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🚗 | [Ranking result] 2021 WRC Round 11 Spain SS13


[Ranking Results] 2021 WRC Round 11 Spain SS13

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It is widening the gap with Elfyn Evans (Toyota Yaris WRC), which is in second place overall.

On October 10th, WRC World Rally Championship Round 16 Spain celebrated the second day of the competition, with a total of seven from SS11 to SS2 ... → Continue reading


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Toyota Yaris WRC

Toyota Yaris WRC (Toyota Yaris WRC ) IsToyotaCompetition-only car developed by (World rally car).2017 からWorld Rally Championship Participating in (WRC).

Steps to entry

2009 ToF1After the withdrawal from Toyota, the trend of Toyota's return to WRC has been frequently reported. Before F1 was a WRC working forceTMG(Former TTE) looks to return to WRCS2000Is under development[3][4], TMG-made Yaris WRC test car appeared in March 2014[5],Stephane Sarrazin,Sebastian Lindholm, Eric Camili and others drive a private test across Europe[6].. Around the timeAkio ToyodaBegan to enter the race with interest in the rally and became the WRC champion four times in January 2014Tommi MakinenI was directly instructed in driving.At this time, the two of them hit it off, and Toyota's feelings for participating in the WRC became stronger.

Toyota new in January 2015World rally carIn 2017, when (WR car) regulations are introduced,1999 Declared to return to WRC for the first time in 18 years[7].. Main market in the European marketCompact carYaris (Japanese name:Vitz) Was used as the base vehicle for the WR car.Official recognitionThe model at the time of application is "NSP131[8]. "

In the summer of 2015フィンランドPopola (Puuppola) The TMR (Tomi Makinen Racing) factory inGermany-Cologne OfTMGDecided to carry out engine development[9].. Since there were only about 15 staff at the time, it started with the recruitment of human resources and the design started in September. Experienced WRC engineers such as Tom Fowler, Simon Career and Mikko Luoch participate in the design and development.[10]In addition, I hired many Finnish engineers and designers who had no experience in motorsports but were good at using the latest technology and tools. In December, the new team structure was publicly announced and became the representative of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT (World Rally Team).Akio ToyodaWas appointed as the team representativeTommi MakinenWas appointed.

Shakedown was done by driving Makinen in April 2016[11]. afterwards,Mikko HirvonenDriving continued 2017 miles (12,000 km) by the start of the 19,312 season[12].. However, the tarmac test was not conducted even in September of the same year[13]Also, even in November, there was some concern that the regular driver had not been decided. On December 11, one month before the debut, the regular driver and the official Yaris WRC with large aerodynamic parts were finally unveiled.

Participation system

Until thenGroup NTMR (which was developing and selling vehicles)Tommi Makinen・Racing) is responsible for most of team operations and WR car development. Is basedフィンランド-Central Suomi-Yuva ScyllaIn the village of Pupora in the north of the county, this place is the home of Makinen, a country surrounded by fields and mountains. The factory was built by modifying an agricultural facility such as a barn in Makinen's house. On the other hand, Yuvaskilla is an area where many industries with high technology are gathered, such as YarishydraulicMost of the system was carried out by a company that normally manufactures tractors locally, so there were no problems with parts suppliers.

Initially, there was a strong repulsion from inside Toyota to leave WRC to Makinen,Akio ToyodaIt was a system that was not born without his firm determination and the relationship of trust with Makinen. There was also a voice from the outside saying, "Is it okay with Makinen?"GAZOO RacingThere was also a part in the press conference to announce the comment to deny it[14].. We have a wide range of talented people with skill and passion from over 10 countries, regardless of experience in motor sports or industry. Of the total staff, about 1% are Japanese staff, and there are also executives from Japan, the "great skill training department" mechanic, and others who have lived in Finland for some time. McKinen said, "One is to make sure that even the engineers and mechanics who are in their first year are responsible (Responsibility)," and two are "all staff have the same eyes and ears. We promoted team building by protecting the three of "Share information (Transparency)" and "Trust each other as professionals"[15][16].

