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✈ | Hokkaido Air System, Saab 340B last flight is December last civilian aircraft

Photo Saab 340B "JA02HC" operated by Hokkaido Air System to the end

Hokkaido Air System, Saab 340B last flight December last civilian aircraft

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In addition, "JA01HC" made its last flight in September 2021 and is undergoing pre-sale maintenance at the Japan Air Commuter (JAC) facility at Kagoshima Airport.

Hokkaido Air System (HAC) owns Saab 340B-WT type, aircraft code (registration) "JA02 ... → Continue reading


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Kagoshima Airport

Kagoshima Airport(Kagoshima Airport English: Kagoshima Airport) IsKagoshimaKirishimaIt is in空港..The terminal building is in Kirishima CityMizobecho footLocated in.Airport lawAirports specified by Cabinet Order as national airports that fall under item 4 of Article 1, paragraph 6It is divided into.


KagoshimaIt is located 30km northeast of.Access by train is poor, but E3Kyushu ExpresswayMizobe Kagoshima Airport InterchangeAccess via the highway is good because it is close to.KumamotoSouthern (Hitoyoshi,Kuma-gunEach town and village,Minamata) AndMiyazakiSouthwest (SouthwestKobayashi City,Ebino City), Etc. are also many users.From downtown Kagoshima, an airport shuttle bus (via the Kyushu Expressway) runs every 10 minutes during the day.Kagoshima Chuo StationThe journey time from is 38 minutes.

Domestic flights at Kagoshima AirportJapan Air Commuter OfHub airportJapan Airlines, All Nippon Airways,IBEX, Peach, Jetstar, Solaseed Air, Fuji Dream Airlines, Skymark, etc. are in service.Kagoshima Airport has many remote island routes, making it one of the largest second-class airports in Japan.Japan Coast GuardXNUMXth District Coast Guard HeadquartersIt also has Kagoshima Air Base.

The location of the airport is at an altitude of 272m.When a small VFR aircraft flies with a flight permit below the minimum safe altitude for advertising purposes and returns to Kagoshima Airport, a situation that is rarely seen at other airports occurs, such as climbing for landing.[1].

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification No. 29, 832, the terminal control airspace was reorganized for the first time at a regional airport, and from October 2017, 10.Miyazaki AirportPart of the control work (departure / approach, Japan Air Self-Defense Force /Nittahara Airfield(Including air traffic control) will be carried out at Kagoshima Airport[2]..Along with that, a terminal airspace control facility was set up in the Kagoshima Airport office.[2]..In addition, there is no air traffic controller in Kagoshima prefecture.Tanegashima Airport-Yakushima Airport-Kikai Airport-Tokunoshima Airport-Okinoerabu Airport-Yoron AirportPerform remote control at 6 airportsKagoshima Flight Assistance Center (FSC)Set up.

Also, a UK aviation / airport rating agencySky traxIn the domestic flight division of the company "World's Best Airport" (survey period: March 2017-February 3)World No. 4[3]Was chosen by.


Number of users

Original wikidata queryPlease refer to.

The annual number of passengers is 5,041,011 in Japan and 130,665 international, for a total of 5,171,676 (FY2014).[4].KyusyuThen.Fukuoka AirportSecond place after, the largest city in JapanSendai Airport,Kobe Airport,Hiroshima AirportIs over.


Kagoshima Municipal Airfield / Naval Base Era

  • 1932 (Showa7 years) --Kagoshima Municipal Amphibious Airfield constructed in Kamoike district, Kagoshima City[5].

