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🚗 | There are many surprises on the flight of Yoshihide Muroya on the final day of Super GT Round 8 Fuji. "Two Kazuki" is also a demo run


There are many surprises on the flight of Yoshihide Muroya on the final day of Super GT Round 8 Fuji. "Two Kazuki" is also a demo run

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Masahiro Sasaki, one of the participating drivers, boarded.

Super GT Round 11 "FUJIMAKI ..." held at Fuji Speedway in Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture on November 28th. → Continue reading


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Masahiro Sasaki

Masahiro Sasaki(Masahiro Sasaki,1975 May 7 -) isJapan OfRacing driver.IwateI'm from[1]
Nicknames are Masa, Mar-kun, and Sasa King.


  • 身長: 172cm
  • Weight: XNUM X kg
  • Blood type: B type


Debuted on four wheels at the age of 21.Participated in the Option 4 Cup and achieved all 2 wins.

Civic TohokuOne-make raceParticipated in 3 races.The speed was shining in the local race, but in the F1 undercard race held in Suzuka after that, both the qualifying and the main race were defeated.4th in the series.
Honda one-make race (Civic) Full participation in one-make. He won 5 pole positions out of 4 and won 4 times, but he missed the champion because he retired in the 3rd race.Second place in the series.
IntegraFull participation in the one-make race Tohoku series. During the five races, he achieved good results with two pole positions, one second place, and two third places, but he won only once this year.Second place in the series.
AltezzaExperienced a national race for the first time in a one-make race.5th in the series.
Through thorough training during the off-season, he will develop a heated championship battle with his teammates from the opening.Win the final race in the backwaters and win the long-sought champion.
Participated in the King of Altezza series with a champion number.2nd in the series, winning the most wins of the year.
Super enduranceCar number 39 TRACY SPORTS- in the seriesNSXParticipate in ST class 3 at.He is mainly in charge of start driver and vehicle development, and although he shows a class-leading run several times during qualifying time and races, the team's series results remain in 7th place.
Super enduranceCar number 333 in the series EXEDYParticipated in ST Class 3 with HIS Ings Z.Tohoku, my hometownSendai Highland,SUGOThen, the dead heat is developed at the end of the race.He will surely accumulate points in close competition and win the class champion with good results of 3 wins including 4 consecutive wins in the opening, 2 times in 3nd place and 3 time in 1rd place.
Super enduranceParticipated in ST Class 35 with car number 1 asset Techno First Z in the series.Teammates.Although it was class 1 of the first entry, it will develop a fierce battle with BMW and YKM ADVAN Z from the first race of the opening.However, unlucky things such as machine troubles while chasing the top and interruption of the red flag just before the pole acquisition overlap.This trend was not resolved even in the middle of the season, and the difference with the rivals who were steadily accumulating points was not closed.4th in the series.
SUPER GTParticipate in the 300 classGOODSMILE RACING with COXCar number 9 Hatsune Miku x GSR Porsche seat.TeammatesTaku Bamba.. Having struggled with the characteristics of the GT machine, the time difference with Bamba was wide in the opening round, but after the introduction of the new machine in the 5th round, the time difference between the two will almost disappear.In the final stage, he showed speed such as getting 2nd in qualifying, but it did not lead to a result and he was 16th in the series.
Super enduranceParticipated in ST Class 34 with car number 34 asset Techno Z3 in the series.My teammate is Hideji Maejima.As a result of repeating the course off and retirement due to machine trouble in the early stages, he finished 5th in the series.Since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 3th of this year caused extensive damage to the local Tohoku region, he gave up participating in SUPER GT because he was not in an environment where he could receive sponsor support.
SUPER GTIn the seriesGSR & Studie with TeamUKYOFrom, participated as a B driver of car number 4 GSR Project Mirai BMW.At the system presentationNobuteru Taniguchi,Tatsuya KataokaWas announced following.In addition, he participated in ST Class 34 with the car number 34 asset Techno Z3 in the Super Taikyu series.


Very friendly and enthusiastic about fan service.
Contrary to his slightly light appearance, he has a craftsmanship, and especially when it comes to settings and vehicle malfunctions, he tends to be a little dry.
Since he was a mechanic in the automobile maintenance industry, he has a high level of knowledge about vehicle structure, tire usage, and setup, and is in the category of theoretical driver.Driving lessons and driving sessions provide easy-to-understand and polite explanations.
GTWin withLe MansAlthough he has the goal of running, he seems to be the biggest enemy with funds, and from that experience, in the future he wants to train talented drivers due to lack of funds and to gradually change the racing environment in Japan in the past. He talks on his homepage.
He is often in charge of product development and vehicle development, and recently he has more opportunities to see his face and comments in time attack planning for magazines.

Driving setting ability

Probably because he is from a Hako car after a pass / grass race, he manages a wide range of vehicles from GT machines to normal mini cars.
Even though he is from a mountain pass, he is not a rough driving style and has very few crashes.
When driving a racing car based on a haco car, instead of approaching a corner, you should drive on a sharp record line with the shortest distance and less burden on the vehicle, and take a line that is extremely difficult to pull out.Depending on the course, there are cases where the line is clearly different from other drivers.
In recent years, he is often in charge of vehicle setup.In addition, they are often selected for vehicle development of shop tuning cars, product tests of manufacturers, and tests of car magazines.

Lace style

At the beginning of his debut, he is a style that demands too much speed, and often results in victory or crash.There were many contacts, and some races lacked a sense of stability.
From the time he entered the Altezza series, mental growth began to lead to speed and strength, and in recent years there have been almost no major contacts or crashes.
There is also an episode in which a rival that was overtaken by contact during the race was brought forward and the battle that was overtaken was unfolded just before the goal, and it is basically a clean race style.
He is particular about the results, and he is always aiming for victory and championship regardless of the situation, and he is running fascinating regardless of the situation.
Since I was born in a rural area and suffered from financial difficulties for many years, I feel a heavy responsibility to return thanks to the teams and supporters who support me as a result of the race, even when I retire due to trouble. Because we don't give details, blog posts that report results tend to be straightforward.


  • In high school, he crashed while driving on a mountain pass on a borrowed scooter bike, broke his femur, and was hospitalized.
  • Since the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011 severely damaged the local Tohoku region, a local newspaper said, "I want to cheer up the victims by running."[2]Talking to.
  • Quietly in 2011D1I got a license, and despite the good result of 2nd place in the drift tournament for the first time after that, I witnessed a dissatisfied appearance with the resultJin HorinoIt is introduced in the player's blog.


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