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✈ | Reborn as a life vest and pouch mounted on JAL's cabin

Photo JAL Life Best Pouch

Reborn as a life vest and pouch mounted on JAL's cabin

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We worked on an upcycle as an activity for a sustainable society toward the commercialization of waste materials that are discarded as industrial waste.

20 products reborn as pouches by reusing the life vest that was installed on board Japan Airlines (JAL) ... → Continue reading


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Industrial waste


Upcycling(Upcycling) is also called creative reuseBy-product,wasteThe process of transforming useless or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value.

UpcyclingRecyclingAnother process側面IsDown cyclingIt is a word with the opposite meaning of.Downcycling involves converting materials and products to lower quality new materials.In most recycling, a product is converted to raw material or taken out to make another product or material.Making sieving underwear into a rag or turning old newspapers and magazines into recycled paper is less valuable and of lesser quality than the original, and will eventually become garbage and be discarded, which is not continuous. [1]

The terms upcycling and downcycling were first used in Salvo NEWS No. 99 by Thornton Kay, who quoted Reiner Pilz.1994 This is an article on October 10th.[2]


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