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🚄 | Houston-Dallas 380km 90 minutes, Texas high-speed rail investor establishes station development company SDC


Houston-Dallas 380km 90 minutes, Texas high-speed rail investor establishes station development company SDC

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On October 10, such a Texas high-speed rail investor developed a rail station in Dallas, Houston, and Grimes County near the College Station, a high-speed rail terminal licensed by the Federal Railroad Authority (FRA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation and Texas. Announced its intention to establish the Texas High-Speed ​​Rail Station Development Corporation (SDC).

380km between Houston, Texas, the largest city in the United States, and Dallas, the economic and financial center of the state ... → Continue reading

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Texas Central Railway

Texas Central Railway(English: Texas Central Railway) Is plannedThe United States of America OfHigh speed train(Limited express train).Texas Central Railways, the business entity, said the US Department of Transportation has almost completed the necessary procedures to realize the plan.Houston - DallasIt will connect the space (about 380km) in 90 minutes, and construction will start in 2021 at the earliest, with the aim of opening in 2026.Once opened,Northeast corridorSecond onlyNorth AmericaWill be the second high-speed rail[2].


Texas Central PartnersCompany (English: Texas Central Partners, TCP) is a private companyFederal Railroad Administrationand(English edition)While cooperating withEnvironmental impact assessmentIt is carried out.[3]In July 2015, it announced that it had raised $ 7 million.[4]

Republic of China OfTaiwan High Speed ​​RailFollowed byJapan OfShinkansenConstructed by the method,N700 seriesIt was stated that it would introduce an improved version of, but now it will be in commercial operation from July 2020.N700SIs planned to run at a maximum speed of 330km / h by improving the model to American specifications.JR TokaiIs considering a small investment in addition to technical assistance.[5][6]In May 2016, it announced that it would establish a local corporation "HTeC" for the purpose of technical support for high-speed railway projects.[7]

TexasOriginally, a power transmission line was stretched in a straight line, and the land next to it will be used.[8]..One of the biggest problems is the opposition of the landowner of the planned construction site.[8].

We are considering building another station near the midpoint on the route.[9],Texas A & M UniversityIs locatedBrazos CountyIt is planned to be installed inside.Currently, as a second planAustin - San AntonioWe are aiming to open the service, but no specific time schedule has been decided.

Spanish National Railways in October 2018RenfeWas announced to be nominated as an operational partner, and JR Central is said to mainly provide technical support.[10][11].


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