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🚗 | Reduce blind spots and support safe driving! ?? Multi-functional front and rear drive recorder "Mirror Cam 1" with 3 roles in 2 unit


Supports safe driving by reducing blind spots! ?? Multi-functional front and rear drive recorder "Mirror Cam 1" with 3 roles in 2 unit

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This time, we will introduce the high-quality, multifunctional mirror-type drive recorder "Mirror Cam 2".

Drive recorders whose installation rate is increasing year by year.In case of trouble or accident, please clarify whether you are responsible or not ... → Continue reading


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drive recorder

drive recorder(Japanglish: Drive recorder) Is the in-vehicle typeVideo recorder..Mainly in englishDash cam(British: Dashcam), But as an expression similar to "drive recorder", driving recorder (British: Driving Recorder) Is also used.Often in Japandrive recorderIt is abbreviated as ".

It is installed mainly for the purpose of recording the situation such as images when a car accident occurs.[1]..There is also a usage method that is useful for driving safety guidance.Models that are retrofitted are the mainstream[1].

Attached to the windshield or dashboardVideo cameraRecord the situation outside or inside the car with.In addition, voice and acceleration,GPSThere is also a model that can record the current position based on the above, and also can record the brake pedal depression signal for commercial vehicles.

As an in-vehicle device for the purpose of a similar car accidentEvent data recorderThere is (EDR), but for the purpose of recording vehicle control information such as the amount of depression of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal instead of video, the automobile manufacturer will incorporate it as a standard equipment at the time of manufacture.

Also as an in-vehicle device for driving business managementDigital tachographSimilar to drive recorders, there are also models that can record situations such as video, which may be useful for accident recording.

Dissemination in each country


Taxi,Transportation industryAnd so onTraffic accidentAt the moment of, "a device that records what happened in an objectively comprehensible way afterwards"21st centuryUntil the beginning, at bestTachographHowever, the situation changed as a small video recording drive recorder was put into practical use around 2003.[2][3].. Since it was mainly used for commercial vehicles from the beginning, the frequency of accidents is high.Taxi,nextbus-Trackな どCommercial vehicle,FinallyPrivate carSpread in the order of[2][3].

It is used for in-house education and awareness aimed at preventing traffic accidents.[4]Clarification of crime detection and accidents and fraud such as insurance money fraud such as fraud pretending to be a traffic accident[2]It also has the effect of deterring crime by providing information on suspicious persons, etc.[5].. Occurred in 2018Niigata small 2 girl murder caseThen, the criminal was arrested because the video of the drive recorder provided by the citizens to the police was the decisive factor.[6].

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs aiming for widespread use and is promoting its introduction, but the spread has been delayed for non-commercial vehicles.According to a ministry survey, the penetration rate as of March 2008 was 3% for taxis and 49% for passenger cars.[3].. Initially, the introduction price was over 5 yen per set, but in 2006, multiple companies predicted the market expansion and entered the market[7]As a result, the actual price is shifting to a reasonable price according to the market logic.

In addition, the taxi companies and shipping companies that have introduced the accident rate tend to be lower than before the introduction.[4][8].. This is because even if an accident does not occur, even in the case where the prescribed acceleration is applied to the vehicle body (sudden start, sudden braking, sudden steering), the image and sound are recorded as in the case of the accident, so the driver There is a theory that the psychological effect of the crew on the fact that the driver can objectively recognize the danger of his/her driving has an effect of suppressing inappropriate driving behavior.

Even in the accident investigation, after the late 2000sevidenceAs the number of cases of handling video from drive recorders is increasing,National Police Agency"If there is a dispute in the accident situation, we may arbitrarily request or seize the video of the drive recorder."[3].. It is also treated in case investigations[9].

In the latter half of the 2000s, video recording type drive recorders are technically in a transitional stage, so the standards and functions are currently different depending on the products of each company, and this variation hinders the penetration rate. Because there is a part, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is working toward unification of standards.[3].

2009 years,Car insuranceThere were some reports that incentives for drive recorders in Japan are being considered for implementation around 2011-2012.[5]Although not implemented as of 2017, video data holders may be required to submit video in order for non-life insurance companies to calculate the accident rate.

The market size also increased significantly in 2008 by 65% ​​from the previous year, so it was predicted that it would expand to 2014 units (based on sales volume) and 85 billion yen (based on retail value) in 296.[5].. Shipments in the latter half of the 2010s reached 300 million units[10].

