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Renault "AIR4", famous car "Quatre" flies in the sky ... 60th anniversary concept

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In France, it was delivered to the post office and the Kempeitai (national police).

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post office

post office(post office,(British: post office) IsPostFacility/organization for users to provide services.


What is a post office?PostThe facilities and organizations for the users to provide the services of. Each post office plays a part in direct contact with users in the large system of postal services, and more specifically,MailReceipt, collection and delivery (installed in the area in chargepostCollecting mail around the group and delivering mail to houses, stores, offices, etc. in the area in charge).

In some countries, the post office may carry out services other than the above (pure) postal services.

For example, in some countries, the same administrative organization may be in charge of mail and telephone, so-called post offices.TelMay also be the contact point for[1](FranceMainlandFrench overseas countiesSuch).In France, the government agencies of the countries responsible for postal services were originallyPostes, _télégraphes_et_téléphones(PTT. "Postal/Telegraph/Telephone") has a history of carrying them equally, and even after the name was briefly changed to La Poste, it basically remains the same As a result, each post office also handles them. In La Poste in FrancePublic phoneAre set up, and telephone-related administrative procedures are also carried out. In addition, the receipt and delivery of parcels that are not mailtransportThe country that is the business contact (JapanSuch),passportCountries outsourced to (The United States of America),bankWindow functioninsuranceThere are also special cases that combine window functions (Japan, Taiwan, France, etc.).



Postal service in Germany is a private companyGerman post (DeutschePostAG)[2]Is mainly dealt with.1995 , The state-owned postal, telephone, and savings businessesDeutsche Telekom,, and was divided into Deutsche Post and privatized as a stock company.


It is called Bureau de poste. Look for the yellow sign that says "La Poste".

In France, there are about 16,130 (as of 2020).


In the Netherlands, a private company, TPGPOST, operates a postal service. TPGPOST is entirely private capital, and unlike other European countries, it does not include any government capital.


State-owned enterpriseSwiss postIs in the postal business.Develop a supermarket as an employer in SwitzerlandMigrosIt is the second largest in Japan after Japan.

In addition to mail, it also provides insurance and financial businesses.It used to be a telephone business, but in 1998SwisscomIt was divided and privatized as.The post office also sells stationery and magazines.

Mail delivery is from a historical backgroundMixed passengers OfPost busBut it is done.

As a special business, it stores automatic rifles for reserve forces, and in the event of an emergency, it gathers at the post office to receive firearms and ammunition.

Of the capitalBernToUniversal Postal UnionThere is.

United Kingdom

The British Post Office was royal mailed by Henry VIII in 1516.Royal mail) Originates from the establishment. In 1635, King Charles proclaimed that the use of royal mail would be open to the public.However, at that time, the payment was made after the recipient, so there were many non-payments. In the 1830s, Rowland Hill proposed a postal reform plan, and when the 1840 reform plan passed the parliament, modern mail with features such as the creation of stamps and uniform payment nationwide was born. The post was founded in the 1850s.これらの手法が世界に広まったのが近代郵便システムであるIt is the modern postal system that these methods have spread all over the world.[3]..これらの経緯からイギリスにおいての郵便事業は、1700年代以降350年以上にわたり国営のFor these reasons, the postal service in the United Kingdom has been state-owned for over XNUMX years since the XNUMXs.Royal mail (Royal Mail) Continued to be monopolized, but in 2000 it became a special company wholly owned by the government, in 100 it became a joint-stock company wholly owned by the British government from Japan Post, and in 2001 it changed from the title of public corporation to the "Royal Mail Group". Renamed and expanded dozens of companies, mainly performing window business and postal savings office and international parcel delivery (Post Office)Parcel Force) Was at the core of the business.The liberalization of entry into the postal service was carried out in 2005, and new entrants such as Deutsche Post and UK Mail are entering the market one after another, so each post office is also doing such work. 2011年に郵便サービス法にてロイヤルメールの完全民営化が決定すると、ポスト・オフィスはWhen the Postal Service Law decided in XNUMX to completely privatize Royal Mail, the post officePost Office Limited (en: Post Office Ltd) As a parcel force (en: Parcelforce) Was also separated as another company. Post Office Limited is still 100% government owned by the state.



TurkeyIt is said that there are about 5,000 post offices nationwide (as of 2011).Look for the sign that says PTT in blue in yellow.