EngineGermany-Cologne OfTMGTo develop. The engine development manager is Japanese Japanese Tokuo Aoki. Aerodynamic development will also be done at TMG's wind tunnel facility. AlsoWR carWill affect the performance of the base commercial vehicle by about 4%, so the Japanese head office will also receive feedback and develop the next base vehicle that meets the needs of WRC and the market.[17].. Regarding the basic budget and reporting, TMR and the head office will proceed with agreement, but it is said that it is up to Makinen's way of understanding as a whole.

In addition, jointly established the joint venture company Toyota Connected in 2016.MicrosoftAs a technology partner, "Machine development by collecting and analyzing driving data", "Prompt paperwork such as information sharing and accounting", "EchoCam"[18]Information service to fans using cloud like[19]Cooperate in such points.

In October 2017Ott Tänak/ It is also the home country of Martin YarveoyaエストニアHas been established to establish a transportation hub in[20].

In 2019 Rally SwedenMarcus Gronholm/Timo RautiainenFor the first time, the group was supplied to the privateer team.

In 2021, Makinen retired as a motorsport advisor for Toyota's overall motorsports and replaced it.Yari-Mati RatbaraHas been appointed as the team representative.


Body work

Body shape is 3 doorhatchback.. It matches the image of the exterior of the commercial vehicle that will undergo minor changes in 2017[Note 1].. The oval Toyota emblem (Toyota mark) is designed around the engine intake port[21].

AerodynamicsActively uses the degree of freedom of the new WR car regulationsDown forceIt is shaped in the direction to generate G, 2.2 G downforce on tarmac[22]). At the bottom of the front bumperChin spoilerFitted.fenderOn both endsCanardAnd L-shaped side mirror stays[Note 2]Has a rectifying effect on the air flow going backwards[21].

Due to the new regulation that increases the durability against side impact, the side body is thick enough to put a little thing, and the rear fender is used as a tableMcDonald'sYou can often see the scene of eating with a hamburger set of[23].

There are 14 multi-layer fins in the opening at the rear end of the rear fender.[21], Large rear wing,DiffuserTogether with it, it presents an aggressive rear view.The rear wing is a two-stage type with an arched wing straddling the main plate, and is equipped with small sub-wings on the left and right.This huge rear wing is a part that can be said to be a symbol of Yaris WRC, and Japanese after-parts makers have released a rear wing with this motif.

As the challenges of the 2017 model,Rally MexicoIn a high temperature environment such as, overheating symptoms occur, and because the aerodynamic balance is closer to the rearUndersteerThere was a tendency. For the 2018 model, the aero package on the front has been modified as a countermeasure. Changed the radiator duct of the front bumper from trapezoid to rectangular. On both sidesCanardIt has two layers, and the opening of the front fender has changed to a complicated design like the rear.


EngineTMGMade Global Race Engine (GRE) [Note 3].. 1,600 ccInline 4 cylinderDirect injectionturboThe engine has a bore x stroke of 83.8 mm x 72.5 mm. FIA specified 36 mmAir restrictorThe maximum output is 380 horsepower or more and the maximum torque is 425NmThe above occurs. The design isYamaha-Isuzu・Yajima Hiroshi, who has been involved in Toyota's F1 engine,Subaru/Coroni・Tokuo Aoki, who has been involved in the development of Yamaha Toyota F1 engines[24].. In the pre-war development, the engine was redesigned three times at the request of Makinen, a driver.[25].. In order to finish the development work that would normally take a year in a few months, TMG proceeded with the rush work in a system that develops in a 24-hour rotation, and poured heart and blood into time for the test.

Other parts

ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン TheXtracMade[26]6thsequentialSemi AT.. Use the paddle on the right-hand side behind the steering wheel to operate shift up/down.

Drive system is full time4WD.Differential gearThe front and rear are mechanical, and the center is electronically controlled.

Of suspensionDamperMade by BOS in France[26]With a reservoir tank on the bottom[27].

