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🚗 | [Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV New Test Drive] The S-AWC cultivated from the Lancer Evolution era is finally in the final stage ...

Photo Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV model new model (Outlander PHEV)

[Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV New Test Drive] The S-AWC cultivated since the Lancer Evolution era is finally in the final stage of completion ...

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As a result, it can be said that it has become possible to drive as an EV for everyday use in urban areas.

Mitsubishi Motors announced the second generation "Outlander PHEV".This time, one of the prototype models ... → Continue reading


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City area

City area(Shigaichi) is a house,Commercial facility,Shop-Shopping districtA word that refers to a densely populated land or area.MunicipalityRelatively large within街,townRefers to. The opposite of rural areas is "Urban area”, and as a category used for census DID (Concentrated area). Although attached as a city, it is not a term limited to the city in the administrative division.

Fire fightingDefines urban areas as "standards for fire fighting power" (Fire Defense Agency Notification No. 12 of 1) Article 2 No. 1, and the average building coverage ratio is approximately 10% or more in densely built areas. The area is a block, and the population is over 1. In addition, even if there is no area of ​​1 or more people, if there are multiple areas (quasi-city areas) with a population of XNUMX or more in the vicinity, it is assumed that the area will be an urban area.

The related terms used in each law and administration are listed below.

City center

Law about activation of central city areaA term used in.

Built-up area

Metropolitan Area Improvement ActA term used in. It is defined in Article 2, and it is an area where the industry or population is concentrated to a considerable extent and the development of urban areas such as the improvement of public facilities and the advanced use of land has already been carried out. Specifically, it is determined by the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act,Tokyo Ward,MusashinoThe whole area ofMitaka City,横 浜 市,Kawasaki City,Kawaguchi cityIs part of.

In addition,Kinki Area Improvement LawAccording to the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act, "established city area" byOsakaThe whole area ofKyoto City,Moriguchi,Fuse City,Sakai City,Kobe City,Amagasaki,Nishinomiya,AshiyaPart of is specified.

In these areas, from the purpose of eliminating congestion of factories and business establishments,Tax Special Measures ActAccording to Article 37, there are preferential treatments under the Corporate Tax Law for the relocation of business establishments and equipment from the existing urban areas to the outside.

In addition, the establishments in the established city area,Local tax lawDue to this, business tax will be levied as city tax.

Dense urban area

Law Concerning Promotion of Development of Disaster Prevention Blocks in Densely Built-up Areas(Dense urban area maintenance method) According to Article 2, dense urban areas have dense wooden buildings in the area, and there are not enough public facilities and other conditions of land use in the area. Therefore, the urban area is not protected by the specific disaster prevention function. Since wooden houses are densely packed,Wooden house dense area[1]”(Sometimes abbreviated as “Mokumitsu”)[2]), "Wooden houses densely built-up area[3]It is also called ".OvercrowdingSee also

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAnnounced in 2021 (Reiwa 3), "A densely populated urban area that is extremely dangerous in the event of an earthquake, etc."[4]According to the "Basic Plan for Living Life", the total area of ​​densely populated urban areas nationwide is about 2200 ha, which was approved by the Cabinet in 2021 (Reiwa 3).[5]In 』, we aim to resolve by 2030 (Reiwa 12 years).

  • List of the number and area of ​​"congested urban areas that are extremely dangerous during earthquakes" (as of R3)[6]
Name of prefecturesArea (ha)Related municipality
Saitama54Kawaguchi city
Chiba8Urayasu city
Kanagawa355横 浜 市
Shiga10Otsu City
Kyoto220Kyoto City
Osaka1014Osaka,Sakai City,Toyonaka City,Kadoma,Neyagawa,Higashi Osaka City
Hyogo190Kobe City
Tokushima5Naruto,Mugi Town
Okinawa2Kadena Town
Nationwide total2219

Dense housing urban area development promotion project

In the past, the definition and standards of wooden densely populated areas varied depending on the business system applied, so the 2000 Council for Housing and Housing urged to urgently secure the basic safety of residential areas. For the purpose, set the standard of "dense residential area that should be urgently improved" and the standard of densely built residential area that should be urgently improved (4th Housing Construction Five-Year Plan (Attachment XNUMX of the main text)) In order to improve the non-combustible area ratio in the high density densely built-up urban area, we have set the “urgently improved densely populated residential area” and the “high density densely populated area” defined in the XNUMXth Five-Year Housing Construction Plan.・It was decided to expand the business by rebuilding into apartment houses, which are semi-fireproof buildings.