It is called PTT because it deals with mail, telegraph and telephone.The telephone handling organization was already separated and independent, but the abbreviation "PTT" was already well established among the Turkish people, so it was chosen to continue using it.Currently, we also handle deposits.

en: PTT (Turkey)


IndiaIt is said that there were 1947 post offices when the company became independent in 23,344.Since then, it has increased to 155,015 (as of 2016).About 9% of them are small post offices in the countryside.Look for the three yellow curved signs in red.


It is estimated that there are about 42,000 post offices throughout Russia (as of 2020).The blue sign is a landmark.

People's Republic of China

ChugokuIn 2007, the postal service was divided into a supervisory agency and a China Post Group, which operates in substance. In 2006, the postal service and the telecommunications business were split, and in urban areas the postal service (postal service), which collects and delivers telegrams and telegrams (smaller stations are called the "postal service"), and telecommunications companies in each region. However, some stations still handle mail, savings, telephone calls, newspapers, etc. at the same location. Savings will be made in 2007China Post BankAs independent.

Hong Kong

north korea

South Korea

South KoreaThen.Industry, Trade and Resources DepartmentHandles postal services, deposits (the term savings is not used), and post office insurance (corresponding to simple insurance). We do not handle deposits or insurance, but the water cooperative (JapanFishery cooperativeEquivalent to),Agricultural cooperativeAll, including credit unionsFinancial institutionComputer networkAre connected. In addition, the separate post office (별정우 체국: Byuljeong Joo Chee Guo. Meaning that it was decided separately. There is something equivalent to "specific post office" in Japan.


TaiwanThe postal business inRepublic of China GovernmentChina Post (China Post Co., Ltd.), which is funded byMinistry of Transportation of the Republic of ChinaIt was the post office, but in 2003 due to organizational reformMay 1It was reorganized into a public enterprise and became a state-owned enterprise wholly owned by the Ministry of Transportation, so it is commonly called the "post office" in the private sector.Business contents are postal business and postal savings business.なお、100年からFrom 20072008 It was called "Taiwan Post" for a while.


Japanese post office definition

What is called a "post office" in Japan has historically beenMinistry of Communications,Ministry of Post,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsJapan Post Agency,Japan PostIt is a national institution that continued,2007 May 10 OfPrivatization of postal servicesから2012 May 9Untilpost officeThe office of a corporation,2012 After October 10stJapan PostIt is a business office of a stock company.

As of April 2021, 4, there are 30 post offices (including branch offices and simple post offices) nationwide.[4]

Legal definition

According to the definition in Article XNUMX of the Japan Post Co., Ltd. Act (Act No. XNUMX of XNUMX), postal service, bank counter business, insurance counter business among the business offices of Japan Post Co., Ltd. It means something that does.[5]In other words, those that have only Yu-Yu counters (Shin-Tokyo Post Office, etc.) and those that are not entrusted with Japan Post Bank counter operations as Japan Post because of the fact that they have a directly managed store of Japan Post Bank (Tokyo). Central Post Office, etc.), simple post offices that are not entrusted with Kanpo Life's insurance counter business, etc., even if the name includes "post office", it is not a "post office" as a legal arrangement. It is treated as a "sales office".[6]

Japan Post Co., Ltd. Law[Annotation 1]In, it was defined as "a business office of a company that performs postal service."[7]

Before postal privatization

Post offices prior to postal privatization were classified as follows.

In addition, the ordinary post office and the specified post office were divided as follows, depending on the presence or absence of collection and delivery services. The simple post office handles only window services.

  • Collection and delivery post office ――Basically, we perform window work and collection and delivery work.At the end of Japan Post, it is further classified as follows.
    • Control Center-Sorts mail items and opens after hours (Yu Yu windowThere is). →Postal businessMoved to a branch.
    • Delivery Center-Does not sort mail and does not have an after-hours window. → Transferred to a collection/delivery center under the postal service branch.
  • Non-collective post office-only window service.

After privatization of postal services

After the postal service was privatized, the postal service and the after-hours service were all operated by Postal Service Co., Ltd., which was separated from Post Office Co., Ltd., which operates the post office. The ATMs in the post office were also managed by Japan Post Bank. Therefore, regardless of the size of the post office, the post office is mainly only for window service, and the distinction between the post offices is now classified into "direct post office" and "simple post office". About 2% of post office operations are outsourced (postal, savings, insurance). Post Office Co., Ltd. absorbed and merged with Postal Service Co., Ltd. on October 9, 2012, and Japan Post Co., Ltd. was established, so the postal service became its own business, and savings and insurance became the core of its contracted business.

