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🚗 | Luxury car "Crown" The next model was a false alarm on the SUV theory! ?? New full model change in 2022 ...

Photo "GA-L" platform for Toyota New Crown TNGA FR [Full model change on June 2018, 6]

Luxury car "Crown" The next model was a false alarm on the SUV theory! ?? New full model change in 2022 ...

If you write the contents roughly
The current Crown has undergone a full model change in a cycle of less than 14 years from its predecessor (6th generation).

The "Toyota Crown" has been leading Japanese luxury sedans for over 1955 years since its first debut in 65 ... → Continue reading

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Model change

Model changeIt is,Industrial productsUsed in generalthe termAnd of the productdesignAs a product that is different from the previous product toward the outside by making some major changes and improvementsSaleRefers to the case where it is done. However, the meaning differs slightly depending on the product category. Also, make major design changesFull model change(FMC), minor design changes and improvementsMinor model changeSometimes called (MMC, minor change).

  1. AutomobileInModel change: To move to the new model while keeping the model name. When the model name is changed, it is not called a model change. → "Model change (car)See.
  2. Household appliancesInModel change: Details in this section (see below).
  3. In other productsModel change: Has the same meaning as in the case of home appliances. However, there are many cases where the expression model change is not used.
  4. In cases that are not industrial productsModel change: There is an example of using the word model change as a metaphorical expression to express a major change or renewal. For minor changesMinor changesThere are also examples of using the expression.

Model change in home appliances

To improve performance by changing the design of the internal circuit,Planned obsolescenceThere are two meanings to promote sales. The definition is basically the same as the model change in automobiles, but the model change in automobiles is called a model change even if the product name is changed when shifting from the current model (old model) to the next model (new model). Is the biggest difference. On the other hand, the expression "minor model change" is rare. This is thought to be due to the short transition cycle to the new model (so-called model cycle), such as some products that undergo model changes in about one year, unlike automobiles.

To give a concrete example of model change of home appliances,Canon 2001 On October 10, the lineup of home-use inkjet printers was renewed to a new model, and at the same time, the product name was changed from "Wonder BJ" to "Wonder BJ".PIXUSThis is an example of changing to. Although the product name has changed, it is a good example of a clear "model change" in the sense that Canon's home-use inkjet printers have moved to a new model.

Minor model change

designThis refers to cases where the product has been improved or improved on a small scale, such as by changing or adding functions. However,Minor changesIt is more often called. In the case of a minor model change, of course, there are cases where the product name is not changed, but even if the product name is changed, it is often the case that a subname is attached.

The minor model change in automobiles is "Minor model change (minor change)"checking.

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