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🚗 | New car "Honda New Civic" purchase budget 300 million yen to 350 million yen, representative of hot hatch "Folk ...

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With a purchase budget of 300 million yen to 350 million yen for the new "Honda New Civic", the representative hot hatch "Folk ..."

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The 2021th generation Honda Civic, which went on sale on August 8, 11. 5 doors & 1.5 petrol turbo only ... → Continue reading

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Honda Civic Type R

Honda civic > Honda Civic Type R
Type R > Honda Civic Type R

Civic Type R(CIVIC TYPE-R) IsHonda Motor Co., Ltd.Was producing and sellinghatchbackMold,Sports sedanType ofOrdinary passenger car.


NSX type R,Integra Type Rfollowed by,Type RThis is the third in the series. 3th generation and laterHonda civicBased onengine,suspensionThis is a tuned model, and in the 3rd generation, Japanese and European models with different packages were prepared.Although it is based on the Civic, it is very popular both in Japan and overseas as a high-performance model that can run at high speeds on the circuit.

First EK9 type (1997-2001)

1997 May 8, "Type R" was added to 6 doors during the minor model change of the 3th generation Civic[1].

The engine delivers 185PS / 8,200rpmZoneEquipped with a mold, 5 speedMTWas combined.Like the other "Type R", the weight of the car body has been reduced,Aero Parts,RecaroMadeBucket seat,PeachMadeSteering(SRSAirbagWith),TitaniumEquipped with a shift knob made of made, championship white of exclusive body color, etc.The production factory is Suzuka Seisakusho.

1998 May 9Has undergone minor changes along with other Civic series[2](Released on September 9th), exterior (headlights, front bumpers, front fenders, tail lamps, etc.) and audio design (expansion from 4DIN size to 1DIN size) have been changed, and the air conditioner panel has also been redesigned.

1999 May 12"Type R / X" is added to[3].CD playerWith AM/FM electronic tuner + 4 speakers (front: 2, rear: 2), body-colored electric retractable door mirror, power window, manual air conditioner, keyless entry system, aluminum pad sports pedal, dedicated color carbon tone panel It is a type with enhanced equipment.

2000 7th generationSmart civicHas appeared, but this will be continued production and sales.

2001 11[4]Production ended in December, and sales ended in December, replacing the second generation.

Second generation EP2 type (3-2001)

A year after the 7th generation Civic's full model change2001 May 12In Japan, sales have started.The concept is "Dangan (bullet) Hot Hatch". Developed with the themes of "New Brit Form", "Exciting Performance", and "Safety & Ecology"[6].The United KingdomHonda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM)SwindonProduced in the factory[7]The base model is a 3-door hatchback, and it will be exported to Japan from there.Imported carIt was treated.

Will be installedK20A typeThe "R-spec" engine developed for Type R, with specifications of 215PS / 8,000rpm and 20.6kgf ・ m / 7,000rpm.Integra Type RAlthough it has the same engine as the (DC5), there is a difference of 5 horsepower due to the difference in the exhaust system. 6-speed MTshift leverCan be said to be differentinstrument panelAlthough it is arranged in, such a shape was adopted by making it the same arrangement as the AT model.

The dealer is the same as a normal CivicPrimo storeSo, in the Japanese specification, two grades, standard specification and C package, were prepared. In addition to the standard specifications, the C package is equipped with comfortable equipment such as an auto air conditioner and power windows, and is positioned in the same way as the "Type R / X" in the predecessor model.

2004 May 1ToMinor changesEnforce17 exhaust gas regulationsAnd some equipment and coloring settings will be changed.[8].. The latter-half model has about 1,000 units sold, and the silver unit is rare, with about 10% of the sales.

The popularity of 3-door hatchback cars was low in Japan during this period, and the one-make race that continued from the 2nd generation Civic was not paid much attention because the model was changed to Integra.As a result, sales were sluggish at 4,735 units, and the late model after minor changes was just under 1,000 units, making it a rarer car than the FN2 model, which was later sold exclusively.For this reason, there are extremely few opportunities to see it in the city compared to other Civic Type R, and even if you like cars, there are even people who do not know the existence of EP3 type, and it is said that "the presence is the weakest in the successive Type R" There is also.On the other hand, it is popular overseas, and it is popular in rallies and touring car races, especially in the UK.BTCCWas active in.

