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🚗 | Yokohama / Tomioka area shared transfer service demonstration experiment, cashless payment introduced

Photo Last year's demonstration experiment

Demonstration experiment of shared transfer service in Yokohama / Tomioka area, introduction of cashless payment

If you write the contents roughly
The points earned can be exchanged for coupons that can be used at cafe chain stores and convenience stores, and points can also be earned on foot or by bicycle.

Keikyu Corporation, Yokohama National University, Yokohama City, and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. are in the Tomioka area of ​​Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City. → Continue reading


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Coupon(French: coupon) is originallyCouponIn modern times, it can be separatedCash voucher, Etc. are used to refer to.originally"ticketAlthough it is a word that refers toCouponSometimes called[1].. Also, in a similar sensevoucherIs sometimes used.

Cash voucher

Use for marketing

  • AdsForFlyer,bookletSuch asPrinted matterCan be separated like a coupon, giving the owner some benefitMarketingThe goods used for are also called coupons (discount coupons, etc.). Not only printed materials such as Web coupons and mobile phone coupons, but also those that play a similar role are also called.

"Coupons" in financial markets

Financial marketThen the "coupon"BondPayment ofinterestMeans For example, a bond that sells at a price lower than the face value, and the issuer buys it at the face value at maturity and redeems it, is not paid nominal interest (actually, the difference between the sale price and the purchase price = the face value is equivalent to the interest).Discount bondsIs also called a "zero coupon bond".

Insurance medical

Performed by local governmentMedical checkup,vaccineFor vaccination, a coupon with an expiration date may be issued, and a ticket for receiving a medical examination or vaccination for free or at low cost may be distributed as a "coupon". This is carried out from the viewpoint of promoting the health promotion of the person himself without using it for other purposes.


  • The etymology means "cut out". This begins with some coupons being in a form that can be separated in small units to facilitate cash conversion. In the United States, it may be "QPON".


  • This word isFrenchOrigin, and pronounced [kuˈpɔ̃],カナダ,The United KingdomThen, pronounced /ˈkuːpɒn/̃,AmericaThen.kúːpɑn It has a pronunciation similar to Keupan, and some peopleIt becomes /kjuːpɒn/ and sounds similar to Keupan.

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  1. ^ Example:Akita City/Homecare Parenting Support Coupon(Akita City)


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