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🚗 | Tohoku Pioneer, Toyota-made standing electric three-wheeled vehicle electrical unit development and manufacturing contract

Photo Toyota's standing EV, Sea Walk Tea (C + walk T)

Tohoku Pioneer, Toyota-made standing electric three-wheeled vehicle electrical unit development and manufacturing contract

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Going forward, the company will continue to contribute to society by expanding its "manufacturing solution business," which undertakes design and manufacturing contracts (ODM / EMS), and by supporting product development and manufacturing in various fields and companies.

Tohoku Pioneer is installed in the standing electric three-wheeled vehicle (3-wheeled BEV) "C + walk T" developed by Toyota Motor Corporation. → Continue reading


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product development

product development(Shohinkai Hatsu, Product Development,British: Product development) Means the business of developing products and products.

In some industries, the phrase "product development" rather than "product development" is preferred.


The word “new product development” is sometimes used to emphasize newness.

The typical process of product development may be explained in textbooks such as management and marketing. (→#process)

A method has been proposed in which a catch phrase is made from the idea creation stage of product development, and the attractiveness of the copy is investigated and the direction of product development is corrected if necessary.[1].

Some companies have established in-house product development principles to prevent the development of anti-social products or products that are unacceptable to the market. For example, Kao's and others are known, and the company has set principles (check items) such as social usefulness, creativity, performance-by-cost, and distribution compatibility.[2].


Product development is sometimes referred to as the following eight decision-making processes.

  1. Idea creation
  2. Idea screening
  3. Concept development and concept testing
  4. MarketingStrategy planning
  5. Business analysis
  6. Product development
  7. Market test
  8. Product commercialization

It is said that if the first 6 steps do not match, the idea will be discarded.

Job category

For companies of a certain size or larger, there are many cases in which a person dedicated to product development is assigned. Although it depends on the industry, "product development" is established as one professional profession and type of job, and there are cases where experienced companies are being recruited.

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