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🚗 | Royal Enfield sells "Meteor 350", a motorcycle that can be driven with a normal two-wheeled license, in Japan from mid-November


Royal Enfield sells "Meteor 350", a motorcycle that can be driven with a normal two-wheeled license, in Japan from mid-November

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This system is a motorcycle navigation system named "Royal Enfield Tripper" that uses Google Maps to display the optimal route to reach your destination.

On October 10th, Royal Enfield launched a new cruiser bike "Meteor ..." that can be driven with a normal motorcycle license. → Continue reading


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Google map

Google map(Google map,English: Google Maps) IsGoogleProvided by(English edition) It is a platform and a map application for consumers.Satellite photo,aerial photograph, Street map, 360 ° of roads(English edition)View (Google street view), Real-time traffic conditions, walking, cars, planes (Beta),Public transportOf movement by(English edition)And so on. As of 2020, Google Maps is used by more than 10 billion users worldwide every month[1].

Google Maps was first launched by a company called Where 2 Technologies.(English edition)と(English edition)By brothersC++Development began as a desktop program of. In October 2004, the company was acquired by Google and rewritten as a web application.Google Maps was released in February 10 after additional acquisitions of multiple geospatial data visualization companies and real-time traffic analytics companies.[2]..Service offront endThen,JavaScript,XML,AjaxI am using. Google mapAPIYou can use it to embed maps on third-party websites.[3]It also provides location search locators for businesses and other organizations in many countries around the world.(English edition)Users were able to work together to expand and update the map of the service around the world, but the service ended in March 2017.However, it was announced that crowdsourcing will not end the function of contributing to Google Maps and will be moved to the Google Local Guides program.[4].

The aerial photo view of Google Maps is a view from directly aboveBird's eye viewCan be selected.The highest resolution city photos were taken from 800-1,500 feet (240-460 m)aerial photographHowever, most of the other images were taken from artificial satellites.[5]..Many of the satellite images available are non-three years old and are updated regularly.[6].. Google Maps used to beMercator projection Of(English edition)Because I was usinga variant of the Mercator projection, The polar region could not be displayed accurately[7].. In August 2018, the desktop version of Google Maps was updated to show the 8D Earth.It is still possible to revert to a 3D map with settings.Aerial photography modeEarthThe 3D map display called mode can be used together or switched, and the viewpoint can be tilted and rotated.3D stereoscopic display of terrain, buildings, roads, etc. in compatible areas[8].

Search for stores and facilities Google Place (also linked)[9],Route search functionOffers[10].

AndroidandiOSGoogle Maps for devices was released in September 2008GPSUsedTurn-by-turn navigationとParkingAssistant functionality has been added.

August 2013, the most popular in the worldSmartphoneIt became an app and was used by more than 54% of smartphone owners around the world[11].

In May 2017, Android app usersYouTube,Google Chrome,gmail,Google search,Google PlayIn addition to several other Google services such as, it was reported that it reached 20 billion users.


2000 era

Google Maps was initially a Danish brotherLars Rasmussen と Jens RasmussenWas developed by Where 2 Technologies, a company founded in Sydney. Originally, it was download-type software written in C++. Google's acquisition of Where 2 Technologies has made it possible for two teams to redevelop a Web-based service into Google Maps[12].

2005 OctoberThe service started as a beta version in July of the same year, and the Japanese version was provided. This time,ZenrinWill provide map data for Japan[13].

2007 Street View has been released in Japan2008 OctoberPublished in.2010 May 8, The beta version was finished on the occasion of the 5th anniversary and moved to the official version.[14]

2010 era

In some countries, it is possible to display traffic conditions including traffic jam information, and even in Japan2011 May 12The service started from.2013 OctoberGoogle in 13 countries2013 OctoberAcquired byWazeAdded the function to display the content posted by other app users[15].

north koreaFor areas where map information is difficult to obtain, the problem that only that location is displayed in white has continued for a long time since the service started.[16].. Google to solve those problemsGoogle Map MakerWe released a cartography tool called, and started to map North Korea with the cooperation of cartography enthusiasts.2013 May 1In addition, the map of North Korea created by Map Maker has been added to Google Maps[17].

