van/Town box(2014th generation and later released in 7) is based on this vehicle with some changes to the emblem and exterior parts, and is manufactured at Suzuki's Iwata plant, including the OEM model.

Also, for outside JapanLicense productionIs also being held, Daewoo National Car (currently:South Korea GM), The second generation (2th generation in Carry) appeared under the name "DAMAS" (Carry truck is "LABO"), both of which are still in Korea and Uzbekistan ().GM Uzbekistan), But DamasFace liftIn response, it has evolved into the "Damas II" (sold as the "Chevrolet CMV" in South America via its Daewoo national car).

Taiwan-Ford Lio HoIn, the second generation is "Ford・ Pronto, The 4th generation is "Ford PRZIt was also sold as.

Carry Van (1964-1982)

1964 9
Van model of the first Carry (FB type) "Suzuki Carry VanDebuted as.
1966 1
A van model has been added to the 2nd generation Carry (L20 type).
A van model has been added to the 3rd generation Carry (L30 type). "Carry vanIt becomes.
Carry moved to the 4th generation (L40 type).
Carry moved to the 5th generation (L50 type).
Carry moved to the 6th generation (ST20 type).
Carry moved to the 7th generation (ST30 type).

First generation (1982-1985)

In November 1982, when a minor change was made to the Carry Van, "Carry Van Every"Every" appears in the sub-brand name[1]Incidentally,IndiaIn 1984, production and sales began under the name "Omni" equipped with an 800cc engine, and it was sold for 35 years, but production will end in March 2019 due to revisions to safety standards and environmental standards for engines. , The 3th generation Every-based "Eco" became the successor model.[2] [3] In addition,PakistanIt is also sold as a "borane" (5-seater) or "cargo van" (2-seater, panel van).[4]

2nd generation (1985-1991)

1985 (60)
Full model change.
1986 (61)
Colored for passenger (with rear headrest) gradebumper, Special grade "Joypop" added with special equipment such as air conditioner (usually treated as a dealer option at that time).
1987 (62)
Minor change.instrument panelThe design of the Thanet has been significantly changed, and minor changes have been made to the interior and exterior.Some advanced gradeengineIs per cylinder3 valves(The engine model is the same as the conventional F5A type). Moved to type 3.
1987 11
Colored for commercial (without rear headrest) gradebumper, Special grade "Join" with special equipment such as air conditioner (usually treated as a dealer option at that time) was added.
1989 (HeiseiFirst year)5
Minor change. [DA41 / DB41]
From the previous F5A engineEnlarge the bore and shorten the stroke officialF5B typeIt was changed to and the power performance was improved.In addition, a new grade of joy pop sound (as the name suggests, the equipment related to sound was enhanced, and the optional cassette deck etc. was standard equipment in other grades) was set, and the advanced grade was a deformed square type.head lampIs adopted. (The modeling has changed around the lower grade headlamp frame)
マ ツ ダToScrumIn the name ofOEMSupply started.
1990 (2)3
The second minor change. [DA2 / DB51]
Engine is 660cc due to new standardizationF6A typeAnd the headlampStandard typeNomaru 2 lights (2 high-grade variant lights have also been redesigned). Electric for RX Super Multi RoofPower steeringWas equipped.
1990 11
In addition to improving the engine output of NA cars (this makes NA cars 7-inch), the body color of some grades has been changed and the specifications of the RX Super Multi Roof have been changed (colored bumpers, etc.).
1991 8[5]
End of production due to order stop.Only the stock will be sold.
1991 9
Sold out as a replacement for the second generation.

TaiwanFord Lio Ho (FordIn)Ford Pronto(Ford Pronto), (Daewoo National Car → GM Daewoo →)South Korea GMThen.Ladies(Damas[6]) Is produced locally, and for DamasLPG specificationsIs also set.

3nd generation (1991-1998)

1991 9
Model change. [DE / DF51]
Business van type "Carry van"And the advanced type"EveryIt was sold as two models.
In the Carry Van and Every, the rear seats were for passengers, with the former being a left-right integrated low back and the latter being a left-right split type with a removable head pillow.In addition, the front emblem was the Roman alphabet "SUZUKI" mark, while the latter was the "S" mark.Even after the car name was integrated into Every, the difference in the emblem remained.
Of all the Carry / Every, only the 1BOX car of this generation has an engine mounted just before the rear axle.MidshipThe layout was adopted (however, the Carry track is a general FR method (described later)).In the car model at that time, the center midshipHonda actyAnd rear engineSubaru SambarIt is an eclectic position of.rearsuspensionAlso actyDe Dion typeHowever, the spring uses a coil spring as opposed to the Acty leaf spring.
However, even with the same generation Carry, trucks are common as light trucks, with the engine placed under the driver's seat and driving the rear wheels or four wheels.Cab overThe layout was adopted, and the rear suspension was also a very general leaf type suspension in which the fixed shaft was hung with a leaf spring.

In addition, the "special brand" Joypop series set in the second generation and the air conditioner standard equipment grade equivalent to Join were set in the current generation, but initially the names of the Joypop series and Join were not used and each "Cz Super Sound" , Cy, Cx "and" PC "grade names.

