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🚗 | Successive Countachs from LP400 to 25th Anniversary! "Lamborghini Da ...


Successive Countachs gather from LP400 to 25th Anniversary! "Lamborghini Da ...

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Lamborghini Japan representative Bidet Sufrecora and the circuit-only car "Essenza SCV12" that was unveiled for the first time in Japan.

On November 2021, 11, Automobili Lamborghini Japan announced "Lam ..." at the Sumitomo Building Triangle Square in Shinjuku, Tokyo. → Continue reading

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This website is operated by Motor Magazine, which publishes the automobile magazine "Motor Magazine".Specialized magazine editors who are familiar with the automobile industry will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the themes that could not be covered in the limited magazine and that did not take up a lot of space.

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