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🚄 | Tokyo Monorail 1000 series chartered bay night view train tour …… Turn off the lights inside the train and drive slowly at the night view point


Chartered Gulf night view train tour with Tokyo Monorail 1000 series …… Turn off the lights inside the train and drive slowly at the night view point

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The monorail, which is usually used as a "means of transportation" for commuting to work / school or going to the airport, is quickly transformed into a sightseeing train.

Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tennozu Sea Fort Square, Tokyo Mega Illumination (Oi Racecourse), Haneda Airport ... → Continue reading

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Tourist train

Tourist trainWhat is (Kankoresha)?Railway operator TourismTrains that operate for the purpose of, and owned for that purposeRailway carThat is.


The definition of the same "tourist train" depends on the person who defines it.

Major travel agencyJTBJTB Research Institute, a think tank of Japan, defines a sightseeing train as "a train whose purpose is to ride, such as elaborating the interior and exterior and allowing you to travel while enjoying the taste."[1][2].. On the other hand,Nara Prefectural UniversityProfessor Katsuhiro Shinno (Transport Economics / Transportation Policy / Tourist Destination Transportation)Japan Private Railway AssociationIn his contribution to the public relations magazine, "trains used by tourists (whether or not the purpose is a railroad)" is broadly defined as a tourist train, from tourists to sightseeing of the vehicle itself. It states that the definition itself has changed[2].

In addition, as a vehicle with a special interior and exteriorJoyful TrainHowever, according to the aforementioned Shinno, this is "Group travelPart of the serviceIn that respect, it is different from a sightseeing train.[2]..However, the sightseeing trainGroup trainBecause it is sometimes operated as a joyful train and the distinction between the two is ambiguous, railway hobby magazines may confuse the two.[3].

As described above, the definition of "sightseeing train" as a term is a little complicated, so in this section, all the ones that the business operator uses "sightseeing train" or similar names are described.


The first time I used the current meaning of "sightseeing train"1990 ToJR EastAppeared in "Nostalgic view trainIs[4]..The train is almost different from the previous "Joyful Train"Gonō senIt was operated only in.Since the train was well received,Resort ShirakamiIt was taken over as2000 eraWhen you enter, you can see "On other JR East routes.Twinkle""Glitter MichinokuIn addition to the follow-up examples, similar trains have begun to operate in JR Hokkaido and JR West.

2010 eraIn order to increase the number of passengers and promote tourist spots along the railway lines, such trains were born one after another on local private railways.Also, in JR, "Izu Crail"Or"Iyo Nada MonogatariAll carsGreen carSeveral trains have appeared, and there are cases of new directions to enjoy luxury.

List of current tourist trains

JR companies → List by region.There are cases of names for vehicles and cases of names for trains, but no particular distinction is made here.It also includes those with names similar to tourist trains.

In addition, although some local tourism bureaus and news sites independently call them "tourist trains," only those called by the business operator are listed here.

JR companies

Hokkaido Passenger Railway (JR Hokkaido)

  • The name tourist train is often used, but a list of trains and rolling stock has not been published as of 2020.However, in past announcements, the vehicle used for sightseeing trains was "Limited express railcar type""General railcar typeIt was written by classifying it into three types, "Other".[5].

East Japan Railway (JR East)

Tokai Passenger Railway (JR Tokai)

  • Unexplored stationThe term "sightseeing train" is used uniformly for special trains whose main purpose is to board trains, such as tours.JR Tokai does not have special vehicles for sightseeing, so all373 seriesDriven by general vehicles such as[11].

West Japan Railway (JR West)

Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku)

Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu)

Other railway operators

Donan Isaribi Railway

  • As a "regional information transmission train"Kiha 40 typeRemodeled "Nagarare, And operates on the sightseeing train "Nagare Kaikyo" in addition to regular trains.

Akita Inland Transit Railway

Seibu Railway

Shinano Railway

Toyama regional railway

Ainokaze Toyama Railway

  • As a sightseeing train413 seriesRemodeled "XNUMX thousand shaku story”, And operates mainly on Saturdays and holidays[21].

Noto Railway

  • For tourist trainsNT300 typeOwns, mainly on Saturdays and holidaysNoto Satoyama SatoumiOperates as[22]..On days when tourist trains are not in operation, they will be connected to regular trains.

Kinki Nippon Railway

Nagara Railway

Tarumi Railway

  • As a sightseeing trainHaimo 330-700 typeRemodeled "NeogawaAnd operates on a regular train of the same name[26].

Kyoto Tango Railway

Hankyu Corporation

Nankai Electric Railway

Wakasa Railway

  • As a sightseeing trainWT3000 typeRemodeled "Showa"Yazu"Young cherry blossomIs owned and operated by regular regular trains[31].

Okayama Electric Track

Tosa Kuroshio Railway

West Japan Railway

Heisei Chikuho Railway

Hisatsu Orange Railway

Past tourist trains

East Japan Railway Company (past)

Central Japan Railway Company (past)

West Japan Railway Company (past)

Kumakawa Railway

  • The following tourist trains have existed in the past.The former has been discontinued due to aging vehicles and the latter has decreased the number of passengers, and there are currently no tourist trains on the Kumagawa Railway.


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