1991 11
Added Turbo RZ Super Multi Roof.
1993 1
Addition of Joypop series with rich audiobrakeThe material has been changed.
1993 11
Partially improved. "Carry Van" was integrated into "Every", and Carry Van came to an end in 29 years of history.High roof car is additionally set.Also for air conditionerAlternative FreonNewRefrigerantIn addition to adoptingFlame-retardant materialIt was adopted.In addition, we are working to enhance safety equipment.
1995 5
Minor change.The front turn signal lamp has changed from clear to amber.In addition to improving the ride quality by changing the suspension, vibration is reduced to improve quietness.Of the wheelPCDChanged from 114.3mm to 100mm.Change the storage operation method of the rear seat.The maximum output of Joypop Turbo has been increased from 61ps to 64ps.For all high roof carsHigh mount stop lampWas attached. "Turbo RZ Super Multi Roof", "Turbo PS" and "Joy Pop Sound" have been abolished and "Joy Pop Limited" has been newly set.
As for the body color, the dark blue color of Joypop has been changed from deep blue pearl to scuba blue metallic, and the gray color of Joypop and Join has been changed from charcoal gray metallic to urban gray metallic.In addition, dark turquoise green metallic is added to joy pop and join.
1996 12
ア ル ミ ホ イ ー ルAnd front & side underbars, dedicated side stripes, doorstrim・ For models with enhanced interior and exterior texture such as seat skinSpecial car"Joy Pop Limited II" is set.You can also choose Miami Blue Metallic as the body color.
1997 4
Minor change.Selectable full-time 4WD is installed in joy pop MT vehicles.The interior color of the interior has changed to light gray, the seat skin has been changed, and an antibacterial interior has been adopted. Added "Every C (Classic)". "Joypop Limited" is abolished as the equipment of "Joypop" is almost the same as the conventional "Joypop Limited".
As for the body color, Miami Blue Metallic has been added to the Joy Pop system, and Dark Turquoise Green Metallic has been changed to British Green Metallic.Changed Urban Gray Metallic to Silky Silver Metallic.In addition, the "Joypop Turbo" is equipped with aero parts similar to the "Turbo PS" that was abolished due to a partial change in 1995, and the lower part of the body is a two-tone color painted in keen gold metallic.
1997 8
Added "PA Limited", a special specification car based on "PA". Cassette stereo with AM / FM radio (with digital clock), pad welder door trim, dedicated front seat skin (with digital clock)Knits), Integrated foldable rear seat (dedicated seat skin color), dedicated rear for exteriorDecalIs pasted.
1998 2
Added "PA Limited II", the second special specification car based on "PA".Keyless entry is additionally set.
1998 12[8]
Production and sales ended due to the revision of the mini vehicle standard in October of the same year.

4th generation / 1999st generation wagon (2005-XNUMX)

1999 May 1
Full model change three months later than the revision of the standard for mini vehicles in the previous year. [DA / DB3]
A new body with a semi-cab design is adopted, but the engine mounting position is under the driver's seat and structurallyCab overInherit.The "Join Bo", "Joy Pop Turbo", and "Joy Pop Aero Turbo" equipped with a new Si turbo (SOHC 6-valve turbo, 60ps) engine are available.The maximum load capacity is 350 kg for grades below join and 200 kg for joy pop, and joy pop was conscious of riding as before.[9].
1999 May 6
Passenger wagon type "Every Wagon"addition.Initially, there are two grades, "Joy Pop Turbo" and "Joy Pop Aero Turbo". The "Join" system is set as a high-end specification of the commercial model, and although it is a 2 kg commercial model, it comes standard with full wheel caps, power windows, keyless entry, and cassette stereo.All joins and wagons are equipped with ABS as standard equipment, which is rarely standard equipment in driver's seat, passenger seat airbags and light one-box. The equipment of the JOYPOP aero turbo is quite substantial, and not only aero parts and aluminum wheels, but also an electric sunroof with a tilt-up mechanism will be standard.At the same time, "350cc, 1300-seater regular car registration"Every PlusWill be sold[10][11].
1999 May 8
"Every Electric carIs released[12].
1999 May 11
Partially improved.The maximum output of the turbo engine is 64ps, and the AT car is changed to 4-speed AT. The NA engine has improved torque in the middle and low rpm range.Safety performance has also been improved, and all grades except "GA" and "PA" of "Every" have driver's seat and passenger's seat SRS.Airbag-ABSIs standard equipment, and the driver's seat airbag is also available as an option for the "GA" and "PA" of the "Every".In addition, the grade system has been changed, and "Every" has added "GA" 2WD / 3-speed AT and "Join". "Join Turbo" has been upgraded to "Join Bo DX-II". "Joypop Aero Turbo" has been renamed to "Joypop Turbo S" and a new "Joypop Turbo L" has been added. "Joy Pop Aero Turbo" of "Every Wagon" was also renamed to "Joy Pop Turbo S" and "Joy Pop Turbo L" was added.[13].
1999 May 12
Compressed natural gas as fuel (CNG) Launched "Every Natural Gas (CNG) Automobile"[14].
2000 May 5
Partially improved.Changed the appearance of turbo engine-equipped vehicles (all grades of "Every Wagon" and "Jointabo DX-II" of "Every"), added knock sensor and boost pressure control device, and changed the mounting position of the intercooler in the high speed range. Improved engine performance, in terms of interiorSeat beltAdd adjusters and large grips.The "Joy Pop Turbo S / L" of "Every" was abolished and merged with "Every Wagon".[15][16].
2000 May 6
In commemoration of Suzuki's 80th anniversary, the special specification car "Every Wagon 80th Anniversary Car Joypop Turbo EX" equipped with advanced audio and exclusive seat skin, based on the "Joypop Turbo" of "Every Wagon" Released[17].
2000 May 7
Released the welfare vehicle "rear seat lift-up vehicle" (only available for 3AT vehicles)[18]..A lift-up mechanism that electrically raises and lowers the seat on the left side of the rear seat by remote control is adopted.The lift-up seat is equipped with a chest fixing belt, armrests, and a dedicated step, and a hook and belt that can load and fix a foldable wheelchair in the luggage compartment are also standard equipment.The included remote control can be attached to the car bodymagnetAttached.Suzuki's welfare vehicles have been light wagons so far.Wagon RAlthough it was set only for, it was newly made into a series as "With series" because it was also set for Every with the release of this specification car.
2000 May 11
Special specification car "Every + (Plus) Limited II" released[19].
2001 May 1
Released a new grade "21st Century Special Joypop Turbo EX-II" equipped with aero parts, advanced audio, and exclusive seat skin on "Every Wagon"[20].
2001 May 5
"Every Plus" to "Every RandyChanged the car name to[21].
2001 May 9
Partially improved. [DA62]
For all carsK6A typeIt is equipped with an all-aluminum DOHC engine.The output is 49ps. The AT shift lever is placed from the floor to the instrument panel except for 3-speed AT cars. "PC" is newly added to "Every", and NA engine vehicles are the first light vans to obtain "excellent-low emission (☆☆)" certification (turbo vehicles (including "Every Wagon") are "Every Wagon". Good-Low emission (☆) "certified). The NA engine specification "Joypop" will be added to the "Every Wagon", and the low roof specification will be set for the turbo car "Joypop Turbo".In addition, "Joy Pop Turbo PZ", which is an advanced specification of "Joy Pop Turbo", has been added.[22].
2003 May 9
Added new grade "PU" certified as "Ultra-Low Emissions (☆☆☆)" to "Every"[23].
2005 7[24]
end of production. It will be sold only for inventory.
2005 8
Sold out as a replacement for the second generation.