2014 May 2,Google mapToNew google mapWas renewed. Redesigned UI to support 3D map and Earth view[18].. 3D buildings in aerial photography used to beSketchUp,Google Building MakerSince each building was manually created using software such as, it took an enormous amount of time to convert a large number of buildings into 3D. However, from the beginning of the 2010s, aerial photographs were taken at 45 degrees diagonally from multiple directions, and 3D buildings were automatically generated by a computer based on that data. This makes 3D building creation much more efficient.

In March 2019, the company name of "ZENRIN" that had been displayed at the bottom right of the map screen in Japan so far disappeared, and the Japanese map data was replaced with Zenrin's own data. It seems that the license agreement status of the map data has changed. Following this, Zenrin's stock price temporarily stopped lowering.[19].. Google and Zenrin declined to comment on the details of their respective agreements[13].

2020 era

2020 In February, a new logo was introduced to commemorate the 2th anniversary of the Google Maps service.[20]


Display mode

As a basic map display mode (layer),Map,aerial photograph,terrainThere are three. In the "aerial photograph" mode, the seabed topography below the sea surface is displayed as a simulation model. In the "terrain" mode, the contour data also displays mountains and flatlands as simulated models.

Furthermore, the "route map" of the railway, the movement trajectory of the "bicycle", etc. can be displayed as an optional layer. "Bicycle" is mainlyWesternProvided to major cities inJapanIs not supported.

Route search

Detail is"Google map navigation"reference.

You can search and present the optimal route to your destination by car, public transportation (railway, bus, etc.), bicycle, or walking mode.For automobiles, it is possible to search for the optimum route according to the traffic congestion situation (described later) and specify whether toll roads and expressways can be used.By public transportation, you can search for the best route, including transfer stations, transit stations, service schedules, and fare displays.In addition, bicycle route searchJapanIs only supported in some areas.


For various facilities, parks, historic sites and other point data, websites, facility information, media such as photographs, user reviews, etc. can be entered, and each user can mark them as favorites.Some of these dataGoogle+It is also linked with.

Traffic conditions, map navigation, etc.

Even when using Google Maps for fixed use (terminals without location information) using a PC, data provided by the mobile version, such as traffic conditions and route guidance (map navigation), can be used in common.


GPS/GNSSAnd Wi-Fi beacon signals can be received to constantly record user actions such as travel history and visited shops, which can be viewed later.

Map data and place name notation

Map data

The United States of America-The United Kingdom-FranceIn most areas such as Google surveyed data (AustraliaThere are also countries / regions that were produced in cooperation with other companies, not Google alone)Google Map Maker(EnglishThe data created by the user in) is used.

Data from other companies are used in the following countries / regions.

Map text and language

In Google Map, place names are written mainly in "local language".EnglishMay be written side by side. However, in some language versions, certain place names will not be written in the "local language", and measures will be taken to replace them with the conventional notation used in the user's language.[21](Example: In English versionGerman: Munich MunichReplaced by, etc.).

territorial disputePlace names in areas with problems with or notation are not displayed or are listed together to maintain neutrality (with exceptions).[22] . However,Takeshima[Note 1],Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere are some expressions that are associated with the territory of one country.

For countries and regions other than Japan displayed in the Japanese versionJapanesePlace name notation byHeibonsha Map PublishingUses data provided by[23][24].

The Japanese version of Google Maps began supporting Japanese notation of place names in August 2009. For this replacement,Heibonsha Map PublishingAbout XNUMX place name data provided byWikipediaThree types of data groups were used: place names extracted from sites on the Internet, etc., and about tens of millions of place names generated from an originally developed automatic transliteration system dedicated to place names.[25].

Street view

2007 A service that displays photos of the cityscape, which was started in. Street View feature has a yellow humanoid icon (Pegman)[Note 2]By dragging on the map, it will be displayed by switching to the dedicated viewer. In the viewer, in addition to buttons to change the direction such as east and west, you can zoom in and out, operate the viewpoint with the mouse, and the available area is filled in blue, which is displayed when dragging Pegman. Available locally.

2012 On June 6th, the total distance traveled by the Street View car was 6 million.Miles(800Kilometers), The amount of data is 20PetabyteAt a Google event, he mentioned that he ran around 39 cities in 3000 countries.[26].. Currently, the range has expanded not only to major cities but also to rural areas and areas with a small population.

Initially only supported in major cities in the United States, but nowParis,UK,Sydney,JapanIt also covers all over the world. in JapanToyota PriusAbove, I am shooting with a camera attached 205 cm from the ground.

