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🚗 | “Drinking party” at work such as year-end party is outdated, “unnecessary” is more than 6%

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"Drinking party" at work such as year-end party is outdated, "unnecessary" is more than 6%

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During this time, companies and close friends forget about the bad things and pains of this year, and in order to welcome the new year with a new feeling, it is a "year-end party" season where people drink and make noise. It is also the arrival.

After the 3rd year of Reiwa (2021), when the "Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics", which was unusually full of "no spectators", was held forcibly ... → Continue reading


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Year-end party

Year-end partyWhat is (Bounenkai)?Year-endHeld inBanquetIt is a thing.Generally speaking about a banquet held to forget the hardships of the year[1].ReligiousThere is no meaning or specific event styleJapanIs a kind of customs[2].


In the meaning of "a banquet held at the end of the year for the purpose of comfort of the year"Taiwan OfTail fang,Chugoku OfAnnual meeting, South Korea OfYear-end party(송년회, Bōnenkai), etc.East AsiaYou can find a common culture in the sphere, but in the English culture sphereChristmasIt is understood as a non-religious event in contrast toEnglishAsEnd of Year Party,Forget the Year's Troubles PartyAnd so on simplyBounenkaiIt is often thought of as a culture unique to Japan, as it is allotted to [3].

Year-end party is carried by voluntary associationDeliveryType, private friendships家族Year-forgotten type that is held betweenAfter the warThere are various forms such as corporate year-end party type that spread rapidly to[4].


The origin of the year-end party is not clear, and it is thought that it is an event with multiple origins that was born by gradually merging several meetings of different origins into one.[5].

"Toshiwasure"The oldest example of using the wordMuromachi Period Ofroyal-Fushimimiya SadanariAdmitted "Nursing Diary"so,1430 (2 years of Eikyo)May 12It is a sentence that appears as a record of "Senyu Ichizen. After that, the first Renga. Congregation example. Night Hyakuin Ryoichi Den. Oi Sakemori Yuranbu.[6]..This is a statement that the renga party held at the end of the year was very exciting and it looked like "Toshiwasure". By this time, it was already called "Toshiwasure" as a popular event. Indicates that there was a turbulent event[7][8].

Edo PeriodBecame a year-long event among privileged people [9].

What changed the modern year-end party into a festive moodMeijiFrom the timesRude lectureSpread with catchphrases such as[9].



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