5th generation / 2nd generation wagon (2005-2015)

Chronological Table

2005 May 8
Full model change. [DA64]
As a common feature, all cars including 5MT cars have adopted instrument panel shift, which enables left and right walk-through of the front seats.In addition, the door handle has been changed to a grip type. "Every Wagon" is "lightMinivanDeveloped with the concept of "PZ Turbo (left side only)" and "PZ Turbo Special (both sides)" equipped with the first rear seat power sliding door in a mini vehicle.The "PZ Turbo Special" also uses an electric auto step.In order to express a large open window on the exterior, a part of the pillar was blacked out, the door handle was plated, and the rail part of the sliding door was also covered with a sliding door rail garnish for a clean look. All grades of the "Every" except the "GA" have a rear combination lamp built into the bumper to widen the opening.In addition, the passenger seat advance mechanism, power door lock, and driver / passenger seat SRS airbags, which are ideal for carrying long items, are standard equipment on all models, and security alarms are used for "PC," "JOIN," and "JOIN turbo." The system is also standard equipment.In addition, 2WD vehicles excluding "JOIN turbo" and 5MT vehicles of "JOIN turbo" have achieved "22 fuel efficiency standard + 5%", and "PU" 2WD vehicles have "17 emission standard 50%". Obtained "Reduction Level (☆☆☆)" certification[25].
Greater ChinaSpecial administrative district OfHong Kong,andMacauIs exported with a displacement of 660cc.
2006 1
Specification change (type 2).
October 2006th, 2
Released "Rear-seat lift-up vehicle" of the welfare vehicle "With series", "Getting on and off seat vehicle" which was renamed, and "Wheelchair mobile vehicle" as a new lineup.[26].
The base model of the "boarding / alighting seat car" has been changed from Every to Every Wagon, and the remote control has been changed.key ringChange to type.The boarding / alighting seat is newly equipped with a dedicated footrest, and the seat slide and reclining are also electric.There are two types of newly set "wheelchair mobile vehicles", the Every Wagon without a rear seat and the Every Wagon with a rear seat, which can be operated by remote control in common.winchIs standard equipment.In addition, the Every "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle" is equipped with a vehicle with an auxiliary seat for caregivers that enables assistance while riding.The Every Wagon "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle" uses a bright beige interior color and a rear seat that can be folded and removed, allowing four people to ride in the same way as a normal vehicle when not in a wheelchair.
2006 May 10
"Every" PU "based on" IC card reader and communication device "Car sharingStart of build-to-order manufacturing and delivery of "dedicated vehicles"[27].
2006 May 12
Based on the "PZ Turbo Special" of the "Every Wagon", it is equipped with genuine leather seats, wood grain instrument panel, etc.Special carReleased "Leather Selection"[28].
2007 May 7
Partially improved "Every" and "Every Wagon" (Type 3)[29].
"Every Wagon" has an improved front seat, "Mysterious Bio Red Pearl (optional color)" has been added, and "Turquoise Green Pearl Metallic", "Deep Rose Red Pearl Metallic", and "Azul Gray Pearl Metallic" have been added. "3 colors are abolished and organized into 5 colors. For the "PZ Turbo" and "PZ Turbo Special," the front-plated grille has been redesigned and the seat skin has been changed to beige.NewlyDischarge headlamp(A center speaker is additionally equipped on vehicles equipped with discharge headlamps, and MD / CD player options can be set).This discharge headlamp is Suzuki's first multi-reflector type for low beam, while Suzuki's other discharge lamp cars at that time were a projector type for both low beam and high beam. Reflector typeHalogen headlampIs a vertical 4-lamp type that sits on the low beam. A high roof specification with an additional roof end spoiler is added to the "PZ Turbo Special". For "JP" and "JP Turbo", a plated garnish has been added to the front hood, and the seat and door trim skin have been changed to brown. The high roof specification of "JP" is only for 3AT cars.
In addition to improving the front seats of the "Every", the seats and door trim skins of the "PC", "JOIN" and "JOIN Turbo" have been changed (only for the "JOIN Turbo"), and the body color "Turquoise Green Pearl Metallic" has been changed. Abolished and added "Blueish Black Pearl 3" instead.
Changed the specifications of "Every Wagon".Launched in February of the same year for body colorWagon R StingrayAdded the set color "Spark Black Pearl (optional color)".
Specification change (type 4).
2009 May 12
Based on the "JP Turbo (standard roof car)" of the "Every Wagon", it is equipped with a front plated grill, under spoiler (front, side, rear), 13-inch aluminum wheels, front fog lights, and door mirrors with LED side turn lights. Released "JP Turbo Limited", a special specification car that uses beige fabric seat skin and door trim cloth.Four body colors are set, and it is an audioless specification.[30].
2010 May 5
Partially improved (type 5) for both "Every" and "Every Wagon". The "Every Wagon" has improved fuel efficiency by 0.2km / L by increasing the compression ratio of the engine, and also improved torque in the low rev range by improving the efficiency of the turbocharger, improving driving performance in the city.In addition, the exterior and interior of the "PZ Turbo" and "PZ Turbo Special" have been changed, and a plated grille, aero bumper, and multi-reflector halogen fog lamps have been adopted at the front.An aero bumper is also used at the rear, and the combination lamp is changed to a clear type.The design of the under spoiler has also been changed on the side, and white is used for the lens color of the turn lamp.In addition, the center part of the seat skin has been changed to a fine block pattern, and the fuel cap has already been changed to prevent loss during refueling.paletteThe shape was hooked on a plastic string extending from the back side of the fuel lid, which was used in such cases, and a cap holder was attached to the back side of the fuel lid to prevent the cap from hitting the body when refueling.As for the body color, "Breeze Blue Metallic (released in June 2010)" has been newly added, and the existing colors have been rearranged to make a total of 6 colors.With this change, the NA car "JP"[31]」が廃止し、全車ターボエンジン4AT仕様となった。「エブリイ」はNA・3AT車のgearAfter reviewing the ratio, the "JOIN Turbo" has improved the engine and turbocharger like the "Every Wagon" to improve fuel efficiency by 0.2km / L. "JOIN Turbo" has improved driving performance in the city, and 5MT vehicles have achieved "22 fuel efficiency standard + 10%".[32].
2012 May 5
Specification change (6 type).In response to the revision of safety standards for seats and seat belts from July of the same year, Every changed the front seat from the headrest integrated type to the separate type in all grades except the "JOIN" series.Every's "JOIN" series and Every Wagon, which have traditionally used separate headrest front seats, have larger front seat headrests and rear seat headrest shapes.SaddleIt was changed to a (kura) type and became larger.
2013 May 4
Partially improved Every 3AT car.Improved engine control for 4WD vehiclesRolling resistanceBy also adopting reduced tires, fuel efficiency is improved and at the same timecatalystBy changing the exhaust gas, the exhaust gas has been cleaned up, which is the first in the light cab van class of gasoline vehicles, "17 exhaust gas standard 75% reduction level (☆☆☆☆)" and "27 fuel efficiency standard". Was achieved at the same time.In addition, "PU" was abolished by this partial improvement.[33].
October 2013th, 12
Started OEM supply to Nissan Motor as the second generation NV2 Clipper and NV100 Clipper Rio.
October 2014th, 2
Started OEM supply to Mitsubishi Motors as the 7th generation minicab van and the 2nd generation town box.As a result, it is rare in the Japanese automobile market.4 sibling modelsIt became.
Specification change. "Mysterious Violet Pearl (optional color)" and "Breeze Blue Metallic" have been abolished. (Similar to the OEM model Scrum Wagon ("Mysterious Violet Pearl" only) and NV100 Clipper Rio, the color of the Minicab Town Box has not been set from the beginning).
end of production. It will be sold only for inventory.
Sold out as a replacement for the second generation.

6th generation / Wagon 3rd generation (2015-)

