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🚗 | Toyota New Corolla Cross, hybrid or gasoline to buy! ??Consider the annoying price difference of 35 yen

Photo Toyota New Corolla Cross Z (Left: Gasoline, 2WD / Right: Hybrid, 2WD) [Released on September 2021, 9] [Photo: Yukimasa Moro]

Toyota New Corolla Cross, hybrid or gasoline to buy! ??Consider the annoying price difference of 35 yen

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The compact SUV model "Corolla Cross" has also been introduced to the "Corolla" located in the middle of the royal road of the popular car brand.

Toyota's SUV offensive also seems to have reached the final stage.In "Corolla" located in the middle of the royal road of the popular car brand ... → Continue reading

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Toyota Corolla Cross

Corolla cloth(COROLLA CROSS) IsToyotaIs produced and sold in Japan and outside Japan,C segmentBelongs toSmallCrossover SUV.


In response to the recent increase in global demand for SUVsCorollaThis model was developed as the first SUV in the series.In Toyota's SUV lineup, in terms of vehicle classC-HとRAV4It is positioned in the middle of the model, smaller than the RAV4 and more practical than the C-HR.[1]..During development, we pursued practicality that can withstand a large number of passengers and a large amount of cargo, and as a result, it has good accessibility.LuggageThe floor height and the rear door with a wide frontage have been realized.[2].

Although it is an SUV with a high ground clearance, the drive type is other than North America and Japan.Front wheel driveOnly (hereinafter referred to as FF) will be deployed.
Also, unlike other Corolla of the same generation, the rear suspension of the FF car considers space efficiency.Torsion beam typeHas become[3]. However,Four-wheel drive(Hereafter 4WD) The rear suspension of the carDouble wishbone typeIs adopted.


First released in Thailand and released on the same day[2].
The lineup includes 7 body colors, 2 interior colors, and 4 grades.[4].
Announced and released in Japan[5]..The catchphrase is "Complete with your personality. PEOPLE DRIVEN SUV" and the CM song isVaundy"Tokimeki"[6].
Regarding grades, the basic three grades of gasoline and hybrid vehicles are "G", "S", and "Z" from the bottom, and for gasoline vehicles, parking support brakes (front and rear stationary objects) from "G". , Back guide monitor, door mirror heater, USB terminal for charging are omitted,LEDEight high-mount stop lamps, three-spoke steering wheel and shift knobUrethaneIn addition, the meter ring is painted black, the speakers are changed to 2 speakers, and the front seats are changed to normal.Smart entryA low-priced "G" X "" that has been downgraded to a wireless door lock remote control will be prepared.[7].
The appearance of the Japanese domestic specifications is significantly different from that of the foreign specifications, and the design around the front isCompanyThe smallest crossover SUVRiseThe lower grille with a lowered mesh grille position is used, and the front emblem is the existing 12th generation Corolla series (Sports-Unbranded sedan-Touring) Adopted a Japanese-specific emblem with the common "corolla" and "C" motifs.LED front that is equipped by grade (standard equipment or manufacturer option setting)Fog lightsMoved to the bumper side.The design of the headlamps is also different, and Bi-Beam LEDs are adopted for all cars, and in the "Z", a line-shaped daytime running lamp is placed in the center, and the turn signal is a sequential type with four eyes.The design of the combination lamp and lower bumper has changed at the rear, and the tail & stop lamp of the combination lamp of "Z" will be a line emission type.[8]..The car name emblem is also arranged in two lines on the left side of the back door from the side by side on the back door handle of the Thai specification, and the hybrid car does not have the "HYBRID" emblem attached to the side fender part in the Thai specification, the back door right The "HYBRID" emblem below replaces the "HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE" emblem.
The power units installed are all 1.8L displacement, hybrid vehicles are 2ZR-FXE type, gasoline vehicles areValvematicIt is a 2ZR-FAE type that adopts a mechanism, and 4WD is set only for hybrid vehicles as an electric E-Four equipped with a rear motor.
5 body colors (cement gray metallic, silver metallic, attitude black mica, avant-garde bronze metallic, dark blue mica metallic) and 3 manufacturer option colors (platinum white pearl mica, sparkling black pearl crystal shine, sensual red mica) It will be available in different colors, but all grades will have only one black interior color.


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