In Japan's postal services, the business entities have changed in various ways with the times, and along with that transition, the definition and purpose of installation of postal offices, which are based on their law, are slightly different.

Ministry of Post

Under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Establishment LawNational Administrative Organization LawAs the only government agency responsible for carrying out the so-called postal services as oneMinistry of PostWas installed.Based on the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Establishment Law, the post office is one of the local branch offices that divides part of the affairs of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and its name, jurisdiction, administrative affairs and internal organization arePostal ministerWas decided (Article 6 of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Establishment Act before the abolition).

Japan Post Agency

When the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications was abolished and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications was established at the same time, it became an external bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which newly conducts postal services.Japan Post AgencyWas installed.Under the Postal Service Agency Establishment Law, the post office is one of the local branch offices of the Postal Service Agency, and all or part of the affairs under the jurisdiction of the Postal Service Agency is to be divided.In addition, its name, location, jurisdiction, administrative affairs, and internal organization will be entrusted to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Article 11 of the Postal Service Agency Establishment Law before the abolition).

Japan Post

It is a program methodCentral Reform Basic ActBased onJapan Post LawWas established, and after Japan Post was established as a new state-owned public corporation that carries out postal services, the establishment body of the post office also moved to the public corporation.The Japan Post Law stipulates that post offices must be set up nationwide as stipulated by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and in establishing the ordinance, consideration must be given to ensuring the convenience of local residents. (Article 20 of the Japan Post Law).Japan Post is supposed to maintain the level of the existing post office network when the law is enforced.

Incidentally,2006 After March,Collection and delivery post officeThe number has been reduced (no collection/delivery station) and subdivided into collection/delivery centers and delivery centers. With this system, the company was privatized and spun off on October 2007, 10.

Post Office Co., Ltd.

Postal privatization lawAs a result, Japan Post Holdings was dissolved on October 2007, 10, and Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. (holding company), Japan Post Co., Ltd. (postal collection and delivery), Japan Post Bank (savings), Japan Post Insurance (life insurance), and post office. The three postal businesses were split and succeeded by Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. (above, "Japan Post Group").Post Office Co., Ltd. will be established to take over the post office operations and operations that contribute to improving the convenience of local residents by utilizing the post office.According to the Japan Post Network Co., Ltd. law, the post office business is entrusted by Japan Post Co., Ltd., and the sales of stamps are handled. And it was said that it could run an agency business for the life insurance business.The law stipulates that "a post office must be set up so that it can be used nationwide, as stipulated by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications," and is stipulated in the Japan Post Law. There is a stipulation that is different from the "Consideration for ensuring the convenience of local residents" (Article 1 of the Japan Post Co., Ltd. Law).

As will be described later, the collection and delivery business was not in charge of the post office for five years until the post office company and the postal service company were integrated on October 2012, 10.However, there were many media outlets who mistakenly misunderstood the postal service business as before, and misrepresented the person in charge of collection and delivery of the postal service as a "postal worker."Under these circumstances, there were cases where the person in charge of collection and delivery had to dare to call himself "the post office" even though he was not a postal worker.

Japan Post Co., Ltd.

2012 May 10With the enforcement of the Act for Partial Amendment of the Postal Service Privatization Act, etc. (Act No. XNUMX of XNUMX), Japan Post Network Co., Ltd. absorbed and merged with Japan Post Co., Ltd.Japan PostIt became a joint-stock company.At this time, the definition of the post office was also changed, and as mentioned above, it became a term that refers to all of the post office operations, bank office operations, and insurance counter operations.After the merger, the post office became a store of Japan Post Co., Ltd.post officeHas been changed to the name.Along with this, the name of the branch of the old postal business, which uses the same name as the old postal office Co., Ltd., has been changed beyond simply replacing "branch" with "postal office" (example: Japan Post Osaka Branch →Osaka Kita Post Office, Postal Business Hakata Branch →Hakata Kita Post Office, Postal Service Usa Yokkaichi Branch →Yokkaichi Post Office(Oita Prefecture)).Some postal service branches and collection and delivery centers located in places other than the post office are treated as "branch rooms", and some bases have become "○○ post office post office" and "XX post office collection and distribution room". ..Apart from these, there are cases where a new post office with the same name has occurred (example: Japan Post Service Tanba Branch →Tamba Post Office(Hyogo prefecture), originallyTamba Post Office(Kyoto)).

