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🚗 | [F1] 2022 calendar announced ... Japan GP for the first time in 3 years is October 10th

Photo Next season 2022, the F1 Japan GP at Suzuka Circuit will be held for the first time in three years (the photo is the 3 F2019 Japan GP).

[F1] 2022 calendar announced ... Japan GP for the first time in 3 years is October 10th

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In addition to the Japanese GP, regulars such as the Australian GP, ​​Canadian GP, ​​and Singapore GP are scheduled to be held for the first time in three years.

On the 15th, the calendar for 1 next season of the F2022 World Championship was announced.Line including the first Miami GP ... → Continue reading


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Australian Grand Prix

Australian Grand Prix(Australian GP, British: Australian Grand Prix) IsAustraliaIs being done inCar racingso,1985 LaterF1It is one of the world championships.

From 19851995 UntilAdelaide OfAdelaide City CourseAt1996 FromMelbourne OfAlbert Park CircuitIt is done at.


Australia originally has a lot of immigrants from the United Kingdom, soFormula carLocal races were held at various circuits. In 1928Phillip IslandThe first Australian Grand Prix was held in. National Championships in 1957Australian Drivers' Championship) Was founded, and in 1964, it was the top domestic formula (Australian National Formula) Was enacted.

Since the motorsport season in the Southern Hemisphere is the off-season in the Northern Hemisphere, we invited the world's top drivers at the time, and local drivers challenged and competed. In the 1960sTasman seriesBecame a major event ofJack Brabham,Bruce McLaren,Chris AmonF1 driver from the local area became the winner. After 1970F5000,Formula PacificIt was carried out by incorporating international vehicle standards such as.

The Australian Grand Prix became part of the F1 World Championship in 1985.The race, which takes place in the reversing Southern Hemisphere, was held as the final race of the season to avoid winter.Adelaide city course is in MonacoMonte Carlo city courseDrivers, if not so muchGearboxIt was tough for him and was unpopular with both the driver and team.On the other hand, it was one of the most popular urban circuits for spectators, as it had many highlights for urban races and had a lot of watching points.Also, since it became the Adelaide city course, it has become grand.Checkered flagThere was a famous official who shakes.

Since 1996, it has been held as the season opener at the Albert Park Circuit.It is held on a special course in a park with beautiful green trees, and there are plenty of events to liven up the beginning of the new season.However, in 2006Commonwealth GamesDue to the holding of the (Commonwealth Games), 2010Bahrain GPIt was decided to hand over the opening game to.

In recent years, the holding deficit has expanded,VictoriaFinancial support has been criticized by Congress.The reason for the widening of the deficit is that it is necessary to install guardrails every year because it is an urban (park) circuit, the consumption of spectators is decreasing, and the holding right cost is soaring. is there.For this reasonPhillip Island CircuitThe plan to relocate to 1 was announced (however, since it is not an F2014 standard circuit, major renovation will be required to hold it), but in August 8 an extension contract was signed until 2020, and the following 2015 Until 9 in September[1], And in July 2019, the holding contract was extended until 7[2].

Also, due to the time difference with Europe[3], Because watching TV in Europe will be unclearBernie EcclestoneIs demanding a night race. Starting from 2018 at 16:10 local time[4]It is held as a twilight race ofSafety carThere is also a concern that if the time is prolonged due to dispatch or interruption due to rain, the sunset will approach and visibility will deteriorate.