Except for off-limits and dangerous places, you may be taking photos while carrying the equipment on foot in special conditions where you cannot go by car, such as castles, parks, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, walking paths, mountain trails, sightseeing spots. .. Even in such a case, visitors are automatically mosaicked. However, in rare cases, the person may not be mosaicked. In addition, nameplates, which are common in Japan, are not frequently subjected to automatic mosaic processing.

Partner program

The partner program is a service that shoots Street View for commercial facilities and tourist spots. There is an indoor view for commercial facilities such as small and medium-sized restaurants and gyms. Apart from the indoor view, we also provide shooting services for large facilities such as university campuses, shopping malls, and amusement parks.

Photo Sphere

Google offers a service that allows you to create and publish your own Street View. Photo Sphere2012 May 11It's a feature of the camera app for mobile devices that Google has launched. You can take an omnidirectional spherical panorama, and the photos you take can be operated in the same way as Street View. This is Google's image sharing serviceGoogle+You can upload it to Google and follow a few steps to publish it on Google Maps just like Street View. It's a so-called self-made street view creation service[27].

Photo Sphere is the official appGoogle cameraProvided in,Google cameraTaken in other thanPanoramaCan also be published on Google Maps by embedding the prescribed metadata[28][29].


In each country that released Street View, "PoliciesIsn't it an infringement? "AmericaPennsylvaniaResidents are conducting a trial against Google, saying that the inside of their home was exposed without permission in Street View, but Google responded by saying "There is no such thing as complete privacy in the present age (hence this is a permitted act)I argued[30].

On the Google side,Portrait rightIt is commented that the problem can be solved by blurring and modifying it with an automatic recognition program. At present, the face and the car number are displayed and the part that is misrecognized has been reported, and it has not been completely resolved. In addition, we are also taking pictures of roads on private land, roads that are clearly prohibited from entering by anyone other than those involved, and roads on high school premises.横 浜 市There are also reports of acts that violate the ordinance and cases of entering while ignoring car closures.[31][32][33][34][35].

There are also examples of human corpses being reflected. 2009,CaliforniaRichmondA 14-year-old boy was shot dead by someone. However, when Google released satellite images of this area, the body of a boy who was accidentally shot was reflected, and the victim's father asked Google to delete the satellite image and replace the photo, and Google The side deleted the satellite image and replaced it with a new image[36].

Desktop version of system requirements and update history

New Google MapHas a 3D display, Earth view, etc.Graphics hardwareIs required[Note 3]. 3D view or Earth view is not available if system requirements are not metLight modeSwitch to.

New Google Map[37]And the old Google map[38]The system requirements for are as follows.

New Google Map

In addition to the above, high performance in 2014Graphics hardwareIs required[Note 3]. For computers with low graphics processing power, 3D buildings and Earth mode are turned off.

Old google map

  • Internet Explorer (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

Change log

For items common to each version, see "History"reference.

Mobile google maps

Mobile google mapsIs a Google map for mobile devices. On Android and iOS devicesAppsCan be used as.

You can use almost the same functions as the desktop version (WEB version). However,EarthMode (3D map display) may lack specifications depending on the terminal[Note 4].

Another feature of the mobile version isCar navigationReal-time navigation function such as (Google map navigation) Is installed. AlsoGoogle NowCooperation withSearch by voice, Search for stores and facilities directlyTelThere is a function to apply.

Location information isGPS / GNSSに 加 え て無線 LANSince it supports acquisition from the beacon signal of, even in an environment where GPS etc. cannot be usedWi-FiLocation information can be displayed if there is a radio wave of. However, the accuracy of location information will be low[41].Android 4.3After that, even if Wi-Fi is turned off, it has a function to receive only the beacon signal of wireless LAN, so even if Wi-Fi is turned off, it is possible to acquire location information in real time.[42].

Android One"Google Maps Go (Maps Go)" has been developed that can be operated easily even on low speed lines and low specification terminals by narrowing down the functions for use. Android device from 2018[Note 5]Others are being offered[43].

Traffic situation

SmartphoneInstalled in the terminalGPS etc.andGyro sensorPosition and physical movement speed of the terminal measured by[Note 6]Is collected and analyzed as anonymous information from many terminals (big data), Display road congestion on maps (both desktop and mobile)[Note 7][44].. In addition, the traffic situation is displayed in common in other than the mobile version.