Chronological Table

2015 May 2
Full model change for the first time in about 9 and a half years[35].
Basically, it is the keep concept of the predecessor, and the luggage compartment length, luggage compartment width, luggage compartment height, and luggage compartment floor length are extended to expand the luggage compartment, and the floor length when the passenger seat is moved forward is also expanded.At the same time, the tire position and dash panel have been moved forward to secure the same front seat occupant space as the 5th generation.The amount of seat slide has been increased by 65 mm in the driver's seat and 60 mm in the passenger seat.The height and width of the back door opening have been increased, and at the same time, the floor height of the luggage compartment has been lowered to 650 mm.The height and width of the rear door opening have also been increased, and the rear step height has been lowered to 375mm (excluding the "JOIN" series).
The engine is on the intake sideVVTEquipped withR06AReplaced with a model ("JOIN turbo" is an intercooler turbo specification of the same engine).The transmission is based on 3MT instead of the conventional 5AT for NA cars.clutchAnd automated shift operationsI HAVE TNewly set auto gear shift (AGS) car.The turbo car has improved 4AT and optimized the torque capacity of the transmission.The body isHigh strength steelIn addition to expanding the range of use of the board, the weight of the engine, suspension, interior and electrical components has been reduced by 5 kg for the 40MT vehicle.As a result, fuel efficiency has been improved, and NA / 5AGS vehicles have achieved the "27 fuel efficiency standard + 20%" for the first time in a light cab van, and NA / 5MT vehicles have achieved the "27 fuel efficiency standard" respectively. The "17 emission standard 75% reduction level (☆☆☆☆)" has been expanded to include NA / 5MT vehicles in addition to NA / 5AGS vehicles and has been certified.
Place the instrument panel drink holder in the appropriate positionSmartphoneA storage space is secured by arranging a center middle tray that can hold items and a front door pocket that can store A4 size documents, and two A4 files above the front seats for "PC", "JOIN", and "JOIN turbo". Equipped with an overhead shelf that can store thin box tissue.Utility nuts compatible with dealer-installed accessories are set on the upper and side of the luggage compartment, and the door handle of the rear sliding door is changed to a vertical type.While expanding the wheelbase by 2mm, the minimum turning radius is suppressed to 30m, and it has excellent small turning performance. The first light bonnet van for all grades except 4.1MT cars and "GA"Collision damage reduction brake"Vehicles equipped with radar brake support" with false start suppression function, emergency stop signal, and ESP set as a manufacturer option ("PA" and "PC" 5AGS vehicles have 4 wheels when this option is set. ABS is also equipped at the same time).
Every Wagon has expanded the interior length and height, and changed the front seats to bench seats.As with Every, the amount of seat slide in the front seats has been increased.In addition, the distance between the front and rear occupants has been increased to 1,080 mm by using a long wheelbase and increasing the amount of rear seat slide.The engine is replaced with the R06A engine with intercooler turbo specifications like the "JOIN turbo" of Every, and the torque capacity of the transmission is optimized to improve fuel efficiency.Usability is also improved, and it is equipped with a utility nut like Every, and also equipped with a luggage board stay.In addition, the "PZ Turbo Special" will continue to be equipped with the electric auto step on the left side of the rear seats, which was equipped in the second generation.Spacia / Spacia CustomThe one-action power slide door (with pinch prevention function, "PZ turbo" on the left side of the rear seat (passenger seat side), "PZ turbo special" on both sides of the rear seat) and the vehicle speed reached about 15km / h. Equipped with a vehicle speed-linked auto door lock that sometimes automatically locks all doors.The appearance was different between the "JP Turbo" and "PZ Turbo" / "PZ Turbo Special" when it was upgraded to the 5th generation 5 type, but the common design using the two-line front grille and front hood garnish ("PZ" "Turbo" and "PZ Turbo Special" are unified to plating specifications).Five body colors are available, including the new "Gardening Aqua Metallic" and "Moonlight Violet Pearl Metallic (optional color)".Including the collision damage mitigation brake "Radar Brake Support", which is the first light cab wagon, the false start suppression function, emergency stop signal, and ESP are standard equipment on all models.In addition, the front outer door handle has been changed from the previous grip type to a flap type for reasons such as cost reduction.
In addition, the bumper built-in rear combination lamp, which was only available on the Every high roof car in the previous generation, has been expanded to the Every standard roof car "GA" and the Every Wagon.LEDTurned into
For genuine car navigation of dealer accessories,Spacia / Spacia Custom,Hustler,8th generation AltoFollowing on from Suzuki, four wide DIN size (width 4 mm) wide navigation models, which are the fourth model, have been set.[36], Commercially available wide DIN size car navigation can also be installed by changing the instrument panel audio garnish to the dealer accessory audio exchange garnish (wide DIN compatible).
October 2015th, 4
Changed the specifications of Every.In response to the change in the classification of fuel efficiency standards, NA / 2WD / 5AGS vehicles achieved "27 fuel efficiency standard + 25%" and NA / 2WD / 5MT vehicles achieved "27 fuel efficiency standard + 5%".In addition, the turbo car "JOIN Turbo" is also "2 fuel efficiency standard + 5%" for 27WD / 10MT vehicles, "2 fuel efficiency standard + 4%" for 4WD / 5AT vehicles and 27WD / 5MT vehicles, 4WD / 4AT. Each car has achieved the "27 fuel efficiency standards".