Kagoshima Airport during the Kamoike period in Kagoshima City

  • 1957 (32)May 7 --Former Kagoshima Airport (commonly known as Kamoike Airport. CurrentKagoshimaKamoike ShinmachiNear) opens[5]..Kagoshima Tower starts control operations with 3 controllers using a 4-story control tower[1]..There was a short taxiway connecting the runway (runway direction 18-36, 1200m x 30m) and the apron in the center, surrounded by revetments and breakwaters on the east side and boundary fences on the west side.[1]..Opening of the port Far East Airlines opened the Kagoshima-Miyazaki-Osaka route (1 round trip / day) as a regular flight from the beginning of the port opening.DC-3In service, Kagoshima-Fukuoka (1 round trip / day)De Havilland DoveWent into service[1].
  • 1962 (Showa 37) --Received designation as a customs airport with CIQ due to the opening of the Okinawa line by ANA[1]..The 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Air Base is established[1].
  • 1964 (Showa 39)- 1967 (Showa 42) --Airport expansion and maintenance work is carried out[1].
  • 1966 (41)May 9 - All Nippon Airways Kagoshima Airport Overrun AccidentOccurs.
  • 1968 (43)
    • June --The Kagoshima Prefectural Large Airport Construction Promotion Council decided to build a new airport in Juso Tsukahara based on various surveys and examinations.[1]..The runway at Kamoike Airport is 1200m including the overrun part, which is as short as 1080m, and there is a prefectural gymnasium on the north side at the height of the approach surface limit, and there is a revetment of about 1m on the south side for pilots. It was a big burden[1]..In addition, there is agricultural land on the east side of the runway, and some farmers and others take shortcuts across the runway without taking the regular route (the route that walks along the seawall), which may hinder the operation of the aircraft. there were.Furthermore, as the traffic volume increased, the extension of the runway and the operation of large aircraft were considered, but the decision was made to relocate from the viewpoint of the maximum limit of 1720 m (including the overrun part 120 m) and the environment. Was done[1].
    • Terminal radar control operations started operation at the end of the same year[1].
  • 1970 (45)October --Construction of a new airport started by Kagoshima Prefecture with a total construction cost of 58 billion yen.

Kagoshima Airport after relocation

  • 1972 (47)
    • May 4 --The completed Kagoshima Airport will be transferred from Kagoshima Prefecture to the national government and will open.The runway is 2500m x 45m.Equipped with 13 berths of apron (4 berths for airbus class, 727 berths for B-9 class), parallel taxiways, ILS and VOR / DME, aeronautical lighting facilities, etc.[1]..From the beginning, it was a pioneer as a local airport, with a terminal dedicated to international flights in addition to domestic flights.[1]..It was a rare weather with snow on the day of the opening of the port.[1].
    • May 6 --Japan Airlines opens Hong Kong routeDC-8Went into service[1].
    • May 12 - Air NauruOpened the Nauru lineF-28Went into service[1].
  • 1977 (52)May 1 - Air New Guinea Port MoresbyOpen a lineB707Has entered service.
  • 1979 (54)May 11 --Two ANA L-1011 aircraft flying in the airspace tens of kilometers east of Sakurajima encounter sand (small stones) rolled up by the explosion of Sakurajima, and the front glass of the cockpit (outermost shield part) ) Has a spider web-like crack.Fully automatic landing due to poor visibility[1].
  • 1980 (55)May 10 --Extended the runway to 3000m and started operation (according to the 3rd Airport Development 5-Year Plan)[1].
  • 1990 (Heisei2 years)May 5 - Korean Air SeoulOpen the line.
  • 1999 (11) March --ARTS-E (Terminal Radar Information Processing System) started operation.Cover area 3NM[1].
  • 2017 (29)
    • May 3 --Extended operating hours from 7 hours from 21:14 to 7:22 to 15 hours from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.
    • May 10 --Miyazaki Terminal radar control shifts to wide area control from Kagoshima Airport.Miyazaki Airfield Control (GND / TWR) will continue to be in charge at Miyazaki Airport (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification No. 832)[2]
  • 2019 (31)
    • April --Start of construction for expansion and renovation of the international terminal building.
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)
    • End of July --Completion of expansion and renovation of the International Terminal Building.