Past races

Williams OfNigel MansellとNelson Picket,McLaren OfAlan ProstThe three of them competed for the title in the final round.Mansell, who was the point leader, retired due to a tire burst, and Pique also made a pit stop to change tires.During this time, Prost, who took the lead, won the championship and won the second championship in the reversal.
Ferrari's Gerhard Berger has won the race, which was held in the heat of 35 degrees Celsius, from the 1st place in the qualifying. Also in second place is FerrariMichele ArboretoEntered, for the first time in 4 years1-2 It was the finish.Lotus' Ayrton Senna, who finished second in front of Alboreto, was disqualified after a post-race scrutineering for violating vehicle regulations and finished third.
In the pouring rain, he was forced to reject many drivers' claims that it was dangerous.Therefore, I forced itFormation wrapThen, it was a start of great confusion, such as the order being out of order.Prost dissatisfied with this decision and racedAbstentionare doing.The driver's claim was correct, and there were frequent contacts, rear-end collisions, and spins throughout the course.Among them, I started from 23rd placeLotus 101 Judget onSatoshi Nakajima Fastest lapI overtook the cars in front one after another while firing.3rd place at the endRicardo PatreseI attacked violently, but an engine trouble occurred and I could not pull it out.However, Nakajima finished in 4th place, scoring the only point of the year and recording the fastest lap of the race.The winner was WilliamsThierry Bootshen, Only 26 out of 8 cars completed the race.
The race was canceled after 1989 laps due to heavy rain as in 14.It was the shortest Grand Prix ever, with a mileage of 52.9 km and a 25-minute finish.Nakajima, who had announced that he would retire with this race, spins and retires.It was also the final F1 race for Nelson Piquet.
It was a race that ended the second phase of Honda's activities.Gerhard Berger won the race, which is Honda's 2st victory and the last victory in the second season.
It was Alain Prost's retirement race. The last race of the Senna Prost showdown that has continued since 1988.Pole positionSenna, who started from, won the championship, and Prost came in second.On the podium, they faced each other for many years, and the two who had been hostile shook hands.Also, the next1994 This was the last victory for Senna, who died in an accident.
Compete for the champion by 1 pointMichael SchumacherとDamon HillAttention is focused on.Immediately after the start, it was a tense development in which these two people played a close battle by pushing the others far away, but Schumacher's first championship was decided by contact and retirement of both on lap 2.The race was won by Nigel Mansell, who started from pole position, which was Mansell's 36st victory and his final F31 victory.
This year, which was the last time the race was held in Adelaide, the top teams dropped out one after another, and Damon Hill, who won the race, finished second with an engine malfunction.Olivier PanisIt will be a rare event that makes a big difference of two and a half laps. This is the only race at the moment in which the winner has delayed the second place or lower by two or more laps in F2 history.
The venue was changed to the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne due to the invitation of the Victoria State Government.This decision was controversial.A series of protests were organized by the Albert Park Conservation Group, which claims that the race turned a public park into a private playground.The race organizers and the state government claimed that the economic benefits to the state were greater than the cost, and that construction work to host the race increased the public comfort of the park.Although there was some criticism, the participants generally liked it as being safer than the city race.
The race debuted from Williams this yearJack villeneuveWon the first pole position in the debut match (third in history) and maintained the top position until the end of the final, but retreated to second place due to an oil leak.
McLaren, who has been away from winning the last three seasonsDavid CoulthardBy1993 It will be the first victory in 50 races since the same GP.Also,メ ル セ デ スEngine too1955 Italian GPSince then, he has won the championship for the first time in 42 years.
From this yearBridgestoneMcLaren with tiresMika HakkinenDavid Coulthard swept the race with overwhelming speed, but during the race, Hakkinen made an unplanned pit stop due to a misunderstanding of radio communication with the pit and retreated to 2nd place, and Coulthard was on the home straight. so"Team orderThere was a scene where it was preceded by.
From the qualifying, the McLarens showed overwhelming strength and dominated the race as in the previous year, but in the middle stageMika Hakkinen,David CoulthardMachine troubles occurred one after another and both retired.FerrariMichael SchumacherIs a teammate of Schumacher while dropping the ranking due to troubles at the start.Eddie IrvineWon the first victory in the 82nd race.
Occurred immediately after the startRalph SchumacherThe tires blown off by the crash of Jacques Villeneuve passed through the gaps in the fence and hit the volunteer course Marshall (a person involved in the race management), and Marshall died.
From my hometown AustraliaMark WebberIs a big success in the debut match.Webber is constantly uncompetitiveMinardiHowever, due to the bad luck of other teams, he finished in 5th place.From Australia, owner of Webber and MinardiPaul StoddartWith the special arrangement of FIA, after the podium ceremony, the two of them took the podium to explode their joy and became a national celebrity beyond the motor racing world.
WithdrewHondaInherited the team fromBrown GPAchieved a 1-2 finish.Constructor's debut victory was Mercedes in 1955, 1977Wolfsince[5].. Received checkers in 3rd placeLewis HamiltonWas disqualified for perjury.
2018 unwinnedValtelli BottusWon the championship. 2020COVID-19Coupled with the problem, the race at Albert Park in the old layout was the last.
McLaren team staffCOVID-19The Grand Prix itself was canceled due to the infection.
COVID-19Due to problems, the event was postponed to November.It was planned to be held as a new layout of Albert Park from this year, or it was canceled for the second consecutive year.

Past results and holding circuit

F1 World ChampionshipThe results after 1985, which was held as, are described.

