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✈ | Boeing builds first final assembly facility outside of North America in Australia

Photo Producing and assembling the Royal Wingman in Toowoomba

Boeing builds first final assembly facility outside of North America in Australia

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The Royal Wingman is an unmanned aerial vehicle that integrates an autonomous system and artificial intelligence, and is intended to complement and expand aerial combat and various missions.

Boeing will be the first priority construction site for an aircraft assembly facility outside of North America on Wednesday, September 2021, 9 ... → Continue reading


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Autonomous system

Autonomous systemOr,Autonomous systemWhat is (autonomous system)?システム(system) Has several meanings depending on what it stands for.


Drone(Mujinki, British: unmanned vehicle, uncrewed vehicle) Means that no one is on boardVehicleorTransport machinery.


There are the following things.

The operation may be performed autonomously by the machine or remotely controlled by a human.Especially the formerMech robotIt may be seen as a kind of.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

An aircraft that is unoccupied or cannot be ridden is called an unmanned aerial vehicle.In a broad senseRadio controlairplane, RChelicopterHowever, in the aviation field, what is called an "unmanned aerial vehicle" often refers to an aircraft of the same or similar scale as a manned aircraft.Some types are also called "drones"[1].

There are various purposes, but the most used one isMilitaryForU.S. ForcesEtcreconnaissanceOften used for.pilot BoardingBy not doing so, the risk of being shot down by the enemy is reduced.U.S. military unmanned bombing of Pakistan is controlled by the CIA at Kulich base in Nevada, U.S.A.[2].

A humanDoes not board, so no equipment necessary for life support is required, and it is manufactured and operated.costIs much cheaper than manned aircraft.However, some aircraft are more expensive than manned fighters (although "high-tech equipment instead of humans is expensive", not a quantitative comparison of human life and cost).

ManeuveringwirelessBy remote control or by flying a pre-programmed routeAutopilot..In addition to the programmatic autopilot, unmanned aerial vehicles used for military purposes include maneuvering equipment such as the cockpit of manned vehicles installed on the ground.It may be operated by several monitors and instruments, control sticks and pedals, fire control system, and other control equipment as if it were a manned vehicle.

Unmanned aerial vehicleAircraft manufacturing methodAccording to the regulations in, the loadable weight is the total takeoff weight (less than 100 kg) minus the aircraft weight.[3].

Unmanned probe

Unmanned spacecraft

As of 2017 on Earth,Spacecraft(Spacecraft) is mostly unmanned and manned (spacecraft)Space ship(Sometimes the word is used) is very small as a whole, and many of the spacecraft that people talk about are fiction.

In particularSpace probeIn the case of (space probe), most of the destinations are unrealistic to send people, or one-way missions that do not return.Planetary probeAll ofApollo projectAll exceptMonthThe exploration is unmanned.However, as a space probe in the far future, it seems that a large number of people will spend a considerable amount of time crossing the interstellar space.Daedalus ProjectThere is no such idea.

For details, refer to the items linked to.

Unmanned submersible

The nature of the development of unmanned submarines differs greatly between civilian and military aspects.When remote control is involved, radio waves do not reach, and ultrasonic waves are subject to transmission capacity restrictions, so most are wired.The autonomous type is gradually increasing.The format for remote control isROV Called (remotely operated underwater vehicles).

Private unmanned submersible

Private unmanned submarines are mainly sunken ships andSubmarine resources,deep seaIt is used for exploration of marine life.The operation is rarely performed automatically, and is exclusively operated remotely by a person.

deep seaIn, the water temperature is as low as a few degrees Celsius, and the tremendous water pressure is applied, so it can be quite risky for humans to go, and it is often described as "more adverse conditions than the universe" (in fact, in fact). For example, simply considering the pressure difference, in space it is sufficient to maintain an internal pressure of at most 1 atm, whereas in the deep sea it must withstand many times that external pressure).You have to get used to the pressurization / decompression chamber for days and then go back and forth.Diving clothesIs expensive and requires technology.AlsoDecompression sickness(By high pressureInside the bodyGot innitrogenHowever, if the pressure is reduced without taking enough time, it will appear as bubbles, which may be life-threatening in severe cases.)Nitrogen narcosis(Inside the bodyMelted innitrogenHowever, there is also a risk of diving-related injuries such as causing symptoms similar to <euphoria, etc.> under depth, and secondary risk of removing the respiratory maintenance device due to poor judgment).

For this purpose, it is used to attach cameras to unmanned submarines to investigate sunken ships and seabeds, and to bring back samples of seabed organisms and sediments.It is also used for preliminary surveys when conducting manned seafloor exploration.

Currently, research institutes in many countries own these unmanned submersibles.Submarine cableDevelopment is progressing so that it can also be used for inspections.

Also, for the purpose of unmanned patrol exploration of the ocean, etc.Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and TechnologyAn unmanned submarine that makes a completely self-sustaining cruiseUrashimaWe are conducting research and development.Closed-cycle diesel engines and fuel cells are used to support long-term activities.

Unmanned submarine for military use

Unmanned military submarines are mainly used for crafting activities in hostile waters.

MannedsubmarineThen especiallyNuclear submarineAlthough it is technically possible to infiltrate semi-permanently, the limit is actually about three months due to the food and mental burden on the occupants.In addition, the larger ship makes it easier for the enemy to detect it, and it is difficult to handle it.

For example, build a small unmanned submarine and hide it in advance for months in a place where ships in enemy waters are likely to navigate.And if there is a ship sailing above, it will detect the screw sound etc.torpedoIt is being considered for use in long-term operations such as firing months or years.

However, this is still in the research stage due to the difficulty of developing hardware (design of the ship itself) and software (programs for self-sustaining behavior, methods for distinguishing between civilian ships and military ships, etc.).However, considering that unmanned operation is limited in aircraft, but it has been put into practical use, there is a good possibility that it will be put into practical use in the future.

Military underwater unmanned aerial vehicle

Military "Underwater unmanned aerial vehicleOr "unmanned underwater machine" is usually "UUV"(Unmanned Undersea Vehicle) or"AUVIt is an underwater robot with a specific function called "(Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)".It is a machine that moves around underwater by the energy of a battery or fuel cell independently, away from human hands, on a predetermined course or range, and performs necessary work.Many are torpedo-shaped in appearance. UUV development had already begun early in the 1970s.This includes underwater gliders[4].

Mines pose a major threat to the navigation of civilian, military, and underwater submarines on the surface of the sea during and after the war.Traditionally, minesweeping units such as the Navy have manually removed mines.Due to recent advances in computer miniaturization technology and electronic component miniaturization and high performance, automation of mine removal work was considered using the UUV, which is an unmanned aerial vehicle.[5]..For example, as a military operation, it is conceivable that one or more UUVs will automatically perform minesweeping work in advance when a battleship advances through the sea.UUV operations have already begun in the minesweeping unit, and in the Maritime Self-Defense ForceOZZ-5 (autonomous underwater mine detector)Equipped as[6]..Experiments have also been conducted and succeeded in recovering after starting from an underwater submarine.[7].

Unmanned heavy equipment

Construction machinery,Agricultural machinesThere are also unmanned aerial vehicles that run remotely or autonomously.There is also an autonomous type that automatically runs using GPS.[2]..Used in the fields of construction and agriculture,Natural disastersIt has also been used in nuclear disasters, such as the Swedish "block" andTemuzak"Like (Enryu)"Rescue robotThere is also.2011 October OfTEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station AccidentThen, many unmanned heavy machinery such as Komatsu and Hitachi Construction Machinery were introduced.

注 釈

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