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🚗 | Manufactured with wind-powered electricity ... BMW Forever specifications

Photo BMW i3 Forever Edition

Manufactured with wind-powered electricity ... BMW Forever specifications

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Only the electricity generated by the wind turbines on the factory premises will be used for manufacturing.

From November 2021, BMW will release "Unique Forever Edition" (Uniqu ...) for "i11" for Europe. → Continue reading


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Wind turbine

Wind turbine(Furikendouki) orWind turbineIsWind OfPhysical energyIn other formsMechanical energyConvert tomachine,apparatus(Prime mover,Turbine). The kinetic energy of the windRotational motionThere are overwhelmingly many things that convert to mechanical energy,vibrationThose that use such as are also being researched.

Historically,windmillAtGrinding(OrIrrigationEtc.), which was often used in the form of mechanical energy. In modern times, in the deviceGeneratorWith kinetic energyelectricityConvert to the form ofWind-power generationThe proportion of devices that do this is increasing. This is generallyWind power generator,Wind power generatorIt is called.


windmill(Windmill, pinwheel,Windmill) Often refers to traditional wind turbines.Europe,In particular Netherlandsとスペイン OfLa ManchaThen.中 世It has been used since that time.electric motor,Internal combustion engineAlmost obsolete due to the development ofmilling-PumpingIt was used for such things.Also, measure the wind speed based on the number of revolutions of the windmill,AnemometerIt is also used as. Dutch windmills have been used for tourism in various places even after completing their original mission.JapanBut there are things for sightseeing in various places (Huis Ten Boschなど)。一方、Under developmentIt is also being expanded to the region. Pumping and pumping in developing areasIrrigationFor such purposes, a modern arrangement of a classic windmill is being carried out as technical cooperation. In developing regions, even if you bring the latest equipment, maintenance may not be possible and it may not be used. Therefore, pumping water using appropriate technology so that maintenance can be performed even in such areas.pumpA windmill is used as a power source for. Some of these windmillsAutomobileSome of them use used parts from the above, and we are considering local maintainability. To increase efficiency in recent yearsFieldToSuperconducting magnetModels that use are also in the development stage[1].

Wind power generator

Wind power generatorWind-power generationIt was manufactured with the aim of performing highly efficiently.Wind turbine(Wind turbine) Is also called.Oil shockの後、特に開発競争が加速した。特徴として以下のものがある。

High efficiency
Fluid mechanics-Material engineeringWe are improving efficiency by taking advantage of such progress.
It has been enlarged to reduce the cost per output.
集合設置(Wind farm)により地点あたりの出力を大きくしている。

Types of wind turbines

Wind turbines The types of wind turbines are as follows.

Horizontal axis windmill

Vertical axis windmill


  • Cigar type (bladeless) windmill
  • Magnus windmill[2]


Noise is generated while the machine is operating,Bird strikeHas a difficulty that occurs, and countermeasures are being continued.

For detailsWind power # ChallengesSee.

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