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🚗 | MV Agusta Super Veloche Ago on Best Bike ... Milan Show

Photo MV Agusta Super Veloche Ago (EICMA 2021)

MV Agusta Super Veloche Ago on Best Bike ... Milan Show

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This is the sixth time MV Agusta has won this award.

EICMA 2021 = "Best Bike" at Milan Motorcycle Show 2021, "Most Beautiful ..." in Italian → Continue reading


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MV Agusta

MV Agusta(MV Agusta ) IsItaly Ofオ ー ト バ イThe manufacturer.


FoundedSecond World WarAlthough it was before, although it achieved high results in international racing activities after the war, it was disbanded after about 30 years of activity due to the intention of the parent company.

About 20 years later, in 1999,CagivaIt is reactivating with capital participation.However, the brand name has just revived, and it is a completely different company from before the 1970s.Then in 2004, a Malaysian car makerprotonHowever, business performance remains sluggish, and on December 2005, 12, Peloton announced that it would sell its entire stake to Italian investment firm GEVI for only € 27.After that, poor performance continued and July 1, 2008Harley-DavidsonHarley-Davidson also announced its intention to sell in October 2009, and returned to the original management group with Cagiva in 10.

At the original parent companyhelicopterAbout the manufacturerAgustaSee.


Foundation period

  • 1923 --Giovanni Agusta, Countess of Agusta, establishes "Giovanni Agusta Airlines"aircraftStart production and maintenance.
  • 1943 ――Displacement 100cc2 cyclesengineEquipped withMopedTo start manufacturing.

After the war, production of motorcycles started

  • 1945 --The end of the war.As a result, Italy, which became a defeated country, was banned from producing aircraft, and Agusta established a subsidiary MV Agusta (Mechanica Vergera Agusta: Vergera is the name of the place where the company was located), which mainly produced motorcycles developed from mopeds.
  • 1948 --A race department was set up to appeal the performance.Road raceParticipate in and win the first victory.When designing a single-cylinder model for racing activitiesBenelliFrom, and for the design of the 4-cylinder 500cc modelGilera,DucatiWe will pull out talented human resources from rivals and promote higher performance.AlsoGiacomo Agostini(13 world titles won on MV Agusta machine),John Surtees,Mike Halewood,Phil Read,Tarquinio ProviniWe will welcome such as as a rider and will give a lot of battle history.
  • 1952 - Road Race World Championship(WGP) ・ In 125cc classCecil SandfordWon the title of World Champion.
  • 1956 --Won the title of World Champion in each of the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc classes of WGP.
  • 1958 --Won the World Champion title in each of the WGP 125cc, 250cc, 350cc and 500cc classes.Also since 19581960 In the three years until then, he won the manufacturer titles of all 3-125cc classes.
  • 1956 から1973 Of the 18 years up to, Gilera won1957 WGP / 500cc class world champion titles excluding.
  • 1956 から1973 Of the 18 years up to, Gilera won1957 And Honda won1966 WGP / 500cc class maker titles excluding.
  • 1974 --Won the title of WGP / 500cc class world champion.This was the last title in the World GP.

Until the withdrawal of the race in 1976 (described later), he won a total of 3,027 times, including 270 times in the World GP, and won 37 titles.Commercial vehicles produced during this period boast the same high performance as competition vehicles.[1]Due to its high price and rarity, it became the coveted target of the later "racer replica" all over the world.In particular, the 600 / 750cc parallel 4-cylinder model can be said to be a direct line of the racing machine that expanded the engine of the WGP machine.Honda CB750It was the only commercially available horizontal parallel 4-cylinder motorcycle in the world until the appearance of.

Withdrawal from motorcycle

  • 1971 --Domenico, the second president who was focusing on motorcycles, died.His younger brother Corrado Agusta succeeds him.
  • 1976 --Corrado announces that it will unify its business into aircraft and dismantle the motorcycle and racing divisions.
  • 1977 --Stop the motorcycle production line and completely withdraw.

Brand revival

  • 1997 - CagivaHowever, the brand was acquired with the aim of reproducing the "high-performance commercial vehicle" that made the former MV Agusta a legend, and the "MV Agusta" was revived.
  • 1999 --CRC (CRCCentro Ricerche Cagiva , Cagiva Research Center)Massimo TamburiniAs a designer, start production and sales of F4.
  • 2004 --Proton will buy for 7000 million euros.
  • 2005 --Sold to Italy GEVI for 1 euro.
  • 2007 --HusqvarnaBMWSell ​​to.
  • 2008 --Agreed to be acquired by Harley-Davidson for $ 1 million due to business deterioration.
  • 2009 --Harley-Davidson announces sale.
  • 2010 --Returned to management by the owner's family immediately after the acquisition of Cagiva.
  • 2014 --Participating in SBK
  • 2016 March-Bankruptcy proceedings in progress with a debt of € 3 million.
  • 2019 --Started participation in MotoGP / Moto2 class. It will be the first time in 42 years to resume participation in MotoGP[2].. Withdraw from SBK (only SSP is participating)

Production model

Before the 1970s

  • 125S --OHV air-cooled single cylinder.
  • 250S --OHV air-cooled single cylinder.
  • 350S --OHV air-cooled single cylinder.
  • 500S --DOHC air-cooled 3-cylinder.
  • 600 --DOHC air-cooled 4-cylinder.The world's first modern 4-cylinder commercial model.
  • 750S --DOHC air-cooled 4-cylinder.The unique shape of the lower part of the gasoline tank, which is rounded, was called a discobolante (meaning a flying saucer).
  • 750SS --A rare car with a full cowl version of the 750S.
  • 1000S
  • 750S America/1000S America --A model designed with a square gasoline tank and side covers.

After revival

F4 series

Brutale series

F3 series

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  1. ^ There is also a view that Japanese-made motorcycles are superior after the 1970s.
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  3. ^ On December 19, 12, the company name was changed from "Cagiva Japan" due to the change of the company name of the Italian head office.

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