International Terminal

  • Chapel

Domestic Terminal

  • A simple post office in Kagoshima Airport is set up in the airport facility.
  • Kagoshima BankThere is a Kagoshima Airport branch office, which also handles foreign currency exchange and other counter operations.
  • Arrival lobby
    • 1st floor-Airport hot spring footbath Finally
    • 2nd floor-Airport Gallery
    • 3rd floor-Rooftop / observation deck, Sora Stage
  • Outside the restricted area
  • Within the restricted area

Office / hangar

Service route

If two or more airlines are listed, it depends on the aircraft / crew of the airline listed first.Jointly operated flights (codeshare flights)Is. Detail isMonthly timetableSee.

Domestic flights

Japan Airlines (JAL)[6] Tokyo/Haneda,Osaka/Itami,Matsuyama,Fukuoka,Tanegashima,Yakushima,Amami,Kikai,Tokunoshima,Okinoerabu,Debate
All Nippon Airways (ANA) [7] Tokyo / Haneda, Osaka / Itami,Nagoya/Chubu
Sky mark (SCI) Tokyo/Haneda,Osaka/Kobe, Nagoya / Chubu, Amami
Solaseed Air (SNJ) ・ All Nippon Airways (ANA) Tokyo / Haneda, Nagoya / Chubu,Okinawa/Naha
Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) ・ Japan Airlines (JAL) Shizuoka
Ibex airlines(IBX) ・ All Nippon Airways (ANA) Osaka / Itami, Nagoya / Chubu
Jetstar Japan (JJP) ・ Japan Airlines (JAL) (only when connecting to JAL international flights) Tokyo/Narita, Nagoya / Chubu
Peach Aviation (APJ) Osaka/Kansai
Japan Airlines(NJA) Departure / arrival from the annex / the company's head office, special reservation flights only on Mondays and WednesdaysSatsuma Iwo Jima

Former regular service routes

Former irregular service routes

(From Kagoshima Airport) Annual number of passengers / ranking by route in 2019[8]
destinationNumber of passengersDomestic rank
Tokyo International AirportAbout 234 million peopleSuperior05 bit
Osaka International Airportapprox 063 million peopleTop 40

International flights

China Airline(CI) ・Japan Airlines(JL) Republic of China flag Taipei/Taoyuan
Korean Air (KE) ・ Japan Airlines (JL) Republic of Korea flag Seoul/Incheon
Easter air (ZE) Republic of Korea flag Seoul/Incheon
Tway Airlines (TW) Republic of Korea flag Seoul/Incheon
China Eastern Airlines (MU) ・ Japan Airlines (JL) Flag of the People's Republic of China Shanghai/Pudong
Hong Kong Airlines (HX) Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
Hong Kong Express Airlines (UO) Hong Kong flag Hong Kong

Destination city

Domestic flights

International flights

Canceled/Abolished airline/route

Japan Airlines (JL) Keitoku Airport(Hong Kong),Singapore Changi International Airport(Singapore),Don Muang Airport(Thailand)
Nauru airlines (ON) Nauru International Airport(Nauru)[Note 1], Guam International Airport(Guam)
New Guinea Airlines (PX) Port Moresby International Airport(Papua New Guinea)
Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (KA) Keitoku Airport(Hong Kong)
Jeju Airlines (7C) Daegu International Airport(Daegu)
Condor Airlines (DE) Frankfurt airport (Germany)
Hi fly (5K) Umberto Delgard Airport (Portugal)

Highlights and accommodations in the vicinity

You can see Mt. Kirishima in front of you, and there are many hot springs such as Myoken Onsen in the surrounding area. A "hot spring bus" operates, and you can get on with one hot spring bathing ticket for 500 yen a day.[Source required].

Access Info


  • Airport terminal building: To cities in the prefecture and cities outside the prefectureDirect busKagoshima-Kumamoto Line "Kirishima issue・ Kagoshima-Fukuoka Line "Sakurajima"(Only some flights) are on board.There is an information desk and a ticket vending machine.
  • Kagoshima Airport South Bus Stop : Kyushu ExpresswayLocated on the main line.In the past, long-distance highway buses connecting Kyushu and various parts of Honshu departed and arrived, but since most of the routes to and from Kagoshima have been suspended or abolished, only the Fukuoka line is currently stopped.It is about a 15-minute walk to the airport terminal building.


