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🚗 | Bugatti's hypercar "Shiron", limited to 500 units in final stage

Photo Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti's hypercar "Shiron", limited to 500 units production at the final stage

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In Chiron Supersport, the rear overhang has been extended by approximately 250mm.

Bugatti is in the final stages of production of the hypercar "Bugatti Chiron" on October 10th ... → Continue reading


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250mm extension

Super sports

Super sports(British: Supersport, SS)オ ー ト バ イIt is a kind of. Also known as an SS bike.It refers to a full cowl type (sports) bike among the bikes that can run on public roads.The highest peak, the 1000cc class, is called "liter SS" and above that is called "megasports".

Road Race World ChampionshipThen, moto3 is 250cc, moto2 is 765cc, and motoGP is 1000cc.Full cowl type 3cc to 250cc motorcycles on the market are not replicas of racers, so they are now considered supersports.Previously, there were regulations such as 1000cc, 50cc, 80cc, but now there are no such regulations, so 125cc to 250cc sports bikes are called super sports. There is an opinion that 1000cc is not included, but it can be said that it is an unmistakable supersport with achievements.

In the old days, racer type bikesracerSupportIt was called, but it is a public road bike that was made as close as possible to the race bike that the racer replica originally existed, and there is currently no race bike that was the source of imitation in super sports.

In addition, in order to increase sales due to the decrease in sales of the motorcycle market, dealers tend to advertise and sell full cowl motorcycles as super sports, so from that point of view, it is wrong to say that the entire full cowl motorcycle is super sports. is not it.

Racer replica

From the 1980s to the 90s, the technology acquired by motorcycle manufacturers in racing activities was applied to improve driving performance.Motorcycle racingThe vehicle that used the image in the sales strategy was sold as a racer replica.It also serves as a base vehicle for commercial vehicle remodeling races with a narrow range of remodeling, and the superiority and inferiority of the race directly led to sales.The difference from the original racer is the lights that comply with the regulations[1],stand(The race machine is not equipped with these parts[2]), And the engine is designed to be durable and easy to handle on public roads.DetuneAnd so on.

The model of the vehicle depends on the number of vehicles sold, age, regulation, etc.Wes Cooley,Eddie Lawson AMA Superbike ChampionshipImitating the vehicle when I won the championship1979 Was released inSuzuki GS1000S,1982 ToKawasaki Z1000RWas released, but at that time there was no name called a racer replica.And with an aluminum frame, in the style of a racerSuzuki RG250 GammaAs soon as it was released, it became very popular, and with this as a spark, racer replicas became a big boom, and each manufacturer will develop and release a 2-stroke 250cc racer replica with company luck.Later, racer replicas spread to 4-stroke 400cc, and in JapanOrdinary motorcycleVehicles with graphics of companies sponsoring vehicles such as TT-F400 / TT-F1 for 3 cc and GP250 / 500 for 250 cc, which can be driven with a license, were sold and were well received.Also, because the 2-stroke 500cc was in full swing in the top category of the Road Racing World Championship,Yamaha RZV500R,Suzuki RG500Γ / RG400Γ,Honda NS400RWas released with the image of the GP500 racer as it is.

Bike boom

1980 eraThe Japanese motorcycle boom that started from the beginning was accompanied by celebrities participating in races and the Japanese movie "Dirty hero"Weekly Shonen Sundayof"Two hawks"Weekly Shonen Magazineof"Bali legend","Shiseido TECH21In many cases, media outside the industry, such as commercials, deal with racing and the environment surrounding it, involving people who were not originally interested in road racing and heating it up.boomHappened.laterBubble economyWith the help of the social background called, the number of entries to the road race has increased, the existence of a category with a narrow range of remodeling and the superiority or inferiority in that race may lead to sales, and manufacturers also change models almost every year. (Annual improvement) was repeated and the latest technology was introduced to improve the performance.Against this background, the replica model is expensive, the output characteristics of the engine are not suitable for city riding, the steering angle is small, the riding position is cramped, the repair fee when falling is expensive, and the model is lost immediately after purchase. For example,PracticalDespite the numerous negatives in terms of maintenance costs and maintenance costs, it stimulated the desire to buy, and the number of units sold increased.