October 2015th, 6
Full model change of "wheelchair mobile vehicle" of welfare vehicle "with series" for the first time in about 9 years and 4 months[37](Every Wagon's "wheelchair-accessible vehicle" will begin production in August of the same year).
In common, the slope is integrated with the tailgate to make it easy to open and close, and the equipped electric winch adds a free mode that allows the belt to be pulled out quickly.In addition, a three-point seatbelt for wheelchair occupants and an orange-colored H-shaped handrail are standard equipment, and the fixed belt is a four-point type.
The rear seats of the "Wheelchair-Specified Vehicle" of Every Wagon have been changed to a left-right split type.By folding the rear seat on the driver's side, four people can ride even when riding in a wheelchair, and like the base car, radar brake support, false start suppression function, emergency stop signal, and ESP are standard equipment to enhance safety performance.Every's "wheelchair-accessible vehicle" has standardized the auxiliary seat, which was set as a manufacturer's option, as the rear seat on the passenger side, and changed the transmission from 4AT to 3AGS.
October 2015th, 9
2015Good Design AwardAnnounced that it won the award (for Suzuki's four-wheeled vehicle)8th generation Alto, 3th generationAltra bread,SX4 S-CROSS,4th Solio / 2nd Solio BanditAwarded at the same time)[38].
October 2015th, 12
Partially changed the specifications of 5AGS vehicles except "JOIN", and at the same time released special specification vehicles "PA Limited" and "PC Limited" ("PC Limited" started production in February 2016)[39].
With 4-wheel ABSStart on a slopeEquipped with hill hold control as standard equipment to prevent time retreat.At the same time, the "vehicles equipped with radar brake support" in the catalog grade have been changed to the settings only for "JOIN" 5AGS vehicles and "JOIN turbo" 4AT vehicles (vehicles equipped with "radar brake support" for "PA" and "PC". ] Also included 4-wheel ABS, so this specification change means that 4-wheel ABS has become standard equipment).
In addition, the special specification car is specially equipped with equipment that is one grade higher than the base car, and "PA Limited" is based on "PA" and is a radio keyless entry (hazard lamp answer back). With), smoked glass (rear door, quarter, back door), glass with full UV cut function, security alarm system, "PC Limited" is based on "PC", electric retractable remote control door mirror (colored, passenger side is Specially equipped with side under mirrors, heated door mirrors for 4WD vehicles), CD player (with FM / AM radio), and front 2 speakers.In addition, for both "PA Limited" and "PC Limited", the 5AGS car has a special option "car with radar brake support" which was abolished in the base car.
2016 May 3
Partially improved 5AGS vehicles (including "wheelchair mobile vehicles" and special specification vehicles "PA Limited" and "PC Limited") ("Wheelchair mobile vehicles" will be on sale on April 4)[40].
The 2015-speed start mode, which was adopted in advance for Carry's 8AGS vehicles in August 5, is newly standard equipment.This mode can be operated by the changeover switch provided on the instrument panel when the driving mode is set to D (drive) mode, realizing a smooth and comfortable ride when starting with an empty load or light load.CreepThe driving force of time has also been strengthened.
October 2016th, 11
2015AT cars added to the special specification cars "PA Limited" and "PC Limited" released in December 12[41].
The AT car equipped with the NA engine has been set for the first time in about 6 year and 1 months since the full model change to the 9th generation, and the number of transmissions has been increased to 5 types including the existing 5MT and 3AGS cars.In addition to the above-mentioned engine changes and weight reduction, the JC4 mode fuel efficiency is improved compared to the 5th generation 3AT car (improved model in April 2013) by increasing the number of stages to the same 4-speed as the turbo car (improved model in April 08). It has been improved by 2km / L for 1.6WD vehicles and 4km / L for 1.2WD vehicles. Achieve each.Also, as with the 2AGS vehicle, it is possible to install a set option of radar brake support, ESP, false start suppression function, and emergency stop signal.
2017 May 5
4AT car added[42].
4AT cars that were previously set only for turbo cars "JOIN Turbo" and special specification cars "PA Limited" and "PC Limited" are now "GA" 2WD cars and "PA", "PC", "JOIN", It has also been set as a "wheel drive vehicle" (the 4AT vehicle of the "wheel drive vehicle" will be released on June 6). "JOIN" 16AT cars will also have radar brake support, ESP, false start suppression function, and emergency stop signal set options.
At the same time, the rear seats (integrated type) of "GA", "PA", and "PC" have been improved.Eliminates the overhang of the floor when the luggage compartment is flat, improving loadability.
2018 May 6
On June 6, the same year, it was announced that the cumulative domestic sales of the series from the first "Suzulight Carry Van" (including the predecessor model name and wagon) reached 15 million units.
At the same time, the "PC", "JOIN", "JOIN turbo" and the special specification car "PC Limited" are the 11th generation body color.Carry/ Super Carry 3rd generationJimny / Jimny SierraSet color "Nocturne Blue Pearl",HustlerSet color "Cool Khaki Pearl Metallic", Every WagonSpacia CustomAn additional setting of the set color "Moonlight Violet Pearl (optional color," JOIN "and" JOIN Turbo "only)" was also announced (sales started on June 6, the same year).[43].
2019 May 6