2005 May 9The import was completed in August 8 before the full model change to the 2005th generation Civic.

3rd generation FD2 type (2007-2010)

Japanese spec car/sedan FD2 type (2007-2010)

Up to the first and second generations, it was a 2 number size with a total width of 1,695 mm according to the base model, but since this generation the body exceeds 5 mm in total width, it will be a 1700 number size.2006 Launched the official website from October,F1Japan GPWas heldSuzuka CircuitPromotional activities were carried out before the product was released, including the prototype being exhibited at.2007 May 3Launched in. The Integra 4-door type R is also the first 6-door type R in 4 years since it was discontinued, and it was the first Civic type R to appear in 2 years. Model is ABA-FD2.

While adopting the K2A type as in the second generation, the engine blockAccord Euro RThe intake and exhaust system has been reviewed and the compression ratio has been improved, and the maximum output is 5PS / 7rpm, which is 220PS higher than the 225PS of the Integra Type R (DC8,000) and Accord Euro R (CL5).Depending on the rotation range, there is a region where the output is improved by 10PS or more.Body rigidity is improved by about 50% compared to Integra Type R.18-inch tires with a special compoundPOWER The RE-070 was adopted, and the suspension was set to be very hard so that the tires would surely catch the ground. Furthermore, torque-sensitive LSD andBremboEquipment such as brake calipers and brake cooling ducts made for sports driving are made. For the interior, Honda's original Rspec seat, which is based on the Type R seat for Europe, has been adopted instead of the Recaro seat that has been used so far. The engine start switch uses the first push start system in the Type R.

As mentioned above, it has been widened to 3 number size, but the sedan type body makes it easier to use than the conventional 3-door hatchback type. This has succeeded in gaining household users. After the launch, the number of orders received in one month was about 1 units, showing a smooth start[9].

On September 2007, 9, the Civic One-Make Race Base Vehicle (special edition for competition) was released. Honda Exciting Cup One Make Race 13[10]Will be the base car of.

2008 OfTokyo Auto SalonThen HondaModulo"Sports Modulo Type R" with attached parts[11]And M-TEC has further tuned the "MUGEN RR" "MUGEN RR Experimental Spec"[12]We exhibited concept cars such as.

2008 May 9A minor change was made. Two new body colors, "Crystal Black Pearl", custom-made color "Premium White Pearl" and "Premium Deep Violet Pearl", and custom-made colors have been added, and "Vivid Blue Pearl" has been abolished.

2010 May 4, Announced the end of production due to difficulty in complying with exhaust gas regulations, and ended production in August of the same year[13].

Sold in September 2010.


2007 May 6,M-TECBut"Honda CIVIC MUGEN RR"announced[14].. Limited to 300 unitsMay 9Sold from, and sold out just 10 minutes after the application started. Due to the refinement of the engine, including the exclusive camshaft, and the drastic changes in the intake and exhaust systems, the maximum output has increased by 15PS to 240PS. In addition, the bonnet is made of aluminum, and the front bumper and rear wing are made of carbon, resulting in a weight reduction of about 15 kg compared to the normal type R. The large diffuser, front panel, and variable rear wing make it possible to achieve a negative lift, which is unprecedented for a commercial vehicle, and it has achieved extremely high driving stability due to its dedicated brake and suspension. The body color is "Milan Red" only, and a lot of red is also incorporated into the interior. The price is 477 yen.

European model, hatchback FN2 type (2007-2012)

It is a 8-door hatchback based on the 3th generation European specification Civic (3rd generation European exclusive model). In 2006Geneva Motor ShowThe prototype was exhibited at, and it was released in 2007. It will be produced in England as well as the second generation.

The engine whose format has been changed to "K20Z" has a maximum output of 201PS / 7,800rpm, which is more modest than EP3 / FD2, but has power characteristics that are easy to handle in everyday life.A 6-speed MT is combined with this.The vehicle weight is 1,267 kg.The suspension is a strut suspension at the front and a strut suspension at the rear.Torsion beam suspension.. The interior conforms to the 8th generation European specification Civic, and is located near the shift lever.serial numberEntered plate is arranged. There are two grades, "TYPE R" and "TYPE R GT". "TYPE R GT" is an air conditioner with independent temperature adjustment for the driver and passenger seats.Cruise controlEquipped with curtain airbags.