For those who use the parking lotSee also (Airport Official Website).


  • Nippo Main Line OfKokubun StationOrKajiki StationThere are fixed-route buses from, but none of them are considered to be connected to railways and the number of buses is not large.In addition to Kokubu stationKanoyaBuses from the direction pass through the nearby Kirishima City Hall, which is also available.

Bus Stop

Bus stopaspectTypedestination
6Miyazaki / Fukuoka

Kasedashiraka / Makurazaki

Kajiki / Aira

Express Bus
  • [Sakurajima]Fukuoka
  • Via Isaku / Kanemine branch Kasedashiraka / Makurazaki
General route bus
  • Via Jioka / Bypass Aira New Town
  • Via Chosa Station / Aeon Aira Gamo / Kusuda
  • Via Shinseicho / Chosa Station / Aeon Aira Gamo / Kusuda
  • Aeon Town Aira
  • Chosa Station
  • Kajiki Port
Mizobe Fureai Bus
  • Line XNUMX
  • Line XNUMX
7Hitoyoshi / Kumamoto

Taniyama / Ibusuki

Express Bus
  • [Kirishima]Kumamoto
  • Via Kotokuji / Nakayama housing complex Taniyama
  • Via Hirakawa / Kiire Ibusuki / Yamakawa Pier
8Kagoshima cityExpress Bus
  • [Nonstop]Via Central Station / Tenmonkan In front of city hall / Kagoshima Main Port (High Speed ​​Ship Terminal)
  • Via Ishiki / Chuo Station / Tenmonkan In front of city hall
  • Via Yoshino / Tenmonkan / Chuo Station Prefectural Office / Kamoike Port
9Yunomoto / Kawauchi

Izumi / Akune

Oguchi / Minamata


Regular sightseeing bus[Course B] Kareigawa Station, Shiobitashi Onsen, Wake Shrine, Inukai Falls Observatory, Kirishima Folk Art Village,Kirishima ShrineMaruo / Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel
General route bus
  • Via Ijuin Yunomoto / Hioki Branch
  • Via Gamo Kawauchi (Kyocera No. XNUMX Factory)
  • Via Miyanojo Izumi / Akune
  • Koda / Via Kurino Oguchi / Minamata
  • Mizobeshita Jumonji
  • Via Kareigawa / Maruo Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel
  • [Myoken Onsen Bus]Kareigawa Station / Myoken Onsen Hayato Station
10Iwakawa / Kanoya / Shibushi

Kokubu / Tarumi

General route bus
  • Via Higashikyushu Expressway Kanoya (Higashi Kasanohara)
  • Via Hotel Kyocera / Makinohara / Teruhoku Kanoya (Higashi Kasanohara)
  • Via Hotel Kyocera / Makinohara / Iwakawa Shibushi
  • Via Himejo / Kokubu Station Kyocera Kokubu
  • Via Himejo / Kokubu Station / Inspection Bridge Tarumi Port

Former Kagoshima Airport

Former Kagoshima Airport was in 1932 in the Kamoike district (near the center of Kagoshima city).Masago Honmachi)Kagoshima Municipal Amphibious AirfieldWas constructed asSecond World WarIn 1940Naval Air Corps Kagoshima BaseRefurbished as[5].. It has a 1,500m x 600m runway and a 16,900m1945 hangar, and was used for training the training aviation corps. In XNUMX, education was discontinued due to the intensification of the war and became unusable due to repeated air raids.[10]..As a starting point for the kamikazeKanoya AirfieldAnd Chiran Airfield (Chiran Peace Museum) Is famous, but this airfield was also used. In 1957, Kagoshima Airport (commonly known as Kamoike Airport) opened as a second-class airport on the site of the former Kagoshima base.