In addition to the frame, door knobs, door hinges, etc. are those of Yaris in commercial vehicles.[28].. In addition, the wiper leverLand cruiserIs a part of[29].

As of 2019, the vehicle is registered in Estonia, the logistics base of Toyota WRT, and there is no mutual agreement between Japan and Estonia,Rally japanParticipated in the rehearsal event of Central Rally with a temporary number[30].



The driver has been in charge of the Yaris WRC development programYuho Hanninen& Kai Lindstrom group is decided first.Another one at the end of 2016VolkswagenHas announced the withdrawal of WRC, so the previous year's champion who was looking for a transfer destination,Sebastian Ogier,Petter Solberg,Sebastian robeIt was rumored that a champion-experienced member would join the team, but he has won 16 WRC wins in the end.Yari-Mati Ratbara& Mika Antilla has decided to join.2016 WRC2 champion who was a candidate for the second seatEsapekka Rappi& Janne Ferme was initially in charge of the test driver, Round 6Rally PortugalAfter that, drive the third Yaris WRC[31].. With three Finnish people, smooth information sharing became a strength of the team.[32][33].

The first year after returning was positioned as a "season for learning"[34], The opening roundRally monte carloThen Latbara finished second and won the first podium in his debut match. Round 2Rally swedenLatbara to Toyota1999 OfChina RallyThe WRC championship since then (44th victory in total)[35][36].. Round 9 is a local event for the teamRally FinlandThen, all three cars made a good run at the top. Latbara suffers from trouble, but the new Rappi wins the first victory in the fourth race of the WRC, and Hanninen also takes the third place podium.[37].. Meanwhile, Latbara, who had been struggling for the championship with Rappi in Finland, stopped due to some trouble, suffering from lack of reliability throughout the season.

Round 11Rally catalunyaOctober 10th after the end of Toyota, next seasonM sportsAnd the driver's ranking second placeOtt Tänak& Announced to adopt Martin Järveoja.At the same time, Latvala and Rappi's participation in the next season has been confirmed.[38].. Hanninen lost his position as a regular driver and also decided to miss the final race of 17, but he stayed as a member of Toyota. Co-driver Kai Lindström will also be active as a sporting director from the final round.


In the opening round of Monte Carlo, Tanak and Latvala finished in 2-3rd place, making a good start. However, the result was disastrous, and in the second round of Sweden, which won the championship last year, there was a record heavy snowfall and he had to become a snow scraper and lost a lot. AlsoRally MexicoHowever, it was not possible to completely overcome the heat damage in the highlands, and all cars had trouble and lost the right to play.

Round 4Tour de CorseThen, Tanak and Rappi set the top time in a row at Tarmac, which was thought to be weak, and Tanak won the podium in 2nd place. Round 5Rally ArgentinaAfter Tanak's transfer, Yaris won his first victory of the year.

This is the first non-WRC championship for Yaris, also for testing in July.エストニアParticipated in domestic championships[39].. Homeland Tanak drives and othersWR carThe team has broken down and won the championship.

Held in the same monthRally FinlandIntroduces a spec 5 engine with improved low-speed torque and response[40][41].. Tanak won his second win after the transfer, and Latvala came in third.

ContinueLarry DeutschlandThen, when Tanak gives Yaris' first victory in Termac,Rally of turkeyThen the old spec engine[41]Despite this, he survived the rough rally with a solid strategy, and Tanak won the first three consecutive victories for himself and Yaris, rising to the top of the manufacturers ranking.

Rally GBHowever, Tanak ran in the lead, but when he jumped, he hit the bottom of the machine hard and damaged the radiator and retired. Latvala insteadSebastian OgierAlthough he fought a close battle, he finished in 2nd place and did not win 4 consecutive games. Tanak is the next raceRally catalunyaHowever, even though he ran in the lead, he was punctured, and even in the final race he retired on the final day, so he could not reach the driver's title.On the other hand, as a result of Latvala and Rappi earning points at a high position, they ranked 3-4-5 in the drivers' ranking, and in the final round, with Latvala's first victory of the season and Toyota's 50th victory, Toyota's first manufacturer in 19 years. Won the Kucharers title.