Partially changed specifications[44],To Takagi(Momoiro Clover Z) Started broadcasting TV commercials.
Safety equipment has been strengthened, and the collision damage mitigation brake has been changed to a stereo camera type "dual camera brake support" that also supports detection of pedestrians at night.Lane deviation warning function, Stagger warning function, preceding vehicle start notification function, high beam assist added.In addition, on the rear bumperUltrasoundBy installing the sensor, the rear parking sensor and the "reverse brake support", which is the first collision damage mitigation brake for reverse use in the light cab van / wagon, have been added, and the false start suppression function is compatible with the rear as well as the front.In addition to the EVERY Wagon, which has been standard equipment, the EVERY 4AT and 5AGS vehicles of the "JOIN" and 4AT vehicles of the "JOIN Turbo" are now standard equipment, including the equipment that was previously set as an option. By setting the manufacturer's options for "PA" and "PC" (excluding 5MT vehicles) as "Suzuki Safety Support", the option settings for safety equipment that had been abolished once have been restored ("PA" and "PC"). When "Suzuki Safety Support" is attached to "PC", the auto light systemTachometer-A self-luminous meter [always lit] is also equipped, and 4AT cars are also equipped with hill hold control, which is standard equipment on 5AGS cars).
The body color of the Every Wagon has been partially replaced, and instead of the "Gardening Aqua Metallic", the "Cool Khaki Pearl Metallic", which is also set for some grades of the aforementioned Every, has been set.
Every has also equipped the "PA" with an overhead shelf.In addition, due to the abolition of the "GA" 2WD / 5AGS vehicles and the "PC" 5AGS vehicles, the 5AGS vehicles are now available only in "PA" and "JOIN".
In addition, the EVERY special specification cars "PA Limited" and "PC Limited" will continue to be sold due to the specification change of the base grade, but the "PC Limited" 5AGS car has been abolished as well as the base grade.
October 2019th, 8
Partially changed the specifications of the "wheelchair mobile vehicle" set for the welfare vehicle "With Series"[45].
As with the base vehicle, safety equipment has been strengthened, and the Every Wagon "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle" has changed the collision damage mitigation brake to a stereo camera type "dual camera brake support", as well as a lane departure warning function, a stagger warning function, and a preceding vehicle start. Notification function, high beam assist, auto light system, and hill hold system are newly standard equipment.Every "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle" is equipped as standard with the erroneous start suppression function, ESP, and emergency stop signal in addition to the equipment contents of the Every Wagon "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle".
Every Wagon "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle" has a maker option setting of electric auto step that operates in conjunction with the opening and closing of the rear seat left sliding door, and the body color is replaced with "Gardening Aqua Metallic" like the base vehicle, "Cool Khaki" "Pearl metallic" was set.
The setting of 5AGS has been abolished for the Every "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle", and only the same 4AT setting as the Every Wagon "Wheelchair Mobile Vehicle" has been set.
Changed the specifications of Every Wagon.
Corresponds to the exhaust gas / fuel consumption rate in WLTC mode (Compliant with 30 emission regulations).
October 2021th, 9
Partial specification change (4 type, catalog grade will be released on September 9th, wheelchair mobile vehicle will be released on October 13th)[46].
Every (including wheelchair-accessible vehicles) has acquired WLTP (International Harmonized Light Vehicle and Fuel Economy Test Law) certification and complies with laws and regulations (fuel consumption rate in JC08 mode is also shown).As a result, 4AT and 5AGS vehicles equipped with NA engines have newly acquired the "30 emission standard 50% reduction level (☆☆☆☆)".The fuel consumption rate in JC08 mode was improved for 4WD / 5MT vehicles and "JOIN" 2WD / 5MT vehicles, while other grades and specifications were reduced, so the 27 fuel efficiency standard is + 5% for 15AGS vehicles only. It was achieved.In addition, safety equipment has been expanded, and the setting of "Suzuki Safety Support" has been expanded to 5MT vehicles, standard equipment on "JOIN", and manufacturer options on "PA", "PA Limited", and "PC".The auto light system and ESP have been separated from "Suzuki Safety Support" and expanded to all grades including 5MT vehicles as standard equipment. For "JOIN" and "JOIN Turbo"Discharge headlampManufacturer option settings have been added.In terms of equipment, 4AT carsParking brakeHas been changed from a foot-operated type to the same lever type as 5MT and 5AGS vehicles, the power window (front) has been expanded to "PA Limited", and USB power sockets (2) have been installed in grades other than "PA". Plated front hood garnish on "JOIN" and "JOIN Turbo"[47]Was installed.
Every Wagon (including wheelchair-accessible vehicles) is stoppedIdling stopIn addition to improving the fuel consumption rate by equipping the system as standard equipment, USB power sockets (2) were added as in EVERY, and the driver's seat heater was expanded to 2WD vehicles.
With this partial specification change, the grade system was reviewed, and instead of abolishing the standard roof "GA", the special specification car "PA Limited" was promoted to the catalog grade, and "JOIN Turbo" Since the setting of 5MT was abolished, it became a grade exclusively for 4AT.The standard roof of the "JP Turbo" has been abolished for the Every Wagon, and it has become a grade exclusively for the high roof.