The airport moved to its current location in 1972.The site isJapan Housing CorporationWas developed as Kamoike New Town, and in 1996 the prefectural office and prefectural police headquarters moved to this corner.[5]..The old airport building1978 From supermarket Super Harta Apollo store[11](2012 May 1It was used as a tenant building including (closed), but it was decided to dismantle it in 2013 due to aging.[5].. It was demolished in early 2014 and is now on the site of Nishimuta Sky Market (opened April 2015, 4).[12]) Is open.Like Sky, it retains the remnants of the former airport as its name, and photographs from the former Kagoshima Airport era are also displayed inside the store.Also, the old hangarTropical transportationKagoshima Sales OfficeIt was used as a garage for the garage, but the garage was opened in Kagoshima City in August 2008.Ono TownIt was demolished in September the following day because it moved to[5].


  • 2019 May 10Depart Kagoshima Airport at around 11:20Tanegashima AirportGoingJapan Air CommuterFlight 3763 was caught in eddy 12 minutes after taking off from the airport and returned to Kagoshima Airport, the departure point.Sixteen passengers on this flight were not injured, but one flight attendant broke.The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Transportation Bureau recognized this case as an aviation accident as a serious incident, and two investigators from the Japan Transport Safety Board dispatched it to Japan Air Commuter on the 16th.On the day of the accident, the point where the aircraft shookFirst Year of Reiwa East TyphoonAlthough it was out of the strong wind region of (Typhoon No. 19), the wind from the north remained strong.In addition, many flights departing from and arriving at Tokyo Haneda Airport from Kagoshima Airport were canceled.[13][14].


  • The Tokyo line has the largest share, followed by the Osaka line, Chubu line, Amami Oshima line, Fukuoka line, and Naha line.Wide bodyIn many cases, the aircraft was introduced on the Tokyo and Osaka lines, except for the main line.Also, from such a background, it is a route used for many memorial flights.The memorial flights for wide-body aircraft on the Haneda-Kagoshima line are as follows.
  • Take charge of remote island routes in the airportJapan Air CommuterThere is a head office.Based at the airportAmami,Okinoerabu,DebateWe are developing routes to the Satsunan Islands.The only domestic airliner that was its mainstayYS-11Is the destination of the last domestic flight in Japan (2006 May 9JAC3806 flight from Okinoerabu to Kagoshima).
  • From April 2002 to April 4,Skymark AirlinesBy (currently Skymark)Haneda airportThe flight was in service, but withdrew four years after it went into service.At this time, despite maintaining a high load factor of 4% on average (the second highest utilization rate after the Haneda-Fukuoka line at that time), withdrawal from Kagoshima for the purpose of securing new slots at Haneda Airport. The decision was made by the local business community, which made a large investment of over 60 million.It is said that Skymark, which had a deficit of 6 billion yen at that time, was aiming to increase the number of revolutions of the equipment by consolidating routes in order to secure higher profits.Iwasaki SangyoKagoshima was the most violent protest among the three routes that the company withdrew, including the proceedings filed by the company.
  • Your current locationSecond World WarinsideNavyAs the second base of the Air Corps / KokubuOkinawaTo the directionSpecial forcesIt is a place that was also used for sorties.RunwayThere is an airport park in 34 directions during the warRunwayFragments are on display.
  • Japan has the largest import of edible horses.The reason is that it is close to Kumamoto, which is a large consumption area, and that there is an animal quarantine station.[15]
  • Governor of KagoshimaSantanen(At that time) announced that it would be nicknamed Kagoshima Airport as part of the "Meiji Restoration XNUMXth Anniversary Project" led by the prefecture.[16], July 2017, 7, at the 4nd General Assembly "KagoshimaSaigo DonIt was proposed to be "Airport" or "Kagoshima Saigo Don Airport"[17]..However, there were pros and cons, and the conclusion was carried over.[18].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Air Nauru (now Nauru Airlines after Hour Airlines) became the first foreign airline to enter service (December 1972), but due to lack of equipment and pilots, the service rate was poor and there were many delays such as a two-day delay.[9]..Tickets at that time were sold as cheap flights for travelers heading to Oceania.
  2. ^ Although it was operated by the Boeing 777-300 on the ANA paper timetable at that time, it became the Boeing 747SR only on this day.


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