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🚗 | Ukyo Sasahara, who won the first pole "If you do your best, the result will come naturally" [Round 6 GT500 qualifying interview]


Ukyo Sasahara, who won his first pole, "If you do your best, the results will come naturally." [Round 6 GT500 Qualifying Press Conference]

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However, because of that, I don't know what the race will be like, and I hope to make something like a story with our car No. 16 until the end.

2021 Super GT Round 6 "AUTOPOLIS GT 300km RAC ..." held at Autopolis → Continue reading


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16 No.

16 No.(Jurokugo) isJapan Ofmanga artist, Illustrator.Gender undisclosed.wrestlingI am working on a work based on.


After working as a commercial illustrator for medical books, etc., January 2014, 1BushiroadRelease "Monthly BushiroadIn addition to the manga "Storongustairu"[1][2]Debuted as a commercial manga artist.

Serialized until the May issue of the same year, May 5 issue-April 2015 issue. The serialization has been resumed from the June 5 issue (the notation on the official website is "irregular serialization".[2]).


Although both age and gender are not disclosed, the "Three Musketeers (who grew up watching) generation"[3]And that.



  • "" (Monthly Bushiroad,2013 --Serialized)
  • "Jirepo-G1 CLIMAX 26 Assault Report-" (Monthly Bushiroad,2016 (February issue)

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  • Funassyi's hospitality-English conversation[4](Shufu to Seikatsusha, 2016) Original:Funassyi, Supervision: David Thane, Planning cooperation: BUZZ LIGHT
  • Monthly salary professional gamer, I tried to earn 1 million yen. (Shufu to Seikatsusha, June 2016) Nobuyuki Umezaki --Cover Illustration
  • Akira Otani "What is interesting?" (Everyista"Monokaki" July 2018, 7 --serialized) --Illustration charge


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