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🚗 | Is there a possibility of commercializing "Rough Road Tricity"?New proposals for disaster prevention and customization while playing

Photo Yamaha Motor's disaster prevention commuter for rough roads "Rough Road Tricity Concept"

Is there a possibility of commercializing "Rough Road Tricity"?New proposals for disaster prevention and customization while playing

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It is also expected to play an active role in evacuation orders and emergency participation.

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Emergency participation

Evacuation instructions

Evacuation instructions(Hinanashiji,British: evacuation order) Is for residents in areas where there is a risk of damage to the lives and property of the residents.EvacuationCall forInstructions.

Usually in JapanLocal government(Municipality) Is issued.28 Typhoon No. 10Suffered fromEvacuation advisoryTo make it easier to convey information that is more urgent than2016 (Heisei28 years)May 12Than"Evacuation instruction (emergency)Was operated under the name[1][2]But,2021 (Reiwa3 years)May 5Revised toDisaster Countermeasures Basic LawWas enforced, and the "evacuation advisory", which had been pointed out that the difference was difficult to understand, was abolished and "Evacuation instructionsIs unified into[3][4][5][6](After that, the operation name is also(emergency)Simply omitEvacuation instructions)).

Flood damage-Sediment disasterAtEvacuation of elderly people, etc."Evacuation order" "Ensuring emergency safetyThe urgency increases in this order,Disaster prevention weather information OfVigilance level4Information (from dangerous placesEvacuate all) Is equivalent to.


Disaster Countermeasures Basic LawStipulated in Article 60,MayorDo.Nuclear accidentIn the case ofNuclear Emergency Preparedness ActIt is regulated by Article 26.

If the mayor of the municipality cannot give an evacuation orderPrefectural governorCan act on your behalf, and if the mayor cannot give instructions or if there is a request from the mayorPolice officer,Maritime SheriffCan instruct evacuation.

Transmission means
Disaster prevention radio,サ イ レ ン,Neighborhood associationOrganization orFire brigadeOral communication usingMunicipalitiesSuch asLoudspeakerEquipped withPR vehicleDue to a call by.
Evacuation route/place
primary school,Junior high school,high schoolEducational facilities such asPublic hallとChildren's houseSuch as meetinghouses,public facility ShelterSpecified in.

TV orWEB SITEWhen communicating by, etc.ISO 22324It is said that it is desirable to express the risk level at the color level with reference to[7]..As an example, as of May 2021, the evacuation order will match the color scheme of the alert level.NHKOn tv broadcast     purpleSystem (character color is黄色)[8],Yahoo! JAPANEven on the evacuation information page of     Purple line[9](* Before unification to evacuation orders     "Red"系統[10]) Is used.


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