Origin of car name

Suzuki says that every means "anywhere" in English, and was named after a one-box car that has both high loading capacity and lightness to drive sharply.[48]..However, the English word that originally means "everywhere" is "everywhere", and every has only the meaning of "everywhere".

Regarding the katakana notation, the light truck of the sister car, which is the source, "CarryLike "Every"I(The last letter is lowercase) "" EveryーThere are quite a few examples of misrepresentations such as "(long sound)".


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OEM(OHM,British: original equipment manufacturer) Is for other companiesbrand OfProductThe製造Or thatCompanyIs[1].. In Japanese, "Manufacturer (consignor) brand name manufacturing"[2], "Delivery destination (contractor)商標Contract manufacturing byTranslationIs done.

About the name

EnglishIn the original sense, the original meaning simply means a company that manufactures its own products.English-speaking countriesEven in the case of OEM manufacturing of other brand products,SaleAlso has the meaning of a company[3].

In addition,JapaneseIn addition to the original meaning of "OEM,"Agreement"," OEM生産"OEM ◯◯" such as "" and "OEM sales"word,the termIs misused as.

"original equipment manufacturingIt is understood as an abbreviation for "to manufacture products of other brands"about, But the meaning of the word "OEM" itself and laterDerivationThere is also a change in the meaning of “OEM◯◯”.


OEMConsumer electronics,Food,AutomobileManufacturerVariousIndustryIt is used in. The selling brandDistribution industryIn the case ofPrivate brandOften called (PB).

The reason for OEMMarketDepending on the season, it can be roughly divided into three.[4]

  1. MarketIs the time to start. ManufacturingTechnology,ラ イ ンFor companies that do not have the product, by receiving OEM supply until the start of in-house manufacturing, it is possible to bridge the difference in the time to market with other companies.
  2. The stage when the market has reached the growth stage. Outsource to other companies when the company's production capacity cannot keep up.
  3. When the market declines. Low withdrawal from in-house productioncostIt will be possible to supply products to the market.

