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🚗 | Bovet and Pininfarina collaborate, Battista motif luxury watch

Photo Battista Tourbillon, a new wristwatch jointly developed by Automobili Pininfarina and Bovet 1822

Bovet and Pininfarina collaborate, luxury watch with Battista motif

If you write the contents roughly
Each mechanical part was crafted to reflect Automobili Pininfarina's design philosophy "PURA" (pure).

Automobili Pininfarina will be on October 10th, Hyper ... → Continue reading


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Machine element

Machine element(Kikai yoso, machine element (s), Hong: gépelemek)machineThe smallest that makes upFeaturesIt is a unit.機素Also called.

No matter how complex a mechanical device is, it is composed of a combination of simple mechanical elements.Many of the mechanical elementsInternational Standards Organization(ISO) international standards and JapanJapanese Industrial StandardIn many cases, it is stipulated by the national standards of each country such as (JIS).

These daysMechatronicsWith the development of many complicated mechanisms, electronic circuits andMicroprocessor Embedded systemAlthough it has been replaced by, there are still many parts that involve mechanical movements, and design using mechanical elements and research and development of mechanical elements themselves are still important engineering fields.

Micro machineIs being researched, but so far we are in the process of trying out methods for making each machine element.


  • Fastening element
  • Communication element
  • Liquid transfer element
  • Sealing element
  • Guidance element
  • Control element
  • EnergyConversion element of
  • Buffer element

Example of machine element

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