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🚗 | Mercedes-Benz's new EV "EQB", 3-row seats can also be selected ... Orders started in Europe

Photo Mercedes Benz EQB

Mercedes-Benz's new EV "EQB", 3-row seats can also be selected ... Orders started in Europe

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A further feature of the Mercedes EQ is the continuous light strips placed in the front and back.

Mercedes-Benz received an order for the new EV "EQB" (Mercedes-Benz EQB) on November 11th in Europe ... → Continue reading


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Mercedes EQ

Mercedes Benz EQ(Mercedes-Benz_EQ) Is for future familiesBattery-powered electric transport equipmentManufactured byMercedes-Benz ..The first model is 2016Paris Motor ShowAnd Generation EQ Concept vehiclePreviewed as[1]..Mercedes-Benz plans to produce 2022 EQ models by 10, three of which account for 3% to 15% of the company's global sales.SmartWill have a brand.All Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle design and production efforts are paired with the EQ family.

First member of the EQ familyMercedes-Benz EQCWas announced at a special event in Stockholm.

Vehicles to be announced

Mercedes-Benz plans to design and manufacture 2022 EQ models by 10[2]All of these are singles specially developed for electric drivesOn the platformBased on, modularization to configure for all types of vehicles[3][4].. Three models have the Smart brand [5].

Daimler AG Dieter Zetsche said the new brand will consist of all Mercedes-Benz "electrification efforts" and aims to account for 2025% to 15% of the company's global sales by 25. "Continuous development"[3] ..Daimler's director Jürgen Schenck, who oversees the development of the electric vehicle program, said the company expects it.Energy densityWe aim to improve the battery technology from 2010 to 2016 to about 2025% per year by 14.

Daimler AG€ 1 million for its global battery production capital expansion project to achieve production goals in[3] [6]I plan to investLithium Ion BatteryHalf GermanyKamenzDedicated to ACCUmotive subsidiary manufacturing facility[2]..This is part of the company's investment of up to 100 billion euros for the design and development of electric vehicles[5]To

The vehicle is a combined charging system[3] Use a wall charger or an optional wireless inductive charging system.

Announced concept car

EQC, the commercial version of the Generation EQ concept, is the first EQ model[3].. September 2018 9 In Stockholm, SwedenIt was announced. Scheduled to be released in 2019compact Sports utility vehicle (SUV).

The vehicle has two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle.[1]..It is all-wheel drive and has an output of 300 kW (402 hp) and 765 N⋅m (564 lb⋅ ft).The battery is floor-standing and has an estimated range of 450 km (280 mi).

After that, most of the Mercedes-Benz family was made into an EQ concept and announced.

In addition, Smart has eliminated gasoline-powered vehicles and now announced the second generation of the smart EQ concept.Not on sale.

Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz in 2017Frankfurt motor showAnnounced the Concept EQA at and previewed the second EQ model.The base is Mercedes GLA. Scheduled to be released in 2Compact carIt became. [7]

Concept EQV

Concept EQV van 2019 Geneva International Motor Show Was announced at. 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack, 150kW (200 hp) front axle motor, and 400km (250 mi) range. [8] Production will start in 2020.Based on the Mercedes V-Class


Called EQSS class Of the sedan The "level" electric vehicle is scheduled for production around 2020 and will be the first EQ model based on a dedicated MEA (Modular Electric Architecture) platform. [9] [10]

EQE is In C classA comparable low-ranked sedan, expected to be produced by 2022 [11] The EQE is the second model based on the MEA electric vehicle platform, with a range of 2 kilometers (600 mi). [12]

GTPBase EQB subcompact crossover , WLTP estimated range 499 km (310 mi) is scheduled for 2021 [13] .. Another SUV next to the EQC completes 10 electric EQ lineups [14].

Smart EQ

In March 2018, three all-electric smart models are of the EQ brandSmart EQ Fortwo , Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio andSmart EQ ForfourRebranded to use[14] .

In 2020, smart will discontinue gasoline-powered vehicles.

EQ hybrid

In addition to the EQ model, the EQ brand has a 48 voltMild hybridExpanded to the name of the EQ boost given to Mercedes-Benz models that use the system, the third generation scheduled from the end of 2018Plug-in hybridWears the EQ Power badge [14]..This new system, combined with a 9-speed automatic with the same unit's electric motor and clutch, promises both a fairly long range in electric mode (up to 49 km) and a slightly faster top speed of 140 km / h. are doing [15].


March 2017, Chinese car makerCheryIt is, QQ3Since 2015, he has filed a complaint with the Trademark Office of the Chinese Department of Commerce regarding the use of "EQ" because he used the name "eQ" for the electric version of the city car. [16]The dispute was resolved in July 2017, and Chery retained the right to use "eQ" in the numerical model and Mercedes-Benz to use "EQ" in the alphabet model. [17]In addition, Genesis MotorsIs using the "EQ900" in the Korean market, but the facelift version was renamed to the "G90", so it wasn't controversial.

Mercedes-Benz has registered the terms EQA, EQB, EQE, and EQS as trademarks. [18].

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