Post office services

The basic business of the post office isPostAlthough it is a window business, the most important business is the delivery of mail.Each mail addressed to the area in charge is sent to the front of each house, and the position and shape are different for each house.MailboxI will put it in the entrance of.

In addition to mail in some areasYucho's businessAre doingJapan Post Insurance businessThere is also an example of doing.As a feature since privatization, products outside the group can be sold on consignment.The targets are automobile insurance, variable annuity insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, and corporate life insurance.Currently, the handling is limited to about 1,000 stations or less.

Since privatization, post offices can handle stationery such as envelopes. In addition, a small number of post offices operate directlyconvenience store(JP Lawson) Is operating together.

National body-expositionProvided at the venueTemporary branch officeAndSDF OfShipOpened inPost officeAnd so on.

Mount Fuji Post Office(ShizuokaFujinomiya city) And Kamikochi station (NaganoMatsumoto), etc., because the installation itself is "permanent" even though the opening is seasonalRegular opening stationCalled. Performs only post office services.

There is an example where post office equipment is installed in the cargo bed of a truck or in a car of a minibus and the post office is operated by parking.Vehicles with such equipmentMobile post officeorVehicle type post officeと 呼 ば れ る[By whom?].. Touring the area where the post office is closed,Great East Japan EarthquakeThere is an example where the post office is installed in an area where the post office has been damaged by a disaster and has stopped functioning.

Agricultural cooperative-Fisheries cooperativeFrom the historical background of post offices, we will explain the post offices entrusted by local businesses and local residents.Simple post officeIt is also referred to as "" (corresponding to a post office name ending with "Simple Post Office").

1990 eraIt is called "City Post" for a period ofDepartment store-Underground street-Travel agencyAlthough it was popular to set up a post office with only counters inside, many of them were abolished before privatization.After that, all city posts were abolished at the end of the Ikebukuro Seibu Post Office, which was abolished on March 2021, 3.As a classification, it was a kind of simple post office.

1970 eraFrom the background of the telephone business in the former Ministry of Communications, at the post office of the agriculture, forestry and fishing village,Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationTelephone exchange business (magnet)ManualThere is also a station that also conducts ceremony and telegram consignment work,Nippon Telegraph and Telephone CorporationUntil the establishment of (NTT), there was also a station where telephone-related affairs were outsourced to the Dentsu Public Corporation.

Branch office/branch office

At the bottom of the post officeBranch office"Or"Branch office""Temporary branch office""Post officeIs also present.

Branch office

The branch isWindow branch(Example: Okayama Central Bureau Tenman Indoor Branch, Kitahama Post Office High Court Branch, Narita Post Office Airport 1st Passenger Building Branch, 2nd Building Branch),Pick-up and delivery (mail) branch(Example: Rikuzentakata station post office, Yonago station distribution room[8], Shikazawa station Shiozawa collection distribution room, Wakayama central station Kawabe collection distribution room, Hainan station Nogami collection distribution room),Work branch(Example: Ogikubo station Yupack center branch, Obihiro branch, Sendai East branch Wakabayashi branch, Shin Tokyo branch Haneda branch, Shin Osaka branch Nanko branch, Tokushima Central branch Marine Pier branch, Utsunomiya East branch Iwafune branch, Gifu Central branch Shimokawa branch ),Yu Yu window branch office(Example: JP Tower branch in Ginza station, Kyobashi branch in Harumi station, Toyama station branch in Toyama south station)PO Box Branch(Example: Branch office in the Shin-Daimune building of Shibuya station, Branch office in Shinjuku NS building of Shinjuku station, Branch office in Shinjuku monolith)It should be noted that this distinction of XX branch room was named by a philately, not by Japan Post.).The counter branch office is basically a small office building, but there are also large-scale office buildings, such as the former Nagoya Central Bureau Nagoya Station Branch Office, which was originally a central post office.

After the privatization, the number of “work branch offices” that mainly work on Yu-Pack is increasing. There are also an increasing number of limited-time work branch office installations that use a rental warehouse only during peak periods.