YearsFinal dayroundcircuitwinnerConstructorResult
1985October03 days16AdelaideFinnish flag Keke RosbergWilliams-HondaDetails
1986May 1016AdelaideFrench flag Alan ProstMcLaren-TAGDetails
1987May 1116AdelaideAustrian flag Gerhard BergerFerrariDetails
1988May 1116AdelaideFrench flag Alan ProstMcLaren-HondaDetails
1989October05 days16AdelaideBelgian flag Thierry BootshenWilliams-RenaultDetails
1990October04 days16AdelaideBrazilian flag Nelson PicketBenetton-FordDetails
1991October03 days16AdelaideBrazilian flag Ayrton SennaMcLaren-HondaDetails
1992October08 days16AdelaideAustrian flag Gerhard BergerMcLaren-HondaDetails
1993October07 days16AdelaideBrazilian flag Ayrton SennaMcLaren-FordDetails
1994May 1116AdelaideBritish flag Nigel MansellWilliams-RenaultDetails
1995May 1117AdelaideBritish flag Damon HillWilliams-RenaultDetails
19960May 31MelbourneBritish flag Damon HillWilliams-RenaultDetails
19970October09 days1MelbourneBritish flag David CoulthardMcLaren-メ ル セ デ スDetails
19980October08 days1MelbourneFinnish flag Mika HakkinenMcLaren-MercedesDetails
19990October07 days1MelbourneBritish flag Eddie IrvineFerrariDetails
20000May 31MelbourneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrariDetails
20010October04 days1MelbourneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrariDetails
20020October03 days1MelbourneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrariDetails
20030October09 days1MelbourneBritish flag David CoulthardMcLaren-MercedesDetails
20040October07 days1MelbourneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrariDetails
20050October06 days1MelbourneItalian flag Giancarlo FisichellaRenaultDetails
20060October02 days3MelbourneSpanish flag Fernando AlonsoRenaultDetails
20070May 31MelbourneFinnish flag Kimi RaikkonenFerrariDetails
20080May 31MelbourneBritish flag Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-MercedesDetails
20090May 31MelbourneBritish flag Jenson ButtonBrown-MercedesDetails
20100May 32MelbourneBritish flag Jenson ButtonMcLaren-MercedesDetails
20110May 31MelbourneGerman flag Sebastian VettelRed bull-RenaultDetails
20120May 31MelbourneBritish flag Jenson ButtonMcLaren-MercedesDetails
20130May 31MelbourneFinnish flag Kimi RaikkonenLotus-RenaultDetails
20140May 31MelbourneGerman flag Nico Rosbergメ ル セ デ スDetails
20150May 31MelbourneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
20160May 31MelbourneGerman flag Nico Rosbergメ ル セ デ スDetails
20170May 31MelbourneGerman flag Sebastian VettelFerrariDetails
20180May 31MelbourneGerman flag Sebastian VettelFerrariDetails
20190May 31MelbourneFinnish flag Valtelli Bottusメ ル セ デ スDetails

Driver who won multiple times

Number of timesdriverWinning year
4Australian flag (English edition)1954, 1957, 1958, 1961
German flag Michael Schumacher2000, 2001, 2002, 2004
3Australian flag (English edition)1930, 1932, 1933
Australian flag (English edition)1950, 1952, 1953
Australian flag Jack Brabham1955, 1963, 1964
New Zealand flag (English edition)1972, 1973, 1978
Brazilian flag Robert Moreno1981, 1983, 1984
French flag Alan Prost1982, 1986, 1988
British flag Jenson Button2009, 2010, 2012
German flag Sebastian Vettel2011, 2017, 2018
2Australian flag (English edition)1935, 1937
New Zealand flag Bruce McLaren1962, 1965
Australian flag (English edition)1970, 1971
Australian flag (English edition)1974, 1975
Austrian flag Gerhard Berger1987, 1992
Brazilian flag Ayrton Senna1991, 1993
British flag Damon Hill1995, 1996
British flag David Coulthard1997, 2003
Finnish flag Kimi Raikkonen2007, 2013
British flag Lewis Hamilton2008, 2015
German flag Nico Rosberg2014, 2016
  • Taizi The2020 F1 World ChampionshipA driver who is participating in the war.
  • Pink groundIs a year other than the F1 World Championship.

Constructor who won multiple times

Number of timesConstructorWinning year
12British flag McLaren1970, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2008,
2010, 2012
Italian flag Ferrari1957, 1958, 1969, 1987, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007,
2017, 2018
6British flag Williams1980, 1985, 1989, 1994, 1995, 1996
5British flag Cooper1955, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965
4French flag Bugatti1929, 1930, 1931, 1932
British flag MG1935, 1937, 1939, 1947
British flag ロ ー ラ1974, 1975, 1977, 1979
British flag Ralt1981, 1982, 1983, 1984
German flag メ ル セ デ ス2014, 2015, 2016, 2019
2French flag Talbot Lago1952, 1953
Italian flag Maserati1956, 1959
British flag Brabham1963, 1964
British flag BRM1966, 1967
Australian flag (English edition)1971, 1976
New Zealand flag (English edition)1973, 1978
French flag Renault2005, 2006
  • Taizi The2020 F1 World ChampionshipConstructor participating in the war.
  • Pink groundIs a year other than the F1 World Championship.

Engine that won multiple times

Number of timesManufacturerWinning year
12Italian flag Ferrari1957, 1958, 1969, 1987, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007,
2017, 2018
11German flag メ ル セ デ ス *1997, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016,
10United States flag Ford **1950, 1951, 1968, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1990, 1993
8French flag Renault1989, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2013
7United States flag Chevrolet1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979
5British flag climax1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
4French flag Bugatti1929, 1930, 1931, 1932
British flag MG1935, 1937, 1939, 1947
Japanese flag Honda1985, 1988, 1991, 1992
3Italian flag Maserati1956, 1959, 1960
Australian flag Repco/Holden1970, 1971, 1976
2French flag Talbot Lago1952, 1953
British flag BRM1966, 1967

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