2016 (28)May 1Occurred inKaruizawa ski bus fall accidentIn March, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism made it mandatory to install a drive recorder on a chartered bus.Mandatory installation of drive recorder was the first time[11].

In addition to this, due to accidents and incidents, every time the image of the drive recorder was covered in the news, the public attention gathered, the momentum to install it in a private car increased, and the sales have been increasing several times.2012 (24)May 4 OfKyoto Gion light wagon car runaway accidentThe recorded footage of the movie was an opportunity to raise awareness of the drive recorder that was mainly used in commercial vehicles until then.[12], Sales increased temporarily[13].2013 May 2Happened to in RussiaMeteorite fall in Chelyabinsk Oblast(See below) became a hot topic in Japan and affected sales.[13].2017 (29)May 6Occurred inTomei Expressway couple death accidentIn case ofTilting drivingDemand increased rapidly due to increased awareness of measures[13],2018 First-half sales of drive recorders more than doubled as usual[14].. Due to this effect, in October 2018, some manufacturers stopped supplying in time and sold out continuously.[13]. Also,2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 8Occurred inJoban ExpresswayThe sales and demand for drive recorders, smartphone apps, and stickers also surged during the driving accident[15][16].

  • An increasing number of drivers are equipped with drive recorders as a measure against tilted driving. An increasing number of drivers are equipped with both front and rear drive recorders in preparation for tilting from the rear.
  • In high-performance type drive recorders (mainly for commercial vehicles), by inputting the speed signal from the vehicleGPSIn addition to models that can record speed in tunnels where radio waves do not reachDirection indicatorYou can also record the operating status of the, and the lighting status of the brake lamp, and check that the drive recorder has detected an impact.Digital tachographA model that has a function to notify the occurrence of a shock event, a model that has a drive recorder function as a digital tachograph addition function, a model that has a digital tachograph function added to the drive recorder, mainly for large trucks. There are models that have a drive recorder function as an additional function of the one-way viewing camera.
  • The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is considering making a new vehicle a drive recorder.
  • It is also being installed in railroad vehicles, for example.JR East Hachioji BranchThen, from 2013, for the purpose of accident verification,center laneStarted to install a drive recorder in the driver's cab of a railroad car traveling in[17].

Republic of China/Taiwan

In Chinese, the video recording drive recorder for vehicle isCar recorder(Chinese: Train car, Shinzujirchi)[18].Republic of China(Taiwan), in the background of poor traffic etiquette and severe traffic conditions, awareness of self-defense against the high risk of traffic accidents and technological advances such as low price and high performance of equipment, driving recorder recorders from around 2011. Spread rapidly[19][18].

It is said that 2012 drive recorders were sold annually in 40[18]Increasingly used as evidence of criminal and civil cases[19].Taipei CityThen, there is also the view that it may be introduced in all cars.[19].2015 May 2 OfTrans Asian Airlines Flight 235 crashThen, just before the crashATR 72The video recorded on the drive recorder attached to the car at the moment of the airliner is used by the news agency,YouTubePublished in[20].

South Korea

South KoreaNow, let's talk about the video recording type drive recorder for vehicles.Black box(Korean: 블랙 박스)”[21][22].. In South Korea, the drive recorder is considered as a "high-tech product".[21]Has spread due to introduction into taxis, preferential treatment for automobile insurance, and lower prices[21][22].. 2011 units doubled in 2 from the previous year[22]In 2012, it was said that 40 units were sold in the same year as Taiwan.[18]As of 2013, more than 200 manufacturers have entered the market, and the expected markets are about 50 and 1500 billion annually.ウ ォ ンThere is also an estimate that it will grow to (143 billion yen)[21].


Russian FederationHas a higher risk of road deaths per capita globally[18][23]In addition to the vast land area, there is a strong sense of distrust of police officers who control traffic violations, as well as police who are negligent in their duties.corruptionFrom the legal system where witness testimony does not take advantage in a collision accident[23][24], In-vehicle digital video recorder (Russian: Car cam) Is popular as a necessities[23].. Russia is said to be one of the best-selling nations in the world[24]Estimates that drive recorder sales in 2012 will be 130 to 150 million[24].

Against this background, 2013Meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk OblastAt, a large number of drive recorders installed in automobiles photograph the meteor passing through the sky over the city, drawing from various angles by the general public.meteoriteFallingImageBut the news andVideo sharing siteThrough世界Published in[23][24].