Google map navigation

car navigation, Google Maps Navi is installed as an integrated navigation function such as transfer navigation and walking navigation, and can be used as an alternative to these devices or services.

The best route to your destination is by car, public transportation (railway, bus, etc.), bicycle[Note 8], You can search and present for each movement mode of walking. For automobiles, it is possible to search for the optimum route according to the traffic conditions (mentioned above) and specify whether toll roads and expressways can be used. By public transportation, you can search for the optimal route including transfer stations, transit stations, operation schedules, and price displays. In addition, bicycle route searchJapanNot supported. In any of the movement modes, the current position and the optimum route are updated at any time according to the movement of the terminal, as in a general navigation system.

In the automobile mode, the passing speed is calculated according to the congestion situation on the route to the destination, and the optimum travel route to the destination is given to the user.navigationTo do.

In the car (navigation) mode, it rotates 3D in the direction of travel and has a simple map display with detailed roads and information omitted so as not to interfere with safe driving, and it is also possible to provide voice guidance.In addition to this, only the minimum necessary information such as the time to the destination, the distance, and the name of the next intersection to be turned is displayed in bold, and it is possible to provide guidance by voice for basic left / right turn straight instructions.

Car navigation mode is available in many countries. As of 2014, it is available in a total of 99 countries and regions, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.[45]

AR mode (Alpha version)

In Google's walking navigation mode, AR mode has been introduced on a trial basis for some users. In this mode, the camera activates, points the camera at the surrounding landscape, uses Google's artificial intelligence system to read buildings and landmarks, and displays an arrow to the destination and the destination in AR on the road.[46]

Timeline (moving history)

The timeline function periodically reads the GPS and Wi-Fi beacon signals of the smartphone and constantly records the user's movement history. You can go back a few years ago to see the history of your trip, including the date and time of your visit to the store, the length of time you stay, the means of transportation, and all the information you have taken. It is linked with a Google account, and you can view the history from the PC side.

Change log

For items common to each version, see "History"reference.

  • 2010
    • September 9-Supports Google Maps Navi.[47]
    • November 11-Design update, change to easier-to-read display overall[48]
    • December 12-17D display of building, compass mode and rotation operation supported[49]
  • 2011
    • November 11-Supports indoor Google Maps. You can browse the map inside the building.[50]
    • December 12-Supports traffic status display[51]
  • 2012
    • December 12-Google Maps for iPhone is now available. It has the same UI as the Android version, and supports navigation functions that were not available on the old iPhone[52]
  • 2014
    • February 2-"New Google Maps" service launched. The UI and system have been significantly redesigned.[53]
  • 2016
    • May-The voice contract of the female narrator who was in charge of the car navigation mode was ended, and the voice was changed to robot.[54]
    • June 6-Improved Street View operability. A line is displayed on the road, and you can move by swiping.
    • August 8-Robot navigation in the car navigation mode, again returned to Miho Noguchi's voice, the history is unknown.[54]
  • 2019
    • March-Offline map provided in Japan[55].. The default voice in car navigation mode voice has been changed to an improved robot voice. If you select "Japanese" in "Navigation settings" ⇒ "Voice selection", it will be the previous Noguchi's voice. In addition, Noguchi himself has stated that he has "graduated".[56].

Feature phone version

at firstfeature phoneThere was a version, which was mainstream at the time. In the feature phone version, mainlySymbian OS,Palm os,Java,webOS,BlackBerry OSWas offered for[57][58].
in Japan,NTT DoCoMo OfN905i-N905iμ-F905iToi-appliAsPre-installedCan display a wider range of maps than the normally distributed version[59].. In addition, NTT DoCoMo's 2008-2009 models have been installed as standard equipment. Currently, the feature phone version of the Google Maps mobile app cannot be downloaded and cannot be used.

Feature phone version update history

  • 2007 (19)
    • May 8 -Ver.1.6.0 Mobile Google Map released for Docomo[60].
    • August 8 --Ver.24 "Neuropointer".
    • December 12 --Ver.12 GPSSupports functions,UIChange etc.
  • 2008 (20)
    • March 3 --Ver.20 Created with i-appli DX, the GPS function UI has been changed.
    • September 9-Ver.18 Transfer informationStreet viewSupports (beta function)[61].
    • December 12 --Ver.10 Street view Symbian OS Equipped with S60NokiaWith a smartphoneWindows MobileCompatible with terminals equipped with.
    • December 12 --Ver.11 Added a function to search the route and send store information to friends by e-mail.[62].