These are called dense housing urban area development promotion projects.In a residential area where dense housing such as old houses and a significant shortage of public facilities are seen, and wooden houses are densely located and there is a high risk in disaster prevention, disaster prevention is improved and the living environment is improved. For the purpose of improvement of, we will perform the maintenance of houses with a favorable living environment by comprehensively removing and rebuilding old buildings and maintaining regional facilities. For the purpose of promoting disaster prevention and maintenance of a favorable living environment and creating a town that is resistant to disasters, old houses are densely packed and public facilities such as roads and parks are undeveloped. Implemented in areas where the living environment needs to be improved.

MunicipalitiesEstablished a dense housing urban area development promotion business system outline, promoted rebuilding of aged wooden rental houses, and worked to improve public facilities such as roads and parks based on a development plan approved by the Minister, and created a favorable living environment. We are aiming to improve disaster prevention by, for example, formingLand readjustment projectNot only the city block remodeling and maintenance like the above, but also the existing roads, the arrangement of parks and buildings,communityWhile taking advantage of the town's traditions and good points, we will implement disaster countermeasures in cooperation with the ward and local residents.


Land use planningIn the field ofUrbanization promotion area,Urbanization control area/ There is a word such as urbanization control area, and urbanization means to make urbanization area by converting from agricultural land use to urban land use, and to stabilize land cover as residential land. Although it is supposed to be promoted, it is generally called urbanization or urbanization when it becomes an urban area. In "Introduction to Illustrated Business: A Book that Understands the Basics and Mechanisms of the Latest Building Standards Law: Easy-to-understand Building Standards Law with Illustrations" (Real Estate Building Administration Law Study Group 2008), "Urbanization" means building many buildings. You can think of it as being done.京都The high school teacher Nobumichi Yonezawa2000 Kyoto Semi Gala Survey(Kyoto City Workers) published the results of the cicada molting shell survey in 2000, using the cicada molting shell as an index京都The naturalness distribution of is considered.

Base city

The base in the urban area that contributes to the reorganization of the urban structure is called the base urban area, and in the cities that are the center of the big cities and regions, the development is promoted by utilizing the railway site in the existing urban area and the factory site in the coastal area. There is.An example is as follows.

Besides this,Law on Tsunami Disaster Prevention Community Development"Tsunami disaster prevention base city area formation facility of one housing complex" was established. This is the case when a tsunami occurs in an urban function in an area where there is a high possibility that a disaster will occur due to the tsunami, and there is a high need to prevent or mitigate the disaster, in the revised draft of the city planning operation guidelines. From the perspective of developing an urban area that will serve as a base for the maintenance of the urban area, the purpose is to consider the facilities related to the various functions that the urban area should have as a group of facilities, and to develop them in an integrated manner. Refers to housing facilities and specified business facilities prescribed in Article XNUMX, paragraph XNUMX of the Act on Tsunami Disaster Prevention Area Development, depending on the functions that the

Complex city

A complex urban area refers to an area where shops, houses, factories and industrial areas are mixed to form an urban area. This is because a complex urban space with well-balanced living, commerce, and industry is playing an important role especially in the city center, and a planned accumulation of various functions that is different from the conventional "chaotic mixture". Positively evaluateBase areas such as the city centerThe area around “” that promotes such complex development is called “complex city zone”.

Residential area

A term used in the New Residential Area Development Law. Although there is no clear definition in the law, there is a clause of "development of residential area in the area around the urban area where there is a great demand for housing" in Article 1, and it is a term assuming a bed town in the suburbs of the city.High economic growthBased on this law in the term,New residential area development projectWas carried out extensively, and mammoth housing complexes and commuter towns were created one after another.However, as of Heisei, development applying this law has not been carried out, and the former "residential urban area" is facing hollowing out due to aging and aging of the inhabitants, and the "residential urban area" is no longer two. It is an aged word in the heavy sense.



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