On November 2008, 11, it was announced that it will be released in Japan in the spring of 20 in a limited number,Global financial crisisThe sale was postponed due to the suspension of operation of the British factory due to the influence of. Then, on November 2009, 11TYPE R EUROThe 2009 model is limited to 2,010 units and is now on sale in Japan.The number of units by color is 1,050 for white, 810 for red, and 150 for silver.

On August 2010, 8, it announced that the Civic Type R will be discontinued at the end of 10 in most of Europe. Production will continue and will continue to be sold in markets where Euro 2010 does not apply, as it is unable to meet the EU's new emission regulations[16].

On October 2010, 10, the 28 model was launched with a limited number of 2010 units. Newly adopted black mesh front mesh grille, dark chrome plated front grille frame, outer door handle, fuel lid, and changed the serial plate for 1,500 model only. Body colors were added, and the number of vehicles by color was 2010 white, 850 black and 500 red.

2012 In June, sales in Japan ended.

4th generation FK2 type (2015-2016)

GermanyIn the northwestNürburgringFF vehicle in the world, aiming for the fastest2015 It was announced that it will be developed for the launch launch of. We have been participating since October 2012World Touring Car Championship(WTCC) technology is also diverted[17]..The vehicle is equipped with a newly developed K9C engine based on the 5th generation (FB type) European specification (20-door hatchback).First time in historyTurbochargerIn addition to the engine with a maximum output of 310ps, it has been announced that the maximum speed will reach 270km / h.[18]..Equipped with an idling stop system, fuel efficiency is also taken into consideration.However, unlike the conventional model, the vehicle weight is heavier than the base model due to the turbocharged engine and the increase in tire size.

In March 2015, the time was measured at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and recorded 3 minutes 7 seconds 50 seconds. In 63Renault Megane RS.275 Trophy RThe record time of the Nürburgring north course in mass-produced FWD vehicles was updated by 4 seconds, exceeding the time recorded by[19].. In September24 Hours of Le MansAppeared on the eve of the festival (city parade) and showed off the first public road run.

Shipment began in the UK on July 2015, 7[20].. In Japan, related information was pre-published on the website on September 9 of the same year.[21], Officially announced on October 10, the same year. Although it is a limited sale of 28 units, this time it is necessary to apply for business negotiations in advance at the time of purchase, there is no over-the-counter sales at dealers (dealers can not apply for business negotiations). The reception period is from October 750th to November 10th the following day, and if there are more than the limited number of business negotiation applications during the period, it will be drawn by lottery. The sale will be on December 29 of the same year.[22].. Also, the catalog is a digital catalog only, and no paper catalog is prepared. The number of 750 cars comes from the lap time of 7 minutes and 50 seconds at the Nürburgring.

5th generation FK8 type (2017-2021)

Held for 2017 days from January 1, 13Tokyo Auto SalonIn 2017, together with the sedan hatchback, the 5th type RprototypeWas first shown in Japan[23]..On June 6, the same year, it was announced that a special site (teaser site) will be released on the Honda homepage and will be officially announced in late July.[24].

On July 7 of the same year, officially announced the release of the fifth generation "TYPE R" in Japan with the hatchback sedan. Release will start from September 27th[25]..The "Civic" series in the Japanese market will be launched for the first time in seven years since the 8th generation, but the "TYPE R", which has been released in limited quantities in the past, has been sold since the 7th generation ended (sold out). It was the first time in about a year and a half.Unlike successive models, it will be sold year-round without limiting the number of units.

The performance of the Type R model so far has been enhanced by "retrofitting" based on the normal car, but this time the normal car and the Type R model were developed at the same time at the initial design stage, and the driving performance level of the normal car Both up and expansion of the practicality of Type R are achieved.Chassis has rear suspensionMulti-link suspensionIn addition to the change to, a new type of strut suspension called "Dual Axis Strut Suspension" is adopted for the front suspension.The K4C type is used for the engine as in the 20th generation, but the maximum output has been improved by 10PS (7kW) by improving the engine control. The 6-speed MT has been reduced to a low ratio, and a lightweight single-mass flywheel has been newly adopted.In addition, it is equipped with a rev match system that automatically adjusts the engine speed according to the deceleration operation, which is the first adoption in Honda vehicles, eliminating the need for accelerator operation during deceleration.The system can also be turned off.The drive mode, which allows you to instantly change the settings of control devices such as dampers, steering, and throttle by operating the mode switch, is now three modes, including "SPORT" and "+ R" plus "COMFORT".

