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🚗 | British Triumph Bond Edition — 007 New Bike Stunt

Photo Triumph Tiger 900 Bond Edition

British Triumph Bond Edition — 007 New Bike Stunt

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The frame, headlight finisher, side panels, sump guards, pillion footrest hangers, auxiliary lamp shrouds and engine guards all have a premium black finish.

British motorcycle maker Triumph announced on the 21st that it has a special specification "Tiger 900 Bond Edition ... → Continue reading


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Pillarbox (video technology)


In video technologyPillarbox(Pirabox,English : Pillar box) Is the display of video mediaScreen aspect ratioIn order to make the display compatible with other screen aspect ratio standards so that it will not be crushed and displayed in, there is a margin (usually black but a pattern) outside the originally shot image (image with a small aspect ratio). This is one of the display formats with the addition of) with margins added to the left and right of the screen.In Japan, the appearance is that the original image part has margin panels added to the left and right sides.Side panelIs called[1][2].

To similar termsLetter box,Frame broadcastingThere are (window boxes), but their general recognition as a term is lower than those, and they are sometimes confused with letterboxes, but they are different.

For details, refer to the article because it overlaps with the commentary article in the letterbox.

About the origin of the name

  1. The shape of the video part is (Pillarbox)It's similar to.
  2. The margins resemble a columnar mailbox (Pillar box).

There is a theory such as, but this kind of word is the same as the pillar boxVideo screenIs a word that describes the shape type ofLetter boxWe have created a new word that combines "○○" + "box" as a word that indicates the shape of the video screen, rather than applying the existing word "○○ box" like the window box (frame broadcasting). Things, that is, "PillarIt means "a screen on which a (Pillar) -shaped object is displayed".

Pillarbox in TV shows


  1. ^ Japan Private Broadcasting FederationSales Committee ・Japan Advertising AgencyTelevision Subcommittee (April 2008). “2 About the material to be carried in (PDF)". Standards for bringing in TV commercial materials during simulcast-From carrying in CM materials to returning-. National Association of Commercial Broadcasters. Pp. Page 3. October 2010th, 8Browse.
    Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (July 2003, 7). “13: 9 aspect ratio 1125/525 conversion (PDF)". Technical data ARIB TR-B25 1.0 versionAssociation of Radio Industries and Businesses. Pp. Page 3. As of July 2003, 7オ リ ジ ナ ルMore archives.October 2010th, 9Browse.
  2. ^ However, in English-speaking countries, other than the usage of "a format in which a side panel is added" in the explanation for explaining the video system, "side panel" or "side panel type" is a word that expresses the system itself. Such use is not generally done.

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