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✈ | ZIPAIR CA learns “self-defense” from arrest professionals aiming for in-flight safety management

ZIPAIR CA learns "self-defense" from arrest professionals for in-flight safety management

ZIPAIR CA learns "self-defense" from arrest professionals for in-flight safety management

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In the training, the basic posture of self-defense, such as how to move the legs of the flight attendants, and how to escape when the wrists are grabbed or the shoulders are held in pairs, are practices that may be useful in private life. I learned the art of self-defense.

At Narita Airport, on the XNUMXth, flight attendants learned self-defense techniques for in-flight safety management from arresting professionals. ... → Continue reading

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Art of self-defense

Art of self-defense(Goshinjutsu) is a general term for knowledge, techniques, and methods for protecting the lives and bodies of oneself and others from surrounding crimes and disasters.In a broad sense, it includes knowledge and skills that do not approach danger, but in a narrow sense, it refers only to the thug repulsion method.However,martial arts-Fighting sportsEven when specialists such as those who are also teaching self-defense, it is important to teach "how to escape safely" instead of "defeating the other party", so-calledmartial arts,Fighting sportsIt is not a technique aimed at suppressing such things.


The purpose of self-defense is not to defeat the opponent, but to protect the safety of yourself (or others) is the highest priority.Therefore, there are some parts in common with the martial arts and martial arts techniques and theories that are premised on winning the opponent, but there are also many different parts.

Since it is more important that you do not damage yourself than damage your opponent, do not step into the opponent's space, fight in a time that is in your favor, and always "escapeKeep that in mind.

In self-defense, as a pre-practical problem,Attitude and action to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation on a daily basisIs the first.For example, think about avoiding danger sensiblely, such as "do not go out at night", "walk in a busy place", and "avoid insecure places".

First, think about "how to avoid" the situation of "facing a dangerous person", and "it is best not to use it" as a coping method.In addition, even if a crisis situation cannot be avoided, the next best measure is to give the money requested by the other party as a "method to safely escape from the predicament with minimal damage".In some cases, "escape from the crisis" is the highest priority and appeals to a kind of offensive means, but the knowledge and actual skills of such means are also included in the category of self-defense.

As a modern martial arts self-defenseAikidoIncludingTraditional karate,Jeet Kune Dosystem,Togakure-ryusystem,EBMASsystem,Systema (martial arts)system,Silatsystem,Hapkidosystem,KajukenboEtc. are famous.

Examples of specific self-defense methods

Some martial arts training is familiar to self-defense.However, if the opponent has a weapon, it is difficult for even a master to deal with it.

As a narrow sense of self-defense, "the other person caught my wrist" and "from behind"Nelson HoldIn situations such as "being struck", "being cornered in an alley", or "suddenly jumping in", what kind of body judgment should be used to shake it off and escape?TrainingCan be seen.この中では先に挙げた急所攻撃など、非力な者が相手に一時的な苦痛を与えてその状況を脱する方法も様々なものが見られ、思い切りAmong them, there are various ways for a weak person to get out of the situation by giving temporary pain to the other party, such as the key point attack mentioned above, and take the plunge.Over thereKicking offHeels OfHeelsA method such as stepping on the other party's foot is also proposed. 「護身術教室」などでは、そういった状況をIn "self-defense class" etc., such a situationRole playI often do it.

Also, these days, we are in close contact with the assailants in order to block the opponent's attack itself.Close martial artsIncorporatedEBMAS,Traditional karate,Clave Maga,Loose self-defenseAnd so on.

Problems with self-defense

  • In Japan, even if it is a crime prevention goods, if you carry an aggressive device that can harm a person's life or seriously harm a person's body without a justifiable reason.Light crime lawViolate Article 1.For example, stun guns and special batons correspond to these devices.Non-aggressive security equipment such as security buzzers and horns do not fall under Article 2 of the Minor Crimes Act in the first place.Tear sprayThere is a case in which the Supreme Court acquitted him of being charged with violating the Minor Crimes Act while carrying it for self-defense.Tear spray #Caution on mobilereference).
  • martial arts,Fighting sportsIf a person with a rank or license holder repels a thug and injures him, he / she may be legally treated as over-defense depending on whether the thug is armed or not, and the circumstances and circumstances at that time.The body of a fighting expert isarmsThis is because there is a recognition that it is a kind of (Misunderstanding Knight Road Casereference).


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