Replacing the rappy that leaves, after the middle of the previous yearCitroenWas dried inChris MeekJoined.HyundaiLost a sheet ofHayden PaddonCo-driver Sebastian Marshall teamed up with him.

In the opening round Monte Carlo, he was not involved in the race for victory due to punctures and damage to the tire rim, but Tanak won the most SS wins including 6 consecutive wins.Sebastian robeIt turned over and secured the podium in 3rd place.

In Sweden, Latvala crashed, but Tanak took the lead and won the power stage to win his first victory of the year. Also in this rallyMarcus GronholmCustomer supply of Yaris WRC was made to GRX for the first time.

While Tanak performed well, Meek and Latvala's troubles and mistakes lag behind Hyundai in the Manufacturers Championship. Tanak also fell to 6th place at the Rally Italia Sardegna in June due to machine trouble at the final stage, which was the overall top. On the other hand, at Rallye Deutschland, Toyota was in 5.Safari RallySince then, he has played the podium monopoly. Also in this Germany Toyota is nurturingTakamoto KatsutaMade his WR car debut. He completed the 10th place and earned his first point.

Tanak and Jarveoya scored six wins and won the Drivers'and Co-drivers' championships at Rally Catalunya, just before the final round. Non-French[Note 4]Champion will be the first in 16 years.However, the Manufacturers Championship was lost by Hyundai by a large margin, and it was not possible to win the triple crown.

Tanak and Jarveoya also announced their departure from Toyota shortly after winning the championship.

Apart from WRC, Katsuta has won the Finnish Championship twice. Will be revived in 2Rally japanHe also participated in the rehearsal event, Central Rally, and shocked Japanese rally fans and those who did not know the rally. The Yaris driven by Katsuta is a 2019-year-old model, but the front canard is not attached.


Completely renewed driver lineup, from CitroenSebastian Ogier/ Juliann Ingracia, from M Sports FordElfin Evans/ From Scott Martin, Skoda MotorsportsCarre Rovanpera/ We welcomed Jonne Hartsnen.Other than the manufacturer registration, Katsuta participated in eight races including the resurrected Rally Japan, and Latvala, who strongly hoped to remain, participated in Sweden as a privateer with Yaris.

In the first race, Monte Carlo, Ogier was second, and his record of consecutive wins in the rally was cut off.However, in the second round in Sweden, where the distance was shortened due to lack of snow, Evans won Toyota's first victory in the second round and Rovanperä was 2 years old and achieved the feat of being on the podium in the second round.In the next round in Mexico, Ogier won his first victory after the transfer.

In Round 2 Turkey, Evans recorded his second victory after the transfer, leaving him with the possibility of being the first champion.However, Evans crashed in the final round in Italy, and Ogier won the teammate confrontation to win the seventh driver's championship.

Hyundai has won the Manufacturers for the second consecutive year.


The system is the same as the previous year except that Latvala was appointed as the team representative.Katsuta will be the first Japanese to participate in the highest class full race.Originally, Ogier was supposed to retire only in the previous year, but the previous yearCoronaDue to the shortened schedule due to the incomplete combustion, we will fight the season again as the final year.

The machine isGR YarisIt was planned to switch to the one based on, but it remained as it was due to the delay in development due to the corona wreck.

Hyundai often leads the first day with two signboards of Tanak Neuville, but Toyota wins three divisions of Drivers (Oger), Codrivers and Manufacturers with many crash retirements. bottom.Toyota's three divisions domination1994 seasonIt's been 27 years since then[42].

From 2022, the current Yaris WRC will have 1 because the new "GR Yaris WRC Rally 1" will be introduced as a new model due to the introduction of a new "Rally 2021" regulation as a WRC vehicle regulation. The participation will end.


注 釈

[How to use footnotes]
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