The fashion of racer replicasRacer replica boomWas called.A typical car model is a 2-strokeYamaha TZR,Honda NSR,Suzuki gamma, 4 strokesYamaha FZR,Suzuki GSX-R,Honda CBR,Honda VFR,Kawasaki ZXRAnd so on.again,motocrossCompetition vehicle (Motocrosser) Is a commercially available off-road model (Dual purposeModel) also had a model called a racer replica such as SUZUKI RMX250.

The racer replica boom is affordable and easy to use on a daily basis, with the calming of the boom for road racing and the necessary and sufficient performance in the main 400 cc market.Kawasaki Zephyr,Honda CB400 Super Fore,Suzuki BanditRepresented byNaked bikeIn addition, it declined due to the shift of the market to large motorcycles as it became easier to obtain a large motorcycle license (so-called "unlimited").

History of ultra-high performance bikes

1990 At the beginning of the generation, motorcycle manufacturers had the goal of developing a motorcycle that could achieve a maximum speed of 300km / h.[3]In such vehicle design, maximum output and straight-line stability were prioritized.Tourer-like concepts such as pursuing the world's highest speed or improving comfortable driving performance at high speeds were the mainstream in large displacement vehicles. (This kind of bike will come laterMega sportsWill be called)

But,1992 The driving performance is lighter than the absolute maximum speed.Honda CBR900RRWas released[3]..This is the beginning of super sports.Motorcycle magazines at that time did not use the name racer replica for this vehicle that did not meet the race regulation of 900cc, that is, there was no original "racer", and other companies as oncoming models with specifications of 124ps and dry weight of 185kg. I was wondering which vehicle to apply[3]..Suzuki's, which is a typical model with a displacement close to the same periodGSX-R1100143ps, 226kg and tourer-like KawasakiZZ-R1100147ps, 228kg,CBR1000FThe numbers of 135ps and 235kg were too different for the vehicle to be listed as a rival model.[3]..Ducati's 1992 model 888SPS (185kg, 120ps) had the same specs but was about 360 million yen.In the past, it corresponds to the early GSX-R750 (1100kg, 197ps) as a liter engine for the 130cc class body, which was the concept.

Next day1993 Even so, the world's fastest competition of each company overheated, Suzuki water-cooled GSX-R1100 and changed the model to 155ps, 231kg, Kawasaki changed the model of ZZ-R1100 to D type 147ps, 233kg[3]..In addition, Triumph released at 147ps and 228kg and participated in this competition.[3]..However, Honda did not participate in the CBR1000F by deferring it.In addition, Honda did not sell a light vehicle with 750cc as standard, and other companies had sold it, so the only vehicles with a concept like the CBR900RR were Honda and Ducati.

1994 , CBR900R was remodeled, but the specifications were left unchanged and the basic concept was maintained.From Kawasaki this yearZX-9RWas announced, and the displacement matched as an oncoming model, but it was not a value that would compete with 139ps, 215kg, and the attached grab bar etc. was unnatural equipment for a vehicle that pushed sports driving to the front. rice field[3].

1996 , Each company announced a new car in the genre of large sports bikes, and I was able to see the direction.From YamahaYZF1000RWas announced, and it was found that the vehicle weight became more important at the design stage with 145ps and 198kg, but at the same time it was conscious compared to the 900ps and 128kg of the remodeled CBR183RR, but with specifications that competed to compete. Did not[3]..Also released by SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R750Was 128ps, 179kg and CBR900RR in numerical terms, but the vehicleWSBSince it was a base vehicle, it was hard to say that the vehicle was designed with the competition in mind.[3]..Similarly, it was assumed to be modified to 122ps and 200kg.HomologationWas a specification[3].

1997 , HondaCBR1100XXWas released, returned to the world's highest speed front, and approached the maximum speed of 300 km / h.[4]..From this, it can be seen that the CBR900RR was not a vehicle made to compete for the highest speed.Released by SuzukiTL1000SWas 125ps, 187kg, which was very competitive in terms of numerical values.[4]..However, it is a WSB-based vehicle that will be released the following year.TL1000RThere was a difference such as the existence of[4].