Other features

My map

A service that started in 2007 with a function that allows users to write landmarks and lines on Google Maps and paste photos and comments[63].. You can create your own map and share/publish it.

Although it was set to be open to the public by default, personal information leaked from the map of the user who did not notice it[64][65].

Google changed the word "public/private" to "public/private", and called for confirmation of settings and deletion of information.[66], The information that should have been deleted remains or hits the search engine[67][68], Problems such as My Maps of the user who deleted the account cannot be deleted were pointed out[69].

Offline map

Although it is a limited area, you can check the map even in an offline environment when the Internet environment is not available.

Google Mapplets

As of July 2007, 7, as a tool for adding layers on Google Maps,Google MappletWas released[70].. However, the Maplets API is no longer supported on May 2010, 5.[71].


Google Maps is open to the public in addition to being used aloneAPIBy using, you can also embed a map by Google Maps in a general Web page. To use the API, you need an API key that you applied for and issued in advance in addition to your Google account. As a general rule, displaying maps using the API is limited to pages that end users can freely access for free, and for use on pages with access restrictions such as paid content and corporate internal systems, Separately chargedGoogle Maps API PremierContract is required.

The use of APIs on pages that meet the above conditions has been traditionally free of charge (we recommend that you contact us in advance if you access more than 1 times a day).[72]From the beginning of 2012, if the number of API usages per day is 1 or more (25,000 times or more in the case of Styled Maps), it will be charged[73][74].. Convert address to latitude/longitudegeocoderIs originally set to limit the number of uses per day (up to 1 times per day)[75].

April Fool

Google every yearMay 4 OfApril FoolOn that day, a special feature of Google Maps is offered.

Rating / Review

  • Five levels of tourist spots and stores (restaurants, specialty stores, shopping malls, etc.)AsteriskでVotesOr about the placeReviewCan be written.

Map data problems and responses

Consideration for territorial issues

territorial disputeIn the area where is occurring, only the English version or general name is used for neutral notation, or different area name notation is used for each language version, roads are not displayed, and even if pointed, only latitude and longitude information is displayed, Are taken into consideration.

Map data problem of South Korea and China

Korea and ChinaSecurityDue to the above problems, the provision of map information outside of the home country is prohibited. For this reason,

  • Google has not (or cannot) receive map data from these countries.
  • Data that is different from Google in your own countryGeodetic systemBecause I am using, compatibility cannot be maintained.

South KoreaThen,(Korean version)According to Article 16Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportIt is prohibited to carry out map data such as survey information outside the country without the permission of the Secretary. In this regardGoogleIt is,2008 Has applied for a map data license from South Korea2016 May 6Also requested permission to use the map data of South Korea, but it was rejected because of the display of important facilities in aerial photographs.

South Korea on Google Maps has its own format, has a low resolution, there are restrictions on the rotation and scaling of the map, and road information and route search are not functioning properly.[82].Location game"Pokémon GOThe reason why the launch in South Korea was delayed significantly until January 2017 is because this problem was related.[83].. In addition, we did not use Google Maps data to start this service.Open street mapData is used.

People's Republic of ChinaThen,(Chinese version)Based onHokutoOther thanGPS/GNSSThe use of is restricted. For this reason, "Pokémon GO" using GPS etc. has not been officially distributed.[Source required].. In addition, it is not possible to use internet terminals and cameras that use the GPS geodesy function, and there are cases where overseas travelers who use it without knowing it are arrested.[Source required].. On the other hand, as an alternativeGNSSIsHokutoManufactures terminals licensed by.

On Google.cn/MapsGeodetic systemAlso uses its own, and it is displayed almost normally in China.

Falsification / mischief of Google Maps

Google Maps has a function that allows users to apply for registration of information such as properties that are not on the map. Abusing this, a famous building (White House,Imperial PalaceEtc.) on top of the property nameFalsificationThe act of doing世界Popular[84].. This is due to the insufficient checking system on Google, and most of the posts posted by mischief have already been corrected. Regarding the registration application function by the user, we have a policy not to set restrictions in the future.[85].


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  1. ^ The data around Takeshima is only SK M & C data (Ulleungdo(That's why the route from to Takeshima is written) is used,ZenrinData is not used.
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