中小企业な どSales forceThere is also a merit that the sales force of OEM customers can be utilized for the weak companies.

On the other hand, outsourcing contractors reduce the profit margin by outsourcing production and there is a risk of technology outflow.[2][4].. For production contractors, there is a disadvantage that OEM production alone does not penetrate the market to their own brand, and the production volume depends on the contractors.[1].

In the field of the automobile industry, it may mean an automobile manufacturer (including its own brand) for a supplier, which is different from normal usage.This is because the term is defined as such in IATF 16949, the international standard for quality management systems.As a company that does not have its own brand and specializes in consignment production from other companiesMagna SteyrThere is.Also, in the English-speaking world, what is called OEM for automobile parts is almost the same as genuine Japanese parts in the sense that it is a part made by the same manufacturer as the parts (original equipment) at the time of new car manufacturing.


1950 eraToIBMMade in the companyCoined wordAnd,1960 From the late teensDECFor company controlMini computerAs an industry definition forThe United States of AmericaでOEMIt is thought that the word is gradually being used[5][6][7][8].

AmericanComputer,Electronic partsAnother computer manufacturer B (hereinafter “contractor B”) who purchased a general-purpose computer from the computer manufacturer A (hereinafter “contractor A”), which has been used by the industry, has its own technical (hardware,softwareValue-added, unique or specific (as opposed to generic)FeaturesWith a product that hasValue-added reseller(VAR[9]) As the manufacturer who put the product on the market. In this way, literally, the words "manufacturer (contractor B) that makes products (devices) with originality and originality"OEMHas a history of being used. "OEM" in this era literally means "manufacturer",capitalThere were no relationships, contract manufacturing, contracts for sales alliances, etc., and they were separate corporate activities.

OEMCoined wordWas built as1960 eraAlready aroundmain frameAnd smallComputerbyOffice work,Accounting,SalaryThe so-called clerical processing was widely performed. on the other hand,control,measurement,Production controlSo-calledSecondary industry Of生産On-site orResearchMany in the fieldmachine,machineIt was done using, but it was not an integrated combination of these.PDP-8These were organically linked by the advent of minicomputers such asapparatus,システムThe vendor B himself learned this independently and made good use of conventional techniques and technologies.original equipment"A unique device/system"Differentiation strategyIt came to be possible as.

Diversification of forms and usage

Historically, not only computer manufacturer A, but a method by which manufacturers of various devices encourage vendor B to switch to "OEM" as a differentiation strategy and sales strategy gradually spread. As an example,SonyThen.1980 3.5 inches in the early teensfloppy diskdriveEquipped withWord processorWhen it was released, it was working to become OEM on Manufacturer B as a popularization and sales strategy for the floppy disk drive itself, and at this time the expressions "OEM supply" and "OEM business" are used.[10].. originallyCoined wordIsthe term"OEM" represented Supplier B,de factoBecause of the term, the interpretation and usage have changed from the perspective of the manufacturer, contract manufacturer, seller, and consumer.

The term "OEM"1980 eraFrom the latter half of the year, the computer manufacturer C (hereinafter “contractor C”) outsources the manufacturing to a distributor D (hereinafter “contractor D”)brandIt is used in various ways including "OEM", "OEM", "OEM product", "OEM supply", "OEM source", "OEM destination", etc. ing. In addition, E (for OEM)equipment) Indicates a device or a relatively large device or machine,equipment It has become widely accepted as a usage and term for a wide range of devices, products and product fields that are considered to be non-compliant. For example,Automotive industryIn some cases, "OEM source" and "OEM destination" are used, but there is controversy over whether a completed car can be called a device or equipment.

In addition, the manufacturer companyOEM original, Supply companiesOEM destinationIt is often called, but conversely, the company that outsources manufacturing is sometimes called the OEM source, and the company that outsources it is sometimes called the OEM destination.

on the other hand,ODM There is a term (original design manufacturer), which means "product design/production (person) under a partner (consignor) brand". When the main business category is that the contractor C goes from designing to manufacturing and provides it to the contractor D, or when the contractor D entirely depends on the contractor C from the design stage to purchase and sell the product, the contractor C Is called ODM. For example, many in TaiwanSemiconductor foundryThe semiconductor manufacturing companies are more "ODM companies" than "OEM companies".

In recent years, in addition to mutual supply and reversal of OEM source and OEM destination, there are also products that can be called "two-stage OEM" that are further OEM-supplied in order to sell OEM products received from other companies under the brand of other companies. It is like this.

Other brands

In manufacturing contracts that meant “manufacturing products from other companies' brands,” they used to be shunned by product suppliers because they manufacture competitor brands. But in the 1980sVTR warIs started,VHSIs a campNippon Victor(CurrentJVC Kenwood) AndMatsushita Electric Industrial (currently Panasonic)Manufacturers such as VHS camp other companiesVTRWill be supplied.The dawn of this VTR was exactly when the first market mentioned above was launched by OEM.

DVD recorderDue to the spread of digital AV equipment such as South Korea,ChugokuIt has been shifting to OEM outsourcing manufacturing to manufacturers outside Japan.

It is not clear that a product manufactured by one manufacturer as a brand of another company and put on the market under the brand of the seller is an OEM product and the manufacturer is another person. For example in the pastGEThe brand VTRMatsushita Electronics Co., Ltd. (currently PHC)Manufactured inInstruction ManualsBoxed and shipped to GEOutputWas sold[11].


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