1998 , From Yamaha in the form of competing with the CBR900RR, which was a concept floating in the air that was neither a replica nor a vehicle competing for the maximum speedYamaha YZF-R1, Kawasaki released ZX-9R (C type)[4]。4型CBR900RRの130ps、180kgという仕様に対抗しZX-9Rは143ps、183kg。YZF-R1に至っては150ps、177kgという意欲的なスペックを引っさげこれに正面から対抗した[4].

1999 , 250cc which was the first racer replica2-strokeVehicles have been discontinued due to exhaust gas regulations, and expectations for 750cc 4-cylinder and 1000cc 2-cylinder racer-based vehicles and 900 to 1000cc vehicles have increased as a driving force for sports strategies, and each company has repeatedly developed to compete. I went[4].2000 , HondaHonda RVFからHonda VTR1000 SP-1/2Although the WSB base vehicle was changed generations and the displacement was about the same, the side of the base vehicle designed on the premise of remodeling was still strong, and the specifications were 136ps, 199kg.[4]..Suzuki released the GSX-R750 as a base vehicle that can compete even without modification with a full model change, 141ps, 166kg this year, and the next2001 Introduced the GSX-R1000 with an extended stroke based on this vehicle, overwhelming the 160ps, 170kg, CBR900RR and YZF-R1 numerically.[4]..The existence of a clear index called a numerical value made the superiority and inferiority clear, and the development competition of each company became extremely fierce. 2002 , The highest peak of motorcycle racing since this yearRoad Race World ChampionshipRenamed MotoGP, the GP500 class, which was the top category, was changed to a regulation that is advantageous for 4-strokes, and all participating teams adopted 4-stroke engines.Vehicles that feed back the image of racer vehicles, such as works teams, have changed from 250cc 2-stroke vehicles to those vehicles that are close to the displacement limit of 990cc, and their relevance to road racing has deepened.

2004 、WSBのレギュレーションが気筒数を問わず1000ccへと変更され、国産メーカー各社はベース車両を750cc4気筒や1000cc2気筒から全社1000cc4気筒へと世代交代、CBR900RRが発売された1992年にはレギュレーションに合致しない車両であったはずが、12年の時を経てベース車両になる結果となった。こうした結果、スーパースポーツというジャンルで呼ばれ競い合い、ロードレース世界選手権の意匠を模したレプリカ仕様が発売され、レーサーベース車両になるという非常に複雑なジャンルとなってしまった。

Also, in the past, it was a 600cc class vehicle that was manufactured from the license classification in Europe,1997 からSuper sports world championshipWas held, and the demand for sports performance of these vehicles increased, and the number of 600cc class vehicles with driving performance that could be called super sports increased.

Even now, these models continue to be made lighter and more compact, and the engine output is increasing with each model change.2011 ToKawasaki Ninja ZX-10RHowever, it achieved 999ps, which exceeds 200ps for the first time in the class with a displacement of 200.1cc.It is possible to purchase super sports in Japan, but the maximum output of the models sold as Japanese specifications is suppressed in order to comply with noise regulations.

Main models

The main models currently on the market called supersports are:

Japanese sea bass
  • Fire bolt
  • Lightning
  • 750S
Peugeot Motocycle
  • XR7
Moto Morini
  • Corsaro
  • バ ン
  • 984
  • 985
  • M16
MV Agusta
BMW Motorrad
  • HB series
  • SB series
  • KB series
  • DB series
  • YB series
  • Tage series
  • BB series
  • RS
S & T Motors
  • GT125
  • GT250
  • GT650
  • Diablo 650
  • VSR200
  • V1XR

Mega sports

The world's fastest competition mentioned above1999 ,Suzuki GSX1300R HayabusaWith the advent of the, the feat of 312.6km / h was achieved without modification of the mass-produced car, and it was registered as Guinness.to thisKawasaki ZX-12REven though vehicles such as2001 , The maximum speed competition has come to an end due to the speed limit of 300km / h in Europe.However, the engine characteristics and body composition cultivated in the process up to that point,AerodynamicsPerformance contributes to driving performance in the maximum speed range, and the way to enjoy high-speed driving produced by the engine that exerts maximum output has changed to the name Megasport, which is different from the tourers that bring comfortable driving so far. It is proposed as a cruising with an exciting side.



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  2. ^ There is night drivingEndurance raceVehicles participating in the race are obliged to equip front and tail lights that function properly.
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