Branch offices do not have a unique handling office number, but are distinguished by adding a single letter after the handling office number of the post office to which they belong (in the case of a 1-digit local code, the place where the 6s digit is a number other than 1) Will be a branch). PostDate stampThe name of the branch office is entered along with the name of the main office.These indicate the status as an independent local area even if they are lower than the post office (however, some work branches and PO Box branches that do not deal with general customers use date stamps that omit the branch name). ..

Before the privatization of the postal service, if the ordinary post office picked up and delivered the postal service, the post office was often revised to a specific post office, but the number of branch offices increased just before the privatization of the postal service. This is said to be because branch offices can flexibly set business hours and handling affairs and respond to post office privatization pressure to reduce post offices.

2007 May 7, Of the branch offices handling savings across the country, the majority of parent offices have been changed. This is because the parent offices of the branch offices are often large-scale post offices, and the savings departments of those offices are often directly managed by Japan Post Bank, but since Japan Post Bank does not have branch offices, the post office company will post mail. This is because it is necessary to change the parent station to the post office that handles savings. At this time, the branch office name was sometimes changed. Especially"Savings OfficeMany of the branch office names bearing the facility name of Japan Post, such as "Uchi", have been changed to branch office names that use place names (the branch office in the Nagoya Central Bureau Savings Office Center remains).There was also a branch office that was converted into a non-collection and delivery post office.There was no change in the parent office of the branch office that handles only mail.In addition, the branch office of the post office, where the post office company will handle savings even after privatization, has not changed its parent office this time.In addition, among the bases where the master station was changed due to this, some of the bases that later canceled the handling of savings in the branch office were returned to the original base station (ATM is treated as outside the store). Including cases where it was kept as, but normal payments and coin deposits and withdrawals were canceled).

With the establishment of Japan Post Co., Ltd. on October 2012, 10, some post offices and post office branches will be the post office side before the division became the parent office, and the post office side will be the post office branch office. Regarding some of the bases where the post office and postal service collection center are split, the conventional postal service branch becomes the parent station, and the conventional collection and delivery center side separated from the post office becomes the parent station's "collection and distribution room". It was

Branch office

Until October 2007, 10, mainlysupermarketInstalled in etc.TMJAlthough the ATM was the official name, these ATMs became the management of the branches of Japan Post Bank due to the privatization of the postal service, and there are few post offices left.

Temporary branch office

The temporary branch office is literally a temporary post office. However, even if you call yourself a temporary branch office, there are some that are almost permanent contact points,Wagon saleSome of them are nothing but different. Wagon sale at the stationConcourseAt the time of selling postcards with lottery such as New Year's postcards at large shopping centers and in summerFireworks displayIt is often seen at stores during events such as festivals and festivals. With the postal service privatization for the first time in 2007Postal businessEach company opens a temporary branch office, and the bureau company and the operating company open stores alternately in the same place, or the two companies open stores at the same shopping center or different places within the station (such as the east exit and the west exit). Was given.

There was a branch office that had a permanent manned window while calling it a temporary branch office.In the past, Nihonbashi Bureau / Tokyu Department Store Branch Office (Postal Shop Nihonbashi), KDD Building Internal Bureau / Annex Branch Office (currently the head office has moved to the site of the branch office), Okayama Central Bureau / Tenmaya Indoor Branch Office (Postal Shop Momotarou) (currently Okayama East Bureau / Tenmaya Indoor Branch), Okayama Central Bureau / Okayama City Hall Branch Office (City Hall Postal Shop) (Okayama East Bureau / Okayama City Hall Branch Office, abolished in 2012), Sendai Station Station・ There was a branch office at the east exit of Sendai Station.

In addition, the plain station (Osaka) And Nara Nishi station (Nara), Amagasaki North Station (Amagasaki), Fuse Bureau (Higashi Osaka City), the temporary office building when reconstructing the ordinary post office was called "temporary branch office" (at the time of 1992).

Post office

When the collection and delivery station of a remote island is non-collective, if the inheritance destination is an inland station, it is a base installed on the remote island side as a work base for the inheritance destination station.Postal businessThe era was positioned as the collection and delivery office of the branch in charge,Japan PostIt is now referred to as the postal delivery office of the collection and delivery office (such as the New Tokyo Office Ogasawara postal delivery office).

The United States of America

The post office business in the United States is carried out by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which is a public corporation, and does not carry out savings or simple insurance affairs. Also offers a purely postal service.



BrazilIt is estimated that there are approximately 3,800 post offices nationwide (as of 2020).The signboard in blue letters is a landmark in yellow.


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