The United Kingdom

As mentioned above, drive recorders are called dash cams in English-speaking countries.EnglandFor fraudHit personAs a measure against this, an insurance company provided a service to install a drive recorder in cooperation with an automobile manufacturer, which triggered the spread of drive recorders.[25].


GermanyThen, the popularization of drive recordersPoliciesDrive recorders were delayed in popularity compared to Russia and the UK[25].. After that, when the law was relaxed, it became popular as a measure to avoid troubles during driving.[25].

development of

Kunihiro Katase, a semiconductor engineer, started the development[26][27]Lost his son in a car accident on August 1994, 8.[28]..It took a long time to search for witnesses of the accident, and I thought that something might have changed if there was a documentary video of the accident, so I started development in 2001. The first machine was completed in 1 by combining 5 still images per second. In 2002, Drive Camera Co., Ltd. released the world's first mass-produced drive recorder "Witness" (meaning "witness / witness").[29]..Soon, Tokyo taxi company Nerima Kotsu will adopt it on all cars.It was said that it had the effect of reducing traffic accidents by 70%.[30]..The model won the Nikkei BP Technology Award Consumer IT Category Award. In 2012, a runaway accident that killed seven people occurred in Gion, Kyoto, which triggered the spread nationwide.

Issues and problems

Technical problems

Tuning problem with LED traffic light

When recording a videoframe rateDepending onAlternating currentUse powerLEDformulaTraffic lights OfFlickerIt may be synchronized with (flicker) and the lighting color of the traffic light may not be recorded.[31][32].. When this phenomenon occurs, the traffic light is recorded as if all the lights of blue, yellow, and red were turned off in the video.

In Japan, a typical video camera frame rate is 30fpsSince it is often (30 frames per second)[32],Commercial power frequencyIs 60HzThis area is likely to occur in[31][32]. Also,Broadcast systemToNTSCnotPAL,SECAMSince 25 fps (25 frames per second) is used in the countries and regions that use, it may occur in regions that use other commercial power supply frequencies depending on the country in which the drive recorder is manufactured. If you use a model that can shoot at a frame rate that does not overlap with the commercial power frequency of the country/region, you can avoid the phenomenon that the lights are recorded as if they were extinguished.[31][32].

Angle of view limit

Basically, the drive recorder is attached to the front,Rear-end collisionIt may not be possible to record events that occurred outside the angle of view of the camera, such as detailed situations when[33].. As a countermeasure, something that adds a rear-facing camera or[33], There is also a type that can record the entire circumference including the side.

Evidence ability

Recording using a digital deviceFalsificationIs possible[34], Because the traces are hard to remain[35], May not be adopted as evidence in court[34]At one time, there was a debate about the presence of evidence[36].. In response to these problems, a model that incorporates a function to prevent tampering has also appeared.[34][35].. However, after that, the image quality of the drive recorder improved,GPS satelliteBy date and timelatitudelongitudeAs models that can record detailed contents such as information acquisition and running speed become widely available, advanced technology will gradually be required for counterfeiting, and in order to smoothly proceed with evidence of trial and settlement by settlement. As proof of, it came to be treated as valid[33][36].

In addition, we manufacture and sell drive recordersFujitsu tenAccording to a questionnaire survey conducted on the Web in 2016, out of the 200 people who have experienced an accident in a vehicle equipped with a drive recorder, 70.2 Percentage, 29.8% of respondents were not helpful due to accidents outside the angle of view.[33].

However, it manufactures and sells drive recorders.JAF MateIn the opinion of the company, the recorded images of its products do not guarantee the validity as evidence of the trial.[37].

Legal issues

Depending on the mounting position, the drive recorder may obstruct the driver's field of view and may not pass the vehicle inspection. in Japan,Car inspectionDue to the 37th revision of the examination office rules (August 18, 2006),Room mirrorThe drive recorder can be installed if it is within the shade of 20% or the top of the windshield.

Major manufacturers and brands


Alphabetical order

The manufacturer that used to manufacture

  • -Guard soldier
  • -RoadView
  • HORIBA, Ltd. -Doraneko (manufactured by HORIBA AITEC, a subsidiary until 2011). Withdrawn from sales of in-vehicle devices in 2019[39].

The United States of America


South Korea


Recording of other events

The video of the drive recorder is generally installed so that it can be used as evidence in the trial of the accident in which the installed vehicle is involved.[40].. However, it may be used in news etc. when a video of an incident or accident in which the vehicle is not directly related is accidentally recorded.2013 Chelyabinsk meteorite fall,Kyoto Gion light wagon car runaway accidentIs a prominent example[40].


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