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🚗 | Amagasaki, female stab, arrested ex-husband on suspicion of murder "I'm going to kill ..." Escape on a motorcycle, secure yourself in 20 hours after occurrence Hyogo Prefectural Police

Amagasaki Minami Police Station, where the investigation headquarters is located (currently seismic retrofitting, so the West Branch Office is used)

Amagasaki, female stab, arrested ex-husband on murder charges "I'm going to kill ..." Escape on a motorcycle, secure personality in 20 hours of occurrence Hyogo Prefectural Police

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After walking to the premises of the condominium, the man returned once and was witnessed by passers-by as he ran off National Highway No. 2 in the west direction on a blackish motorbike parked on the premises in front of the condominium.

On the night of the 15th, a woman was stabbed by something like a knife and died on the premises of an apartment in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.Kobe / Kita Ward Man ... → Continue reading

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Prime mover

Prime mover(Gendouki,English: prime mover) IsnatureVarious that exist inEnergyThemachineTypicalwork(Mechanical energy)machine-apparatusGeneric term[1]..In a narrow senseTurbineRefers to the machine itself that generates work such as, but in a broad sense, etc.システムSometimes it refers to the whole.

Motor loss

The loss of the prime mover is inputEnergyAnd outputworkIs defined as the difference between.The main losses are the loss not recovered as work (exhaust loss), the loss due to cooling (cooling loss), the resistance due to air (wind loss), and the loss due to friction and auxiliary machinery (mechanical loss).Considering the ideal operating condition without these losses, the efficiency of the motor is 100%, but for the heat engineCarnot's principleThere is a principle upper limit by[2].

Classification of prime movers

The prime movers are as follows.

Features and main uses of the prime mover
Major classificationMiddle classificationNameEnergy源speedtorqueoutputcontrolSpeed ​​controlStart timeefficiencyvolumemassMaintenanceMoremainUse
Fluid machine(gas)Wind turbine,windmillWind power中lowInappropriateInappropriateshortgoodLL中Wind-power generation
Air motor Air engineair pressureMedium-HighloweasilyeasilyshortgoodSmallSmalleasilyExplosion proofControl equipmentCompressed air car
(liquid)Hydro turbineHydraulic powerlowhigheasilyInappropriateshortgoodLLCumbersomeHydropower
Water milllowhigheasilyInappropriateshortgoodLLCumbersome
Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic motorhydrauliclowhigheasilyeasilyshortgood中中CumbersomeMachine Tools・ Control equipment ・Fluid fitting
Heat engineExternal combustion engineSteam turbineCombustion gashighlowInappropriateInappropriatelong中LLCumbersomeLike other external combustion enginesfuelWide range of choices.Steam power generation
Steam enginelowhigh適適badLLCumbersomeThe torque at the start is large.steam locomotive
Stirling enginelowhigh適適中goodLLCumbersomeIt is also possible to create a temperature difference from mechanical energy.refrigerator-submarine OfAIP
Internal combustion engineSpark ignition engine Otto engine中中適適中中中中CumbersomeAutomobile-aircraft·ship(Outboard motorSuch)·Chainsaw-Brush cutter
Compression ignition engine Diesel enginelowhigh適適中中Medium-LargeMedium-LargeCumbersomeAutomobile-Ship-Locomotive-Railcar
Gas turbine enginehighlowInappropriateInappropriate中中Medium-LargeMedium-LargeCumbersomeLarge output per volume / massaircraft-Combined cycle power generation
Liquid fuel rockethigh適適中中LLExtremely complicatedLarge output per volume / massrocket
Solid fuel rockethighInappropriateInappropriateshort中Medium-LargeMedium-LargeeasilyLarge output per volume / massrocket-missile
electric motorCommutator motorPermanent magnet field commutator motorelectricity中high適適shortgoodSmallSmalleasilyBuilt-in small equipment
Electromagnet field commutator motor中high適適shortgood中中easilyCan be controlled with a simple circuitElectric train-Electric locomotive
AC commutator motor中high適適shortgoodSmallSmalleasilyCan be controlled with a simple circuitVacuum cleaner
Induction motorThree-phase induction motor中中PossiblePossibleshortgood中中easilypump-Compressor
Single-phase induction motor中中PossiblePossibleshortgoodSmallSmalleasilyConsumer electronics-Electrical tools
Synchronous motorElectromagnet synchronous motor中highPossiblePossibleshortgoodLLeasilyLarge equipment
Permanent magnet synchronous motor中highPossiblePossibleshortgoodSmallSmalleasilyElectric car-Hybrid car


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