In April 2017, he made a time attack on the Nürburgring North Course in Germany, following the fourth generation. At that time, he beat the Volkswagen Golf GTI Club Sports S, which was the fastest FF commercial vehicle at 4:4, and recorded a time of 7:47, regaining the fastest position in the FF commercial vehicle world.

There are two body colors, "Championship White" and "Crystal Black Pearl" that will be set continuously from the 4th generation, and "Frame Red" and "Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic" that are also set in "Hatchback". It became 2 colors development which added 2 colors.

On December 2020, 6,New coronavirus infectionAnnounced that the release of the minor change model scheduled for summer will be postponed due to the influence of production activities accompanying the expansion[26]..After that, on July 7, the same year, following the resumption of activities at the production base, it was announced that the release date will be October.[27].

On October 10th of the same year, a minor change of Japanese specifications and "Limited Edition" were officially announced (the minor change model will be released on October 8th, and the "Limited Edition" will be released on November 10th).[28]..The shape of the front bumper spoiler has been changed to increase the opening area of ​​the front grille to improve cooling performance and reduce downforce.A 2-piece floating disc brake has been adopted for the brake, reducing the unsprung weight.In addition, suspensions such as adaptive damper system control and suspension bushes and pole joints have been updated.On the skin of the steering wheelAlcantaraWas adopted, and the shift knob was changed to a teardrop shape.In addition, the safe driving support system "Honda SENSINGWas also equipped.The body color has been changed from "Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic" to the new color "Racing Blue Pearl", and the same new color "Polished Metal Metallic" has been added to develop five colors. "Limited Edition" uses 5-inch forged aluminum wheels made by BBS for the aluminum wheels to further reduce the unsprung weight, and the tires are 20-inch high-grip tires (MichelinChanged to "Pilot Sports Cup 2").Dedicated settings have been made to the adaptive damper system and EPS.The body color is set only for "Sunlight Yellow II".In addition, with this minor change, it depends on WLTC modeFuel consumption rateIn addition, in response to exhaust gas, we have obtained the "30 exhaust gas standard 75% reduction level (☆☆☆☆☆)" certification.

Prior to the full model change of the Civic to the 11th generation, sales were discontinued on July 2021, 7.In addition, when the 31th generation Civic was announced in Japan on August 8, the same year, it was revealed that the "Civic Type R" is scheduled to undergo a full model change in 5.[29].

Motor sports

Before the introduction of Type R, from the 1980s to the early 1990sJTCCIn the minimum displacement class of (All Japan Touring Car Championship), it sounds as a male of FF and is a rivalCorollaHas been overwhelming for 7 years[Source required]..However, since the appearance of the EK9 type, Honda has hardly performed works activities using Civic in Japan, so its high evaluation in motor sports was made by the activities of privateers in various places and sports-oriented automobile media. ..

From 2002BTCCIt was also introduced in the (British Touring Car Championship) and has won four driver's titles by 2020.

Honda in 2013WTCCParticipated in the (World Touring Car Championship) with the FK2 Civic.Italy was in charge of development and operation.In the first year, there were only Rada rivals, soHondaWon the manufacturer's title.After that, he continued to participate in the Civic specified by TC2017 until the end of the 1 series, but did not win the driver's title.

Before and after the end of the WTCC,TCRThe prescribed Civic also appeared.JAS is in charge of development as well as WTCC,2015 In addition to the FK2 type based TCR vehicle being made in2018 A vehicle based on the FK8 type was also developed in January of the same year.Dubai 24 Hour RaceDebuted in[30].. JAS is the successor to the WTCCWTCRAlso continues to participate in the Civic.

in Japan2017 ThanSuper endurance・ In addition to being introduced in the ST-TCR class2019 We are also participating in the "TCR Japan Series", which started the series.[30]..In Super TaikyuDomeThe Civic Type R TCR, which is run by, won the 2017/2018 class championship and is in second place in the series in 2019 as well.

Onboard engine


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