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🚗 | Increment P changed company name to "Geo Technologies Co., Ltd." ... From January 2022, 1

Photo Increment P President Hiroshige Sugihara

Increment P changed company name to "Geo Technologies Co., Ltd." ... From January 2022, 1

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Increment P became independent from Pioneer on June 2021, 6 with capital support from the investment fund Polaris Capital Group.

Increment P announced that it will change its name to "Geo Technologies Co., Ltd." on January 2022, 1 ... → Continue reading


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Investment fund

Investment fund(Toushi Fund,English: investment fund) Uses funds collected from multiple investorsinvestmentIt is a mechanism to distribute the return. simplyfundAlso called.Investment trustOn the other hand, so-calledInvestment business associationIt may be composed as, and depending on the context, it often refers to only one of them.It is classified into company-type investment trusts and contract-type investment trusts.

One by collecting funds from those who will be investorsFoundationBy making it cohesive, it will be possible to strengthen the merit of scale and influence when investing the funds. From the investor's point of view, investment funds set a certain yield as the target yield, and sometimes invest with the investment content as an attraction. Another advantage is that you can invest in a way that the actual investors do not appear in the table, such as by exercising influence on the target company on behalf of the actual investors.

The actual investment of an investment fund is handled by the person responsible for the investment, commonly referred to as. The remuneration to the manager is generally a basic management remuneration and a commission remuneration according to the investment performance.

Investment funds under Japanese law are generallycombination,Investment Business Limited Liability UnionWhen organizing in a legal form such asInvestment trustIs sometimes used.Financial institutionCompared to investment-related departments such as, the control by laws and regulations is not strict, so it is possible to manage relatively flexibly, and it is convenient because the form of the fund can be used properly as needed. It is used as a receiver of funds for investment.

Classification in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry materials

  • (Commodity Fund Law)

Investment fund

Invest in financial products, etc.

Business fund

Jointly invest in business.

  • For "in-kind" under the Commodity Fund Law
  • For non-in-kind
    • Business fund (narrow sense)-Copyright business other than movies (narrow sense)Production Committee Method), Equipment leasing, etc.
    • --Railways, roads, etc.

Reference document

  • About the report of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Study Group on the Role and Development of Funds for Economic Growth" [1]

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